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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 October 2015
The quality of the headphones is pleasant while not amazing considering the price, the colour scheme is simple with small patches of red patterned materiel on ear and an otherwise entirely black and classic design. they feel plasticky yet strong and small yet durable. the sound quality is good but lacking in both heavy bass or fidelity in the higher frequencies, overall they sound good for all genres but are not perfect for any-one genre. they come with a cable featuring a three buttons and a microphone; all of which work perfectly on iOS devices (I haven't tried them with any android devices but presumably the microphone and play/pause button would work well), they also come in a small yet protective case which holds them when they are folded down to their smallest size (which is very small). The biggest problem I have found is that the on-ear nature of the headphones makes them prone to sound bleed and, as such, are not ideal for travel use on planes, trains etc. or in any public situation unless the sound is quite low (at which point the sound from the headphones will likely be inaudible due to the lack of any sound isolating feature). overall, while they are good headphones and worth buying if you can get them on sale, at £130 there are alternatives which are likely far better for the situations in which you will use headphones/ for the music you will be listening to.
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Style Name: On-Ear|Colour Name: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These are excellent headphones. I have used Bose QC1 and then QC2 headphones for more years than I can remember now and have loved them. However, there is a lot of competition now from other brands in this range, and I wondered whether Bose might be relying on their reputation because these are quite expensive for compact on-ear 'phones. I was wrong - these are worth every penny. They are neat, light, compact and comfortable, and most importantly of all, have excellent sound.

The sound is the most important thing, so to begin with that: it is excellent. I am genuinely surprised that such small, light on-ear 'phones can produce such a full, rounded sound. It is excellently balanced with very bright treble, rich middles and a very solid bass, which really resonates when necessary. What I found striking was the sheer precision and clarity of what I was hearing, which was exceptional. I have a Test Playlist for audio equipment which starts with Tudor choral music, ends with London Grammar and covers most things in between. Everything sounds excellent; the bass response gives a theorbo and viola da gamba a real, resonant depth, string quartets are perfectly balanced, I'd say, rock sounds great and that sub-bass resonance in the second half of London Grammar's Hey Now really rolls around your head. I find them a joy to listen to.

I have worn these for several hours at a stretch and they're extremely comfortable. They may not grip hard enough for running, say, but they're fine for everyday use. They are very nicely packaged with an attractive storage pouch, they look stylish and the cord gives no friction noise whatever. It has a control switch and microphone for use with your phone but works perfectly well with an ordinary jack output from an mp3 player, computer etc.

The only tiny gripe I have is that the connecting cable is far too long for me. I'm 6 foot tall and with the headphones on the cable dangles on the floor, which means there's an awful lot of it when it's in normal use. However, that's a trivial complaint. These are top-quality headphones and I recommend them very warmly indeed.

(These are on-ear phones so they don't keep the world's noise out as much as over-ear ones, of course. If you prefer over-ear headphones, I find that Brainwavz HM9s deliver sound at least as good as, and possibly better than these for about half the price. They're much chunkier than these, but they are really, really good. Brainwavz HM9 Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Headphones .)
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on 4 November 2015
I was never into headphones, then I got the Bose on-ear experience on a business class flight - lucky me! So then I had to get these ones! Not only a truly fantastic audio experience, but they are seriously comfortable on the ears! Like "they are keeping my ears nice and warm" comfy and don't want to take them off even though I'm not listening to anything! Sure, you lose a little sound but this is a small downside to the on-ear experience. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with (and this is my own fault, I guess) is that I just saw the photo and thought these 'mint' headphones were a light blue - that's how it looks to me! On receiving them, they look more... you guessed it, mint coloured! Still, photo 4 does illustrate the colour pretty well. Anyway, did I already say I'm a Bose convert?
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2014
Style Name: On-Ear|Colour Name: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These are the first headphones I've used in a while that aren't in-ear, so they took a bit of adjusting too.

So the good points:
1) They look great. I have had lots of compliments on them which is rare.
2) Sound quality pretty good
3) Surprisingly light yet sturdy

Now the not so good points:

1) The cable is obscenely long - I never thought I'd complain about that but it's true. Gets caught and looped around stuff
2) They make your ears sweaty after abt 45 mins use. Not nice
3) They leak sound in a way in-ears don't. I commute on a train so this can make me unpopular

So only average rating I'm afraid
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on 6 August 2015
I bought these at almost half the retail price during the amazon prime day sale, and I have to say they are worth every penny, even if you pay full price! They were a little smaller than I was expecting, and I was slightly worried that they would look silly, but it was in reality quite the opposite. The design is minimalist but incredibly attractive, and obviously Bose. The material used for the actual over ear part is really soft and comfortable, and the use of a coloured material in the centre adds to the comfort and attractiveness of the headphones. The design of the headphones overall is great, with them folding neatly into an impressively small unit. The case supplied with the headphones feels really high quality and I love being able to store my headphones in it, as it gives the extra security that they won’t get damaged in my bag.

