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VINE VOICEon 13 August 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First off I just have to say the LG 42LB650V looks amazing, it has a very think sleek silver edging that just oozes class and looks stunning.

Right out the box it was so simple to set up. At first I was looking for some bulky manual or quick set up guide, but all you need to do it turn it on. There’s an animated bird on the screen that takes you through all the set up step by step from connecting to your Wi-Fi which was simple and fast through to programming all channels in one go for both digital and satellite. We really were literally up and running in no time at all.

Next I took a few minutes to look through the smart TV features and was amazed at the selection on offer, which are accessed simply from a single button on the LG remote. On Demand, Netflix, Youtube, Smart Share, there are so many features plus you can literally connect any media device directly to the TV or over Wi-Fi and it just works. I connected a little UBS stick/dongle and a box popped up on screen asking if I wanted to switch to USB. I selected yes and the content of the USB drive were on screen. I could choose from pictures or movies and they instantly play. If you do play a movie from a USB drive you can control it from the LG remote using play, stop, rewind, skip etc. You can also get the TV to scan your mobile devices and all the pictures and content from your phones and tablets just appear on screen. It’s so easy to use.

The TV is also 3D enabled and comes with 2 x pairs of 3D glasses. It would have been nice to have had 4 x pairs but they are easy enough to pick up online and not too expensive. The 3D picture looks amazing and the kids absolutely love it. The depths and colours are gorgeous.

My only two small criticisms are the screen is a little too reflective. In a couple of the viewing positions in our living room, depending on daylight the TV is quite reflective and can be difficult to watch. If we close our curtains or move to another position or seat, its fine. The second slight issue is with the Vesa bracket on our TV Stand. Once attached, it’s quite difficult to access the HDMI and USB ports. Might just be our TV cabinet but it does use the standard TV Vesa bracket sizes.

lso, the bolts that came with the TV were the wrong depth and too long for our TV Cabinet bracket, if we kept screwing them in they would have ended up popping out the front of the television. So I had to do a quick run to the DIY store, I picked up 4 shorted bolts and a couple of spacers for less than a pound, so no big issue.

I am being majorly critical though as I can honestly say this is the best television we’ve ever had. It’s incredibly easy to use and navigate, the Televising itself looks stunning and the 3d and smart tv features are well worth upgrading for. 100% recommend LG Smart Televisions.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
LG 42LA620V 42-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV with Freeview HD/Built-In Wi-Fi and LG OS

I also have the 32 inch version of this model and have been delighted with it over the last month. This version comes with a free trial of Amazon Prime with unlimited streaming of TV's and movies - there is a green card stuck onto the side of the box go to Amazon.co.uk/Free1 but I think you can get this via your account now anyway.

Set up.
It's big so I think it's a two people job to position it. Not much to do here to the hardware, only attach the stand with the supplied screws. I attached my Sky box to HDMI 1 and my surround amp to HDMI 2. There is plenty of connectivity but it's all round the back and side so it can be difficult to see what you are doing but this is the same with most TV's. It also found my wireless camera !
Switch on
There are several things according to how you want to use the TV. It found my Sky box and surround system quickly and set that all up automatically. The next stage was to log into my router. The set found the router wirelessly and asked me for the password which allowed it to join my home network. It took about a minute and then it was connected and gives a good reliable connection even though the router is two rooms away. It asked me to accept a firmware upgrade which I did and this took just over a minute to download and set up. My 32inch version has asked me to install several updates and I expect this version to do the same.
That was about it really and within 10 minutes the TV was connected to everything I wanted. I had no problems connecting all my other kit and this series from LG seems to not have the horror stories of connection problems that other makes do.

Initial viewing impression.
Comparing it to the older Hitachi the picture quality being full HD was amazing, very sharp, and bright and no action smearing like the Hitachi had. This 42 inch version seems to have slightly more contrast on the same setting as my 32 inch version. Sky HD looks brilliant in every respect. The screen illumination is very even with no dark corners. The blacks are black and all the colours on my photos look natural. Yep it found my wireless cameras and set it up and now I can see my pictures on the big screen, this TV series seems to have everything and you don't need an engineer to set it up.

