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on 23 October 2014
This is my first HD/smart/3D tv and I am really happy about it.
I had a problem with the first one delivered to me, but Amazon has been amazing and they guided me through all the return/refund process.
The active 3D is great as well as the smarthub.
Bad thing about the Smart software are the privacy Terms and Conditions, not user friendly at all, I recommend to do not accept them as well as the remote access to your tv
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on 9 July 2014
Excellent picture, and I love the unit and the sound is good most of the time.

But on Freeview on ITV HD you get a sound glitch every time it switches between 1080i and 1080p and this can get pretty annoying as it happens on just about every other advert. During a program its OK.

So come on Samsung give us a software update to fix this else I am considering sending it back.

Extra information: I had been checking for firmware updates on the TV (over wired internet) and it indicated I was up to date. Looking on the Samsung web site I found the current version was 1006 and not my 1002. I have upgraded, via USB, now and will report back if its any better.

Build 1006 did get rid of the annoying sound glitches :)

Build 1007 came out today (31/7/2014), and the TV did the update itself rather than via USB (good), and at last BBC iPlayer is supported, this has taken a while

So a few weeks after purchase and 2 updates things have nicely improved and I have upped the review to 4* from 3*

1/3/2015 Update

The watchon TV remote control has been deleted from Samsung tabs and phones, nothing comes close to what this did for freeview control on this TV. The alternatives are not worth bothering with to date. A BIG loss.

Samsung is making less profits so slowly closing down its services. Another one was notified as closing the other day and being deleted from the TV, I expect more to close over time. The Smarthub may eventually be a dumb hub in a few years.

As a result dropped to 3* from a techie. The picture is fantastic and the sound good.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 January 2015
This is without doubt the best picture I've seen on an LED TV, the picture on the built in Freeview HD is stunning, you can see every detail. I've also tested out the 4K on Netflix Ultra HD (which is one of the Smart features along with 4OD, BBCi player, ITV Player, Demand 5, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wakuki, Blinkbox amongst others,) the picture was unbelievable. I spent an hour adjusting the picture settings and the sound settings (surround sound option is the best) to get it just right as when the TV is first switched on the sound is rather tinny and the pic is a bit dull but once adjusted it looks fantastic. Looks equally good in a well lit bright room as well as a dark room. There is a feature on it for darker settings films like Harry Potter which enhances the black levels, very impressed with this. This TV was very easy to set up too. The voice activated remote is good fun, although you do need to be online for it to worked. I've gone for a wired option on the internet as it gives a better picture (use Category 6 or above cable). It does a decent job of upscaling HD to near Ultra HD. The stand looks nice, sleek design. The size is just right for an average sized front room especially one like mine where the sofa wall isn't that far from the TV so the space in between sofa & TV is limited therefore a 50" TV would be unwatchable at this near distance. Everyone who sees this TV is impressed and asks where I brought it (no shops seem to stock this TV for some reason). The only slight negative I can think of is that when watching a fast action sequence on Freeview HD there is some blur on fast moving scenes, although this doesn't happen on Blu Rays or on Ultra HD Netflix so maybe I need to do some more fine tuning. Also not keen on soccer mode and the picture quality on standard non HD channels is no better than any other TV. Other than that I would highly recommend this TV to anyone wanting a high quality picture that exceeds all other 40" pictures.
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on 29 December 2014
Given only 4 stars because I did not see the advancement I was hoping for - I got this to replace my Samsung 40" LCD TV I got back in 2009 and there is not much difference in picture quality. The wifi and apps are great and it's open up a whole new world as this is my first smart TV.
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on 9 November 2014
We made a direct comparison with the 7500 ( over £1000 more!) and wondered long and hard as to whether we were being cheap skates but finally got Richer sounds to demo both for us side by side and it was genuinely impossible to tell which was the cheap one and which one the dear one. We had it delivered yesterday and are quite blown away with the quality of the picture and the sound. The interface with iplayer is also first class. Thank heavens I listenedto my wife and bought the cheaper one.
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on 29 November 2014
Purchased to replace previous model which literally fell off it's stand after 5months. This model is better by far - it's stand is more substantial, which tells me Samsung knew there was an issue. It ended up costing me £20 more as this model was a slightly higher price than the one I replaced it with but it has many more features. I love everything about this TV and if it stays on it's stand we'll be very happy together!
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VINE VOICEon 17 July 2014
Style: Full HD|Size: 40 inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
▣ Overview, Design & Connectivity ▣

This is one of Samsung's higher range 2014 series 6 TV's presenting a broad selection of Smart features and Active 3D technology.

In terms of design, this Samsung TV looks very smart - It's slim, featuring a super thin glossy bezel, along with a strong, sturdy and stylish brushed metal "fixed" stand.

