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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 5 May 2017
This was one of those 80s horror that went under the radar despite having Robert England star in it. It's a hidden gem in my opinion and i'm glad to be able to get a copy. Definitely the best version of the Phantom of the Opera.
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on 25 January 2016
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on 17 April 2014
The box has a glaring error which will really put some people off: it states the film is in 1.33.1 ratio (that 4.3 or Fullscreen to others).
Well, I can assure you that it's not. It's in widescreen 16.9. It looks like 1.85.1 to me.

At first glance the picture isn't brilliant - but it DOES look better than the DVD version.

Edit: Having now watched the film I can confirm that it is a massive improvement over its DVD counterpart; but it's not brilliant. There are still some shots that are a bit soft and grainy - but none of it is too distracting. The sound is PCM 2.0 and does an adequate job; but given the films music-derived plot I can't help feeling that a 5.1 DTS audio track would have made a difference. Oh well.
Disappointed that there are no extras. The only menu options are Play and Chapters. Also, there are no subtitles at all.

All in all, this is an OK release of an OK film, but if like me you're a fan of the film you won't really care. It's a worthy upgrade from the DVD and that's what matters.

For anyone who's never seen the film it's a bit more gruesome than other adaptations but pretty much follows a similar storyline. A few liberties have been taken but they're acceptable. Other people have given more in depth review - which is why my review focuses only on blu-ray.
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on 16 August 2015
This is a rather lurid and, to be brutally honest, cheaply made slasher. But...it's also a lot of fun. It's actually quite faithful to Gaston Laroux's story. We get the Phantom and we get Christine Daae. We get a sort of a twisted love-story too. But we also get buckets of gore. Yum! Robert Englund's Phantom is Freddy Krugger in a different outfit. He's just as disfigured as Freddy and, just like Freddy, he's armed with knives and very bad quilts and puns. The cast seem to be taking the thing a bit too seriously, perhaps mistakenly believing that this was going to be an epic Hollywood production of Lloyd Webber's musical, but it's just a B-movie. The direction is workman like but some of the sets and costumes do hint at some real talent behind the scenes, but it's a slasher when all said and done. But it's well worth a viewing, providing you like blood and gore.
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on 16 February 2014
I've only seen this movie (all the way through, anyway) once or twice. I really liked it, but not quite as much as I like (sorry, LOVE) the musical, even the 2004 movie. This is mainly because I'm not that much of a horror/gore fan, and this film does have some very gory scenes (hence the 15 or 18 rating - on here, the picture of the blu-ray says it's a 15, but the product description says it's an 18, which I think is more suitable), but thankfully it's not constant throughout the movie.

Anyway, Robert Englund is easily the best actor in the entire movie. Even though the character is, in some ways, very like Freddy Krueger, but the character is different enough that I never thought "Hey, it's Freddy in Phantom". Actually, in some parts his performance is quite moving. Some of his one-liners could have been quite cheesy, but they work even better than some of Freddy's one-liners in the Nightmare movies ("Bon Appetit" from the fifth movie is a perfect example).

I highly recommend it.
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on 13 August 2013
This was a film I originally got as an ex rental VHS back in 1990 and had been searching for it high and low. Why I liked it -- Jill Schoelen was the perfect Christine, and the horror of the original story was nicely captured. It had some nice sets, nice music, and good performances, plus some good gore. Why the film was relocated to London I'm not sure, but no bother. Shame that the studio presumably, had to spoil a good script with stupid "Freddy Kreuger"-esque one liners ("You're suspended" as a theatre-hand meets his death while dangled on some ropes particularly grated.) Anyway, it lost a star for little things here and there but it was overall a very good film and it was nice to be able to enjoy it again in a nice widescreen print. I got mine from Amazon.it because at the time, that was the only way I could get a Region 2 copy.
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on 8 January 2014
I've been looking for the DVD copy of this film for almost a year!! It was available on YouTube, then got removed and only small clips available, then appeared on Netflix! But deep down, I wanted the DVD as I am a massive Phantom of the Opera fan! I was so happy and so amazed there was one available - I didn't care if the cover was in French, as long as the film was English (which it is) I was happy. Sure, price was a little steep (£20 plus postage) but since I had been looking for a long time, I figured "what the hell?!"
And now I am a happy girl!! :D
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on 14 June 2016
A semi modern take on the classic gothic novel , this version for me works very well and is my second favourite version of the tale after the seminal 1925 Lon Chaney silent classic. I happen to think Robert Englund's place in the league of " Horror Icons" is hugely over rated based on one character " Freddy Kreuger", and having revisited those films again recently found them all somewhat lacking nowadays in my jaded, jaundiced horror film viewing of over 40 years. He really isn't that impressive and lucky the public took the character to their hearts, and Englund has made too many below par films in the genre to really stand with the "Horror Greats". However that said he has appeared in some decent " Non Horror films" and is at his most effective in small supporting roles. I diverse, the main point of this is in " Phantom" he gives his one outstanding horror film performance, he for me is very good and the scene where he more or less gives the impression he is having an orgasm when the blood of a victim pours out on his face is very effective. Jill Scholen is a lovely foil to work his performance on, it's often noted that this film has a " Hammer" look and feel about it, indeed it does, not a great film, not quite a good film but a solidly entertaining one and Robert Englund shos what he could be capable of, but sadly didn't do it enough in other films.
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on 23 August 2015
Ok so i haven't purchased the film lately, i did about 10 years ago on Amazon. I saw it when it came out at the cinema back in 1989, thoroughly enjoyed it and bought it one video (remember them?) when it was released. But cos i played it alot being a good film, the video wore itself out. I decided to buy it from Amazon on dvd. Being in the UK and with it being a US import it was region 2 not region 1. Hec not playable on the expensive dvd players what do i do? Well simple....got a cheap player from Tesco (£14 10yrs ago) and the bugger plays anything any region!! It's true the cheapies will play anything!

Now my review of the movie....A nice film with a good storyline and quite well scripted. Ok a little gory (well depends what you call gory), but well acted. The sets are quite good too as is the eeriness of the sewers and underground of the opera house. The cast is good too. Robert Englund and Jill Schoelen are good as the leads. There's good support from Bill Nighy (in a straight role) and Terence Harvey as the inspector tracking the phantom amongst others.
In my opinion a much well above average film than some of the tosh nowadays.
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on 22 June 2014
I find that "gory" 80's movies tend to be a bit hit and miss as they promise allot, but most of the gore happens off screen, so I was really pleased to see that's not the case here! By the standards of the age, it's really pretty bloody and that's what I like from my horror films!

I think that this could easily have been an old Hammer Horror production at times as the sets and general atmosphere are suitably gothic and it looks amazing! The sets and costumes are all of a high standard so it's a real treat for the eyes and it could just be me, but I think there's a little bit of a hint of the musicals music in here too. It's not a musical by any means, but sometimes the score does sound a little bit like the famous musical version, but again, I quite like that.

Robert Englund also shows that there's more to him as an actor than the odd one liner as Freddie and he puts in a commanding performance as the Phantom. Having said that, there's more than just a hint of Freddie here too, but he's also different enough to be able to see a significant difference.

My only real complaint is why switch the location from Paris to London? That doesn't make much sense to me, but that's just a small complaint really. As I say, I really enjoyed this film and would easily enjoy watching it again.
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