Sound quality.
Sound from the built in speakers (2 channels) was quite good but through the surround amp it was amazing.
After a session mixed viewing including YouTube, Sky, internet streaming sites and Blue ray
This TV has great picture quality and it really is a step up in technology from what we had. Using the internet to find shows, music and YouTube stuff is easy and the quality very good. Along with my Sky box and the internet on this TV I can find just about everything I could ever want to entertain me.

The Remote.
This is similar to other LG remotes we have and it is useful and easy to understand. I have programmed my Sky remote to do most of the TV adjustments like sound and input selection. Overall the remote is logical and well laid out with quite big buttons. The only problem I can find is it is not back lit so if you have the lights off it is difficult to see what you are doing.
You can also buy an LG Magic remote for this TV, I have not done so but it does add extra functionality including voice control and extra function. I have not bought one for either TV as I can't see much point for me but for others it may be worth investing if you have game boxes etc. I am investigating whether I can attach a wireless keyboard to the set to make net navigation easier, when I get some play time I will report back on this.

This is a 3D capable TV and it comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses. This TV shows 3d effects from 3d encoded Blur rays and TV transmissions very well even at difficult viewing angles. Like the 32inch version it has its own 3D encoder to make 2D programs look 3D. The jury is out on this for me some programs look great while others seem muddy and difficult to follow in 3D.

As we have a Sky box I have not tried this but it is equipped with Free view HD. It should be fine as we have duplicate channels on the Sky Box.

A very nice TV from LG with all the latest stuff on it at the time of writing. It is easy to set up and use and has plenty of features to keep you amused. This series from LG has been very highly rated in the technical press for it's ease of use, great picture and wireless connection that actually works and the LG OS is quite good to boot. I will add more to this review as I get more use and try to connect other devices to this set. There is also a SCART socket on the back to connect older devices with.
I highly recommended this TV series ( I have both the 32 and 42 inch versions). I am reasonably technically minded so I will always try to help other buyers on Amazon get the best from their purchases so ask me any questions and I will do my best to help and advise. Happy viewing.
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on 25 January 2015
Great picture quality, Amazing 3D picture

Avatar 3D, Life Of Pi 3D, Dredd 3D, Amazing Spider-man 2 3D, Guardians of the Galaxy 3D and Predator 3D look great, (Predator 3D obviously not the best due to it being an older film and cannot compete with the latest films) great space scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy and i flinched a bit at the rainy scene in Amazing Spider-man 2, like another review said its like looking into glass (Films played through Playstation 4)

Standard tv/sky the picture is good at all angles but for 3d picture i noticed your head and eyes have to be level with the screen (Sweet spot), going below or above the tv you will start to notice some slight blurring or ghosting which may be annoying to some people, not a problem for me as i view this from my bed and is at the same height but will soon wall mount...

When coming to wall mount you will need a Vesa 400mmx400mm size, the tv should come with 2 big black screws that you screw into the top holes of the tv that will make sure they are flush/in line with the holes at the bottom and the 2 black screws have threads at the back of that you can screw the wall mount screws into. Due to the tv having the power cable coming out the back of the tv it makes it hard to wall mount so i recommend that you find a wall mount that gives you enough depth away from the wall, i have just bought a 3 core clover leaf angled adapter and so hopefully that works and with that i will need a new power cable, the power cable that comes with the tv could of been longer so with the adapter i should get a 3m kettle cable to go with it.

