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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2015
Very nice TV. Good build quality, although the back panel is plastic, it feel strong, the stand has a metal frame although the TV isn't too heavy. Looks nice with the thin bezel. Picture quality is excellent, very clear, especially on the HD channels, Freeview HD built in is brilliant. Speak quality is good, doesn't distort but you can plug in additional speakers such as a soundbar if you want. The remote is quite small but the buttons are large with clear text. Easy to use menus. You can't swivel the TV on the stand like you can with some other models but this doesn't affect us. All in all, a very decent value for money TV from a good brand.
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on 16 April 2015
Excellent 42" screen! I use this to watch DVDs. There are two HDMI inputs (cable not supplied), and an RCA/Phono output (cable not supplied) for Hi-Fi/sound-system. The TV is both slim and light in weight. The stand is slim and relatively unobtrusive. The stand attaches by four screws on each side, and is easy to fit. The remote-control is small and easy to use (batteries supplied). The energy-consumption is A+ and is therefore very economical and environmentally-friendly. Excellent value-for-money. I am very pleased with my purchase, and award 5 Stars!
Up-date (5th March 2015): I have used a special cable (available from Amazon) to connect the TV sound to my Hi-Fi separate amplifier (which feeds to separate stereo-speaker cabinets). This cable is a stereo-plug attached to a RCA/Phono cable, which feeds from the TV head-phone socket. This connection allows me to listen to digital-music from my computer, and also to listen/watch music from YouTube. The TV powers the connection, so therefore, there is no-need for a separate digital-to-analogue converter-box and the associated specialist cables. This saves money, and reduces my electricity-consumption. In summation, I only use two HDMI cables, two RCA/Phono cables, and the Stereo-Plug/RCA cable. The system is accessed from the TV remote-control AV button, and by scrolling between HDMI1 (for DVD) and HDMI2 (for computer). I am very pleased with this TV/Hi-Fi system. I was requested by Amazon to supply the following answer to a customer-enquiry: The TV (including the stand) is 24-inches tall, and 38-inches wide. Award 5 Stars!
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on 18 September 2014
Ordered Friday lunchtime and delivered saturday 12noon. the 42" is plenty big enough for my flat and love the way the screen goes right to the edge of the unit. This was an upgrade from my ten year old 30" HD ready Toshiba - the improvement is incredible, picks up all the freeview channels and HD channels on a very weak signal, Plenty of settings to play with which is just as well because out of the box the screen is bright and colourfull - once tamed it looks beautiful. Works best on my ps3 both games and blu-rays, Planet Earth is simply stunning. I did panic when it turned itself off after 4 hours, however soon realised that it has an auto-off function which can be disabled in the settings. I like the way your screen settings stay for each input so if you turn the colour up for games, you don't have to alter it every time you switch between av and tv.. all in all I am very happy with this product. The only potential downfall will be reliability- if it breaks within the first year i'll be back to update this !

**update: you can spend all day playing with the colour brightness contrast and sharpness OR simply turn down the back-light-blinking to 50 for a perfect picture.
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on 19 August 2014
If you don't need a smart TV then this is well worth considering. Excellent picture, nice thin bezel, easy to set up, sound isn't the best but not too bad. I didn't buy it for the sound anyway as it's hooked up to a dedicated surround sound system. For my viewing I used the factory dynamic setting and toned it down slightly in the settings, this gives a great picture well suitable for TV, films and games. For this price you can't go wrong, very pleased I went for this model.
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on 9 March 2015
Arrived in good time and well packaged, its in our lounge and working and sounding excellent. Will be buying another for our dining room but in a 32 inch size, i would say to any one that Panasonic are always excellent products to use.
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on 14 July 2014
This is fantastic. We have finally upgraded from a 27" big box Panasonic to this whopping great 42"!!
Attached to Sky+HD and WOW what a picture.
Very easy to set up and attach to Sky, DVD and Wii. The sound, picture and options are easy to use.
Very pleased
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on 15 March 2015
I ordered from Amazon Friday 13th March,and,paid £3.50 for first class.estimated arrival,Tuesday 17th March,went online on Saturday Morning to confirm arrival day.......Had a knock on the door,MY TELE HAD ARRIVED,I must first the colour was too bright,and, a bit garish...Oh Dear,then when I adjusted it in the first few minuits after the very easy installation,it looked a bit wishy washy.Oh Dear,BUT THE PICTURE GOT BETTER AND BETTER,and now is beautifull,and am very pleased,I have found the television did need a few hours settling in,and maybe that is why some people but very few,have issues.IF the television does not keep up the good picture,I shall let you know,BUT I am very pleased with it
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on 10 February 2015
Love this TV. In particular, I find the sound quality excellent. We have had a flatscreen Toshiba for about 5 years now, and the sound quality on the Panasonic is so much better, we can hear the voices so much more clearly now, we were getting pretty reliant on subtitles and thinking we may have hearing problems!
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on 21 October 2014
Dont buy this TV, I'm currently in the process of dealing with Panasonic who are trying to make me jump through hoops to get my money back, the backlight is uneven, any quick motion and you can clearly see where the rows of LEDs are, its poorly made and the screen is genuinely loose if you tap it, after sending out their own engineer (which they will charge you £60 for if they doesn't 'see' the fault) I've finally managed to get a refund off Panasonic, so well done Panasonic firstly for making a poor TV and ruining your brand, secondly for threatening and alienating a customer with £60 engineer threats and thirdly for putting a customer off for life with your horrible customer and lack of willingness to help, please dont buy this TV, teach them a lesson
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on 20 July 2014
As others have said this TV has great picture quality and is a good price for the size...But this is where the positives end.

The sound is just plain rubbish! You really have to add a sound bar to make this TV watchable I just can't believe how poor the sound quality is. So take this into consideration of how cheap this TV really is as you really need to spend around £100 for the sound to be any good.

The TV guide is useless, you can't browse the channels without it actually changing the channel. There is no way to do this that I can find (if there is please reply and let me know). My 5 year old Panasonic has a really good TV guide where you can still watch your channel whilst browsing other channels and you can exit the guide without the channel changing. So why Panasonic removed this on their newer TV is beyond me.

Finally the signal is crap! I had to buy a signal booster to be able to watch TV without the signal dropping. My old Panasonic TV in the same room had no problems. I even set up my old TV again to check and it was fine. This TV really does have crap signal.

All in all I had to spend and additional £120 (£100 sound bar £20 signal booster) to actually use this TV properly. Had I spent an extra £120 on another TV I think I would've been much happier.


I have downgraded this review to 1 star as the media player crashes all the time. It is barely watchable because it will freeze multiple times during just one film. After a freeze you have to exit the player then fast forward to that bit again.

I really wish I didn't buy this TV!!
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