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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Blue|Size: 1 TB|Change
Price:£51.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 19 September 2012
Nice litte rugged USB3 harddisk. The ONLY problem is that it requires a 2xUSB connection to your laptop/computer.
All good, unless you have a new MacBookPro Retina which features only 2xUSB ports, each one on opposite ends of the keyboard.
The USB cable that comes supplied with the device isn't long enough to have both USBs connected into the MacBook Retina, without the use of a (separate) USB extension cable. I suspect this wouldn't be a problem on other equipment, but be warned you'll need two USB ports to get this working. On the flipside, it doesn't need any external power DC plug.

I used to always go with LACIE rugged drives, but they've grown a little too fat lately and are out-pricing themselves from my business.
Welcome Transcend. Just as fast, just as rugged but with enough change left over to have a good night out down the bar.

A good quality product, 4 stars purely because of the 2 x USB requirement and the lack of pre-sales information available letting you know it needs 2 x usb connections to work. Otherwise a good HD.
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on 28 October 2014
I was looking for a high capacity USB3 drive and already have one of the older Transcend StoreJet (500Gb) drives, so thought I'd give this one a go. My older drive (purchased in 2011, I think) is still going strong and I've never had any problems with it.

After placing the order, I noticed that the WD Elements equivalent (2TB) drive was 17GBP cheaper. I figured I'd go ahead and order the WD drive too, and return the Transcend drive to Amazon after it arrived. So, why am I leaving a review of a drive I presumably returned? Well, having the two drives side-by-side, I chose to keep the Transcend and send the WD drive back instead.

The WD drive is very neat. It's pretty much a square and is smaller than the Transcend drive but a little thicker. The WD's housing is nice enough to look at but feels very plasticky and rigid. It has 4 small, rubber feet on the bottom but really feels like it wouldn't handle bumps and knocks very well and there's not very much grip on the casing. Straight away, I felt that I'd be forced to handle it with much more care than the Transcend (more on that in a minute) and be worried about it slipping out of my hand whilst carrying it to and from the machine it was purchased to act as a backup for (and I didn't want to have to end up buying a soft case for it).

I can't attest to build quality, reliability or anything like that, as I've literally only had both drives for a couple of days. They both connect without any problems, both write at roughly the same speed in some tests I did (about 26-27MBps on USB2), both are formatted to NTFS (although oddly enough, I seem to remember the WD Elements 2TB drive actually showing up with very slightly more free space than the Transcend...maybe the cluster size is different. Anyway...

I'd not even opened the Transcend drive and was midway through boxing it up and processing the return when I figured I could at least just open it. As soon as I had it in my hand, I knew that I'd be keeping this drive instead of the WD Elements. The StoreJet has a really nice rubber casing and although it's physically a bit bigger than the WD Elements, it feels like it would physically be more sturdy and the grip provided by the rubber casing means that you won't constantly be worrying about dropping it. Interestingly enough, the Transcend drive's packaging doesn't appear to offer as much protection as the WD's packaging...that could tell you something about how delicate WD seem to think their drive might be. Also, the Transcend comes with a 3yr (albeit "limited") warranty, over the WD Element's 2yr.

They both come with software that most of us won't even use (although the version of WD's backup software is only a 30-day trial, whereas, Transcend's software seems to be fully functional) and both come with short USB3 cables. I prefer the cable that comes with the WD drive; it's longer and thinner (therefore, more flexible).

