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on 18 July 2014
Ordered this for my parents after they decided against a samsung when comparing the picture quality with an LG set.
All I can say is that for the money this is a superb TV and buying from Amazon we have saved around £80!
The build quality of this TV is outstanding for the money, the stand is actually brushed stainless steel and looks stunning, although buyers must be aware that the TV does not swivel on its stand, its a lightweight unit so this its not a problem as you can pick up the unit and move to the position you want. The the slim matt silver frame around the screen also gives the set an air of quality and looks much better than the cheap looking shiny black plastic surround of the Samsung sets!

Now, on to the picture Quality, WOW, all I can say is that it is simply awesome, having full HD on a 32 inch set rather than HD ready really makes a hell of a difference to the sharpness and colour saturation, reds, greens and blues really jump out of the screen at you! The sound is not too bad but its the same with all flat screen TVs because of the space allowed for decent speakers, but it is acceptable. You could, at a later date, add a sound bar if you wanted too!

Oh, nearly forgot, the WiFi is a real boon, you can now go straight to Iplayer and watch the programs you missed!
Oh and the set took just 20mins to put together and set up, with no mixing up of the channels like some sets are prone to do!

This really is a cracking TV for the money and hey, please don't be put off by the LG name, they are not a cheap brand that some folk (brand snobs!) seem to think and they don't make appliances for anyone else as some folk (brand snobs!) will tell you! They make some superb products, just take a look at their Washing machines with Direct drive...Amazing appliances!

Nearly forgot, this TV is a brand new 2014 model with all the latest features, not a reduced to clear product like some third parties on Amazon sell!
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on 20 October 2014
Bought this TV as i was looking for a cheap Smart HD TV for my room. Superb quality for the price. Easy to set up, excellent audio and picture, other than the Smart aspect of the TV the menus are quick and easy to use. Would definitely recommend this TV, for the price its and absolute steal.
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on 10 December 2014
I would have have dropped this telly half a star if I could have. It's an excellent smart tv in just about every aspect, that's for sure, sold for a fantastic price just after Amazon's Black Friday sale - but the Amazon review here is short of a few niggly details, added here:
1. The LB580V (to be clear) Smart TV supports the ability to record/pause live tv to an "external usb drive" - except it doesn't to usb flash drives, which is very disappointing if you only want to record/pause the occasional TV programme (as I did).
2. The usb drive requirements are for an external hdd (sata style) hard or ssd drive. These drives will need to be dedicated to LG's 'time machine II' format (whatever that is) so can't be swapped around/used for anything else. Fair enough but it took quite some time to find that info. USB version required is 2.0. Edit: the SanDisk Cruzer Blade 64gb flash do apparently work and cost circa £20 on Amazon. I believe they are especially configured to appear as 'fixed drives' once inserted.
3. It's also very hard to find a good small usb 2.0 hdd drive for under £40 here on Amazon and quite a bit more if you're after 500gb or more for HD recordings etc - so just bear that in mind if you were planning to take advantage of what probably is an excellent feature, unless you would rather splash out £100-£200 on a digital PVR that essentially does the same thing?
4. I also had some initial problems getting Spotify to output digital sound via the optical out connection (to an AV receiver) despite hours and hours of testing. 24hrs later and another Software Update later this seems, fingers crossed, to have fixed itself and the digital out sound is great.
5. A minor additional aspect (that would be great if it could be fixed in a future software update) is that so far the TV hasn't been recognised by Spotify Connect. Spotify Connect allows you to synchronise and output (as well as control) music playback on multiple devices around the home from a single Spotify hand-held app (either Android or iPad/iPhone devices). It's a very nice feature and worth it even for a single smart tv, for the faster, more fully featured navigation options that you get on the apps vs LG's cut-back TV/app version (although it is pretty good in it's own right and I'm not knocking it).

That aside the TV as a whole is excellent. Two of the additional app/features we were after work great, which is the Spotify integration mentioned, which is very well done with great visuals, sound quality (via my AV/amp that is) and the Amazon Instant Video integration is well done too with great sound out too. I'm surprised more people aren't using Amazon Instant Video (terrible name though) which has the best interface and navigation options going. It's very well done and the LG version is good too. Picture quality is good verging on very good. I haven't played with the contrast setting yet but out of the box the blacks aren't quite as black as you would normally prefer but the picture is sharp with good colours otherwise. The "inbox" speakers are just a little feeble (lacking depth but not volume) but would certainly sound fine in a smaller room. All the additional 'smart tv' features + DLNA integration is great. Playback of HD videos/audio from our NAS (network storage device) via LG's DLNA integration is good and very well handled in terms of design/integration into the TV too.