When wall mounting i recommend one that can be angled due to the 3D picture slight blurring/ghosting if your head/eyes are not in the sweet spot, i have one at 12 degrees but might have to research for another/better wall mount

The angled adapter i got on ebay.co.uk for £5, just search
Angled IEC C14 Male to C5 Female Cloverleaf Plug Socket Power Adapter Converter

Gaming wise there was lag until i changed the picture from Standard to gaming mode in the settings, update the tv via wifi or internet cable as well to be sure, the lag is fine now, make sure Tru motion is turned off, i done that for both standard and gaming modes. Testing Call of Duty Advance Warfare (PS4) Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS4) Killer Instinct (Xbox One)

I have my sky box in HDMI port 1 standad mode (Tru motion off) my Playstation 4 for gaming and Blu ray in HDMI port 2 set to gaming mode also with tru motion off

TV purchased through ElevenFirst.
review image
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on 9 June 2014
I have had this new TV nearly a week now and I cannot find anything wrong with it all. The picture is exceptional. I am yet to try to watch a 3D flick in full yet but have viewed the 3D for a couple of mins and it is amazing. I am loving the smart aspect of this TV too, it's faster than my desktop. I don't know if I should bother with the purchase of the magic remote though as I have linked the TV to my sky+HD remote, unless anyone can tell me the magic remote does anything else? I'm having to buy extra pairs of 3D glasses now though as it only came with two pairs. I'm erring at the minute though as I can only find the LG 2011,2012 and 2013 model and I'm wondering if they will work on my 2014 model TV?
I found the set up quite easy to do, infact it more or less set it's self up. I connected it via my Sky+HD box and used the HDMI cable type connection.
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on 20 April 2015
Firstly, the good features:
1. The TV can play .avi, .mkv, .mp4, and other file formats.
2. The TV plays Netflix and Youtube without any problems, and also has a functional browser. I understand that a wireless keyboard can be used with the browser, but I haven't tested this. (I've just used the remote control with onscreen keyboard.)
3. Picture quality is good.
4. The TV looks good.

Secondly, the passable:
1. Sound quality is so-so.
2. The fast forward, for viewing recorded programmes/DVDs/imported file content, only goes to 16x speed, which means that it takes almost four minutes to fast forward to a point one hour into a programme.
3. TV programmes must be recorded on an external hard disk; a USB flash drive will not work.

Thirdly, the bad (and annoying):
1. The big annoyance for me with this TV is that the satellite channel listing is separate from the antenna channel listing. So, to switch from a satellite channel to an antenna channel, one has to open the Programme Guide, change the tuner type to antenna, exit the Programme Guide, and select the desired antenna channel number.
2. The TV is SLOW. It takes 5 seconds to change from one satellite channel to another satellite channel. (This is a separate issue to 1. above.)
3. TV programmes broadcast and recorded in aspect ratio 16:9 play back by default in aspect ratio 4:3. This means having to go into the Settings menu, change the aspect ratio to full screen/zoom, and exit again.
4. There is no zoom function. This is an issue when watching a recorded movie broadcast in a ratio higher than 16:9. After going through the process described in 3. above, one is still left with sizeable dark bands on the top and bottom of the screen. This in spite of the warning in the manual about "image sticking" due to extended viewing in such cases!
5. Some of the channels (not all, strangely) don't hold in the order in which I store them on the channel listing. After re-ordering them a few times, I gave up and now accept whatever order the TV decides.

If it weren't for the annoying functionality issues, this would be a very good television.
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on 27 November 2014
The LG 3D 42 inch tv was easy to set up. Used the 3D which is excellent. Got Sky so the Sky 3D channel is hooked up to it. Put an external hard drive to the tv as well. Which has a load of films on it. The smart hub feature is very good you can get channel 5 and BBC iplayer. The You Tube feature on the smart hub is very good. You can just play your liked videos when you have logged into You Tube. Excellent purchase really happy with it!.
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on 23 July 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
LG are not a brand that I would have called a big name several years ago and I always tend to go with makes like Sony and Samsung, especially as the pricing of LG equipment gives the impression of being "cheap and cheerful". However that is an opinion that I have now changed.