I don't doubt that the WD Elements drive is excellent, I just preferred the Transcend and think the extras (seemingly better protection, longer warranty, etc.) were worth the slightly extra price. I'll update this review in the coming months if I have any problems with it - if you're reading this and don't see an *** UPDATE ***, assume it's still going strong. :-)
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on 27 September 2013
i only require the hard drive for back up the whole computer but it is very portable and a good alternative to flash drives which tend to get lost easily .it is very robust and easily held in the hand with its rubber covering and shock proof
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on 1 February 2013
I have two of these drives, the earliest one i bought was chunkier than the latest one. I guess they've slimmed down the rugged rubberised outer for cost/cosmetic reasons. It doesn't matter as both drives work faultlessly. The first thing i did was format the first drive for Mac, as FAT 32 doesn't allow large file sizes and restricts the drive. This also has the advantage of removing the backup on the drive, clearing space for Time Machine on the Mac. In response to a previous comment, i've had no problems using the drive from one USB on my Macbook Pro, just make sure you connect the main cable and not the thin ancillary cable. The case feels and looks like a quality item, with no rough edges and stippling to allow a slip free grip. It's a bit like comparing the plastics in a Japanese/European car against the cheapo opposition from Korea/China. The second drive has been left standard, other than removing the backup software, so i have a compatible drive for use between Mac and PC. If you're looking for a sound drive, especially at the new price of £75 for the 1TB, get one of these.
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on 27 September 2013
Seems fast, though i've not done any benchmarks and it doesn't get hot with prolonged use (few hours plugged in)
also can't qualify the 'military-grade shock resistance' but then I don't often find myself in a tank.
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on 9 September 2013
This is my third Transcend hard drive, the other two are fine, just ran out of space (bit of a hoarder, and neurotic about backing up, everything is on 2 separate external HDD)! Unlike previous Transcend HDDs it needs only one USB port, a vast improvement, as you don't always have two available USB ports next to each other. Three year warranty, as on previous products (never had to use it on other ones). Just for an idea, on my system (2.4GHz 4GB RAM intel core i5) transferred 40GB holiday Pics (3000items ) in about 70mins (about 9.5MB/s). Compared to a Toshiba one (of similar price and capacity), that's definitely faster.
Transcend is the one I use for travel, as I have definitely dropped one I use for travel before, others get the kid glove treatment. Have previously also owned Lacie and Freecom, of the four used, Transcend is my favourite.
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on 25 April 2014
Yeah it's feel premium, nice size, 2.5 inch usb powered so no need to fiddle round with external plug or power supply. Transfer speeds were really good as you can expect from usb 3.0 device. The speed will differ depending on the size and type file/ files you are transferring.

I had the same issues that other people have mentioned in the review of this product and this is that the connection keep dropping for no apparent reason. One minute its connected to the laptop the next minute its no longer there.

It only happened twice or maybe three times in the few days I had it but since it was happening from day one I couldn't take the risk of losing my data or the hassle of dealing with the warranty.
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on 19 November 2014
I have two of these drives now and also two of the 1TB drives. I find them to be fast and reliable, not sure about the shock resistant claims as I haven't ever dropped them to test it and don't intend to either.
I can say I often carry the drives in backpacks that do get manhandled, bumped and knocked about and feel safe knowing they are relatively robust hard drive ( not quiet a drop test but good enough for me )

I haven't had any issues with this drive and intend to purchase another one soon, the only thing I would say is to be careful with the USB 3 lead, it is a little flimsy and likely to break off in the drives port if transported connected in.
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on 22 April 2014
All purchased from Amazon UK between July 2013 and April 2014. I am just about to purchase 2 more.
I notice that reviews from (USA) are dated 2011 or earlier and just do not correspond to the latest devices.
All the latest devices I have are very fast ( approx. 70 Mbytes/sec) and do not need connecting to 2 USB sockets. That was true of devices from 2011 or earlier but is no longer true.
They are supplied with an old FAT 32 file system, so reformatting to NTFS is advisable. If the box for quick reformat is ticked then the reformatting will take about 1 minute. It is absolutely NOT necessary to do the full reformat which may well take hours.
I have never drop tested any of mine, but I suspect if they are dropped while connected and transferring data this may still cause head crashes. When reformatting under windows 8.1 the write cache is disabled by default. If it is enabled then write speed will be significantly improved but the device should be safely ejected and removed so that the write cache is cleared.
For precious data such as photos or videos that are irreplaceable I suggest that a single disk is not sufficient. Make a second backup and maybe even keep it in a separate location.
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on 18 July 2013
nice rubber coating to help protect it (nice purple colour so I don't lose it if plain black). I previously had a Seagate portable hard drive, but it stopped working as stored it lapbag with cable in and socket became loose. Maplins would not deal with it as after a year (just) so had to order a new one and decided since maplins were unhelpful, they don't get my business.

Instead I ordered it from this bunch and arrived within a few days, great....

Oh, order a carry case to help protect it when in your laptop case...
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