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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 November 2014
I am a self-professed survival nut and love the whole zombie apocalpyse thing but do not let that colour the fact that this show, and all its seasons to-date, are a collective, ever evolving piece of sheer dramatic brilliance.

The zombies and the apocalpyse merely serve as a foil to allow the development of some of the hardest questions one could pose humanity, how the harshest imaginable conditions force a transformation of everyday civilians into, well, whatever they have to be in order to survive. In a world where the lines between right and wrong and irretrievably blurred, almost every protagonists' moral compass is sent spiralling in various scenarios and set-pieces that never lose their individuality or suspense. We see folks revert to killers as mindless as the zombies, those who desperately try to cling to the final vestiges of humanitarian morality and everything in between.

The acting is superb throughout, particularly by the lead, Lincholn who desperately tries to retain his values as Sheriff of a town ravaged by 'the infection.' A man who risked his life to uphold the law, suddenly faced with a law-less society overnight. His character development along with virtually every other protagonist is utterly gripping. His young son Carl, for instance, who over the course of the four seasons is forced to spend his early adolescence 'growing' up in this desolate, frenzied world fraught with mortal danger at every turn, is another example of fascinating character development.

My only qualms are with the number of characters they keep killing off! This makes sense given the nature of the environment they find themselves in but seriously guys give it a break!!
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on 17 August 2014
This is one of the best seasons of The Walking Dead so far with many new characters and lots of action despite a relatively slow start. Season 4 opens with Rick and the gang living at the prison and battling a host of problems from the undead to betrayal. The producers of the show have outdone themselves as the walkers are somehow scarier and more gruesome with some real 'hold-your-breath' moments amidst the character development and new faces. The mid-season finale Ep.8 'Too Far Gone' and haunting Ep.14 'The Grove' are particular highlights this season with an intriguing cliffhanger in the final episode. Overall, The Walking Dead is a superb series with a good balance of unexpected twists and action with characters you can't help but root for as they battle the constant fear of the dead and the living.

Additional note: At the time of writing, the 'download per episode' situation on Amazon Instant Video is due to this season currently airing on UK Channel 5 (5*) so Amazon is matching their schedule of two episodes per week. While it is quite expensive per episode it is a good way to avoid those annoying TV adverts and it's suitable for those wanting to catch up or re-watch ahead of the DVD release on 29th September 2014.
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on 6 January 2015
The shows is fantastic but I seriously cannot believe these awful grainy pictures got past quality control.

Scenes in bright sunshine are passable but the darker scenes, ie pretty much anything inside, especially the prison, present a veritable storm of grainy artefacts. Like someone kicked over a pot of ash or something.

Thought it was my Blu Ray player so I tried the discs in a different one, same result.

This is an abysmal effort! The whole point of Blu Ray is to present fine HD pictures but as others have pointed out this is more like a 3rd generation VHS copy!
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A five disc dvd box set, which contains all sixteen forty minute long episodes of the fourth season of the Walking Dead. A show about people struggling to survive after the world is overrun by Zombies.

There are four episodes to each of the first four discs. And there are extras on the fifth.

As with previous seasons, it does take storylines from the comic on which it is based, but it does go it's own way with them. So it's a very loose adaptation.

Although this season's opener might just work as a jumping on point, the amount of backstory built up by now does mean it's better to start with season one instead.

The language and subtitle options are as follows:

Languages: English.
Subtitles: English.

Given that the show has a mid season break when it airs on tv, this season is structured pretty much as two individual seasons of eight episodes each. The first eight pick up the story months after the end of season three. With life in the Prison where the group are now holed up going quite well. There are new people there. They're trying to grow crops and farm. There's also no sign of their foe the governor.

This starts off some character arcs that play out well over the season. Carl thinking he's grown up now but still not quite able to shake childhood. Rick having to step back from leading and fighting. Daryl being part of a group.

And other characters have similar things to confront of their own.

Of course it can't stay peaceful forever. Thanks to a threat they didn't see coming.

The first five episodes deal with this. Strong character moments result. Plenty of zombie fighting. And some impressive set pieces. It's a season that uses it's budget very well.

The next couple of episodes take a slight diversion - no single cast member appears in every episode this season - and catch up with someone not seen in a bit. These are all building to something, and thus they hold the attention. They contain a superb performance by the main actor in them, and some appealing new characters.

Then comes the mid season finale. And a new threat to the prison. This episode takes about half it's time to build up, but when it kicks off it really does. A stunning set piece results.

The next eight episodes take the show in a different direction. With the characters separated. Which means there are episodes when some aren't seen. But all gradually heading the same way. This works ever so well pacing wise, because you're so desperate to catch up with all of them, and the episodes just fly by a result. You will be saying 'just one more!.'

Moral dilemmas. Character dramas. There's a lot going on in these episodes. Which don't pull their punches, and which don't make anyone invincible. One in particular is an absolutely unforgettable piece of tv. Three new characters come in who are taken from the comics, but who really make the episodes appealing to some genuinely funny dialogue.

The season finale is also one you won't forget. Thanks to one stunning early scene. A great set piece. And a cliffhanger.

Absolutely the best season yet of a superb show.

Episodes one, five, twelve and fourteen have commentaries from various cast and crew members.

Extras on disc five are:

Inside the Walking Dead.
The Making of the Walking Dead.