This 42" 3D TV is an outstanding model, packed with great features at an affordable price. The image quality is crisp and pleasing from almost any viewing angle, sound quality is good, and the build quality is excellent. The greatest thing about this TV, though, is the fact that it blurs the lines between a TV and a PC. As a smart TV, it has it's own built in software and operating system in order to present a range of interactive features and games. You can check out your Facebook page, download programs you missed via iPlayer, watch films on Lovefilm or Blinkbox or play Texas Hold 'em poker - all of which is accessible by pressing the Smart TV button on the remote. Whether you will favour your TV over your computer for accessing these items is another matter, but it's certainly nice to have the option. Stuff like iPlayer and Lovefilm are actually better suited to a living room environment, though, so it's only a matter of time before we start using interactive features on TVs to their full potential.

There are loads of great little features that are not necessarily standard with other brands such as: 2D to 3D conversion (that actually WORKS!!!) and the ability to plug in a powered USB hard drive and record programs (effectively giving the TV a built in PVR feature), and the ability to "dual-play" in multiplayer games using the 3D glasses so that each player sees a different screen. The 3D is great on this LG model, and the 2D to 3D conversion isn't just a gimmick - it simulates 3D almost as well as proper 3D movie discs, and you get 2 pairs of 3D glasses in the box so you can watch in 3D right out of the box. I really wish more people would give 3D a chance as it can genuinely improve the viewing experience, and this is a great TV to do just that.

Overall this is a superb model that ticks all the boxes (and a few you didn't even know about).
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on 5 January 2015
 The first one that arrived had a dent in the front despite there being no damage to the box. Back it went.

The second had no dent - great. First time turning it on you are greeted by the set up screens which were user friendly and there was a dandy little animation at the end to celebrate the setup.

Connecting to the internet was a doddle and the TV updated itself twice (I also manually accessed "check for updates" to make sure I was operating with the most recent software)

Due to the dark screens in early setup it became obvious that there was quite a bad screen bleed in the top left corner of the TV I received, there were also some smaller bleeds that are just about visible in the still image in the video. Very frustrating, but unlike the dented one, I was plugged in and ready to see how it performed this time.

I was not impressed with the upscaling of standard definition TV stations. There didn't seem to be much refinement going on compared to other TVs where I've struggled to tell the SD from the HD channel. 1080p & 720p content on the other hand looked very nice and was pleasant to watch.

I didn't find the 3D very good. It's a passive model but I've honestly felt more immersed with the old red and blue cardboard glasses from years and years ago. I never really felt anything was coming at me, or made me blink even when coming suddenly down the middle of the screen. I did try playing with the 3D settings without any luck (just looked wrong & strained) and I stuck with the default settings in the end. Expected more.

I was surprised how cheap looking the remote control was, it felt cheap too (pictures of it come up in image searches). The directional buttons are the worst I've come across among any brand (including supermarket's own). They were very poorly defined from surrounding buttons and traversing menus was that much harder as a result. Could be it's simply a ploy to get you to purchase the Magic Remote.

The sound was ok. I also had a sound bar but the default sound wasn't terrible by any means. Compared with the sound bar the main difference was it sounded like it had been bounced off the wall behind it before reaching me (probably because it had), so you lost some clarity and brightness in the process. Not acceptable for audiophiles, but then they are discreet speakers.

I've used Serviio media server successfully with a small 24" smart TV for awhile now. It was not such a smooth experience here. Going through the menu it takes unusually long to load the "app" that interfaces with the media server. Then while watching a program I would (a little too) occasionally get an error with something along the lines of "the app has run out memory" and then it would close. I also tried LG Smart Share media server to see if that would work any better and not get the same error, but the error was still present. Never had this trouble before so I can only blame the TV.

The final dealbreaker was loading the programming guide (see video). Not only does it take over 30 seconds to load, but it also interrupts both the sound and the picture while it does so (although sound comes back first). In mitigation it only takes 30 seconds the first time and only if the TV was turned off from the mains, but it still interrupts the sound and picture each time you load it (just not for 30 seconds). Even exiting it interrupts the sound and picture for about 2 seconds (also in video). It's not a smooth or responsive process at all - it's true to some degree for accessing many of the TVs features - "webOS" seems to be the culprit as almost everything seems to use it/be made for it.