There's an extensive set of connections around the sides and back of the TV, including 4x HDMI ports, 3x USB, 1x SCART, Component, Digital Audio (Optical), headphone jack, Audio out and ethernet. Samsung include both a default remote and smart remote with this TV, along with two sets of active 3D glasses and an IR extender. Wifi is also built in.

▣ Picture quality & 3D performance ▣

HD picture quality is outstanding, presenting impressive clarity and deep blacks. The colours were slightly oversaturated out of the box, but this was simple to correct using the picture options and now colours look very natural and accurate. Watching the football did highlight minor backlight uniformity issues, but it generally doesn't impact viewing experience and not unduly noticeable. This is something evident on all LCD/LED panels due to the technology. Response time is also reasonable with only minimal motion blur present. Viewing angles are excellent with only slight colour and contrast loss. I found both Samsung and LG TV's have the best viewing angles, with both of my Sony LED TV's suffering a slight blue hue at 45 degrees and beyond.

I was pleasantly surprise by the TV's sound quality, as there's actually a bit of oomph in the lower sound frequencies, which is scarcely seen in ultra thin TV's of today, so it's refreshing to own a TV where a soundbar isn't that essential. Sound from my LG and Sony is certainly not this good.

Gaming performance seems reasonable, boasting 40ms input lag which should be OK.

Active 3D is a welcome feature on this TV and I'm glad Samsung decided to implement full HD active 3D rather than the lower resolution passive 3D. I've been somewhat spoilt by watching Active 3D movies in my brothers dedicated home cinema, consisting of a Sony VPL-HW40ES Full HD Active 3D projector and 150" Seymour AV acoustically transparent screen, which is amazing. Nonetheless, this TV does an accomplished job at providing a pleasing 3D experience, presenting good picture quality and excellent 3D effects, with good depth. The glasses are light, but not that comfortable and the lenses are a little on the small side, but they're adequate.

▣ Smart TV & media features ▣

Samsung have done an excellent job at designing a fresh, sleek and modern user interface which is intuitive and works well. The bundled smart remote utilizes wii like motion and gesture control along with a small touchpad for simple, fast and accurate navigation through menus. Voice control also offers a unique way to launch content and works reasonably well. Pressing the smart hub button on the remote launches a shortcut bar featuring a selection of most used apps and services, along with access to the main dashboard.

The main dashboard categorizes Apps, Games, Films/TV shows and multimedia into 4 separate pages, with further options on each page. You'll find all of the major catchup TV services here including BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, along with Samsung's exclusive 4OD and ITV player apps. VoD services include Netflix, Wauki, Blinkbox etc., along with the much anticipated Amazon Instant video which works great and features a growing catalogue of movies and TV shows. I was also impressed with the extensive catalogue of kids programs which kept my nephew entertained. There's Peppa Pig, Chuggington, Shaun The Sheep, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Hey Arnold, Thomas The Tank Engine, The Shoe People, Paddington Bear, The Trap Door, Morph, pingu and bucket loads more. You'll find popular media and social apps, like Youtube, Facebook, Skype and Twitter etc., along with a variety of other apps and games.

Access to network devices, USB storage and Cloud services is inconspicuously place at the bottom of the multimedia screen, with the majority of page rammed with suggested internet content which I'm not that keen on. I would have prefered network devices to have a bit more prominence as this is the feature I mostly use. My network shares via Twonky media are detected and work fine.

Media support is extensive, with the TV supporting 1080p/30 (30 fps) & 1080p/60 (60fps) video in a wide range of formats (containers) including: avi, mkv (H.264), asf, mp4, 3gp, mov, flv, vro, vob, ps, ts and svaf, with a maximum bit rate of 30 Mbps. Supported Audio Codecs include: AC3, LPCM, ADPCM, AAC, HE-AAC, WMA, DD+, MP3, DTS (core,LBR) and G.711. So far, I've yet to come across anything that fails to play, with all of my MKV movie library playing perfectly. In contrast, My Sony offered very limited playback support and was rather disappointing. LG offers similar compatibility to Samsung and is pretty decent. My only criticism is how thumbnail folder/album art is displayed in landscape, rather than portrait, which results in thumbnails looking stretched and pixelated, which is disappointing. Both LG & Sony display folder/album art much better.

Web browsing can usually be quite a chore on Smart TV's, but Samsung implemented quite a usable browser based on Chrome, which is fairly quick and benefits from the excellent motion and touch control of the smart remote. HTML5 is supported (with a browser score of 453 out of 555, which is slightly better than the 446 out of 555 points that my 2013 LG 42LN575V TV scored), along with Flash Lite, so many video and streaming sites should work OK. It's not a computer replacement, but smart TV's are improving every year.