Overall, this is an absolutely great TV/smart TV and doubly good for the sale price we paid (circa £259).
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on 19 November 2014
I returned this along with the "magic remote" when I realized that I couldn't accept the privacy policy. You have to agree to sending lots of personal information, that LG will then use to sell you stuff on the device you've just spent hundreds of pounds on. Also, you have to agree that LG can do pretty much anything they want with the information they take. If you don't accept the privacy policy during setup, then none of the smart tv features will work.

I admit I'm paranoid about privacy, so you may not share my concerns here. I felt that the information that was being sent to LG was way beyond creepy - speech recorded through the microphone in the "magic remote" being a particularly outrageous example. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it's true.

As far as I can see, LG don't provide the privacy policy online. If you want more information, search for DoctorBeet and check out his blog article.
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VINE VOICEon 22 October 2014
This is a great TV (32inch version). Easy to put on the stand (small niggle he picture in the instructions is far from clear), and once it is connected and switched on the set up instructions virtually take care of themselves. I had the Sky box showing pictures within 5 minutes of switching it all on.

The built in WiFi worked a treat and picked up the signal better than the household laptops and IPad. The most tiresome part of the process is entering the email address and password for Netflix etc, but all in all you would have to be a real technophobe to fall foul of this.

The picture is pin sharp, with several options for you to arrange things as you like them, Cinema, Sport, Vivid, Srandard etc, plus 2 you can set yourself, and the same with sound. I haven't connected anything else yet, but that looks just as straightforward.

Reasonably priced, loads of options,as I said, this is a great TV.
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on 18 December 2014
I really love this telly. The sound, as others have said, isn''t great and I overcame this by getting an LG soundbar (probably any soundbar or add-on speakers would do as well) and although it's still not perfect, I'm unsure whether this is to do with the quality of sound delivered with the programme or the actual sound coming from the soundbar because I've noticed a substantial difference in sound quality when watching HD delivered programmes (ie it's much better!)

The HD Freeview Tuner works with both VuTV and TV Player (both are channels within the Freeview platform but are extras which one can subscribe to) - I previously had TalkTalk and their boxes do NOT facilitate either of those two platforms so rubbish are they.

The Freeview Tuner is obviously HD and the HD quality is superb.

The internet (wi-fi) connection can be a problem but if you wire it initially, it will download the latest version of the software and, once I'd done that, I found the wi-fi worked perfectly (before the update, wifi kept dropping off each time I turned off the TV requiring a full re-connection with putting password in etc every time which was a pain).

I've also got a Now TV box connected to it and that works perfectly too.

The Smart aspect to the TV isn't so 'smart' if I'm honest but LG are not alone in this. The BBC Iplayer and 5 OD both froze constantly and were annoying so I just watch them via the Now TV Box to save me from having to reboot the telly every time. I must admit that I haven't tried them since I updated the software so it may work OK now.

It gives very easy switching between plugged-in devices via icons, far easier than having to flick up and down channels on the remote to find where devices are!

I linked my mobile phone (not an LG phone, a Sony) via Smart Share really easily and also downloaded the LG remote app which worked fine. Can't work out how to turn off smart share from phone which is annoying as it smells of them spying on us!

Had problems working out how to bring up the virtual keyboard (Tip : press OK and the cursor and keyboard magically appear!) and also found the remote (which came with it) a bit clunky and tricky to get used to. I will probably buy a magic remote (the telly is magic-remote ready) so overcome this but it's really a question of getting used to it, that's all.

Definitely recommend.
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on 18 November 2014
Physical appearance is good, with solid-looking build, pleasing silver colour and thin bezel. The stand is robust but non-swivel. The picture quality is very good and the sound quite adequate, though a real audio buff would no doubt want to add external speakers.

Which? magazine criticized the ease of use and I have to agree. The remote is small and cramped and looks as though it belongs with a cheap unbranded set. Pressing the OK button does not bring up a list of channels as on most sets. To select a channel other than by keying its number you seem to have to use the Guide, which blocks out the current channel. The manuals have very little information on how to use the TV. There is a lot of safety information and pages on how to attach the stand, covering different models with different stands, but little on functionality or set-up. There is some information on connectivity options. There are numerous, HDMI, usb sockets plus component in and there is a scart socket - useful if you have old analogue recorders to connect. Refer to the LG site for full connectivity details. The quick set up guide is useless and tells you that you need a dongle to access the smart features, which is wrong.