I have to give the TV 1 star. Originally I thought 2 stars due to its good rendering of 720p & 1080p content, but there really wasn't any redeeming features besides that and I couldn't put up with that TV guide at all. I have no faith in LGs quality checking their products before they're sent out (the LG sound bar had some marks on it too). I expected more from what I thought was one of the big 4 (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung & LG). The whole experience has poisoned me to the brand and I won't be buying another LG product anytime soon, if at all.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 August 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This LG 42LB650V is a nice sleek looking set with a slim chrome bezel. After unpacking I fixed to the stand which was straightforward enough and I was able to do it on my own...might have been easier with another pair of hands but managed OK.

Set-up again straightforward using the prompts on screen, easily found my wi-fi network and tuning was fairly quick.

The menu is easy to navigate and had a browse through the available apps; included are Live TV, Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant and Blinkbox, iPlayer and Demand5 plus the usual social networking sites Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Sound is pretty impressive and probably better straight out of the box than my previous Samsung TV, not found a lot of reason to tinker with it since installed.

3D - wasn't expecting much from Passive 3D as currently using Active but just goes to show - what do I know? It was actually really impressive and the glasses being battery free are much lighter to wear. 2D-3D conversion is also very good. There were 2 pairs of glasses included with the TV

Tried streaming a movie to the TV from our PC using smartshare and no problems, you can also play movies/videos via USB port. Tried a variety of formats and all played smoothly.

Connections are pretty much what I'd expect; LAN, Headphones, Optical, AV in/out, YPB PR, Red/white audio, LNB sat, Antenna, 3 HDMI, 3 USB (which can be used for movie and videos MP4 included)

So far so good, there is however just one negative...
My set has a smallish area of backlight bleed on lower left side of the screen - markedly obvious on darker scenes and no amount of tinkering with the settings makes any difference.

For the money this is an excellent TV but can't get away from that backlight bleed however small it is and once noticed my eyes seem to be constantly drawn to it.
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on 31 October 2014

The picture quality is remarkable, so much better than that on the TV it replaced, much more vibrant and sharp - and it’s infinitely configurable.

The 3D is almost a revelation, wonderful. My only previous experience was with an “active” 3D setup 2 years ago. Good but the glasses were heavy and awkward. I assume it proves how much “passive” 3D has improved over time; the 3D on this LG is as good if not better and the glasses very light (and battery free!). I purchased the (remarkably good value) LG BP325 3D player with the set and the operation and display of 3D movies (and other formats, music and images) with this is faultless.

Whilst struggling initially with USB connectivity, I eventually sorted it, and it works very well. (Note 2 Tb appears to be the maximum size of such devices that the LG can connect to). Compatible devices can be accessed via the USB port, and music, images and video (most common formats) can be viewed successfully. The menu system used to select and view these seems a little ponderous, but this may be configurable, but there’s little help given (see later “Cons).

The sound is surprisingly good for such a TV. Purists (like myself!) may demand an additional sound bar to improve the quality, but out of the box it is good enough for most users.


The TV Guide is appalling, just useless. Really just pointless as it is unable to indicate what’s on a specific channel at a specific time, most of the time slots simply appearing blank. LG indicated this may be due to only a few stations being selected on original tuning, and/or poor broadband connection. The latter is over 13.31Mbps per second which is fast by most standards, and I re-tuned the set and received stations numbering in the hundreds!

The online “manual” is good, but simply not comprehensive enough, it merely gives “broad stroke” details, and it cannot give anything like the comprehensive details some operating procedures require. Creating and then selecting “favourite” channels for instance.

Downloading additional “apps” is awkward to say the least, and most seem hardly worth it anyway.
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