These two pull together short features - usually no more than five minutes each - that aired online after each episode was shown. The former are general overviews of them. The latter making of features. These can only be watched all in a row. The former runs for eighty five minutes in total and the latter seventy five. But both are great, interesting and very entertaining viewing.

Drawing inspiration runs for six minutes and shows how scenes from the comic were adapted for the screen. It's interesting viewing.

Hershel is a six minute long and very nice look at the character and his virtues.

[Minor spoiler]

The governor is back is an eight minute long look at that characters arc in this season. It's good viewing but does duplicate some things from the first two features. And does have a flashing effect at one point. But one very nice touch right at the end.

Society science and survival runs for six minutes and looks at a course set up by the tv network and a university teaching people about the issues the show raises. This will make you want to log on and enrol.

Inside KNB EFX runs for seventeen minutes and looks at the work of the special effects team. And some interesting tributes that they sneak in.

A journey back to brutality is a seven minute long look at Rick's character arc for the season. Which like the governor one is good but does duplicate some stuff from the first two extras.

Deleted scenes: just eight. All from different episodes. All can only be watched individually. All run for no longer than a couple of minutes. Often less.
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on 14 August 2014
Love this programme, but why are we not able to get the series?!!!! Cost more buying episodes, I'm feeling amazon is milking this baby!!!!
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on 22 August 2015
The prison was a nice venue choice to settle in, especially given their previous lack of common sense in finding a properly defensible site to hole up in.
Unfortunately you will still be shouting at the TV when the characters do yet another stupid horror movie move (DON'T GO UP THE STAIRS! etc) and you feel like you have to argue with the inconsistencies and plot holes like
-the "bad guys" continue engaging in totally useless revenge antics wasting resources
- despite being in the middle of nowhere where the population would have been very small resulting in very few walking dead somehow thousands of zombies seem to selectively have migrated to the particular point
- Very few characters are sacrosanct and you WILL see old favourites bite the dust by bitten by dusty biters
- You may find yourself trying to listen in for little traces of British, Australian and other non European accents sneaking in periodically, like pink elephants it's hard not to think of them once you have thought about them once
- Where in the world are they getting the petrol for their gas guzzling american pollutiomobiles given the huge distances of 50+ miles they will be driving to get anywhere at all in the vast plains of Georgia, they arent running out often enough!
- Why if the walk with the dead trick works would any person within a crowd of walkers ever be noticed?
- if giant swords are so effective and dont waste bullets why dont we get everyone a proper big ole blade or even just a sledge hammer

Despite these (maybe because of some of them) I love the series and enjoyed watching through it. I'm pretty sure it's normal for most fans of the series to imagine how they'd do so much better in that situation.
Like fixing a razor thin wire between two cars at neck height and mass beheading a swarm in a drive-by. Or attracting a swarm to a forest and setting off a huge fire...they happen all the time in the real world California and are barely controlled with firefighters and modern technology, those walkers would be toast.
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on 24 January 2015
I had bought seasons 1-3 box set of "Walking Dead". After that; I could not resist going for season four. Whilst watching this series...you Never know what to expect...the shocks, inside every building, behind every door, every corner of a room...whilst watching one scene, it really, made me really jump! I laughed immediately afterwards. You can become addicted to "Walking Dead" and for me its akin; to putting a big box of chocolates next to a chocoholic! The storylines are extremely imaginative with brilliant actors to boot - it draws you in, you become oblivious to your surroundings...I have a collection of Zombie films ranging from dire to very good, such as the excellent "Zombieland". For me though "Walking Dead" Is the Best... that I have ever seen, with all the effects. I Can't wait for season 5. It deserves Awards.
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on 9 December 2014
This show continues to get better and better.

This season starts off months after Season 3 and the survivors have been living in peace at the prison. Unfortunately a fast acting flu type sickness spreads the prison killing most of the newcomers and extras. Its not long until only a handful are still fit enough to arm up against the Governor who returns seeking both revenge and the sanctuary of the prison with more recruitments to his army.

I personally felt that episode 8 of this season should have been the Season 3 finale with the Governor finally beaten. It felt like an unwanted intrusion in season 4. The sickness storyline was more than enough for Rick's group to handle.

As another reviewer mentioned the deaths continue and sometimes it a shame to see long standing characters bite the dust especially characters that still have potential but it does get tiresome losing familar faces for newbies all the time.

There are some great episodes like Carol centric episode "The Grove" and some fantastic set pieces such as the zombies dropping from the roof of the shopping centre in the opening episode.

The back episodes of this season are more character based. Having escaped the rubble of the prison the survivors have all been split up into groups and each episode focuses on each group. Some characters such as Bob and Beth are finally given some development. The finale sees some of these groups come together at Terminus which isn't exactly what they think it will be....

The DVD is packed with extras including interviews, featurettes and commentary tracks on selected episodes (Some of the cast are involved in these - Hershal, Beth, Darryl, Carol and Tyreese).

All in all ths is an excellent package and well worth the price.
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on 14 October 2014
I haven't quite finished watching this box-set as yet(just 4 episodes to go!)but this has been the best season so far.
The mid-season finale was so brutal & punishing,i felt the need to sit down after,...& I already was sitting down!!

My thanks to the all cast & crew for bringing bringing this incredible series to TV. I love it!
Roll on season 5 :o)
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on 30 September 2014
The tv show is amazing, but this review is for the dvd itself.. it seems like its been copied with the sound being echoey on the menus.. and the quality of the episodes them self. seeming under hd quality.
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