This is my first smart TV and I would have liked information on the smart capabilities. The full extent of coverage is the diagram of the remote which identifies the smart button. From there you are on your own. Once in the smart screen you can access some on screen help but this does not add much.

Most annoying is that to access most of the smart options you have to accept LG terms and conditions and privacy policy. The privacy policy should be called Surrender your Privacy policy because you have to give LG licence to monitor your activity and send you targeted adverts. I am not happy about that. I have not accepted this so far so cannot access iplayer and other things from the LG menu. I can, however, access the internet but navigating that using the remote is slow and painful. Maybe there are some short cuts that I haven't found yet.

Recommended for live TV and for connecting external devices but there may be better options if you are especially interested in smart functions.
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on 6 October 2014
I have always had plasma's before and this is the first LED I have owned though not the first LG. I think LG are making some really good kit these days and their TV's usually score pretty well in tests and reviews, having bought this I can see why.

For a start it's at a very good price,the build quality is good and the stainless steel base on the stand sets it apart from others but it is the quality of the picture and the way it handles movement that is just light years ahead especially when linked to a decent Blu-Ray or HD broadcast. The detail in the picture, the colour representation and the fluid and accomplished image movement is just incredible.
Most flat screens have poor speakers and whilst these aren't brilliant they are 10w and produce a range of quite acceptable sound - you won't mind listening to it but if it really bothers you there is an optical out for a sound bar or cinema amp.

Like most LG sets, you have a wide range of adjustments to both sound and picture which are a bonus. These include expert picture settings and screen tests though not THX rated on this model - not that you'll need it. There is also an economy setting that automatically adjusts the screen brightness and therefore power consumption according to light levels.

Set up from the box was very simple and the menu very intuitive to follow, access to my network via wifi went faultlessly and gave access to a range of smart apps. Most are subscription like Now TV, Amazon, Netflix and Blinkbox and and your use of them will depend on your internet speed, there is also the usual You Tube plus iPlayer and demand 5 and after an update (again without fault) I got V tuner, Spotify, Napster and Deezer. Not bad especially as I subscribe to Spotify.
What I would say is that this set renders the pictures very watchable and the processor had no difficulty handling the task. Typing via the handset is really laborious but there are smartphone apps you can control the set with that make it easier. The handset is good though and after a short time I could find the buttons needed pretty much without looking.

Connectivity is all you would ever need, you name it and it has pretty much got it.

A hard drive linked via USB was instantly recognised and like my other LG set, this TV had no problem playing any of the recordings. It did the same with the pictures and video on my mobile when linked via USB but was a bit more hit and miss with smartshare from this.
Other sources linked via DLNA were accessed and played without problem.

All in all a very accomplished TV worth it for the quality of the picture alone, I can't get over just how lifelike the colour and movement is. Add in all of the extras and for the price you really are getting a lot for your money.

Having always had plasma's and having always loved them it has now left me wondering whether I should splash out for a bigger one of these in the lounge. Wonder if I can manage it without my wife noticing..........
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on 27 September 2015
Great TV, Works very well on the WIFI signal I have, very good picture contrast and brightness/black levels very good. Takes a while to adjust the motion control so everything does not "Wobble" about on the screen to much as that loses the cinematic affect. USB works great with most files that use the H264 Codec, although some MKV files it does not like, all MP4 and AVI containers it should play. As for the TV, I would of liked the DVB tuner to be a little more sensitive, often get blocking and the screen going blank, tested another TV with the same aerial and it was a lot better, but obviously this is more of a reception issue than a fault with the TV.

Overall impressed first smart TV I have owned it comes with an impressive list of apps including You Tube, Iplayer, and Net flix, the EPG is very good and the Firmware is upgrade able, once it was upgraded the extra feature of time machine was added allowing to record to a memory stick (careful using this as once utilized it formats the memory stick that is currently in the USB socket) Great.
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on 4 July 2015
Bought this last September and initially thought it was pretty good, however over last 10 months or so I've found that the picture adjustment ranges are terrible (contrast needs to be at 100% just to get an average picture contrast and the black are very washed ou), the screen itself it glitchy (even worse now as it blacks out regularly following an LG firmware 'upgrade' the other day). Last LG TV I will ever be buying, off to look for a Sony. I should have known based on problems I had with a previous LG model..
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