The EPG is well designed and presents a clear 7 channel/two hour viewing guide, which is easy to use. You can record TV to a connected HDD which works great, but make sure you use a fast HDD and format the drive using the TV. You can only playback recordings on the TV as they are DRM protected.

▣ Smartphone App ▣

Samsung offer the Smart View 2.0 app which is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store. Compatibility seems to be quite flaky here with Samsung only supporting a small selection of smartphones, which is surprising. I use a Galaxy Note 3 which is supposed to be supported and I've attempted to connect to the TV without success. I've tried wired and wireless connections, and two different routers resulting in no TV found. I also tried Wifi Direct, which locates the TV and seemingly connects, but then when trying to proceed within the app, connection is lost. This is very frustrating and disappointing. I've never had such issues with LG and Sony apps before, so I really hope samsung gets to grips and fixes compatibility issues.

▣ Conclusion ▣

I've been impressed by this TV and it performs admirably. Picture quality, sound quality, Smart functionality and 3D mode is definitely amongst the best I've seen on an LED TV, but I seriously hope Samsung can fix their Android app. LG also have some excellent TV's available this year, giving samsung some stiff competition. Sony also have a decent lineup offering superb picture quality, low input lag and an excellent smartphone app, but disappointing media support puts them behind the pack. For an all-round TV, this Samsung is difficult to beat.

Highly recommended!
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on 3 July 2014
Firstly the delivery time was phenomenal. Ordered on a Monday and received the next Wednesday and it was free to boot. Got interested in a 4k TV after seeing the picture quality on my brother's set. Now his cost him nearly three and a half grand - admittedly his has a curved screen and has 3d but I knew I could manage without those. Had a good search on the internet and local shops before deciding on this set - mainly for the price to be honest. Now I am not technical in any sense of the term so I can't go into details re specs etc. but I can tell you that the picture and sound quality exceeded my expectations. When I think back to the good old days of standing in the attic moving the aerial into different positions then shouting down to my son to ascertain if the picture had improved it does make me wonder - what next? This was a doddle to set up, virtually does it itself and to repeat the picture is superb. Not too enamored with all the peripherals - which seem to be standard for these new sets - as everyone required a subscription or a membership fee. To sum up you really can't afford to miss out on this bargain and thanks again to the supplier for an excellent service. .
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on 15 October 2014
Great TV with fantastic picture quality. Streaming 4k videos from Netflix and you tube via the smart features on this TV are extremely pleasing on the eye. Easy to set up and the 4k up scaling works really well. I have not noticed any lag in picture as mentioned in other reviews. All in all a great TV for the money and am very happy with my purchase. :-)
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on 25 November 2014
I haven't given it 5 stars because nobody reads the 5 star comments.
My main criteria was it had to have FreesatHD and be Saorview compatible (MPEG4) for my particular geographical area, Ireland.
Delighted to say I can now pick up FreesatHD with a 7-day guide and Saorview also with a 7 day guide (using freeviewHD system), all with 2 cables (no set-top boxes with extra remote controls). Tidy.
The freesat channel list is just like our family is used to, except now we also have the HD channels.
My kids can still dial in their favourite channels.
The Saorview setup has the 7 day guide (great) but you do have to order the channels yourself. No big deal.
Switching between the two, takes 5 button presses, unless you use the smart hub which takes 2 presses.
By the way, the h6670 has two freesat satellite tuners and one terrestrial aerial tuner.
So you can record a freesat channel and watch another freesat channel.
But if you record on the terrestrial tuner (saorview), you can then only watch freesat.

This TV plays all media content I've thrown at it, avi/divx, mp4, mkv.
And is so quick to play the content (<2 seconds) compared to my old DVD player/USB 30 second "loading" time.
Upscaling is good. I've played some 480p mp4 content and it looks fine.
720p looks excellent. HD awesome.
Also the freesat 576i SD upscale is fine, we sit about 12 foot away.

Watched some champions league on ITVhd last night on "football" mode and it was excellent.
Smooth with zero ghosting/glitches as far as I could see.

I wanted to record live tv on my UE55h6670 and use the pause function. I have sucessfully used a TDK 32GB UHC(1) Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card (~20 quid) plugged into an micro USB adaptor. Didn't need to use a hardrive as manual says. Incidently, all the USB flash drives I tried didn't work (didn't pass speed test), including a Lexar 32GB 100MB/s JumpDrive S23 USB 3.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick and a SanDisk SDCZ36-016G-B35 16 GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive. Interestingly, the micro SD card came up as "storage device" while the USB sticks came up as "USB Flash drive".

Finally, I wanted the On Tv function to recommend the freesat channels and not the saorview channels, so I had to change the Internet connection country setting from Ireland to UK using the mute-return-volume_up-channel_up-mute trick which allows you to change the setting on the terms&conditions set up page. This also changes your app store from Ireland to UK.
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