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The Tayogo headband is a fully waterproofed mp3 player for use in most water based activities that permit as well as sport or leisure pursuits.

In the box you will find -

- The headband with the integrated 8gb mp3 player/FM Radio and earbuds attached
- 2 x sets of tri flange earbuds in sizes small and large for water based use
- 3 x set of the usual earbuds in small, medium, large
- On the go USB cable 30 inches long
- Instruction booklet

The headband (shaped like a pair if spectacles) is made from a tough flexible plastic with rubberised tips that clasp on to your head. At the ends you have the phones which are angled for a better more comfortable fit. The mp3 player is fitted into the middle. This is easily taken out by bringing the silicone tipped ends together. The mp3 player's USB end is protected by a rubber seal. The rubber function buttons on the player are -

- on/off power which is also the play/pause button
- next track
- prev track
- vol +
- vol -
- reset button

There is also a LED light on here.

The whole unit is IPX8 rated which means that the manufacturer guarantees that this device can be continuously submerged and will work upto 3 meters depth. So definitely safe for general swimming, beach use, in rain or even in the bath or shower!

In use -

Mine came as flat as a pancake so I put it on charge for 2 hours to fully charge it.

You just pop the mp3 player out and slot it into your USB port on your pc. It's basically a flash drive that can store and play the following music files-


There was already six songs on this which I deleted. Especially the one called 'Boom, Boom, Boom' which definitely had the good old Casio VL-1 looping a beat in the background (remember them?) Just using drag and drop I stored around 100 music files on this of different genres. The audio quality is good enough for what it is, definitely nice and clear and at full volume this was well loud enough to block out any external sound.

Waterproof-wise I have submerged it in a bucket of water (pic uploaded) and it worked perfectly afterwards whilst wet plus this player does float! So if you do happen to drop it in the surf whilst on holiday it should be pretty easy to retrieve as it won't sink! Also as a glasses wearer I still found this comfortable enough to wear with my glasses on.

For me the FM radio was poor and I could only pick two channels up which were audible - Radio Merseyside (my local station) and Radio one. But I wouldn't buy this for it's radio function as it has no designated aerial so you know it isn't going to work well!

This sports, water based activities mp3 player is perfect at what it does - playing pre loaded music in any conditions. It's tough, durable and definitely fully waterproofed. Fit for purpose.

This headband mp3 player was kindly sent to me for review purposes.

review image
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These Tayogo Waterproof headphones have truly been a godsend! Just a couple of days after receipt I was hospitalised for over a week following an accident. These headphones have accompanied me through the hard times, making my experience less traumatic. No electronic equipment was allowed, yet the medical staff decided that I could use this headset as apparently it did not pose any risk of interfering with the sophisticated machinery used in the hospital.

I had previously prepared a review of the Tayogo headphones mentioning how versatile this product is!!

The unit comes in an attractive "frustration free" packaging and includes:
○ A detailed User Manual
○ 4 pairs different size earbuds for normal use (A pair is already on the headset)
○ 2 pairs, small and large ridged earbuds for swimming and water sports
○ An OTG (On The Go) USB to female USB cable

The player is in the closed position when you receive it. To remove the mp3 player section from the frame gently squeeze the rubberised ends towards eachother. This part is then easily pulled out revealing a male USB charging and data plug.

No drivers are required when connecting to a computer and an "mp3 player" directory should be displayed. If you find that there is no space to plug the player into a USB socket, than you can use the supplied OTG cable.

My unit arrived partially charged and needed around 15 minutes to top up. I then dropped (copy and paste) some music files into the 8GB mp3 player and headed to the beach, which is a couple of meters away :) I found it so relaxing to swim to my favourite music! The sound quality is great when using the correct size earbuds. There are no equaliser controls, however the sound is very good, with great stereo separation and crisp, punchy sound. Unlike some other mp3 players the sound is not capped and these headphones can be cranked up to very high volume without distorting, so please exercise caution.

○ If you intend to use this unit for radio, be aware that the battery life will be 3 hours

• Intuitive button layout
• Weighs only 32 grams and very comfortable
• Very good sound quality delivering crisp sound with excellent balance from treble to bass whilst retaining loads of detail
• IPX-8 rated: Suitable for continuous immersion in water up to 3 meters
• Impressive noise isolation especially when using supplied earbuds meant for water sports
• 8GB storage: So with a typical bitrate of 128-192 kbits/s expect around 2000 songs
• Myriad of Audio format support: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV,FLAC to mention a few
• Up to 10 hours playing time using mp3
• LED: Flashing red-Charging (turns blue when charged) / Flashing Blue-stored media Playback (Steady when paused) / Green- FM

- None so far

My experience with this player has been a very positive one. The Tayogo is a very versatile and well built product which does what it promises on the tin.

Note: The product has been kindly sent to me for evaluation by the seller
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on 21 June 2014
These are smashing waterproof headphones, specifically designed to resist the impact of sweat or water for sports or swimming.