Sound quality wise, they are fantastic. I’ve never spent more than £30 on a pair of headphones before, and there is a massive improvement! The noise cancelling also works well, and they are ideal on the train on my way to work as it shuts out any unwanted noise, without letting everyone else know what you’re listening to!

The fact the cable only comes out of one side is also an added bonus, as it means that taking them on and off is much easier, and they are much less likely to get tangled up, which has to be the most annoying trait of any pair of headphones that I’ve owned. I regret not being able to buy one of the better colours, as I only have the black model, but the sound and design quality make this not a problem at all.

Overall I would definitely recommend getting these headphones, especially if you’re looking for something a little different to the millions of beats headphones around these days!
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on 17 February 2016
I bought my Daughter these as I already own a pair. Great quality sound, very comfortable and a quality feel to the product.
Sound cancelling are slightly better but don't hesitate to buy these. You won't be disappointed
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on 30 June 2016
I adore these headphones, the sound is gorgeous, the look of these is gorgeous. I can't wear on ear headphones or earphones, these fit around my ears comfortably and do not squish my heat at all. Cannot fault. Amazing.
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Style Name: On-Ear|Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Short Attention Span summary : light, comfortable, high quality sound. On-ear design means mediocre noise isolation.

The Bose Soundtrue On-Ear Headphones come in a small and very light box, a sign of one the best plus-points for this model : comfort. They don't strike me as being long-term-durable but only time will tell; in fairness it must be impossible to create a very light pair of headphones that can also stand up to the rigours of accidents and general everyday use but like most people, I guess, I would choose lightness and comfort as a greater priority.

I'm fortunate enough to have two other pairs of headphones with which the Bose SoundTrue can be usefully compared - the similarly priced Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear, and the Klipsch Image One (Mark 1). Accordingly I have spent some time listening to a variety of music and doing A/B/C comparisons. I should add that the Klipsch Image One (Mark 1) used to carry a similar price tag to the Bose and Sennheiser but since the introduction of the Mark 2, the price has plummeted - but they more than stand their ground against the other two. In short, these are three similar quality headphones that are hard to tell apart.

But there is a pecking order. It's a fine line, but it's there.

In the end, it's the company that specialises in headphones - Sennheiser - that takes the honours here, but the Bose SoundTrue is a very close second, and it's better in sound isolation and comfort.

I started things off with Imelda May's Pulling the Rug from her album Mayhem. First impressions with the Bose 'phones was a very slightly back-from-front soundstage, as if the singer's voice was almost playing second fiddle to the many musical intruments being played. The voice wasn't right up there at the front as much as I wanted it to be. Switching to the title track Mayhem, this impression was retained, if slightly less so. A killer impression - always a big give-away - was my desire to switch to one of the other two 'phones, rather than to keep listening. With the Klipsch Image Ones, the overall vocal/music balance immediately felt better sorted, making Imelda May's voice the main focal point as it should be. The bass was a little punchier, but only slightly. One thought that wouldn't go away was that the Klipsch currently (April 2014) cost about £100 less, and I can imagine a lot of people preferring their sound.

Next, the Sennheiser Momentums, and although they're not great in the external sound isolation department, the first impression - still listening to Imelda May - was that 'this sounds right'. Whereas the Klipsch could be accused of being slightly over-blown, this is a criticism that won't be made of the Sennheisers. Sound stage, presence, balance - it's all there, in ways the Bose can't quite match.

Changing to Goodnight Moon by Shivaree (from the album "I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head") I started off with the Sennheisers - already earmarked as my favourite of this trio - and I noticed a slight desire for more bottom-end oomph. Very slight, though. Everything else was there still, a nice ethereal audio atmosphere with superb spatial dimension. Replaying the same track in full using the Bose SoundTrue, immediately it felt as if something was missing - that sense of immediacy, that involvement with the singer. Still very good, but not THAT good. It's tempting to say that it felt slightly ordinary, but these phones are better than that; it's simply a case of being compared with a better product. Changing to the Klipsch Image Ones, Goodnight Moon sounded fuller, heavier (in a good way) and I found myself nodding my head to the track - something I wasn't doing with the Bose. Again, I kept thinking what fantastic value the Image Ones are.

