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on 10 May 2014
Each one of these stories in the book had something different going for them, and I found them to be a good read and not a book you could finish in a day, but found I was enjoying them at my own leisure. I could put them down and go back to them, but saying that I would recommend them
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on 4 May 2014
I have just finished this boxed set and can't wait to start the next set,,I loved every book and they kept me interested from start to finish
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on 21 April 2014
Excellent value for money and recommend.
Delilah devlin 4* it takes a SEAL. Very hot. Good read albeit not much of a story and bit improbable but enjoyable. More a novella.
Elle James 5* SEALs embrace. Hot. Very enjoyable. Loads action in A'stan & germany. Very well written. Loved this, also Ceasar & erin & their interaction & chemistry. (Liked the choreography of the fight scenes).
Anne Marsh 5* Smoking hot. Feel one of best by author.Funny,tender,action. Has it all. Loved Tye & Katie. Bit issue with repetition & inconsistencies. Dont take away its a 5* but wish editing better.
Zoe york, Fall out 4*.1st read by this author. Started well, then story fizzled except for the relationship of annie & drew which is hot. I expected more after seeing .com reviews of this story. Obviously different things appeal to different people.
SM Butler, Killing honour 4*. Fairly good story idea but loads of inconsistencies, typos, missing words, improbable events. Ending very rushed in my opinion.
Cora Seton, the navy SEALs email order bride.5*. 1st read by author. Liked her writing style. Loved the story & characters who drew me in. Slight mix up with gt nephews becoming grandsons. Will look to read more by this author.
Sharon Hamilton, SEAL of my heart. 5*. Enjoyed this hot story. Loved tyler and the mention of other SEALs that links to previous books. Ended a bit quickly so wonder, if as before, author will make this full length in future. Again, missing words, odd typos.
Kimberley Troutte, Coming in hot 4*. Enjoyable but didnt like jenna. For a navy brat she was thoughtless & why would she think SEALs werent capable. She endangered all. I dont like that. I loved Mack. All else good. Few typos.
Roxy rivera, close quarters 4*, hot short story.
Jennifer Lowery, a SEALs song 5*. Full of action, romance, humour. Made me happy though I did feel some of the action a bit far fetched. Some typos, missing & wrong words. Was going to be a 4* but strong ending made it 5*.
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I really enjoyed this bundle it had some really great stories in it. I found some great new authors that I'm now following. If you like Military Romance then you will love this bundle.
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on 26 April 2014
IT TAKE'S A SEAL by Delilah Devlin 0 stars
Unfortunately I read this drivel first and it put me off reading the others. It is an erotic novella which would be fine if it had any plot. There is a non story about a threat to the millionaire boss but nothing happens.

I hate starting a book and not finishing it so I decided to persevere .

Sharon Hamilton- Seal of my Heart 1 star
An OK sweet romance. A girl has second thoughts about marrying a rich twit and has a fling with someone she meets on a plane. Girl ditches the rich twit and ends up with the new guy. Nothing else of note happens.

Smoking Hot by Anne Marsh 3 stars
This story actually has a plot with character development. It is romantic with some funny scenes and the male protagonist actually does something to reflect that he is a SEAL.

That is all I have read so far.
I'm hoping that the rest of the books are not such a yawn fest as the first two.
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I am a dyed in the wool romantic fiction lover but not of the hot and steamy genre that seems to be prevalent in modern times. I am really fed up with picking up a book listed as a romance when really it should be entitled adult porn. I only managed 3% of this set of books and gave up as so many pages were explicit sexual content that it ruined the whole story, what story there was left over after the sex scenes. Frankly, the vocabulary is extremely limited for these scenes so every book that has this type of smut has the same repetetive phrasing that becomes excessively boring after a time. One or two pages is acceptable but 10 to 20 or more pages of hot, sweaty sex scenes is entirely too many, in my humble opionion. I think that writers have taken the phrase 'sex sells' to unacceptable levels when it comes to romantic fiction. Bring back good, clean, charming tales that leave you feeling great. I shan't be reading books by this author in the future.
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on 24 April 2014
I absolutely loved Sharon's SEAL of my Heart and I am praying we get more from this amazing couple. This is a fabulous sweet hot and highly charged romance story that just has you rooting for them to finally admit their spontaneous feelings and this amazing love at first sight story which shows everything happens for a reason. I loved the background characters and would certainly love to read more of them in the future, I'm sure Tyler knows a sexy SEAL to fit perfectly with Gretchen !!!!! This was a lovely mini story full of action, hot sexiness and pure emotions in such a short touching tale if love at first sight xxxxxxx
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on 31 May 2014
This collection of stories by a multitude of authors is a mixed bag. Some of them are great, whilst others really let the whole thing down. The whole thing needs editing and proofreading some more. If you're not bothered too much about grammar and punctuation, or the odd typo, then you will most likely find this collection of romance/light erotica an entertaining read.

I regret purchasing this collection, even as cheap as it was. When I have time, and I'm not so mad-full of cold, I'll come back and name the authors I liked. Not too awful, but not brilliant either.
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on 26 April 2014
Great value for money and many hours of enjoyment. Varied plots on the SEAL theme all bar two pretty entertaining. I read couple of chapters of 'Smoking Hot' but got so bored I skipped to the next book. It was very childish. The other book that got to me was the EXtreme holiday one. I felt that it was a total farce and, whilst I appreciate the need for writer's license, it did portray the military as a bunch of half witted idiots being led on by a spoilt brat. Not good! Still, I enjoyed the others, so I can't complain too much.
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on 17 November 2014
10/10 Sizzling Seals. Great stories that keep you engaged from the first sentence. More than just a romance stories they are action packed. Alpha males who throw out the stereotype of a girl in every port. These men are seeking Forever Love and when they find it they attack it with everything they have. Authors have definitely nailed it. I've had fun searching out their other titles. Fantastic value for money. Great way to spend my down time.
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