They are an unusual design for headphones, in that they’re designed to sit around the back of the head, with the arms sitting aside the ears. Think of it a bit like wearing a pair of glasses on the back of your head with the arms sitting over the ears. Personally, I find most ear-phones look a bit silly, and the fact these sit discretely at the back, out of the way is quite an advantage.

The headphones appear to be made from a light-weight tough moulded waterproof plastic, and the ear buds hang down from the arms, to plug into your ears.

In use, I personally found the arms a little tight, and I found the pressure against the temples a tiny bit uncomfortable, but otherwise I quickly forgot the headphones were there. Sound quality is good rather than terrific, but given these are a rather specialist (waterproof/sport) device, I think quality is certainly good enough for exercising when all you want is a good background beat.

I’ve so far tested them around the house, and took them out for an off-road mountain bike ride, and they were great. While you obviously can’t wear a crash helmet with these, they were otherwise comfortable (ignoring the pressure on the sides of the head), and were certainly held in place, and never felt loose or likely to fall off.

In terms of controls, you get the usual set all rubber covered:-

* Next and Previous track
* Volume up and down
* Pause and play

When wearing the headset, these are around the back of the head, and a bit fiddly to play around with, so I’d suggest you set up the music you want and just let it play.

The device comes nicely packaged in bright yellow complete with:-

* The device itself, ready charged and with ear buds attached
* An additional set of 3 pairs of “normal” use ear-buds
* Two pairs for “water sport” use -
* Surprisingly good quality 8 page instructions
* 30 inch long USB extension cable

To load the MP3 player with music you gently pinch the arms together, and the player itself pops out. Gently remove it, and you have a small waterproof USB stick. Pop it into the USB plug on a laptop or PC (I used a MacBook Pro without issue), and copy music of your choice (it comes with a small selection of songs for demonstration purposes).

I went for the 8Gb size, and straight from the box it comes with 8.41Gb of space which was reduced to 7.52 Gb free when I loaded with 10 MP3 albums loaded, so enough space for literally hundreds of albums.

I haven’t yet tested them out swimming, but I’ll certainly come back and update the review once I have.

Disclosure: I was provided these headphones for an independent test and review. Having said that, it’s a pleasure to test out products this well made.

Highly Recommended
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on 2 December 2014
Bought this as a gift for my daughter. She said it worked well at first, but then started to have problems with one channel, but then both channels went dead. It lasted for about 18 hours of use in the pool. I was to late to return it through the amazon procedure, so e-mailed the manufacturer. I'm still waiting for a reply!
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on 1 January 2015
Very bad quality, do not doubt for a second that water will get in and it will stop working at some point, I have tried 2 devices, first one lasted 3 weeks, second one lasted 2 months... do not waste your money on this
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on 17 July 2016
Arrived quickly so that was a good start. Used it for the first time and first impressions are good. I have obviously read the mixed reviews on this item but felt it was worth a go considering the price, anyway used it for a hour in the pool then went into the sauna with it and then the hydrotherapy pool and I had no problems with it but time will tell on how long it lasts and if I have any problems with it in next few weeks . After I used it I popped the mp3 out of the band and there was a tiny bit of water under it but I just dried it all off with tissue and put it in my bag for next time. If I had one complaint with the item it would be that you can't play albums of your choice it's more just like a shuffle so I am going to clear it off and start again with just the songs that I want to train to other than that so far so good but time will tell.
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on 17 December 2014
I have now had 2 of these within 6 months. Initially I was so pleased with the my first Tayogo I decided that i unfortunately had one that was faulty so just replaced it! No, that unfortunately has not been the case as my second Tayogo has had the same fault of one earphone not working. When wiggling the wire it showed there was a faulty wire and every time I put my head in the water swimming it worked but when I came up to take a breath it died! Most frustrating!
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on 21 April 2016
I love this MP3 player, I use it when cycling and running. I've never tried it for swimming though. The sound quality is excellent but after about two years one of the connections broke to the left ear. I don't blame the quality of the mp3 player, I should have been more careful with it but just threw it in my sports bag so it was always getting squashed and tangled with other things... it would be nice if it came with a good storage solution. But I love it so much i have bought another one and think it is well worth the money. I do think I look a bit weird wearing it tho, it's not a great look if you have bushy hair as it just presses it in in the middle leaving it popping out on the top and underneath LOL
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on 7 March 2016
I swim three or four times a week for an hour or more each time and wanted something to break the monotony. This does the job. It's neat and comfortable to wear and the volume for such a small gadget is fantastic. Blocks out almost all noise when in the pool, including your own bubbly exhaling underwater. The only problem I have is that I can't seem to take it off shuffle and on to normal play, but that's probably down to me not reading the instructions all the way through. I have used it about a dozen times and so far, so good. Recommended.
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on 27 October 2015
Spent ages downloading my music on this device. Have used it 4 times and now completely dead!! I desperately want it replaced ASAP but the company only give option to print label and refund which is going to delay having a new one! If the company could get in touch hopefully they can send a replacement immediately as a device should not stop working after using on only 4 occasions!!!
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