Neil Diamond next - Pretty Amazing Grace, from his album "Home Before Dark". Kicked off with the Klipsch, and soon found myself thinking that the other two will have to do something special to beat this. The harmonies were all there, the breadth of frequency fullsome and seemingly uncoloured. This was an excellent match-up. I changed mid-track to the Bose SoundTrue - very cultured, very classy, but lacking something almost indefinable. Hard to put a finger on it, but it just wasn't quite as special. I was beginning to wonder if their strong point - light weight and comfort - was also an Achilles heel; getting that sonic fulsomeness is just that much harder to attain with lighter materials. I'm talking fine margins, mind you. Then I continued the Amazing Grace track with the Momentums, and by now I was expecting the best experience of the three. It didn't turn out that way though; I found myself 'remembering' how this song felt when using the Klipsch Image Ones, even though I reckon that in terms of colouration, the Momentums are better. For tonal accuracy, the Sennheiser takes first place, but sometimes inaccuracies can be preferable, oddly enough.

Finally I tried this trio with "Frank", the first album by the late, great Amy Winehouse, and the first phones used were the Sennheisers. The final track Amy Amy Amy offers the chance to find out how these phones deliver in the low-end department, and on brass. The impression was surprisingly mediocre, and underlined my earlier thoughts that the Momentums aren't really that hot in the bass department, notwithstanding their superior accuracy. Changing to the Klipsch confirmed it - for weight and power, it's the Image Ones for me. And so to the Bose SoundTrue; by now I was appreciating their comfort and there was no question that these were the ones I would choose for an extended listening period, something I have never enjoyed with the Klipsch. The Bose handled the Amy Winehouse track very well, and if anything might be the preference. It's hard to draw any conclusions from this, but overall I have to say that the Bose Soundtrue are the most comfortable and convenient, the Sennheiser the most accurate, and the Klipsch the most fun.

Other albums tried included Flamingo by Brandon Flowers, 21 by Adele, The Last Ship by Sting and a single called Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia.

If I had to choose one pair only, I would go for the Sennheiser Momentum. It's more versatile than the Bose SoundTrue, but it's not as good in terms of outside noise isolation. If comfort and convenience are priorities, the Bose takes the top place on this podium. Once again though, if you're in the market for a pair of headphones with a budget up to £150, you must, must consider the Klipsch Image Ones - even the obsolete model - because they are unbeatable value for money.

Other headphones used : Skullcandy Navigator On-Ear Headphones with Mic - Black - good but not in the same league as the Bose SoundTrue. Good value at one-third of the price however

Devices used : Kindle Fire / Apple iPad / Apple iPod Nano / Sony Vaio laptop

Klipsch Image One On-Ear Headphones with 3-Button Mic for iPhone/iPod - Black / Silver / Leather
Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones - Black
I Oughtta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump
Home Before Dark
The Last Ship [Amazon Exclusive Super Deluxe Edition]
Nothing But The Beat
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on 31 October 2015
Beautifully made, thoughtfully designed, comfortable to wear and they make my iPhone sound amazing. Bass is full and higher frequencies are bright without sounding tinny. I've had them several months now and they have worn very well.
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VINE VOICEon 20 April 2014
Style Name: On-Ear|Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These are excellent headphones and I cannot find much to fault them. They are comfortable, work well and sound great....and fit well into a handbag...If you are looking for headphones in this price range then, I think, they would make an excellent choice.
Why buy such expensive headphones? Well, I have lots of different types but ultimately do feel that you get what you pay for....

So, Pros and Cons......

1. Really comfortable on ear easy to wear...the padding is excellent and the design means that the headpiece moves really well....
2. Light...but well made...
3. Excellent sound quality...I tried pop, indie, jazz, classical, audio books and streaming music...all sounded excellent...outstanding in fact....
4. They fold really easily..
5. The case that they come in has a really small size....I was surprised...but this...they fit really easily into a handbag or work bag....
6. The pads on the headphones are when things wear out Bose let you buy spares..good to know for an expensive item...
7. The wire attaches on one side you don't get caught up in them...good idea if you are putting your coat on and off etc....
8. They work well remotely...the wire has a volume control and a voice control so you can just use that to change the volume and to answer calls....This only works on Apple devices though...but I got it to work on an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5s and an iPad air...It will according to Bose work on the iPhone 3G, the iPod Touch and all iPad models...but I only tested it, successfully, on the 4 the 5S and the iPad Air...
9. I like the colour, black, nice and unobtrusive....
10. You just plug in and they no charging...

1. Not cheap
2. They will work as headphones on an Android device...I used them on a Samsung Galaxy succesfully...but you can't use the remote...These are designed for Apple products....
3. You may not like on ear phones...I do.... really comfy...but consider this...
4. Some people like to just scrunch up headphones into a pocket...although these are surprisingly small for on ear you need to consider this too....
5. Not noise cancelling....

Overall, BUY THEM!!...(Put it this brother has tried mine out and has ordered a pair!)

For travel, commuting or use at home these are excellent...they are not noise cancelling per se but to be honest they may as well be...
If you do want noise cancelling then look at the Bose Quiet comfort or the Sennheiser Noise cancelling...both are excellent...but a lot more expensive....

I highly recommend these....
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