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on 23 November 2014
I bought this device as an emergency recharging device for my iPhone and iPad, both of which I use for work. Working in sales I often travel around the UK by train, and being on the phone most of the day, my iPhone can never manage a whole day without running out, normally when I want to call my wife to let her know when I will be home.

After considering several alternatives, and looking at various sizes of charger, this device seemed to have the best combination of price and recharge capacity.

On opening the box, the device is compact but well built, with smooth high quality plastic case and reassuringly weight feel. I charged by connecting the micro USB cable to a standard iPhone charging plug (a seperate plug is needed to charge but the standard Apple items will do). I left it overnight until the 4 lights came on when you pressed the button, to show it is fully charged. I had to wait a couple of days to try it out as I wanted to to see the device charging my iPhone from scratch, and after plugging in the supplied USB charging cable, it started to power up almost immediately, and in less than an hour was at 100%. I then left the device in its current state of charge to see how many full charges I could get from the device, and managed to get another 3 full charges out of it before it started to fade, including a quick boost of my iPad needed to send an important email while on a train.

Based on my experience I have recommended this to everyone in my sales team, and everyone loves their new device, and no more excuses about dead iPhones when I need to call them!

I have been using this device fairly constantly for 6 months and no sign of fading yet. A great piece of kit, and the days of dead iPhones are gone forever.
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on 4 January 2015
Purchased this product three times, twice in orange and once in green. Very easy 5 stars with hardly any faults (if at all) and would recommend to all. Having purchased portable chargers before and this being my favourite, it comes highly recommended from me!

- Quick 1 day delivery with Amazon Prime arriving on a Sunday
- MicroUSB standard for charging so not a unique charger
- Automatically turns on and off when you plug it in/out of your device respectively
- Handy power button to check how much power remaining (0%, 25%-49%, 50-74%, 75-100%)
- No decline in battery capacity noticed despite more than daily use (with it still charging my Nexus 5 around 3-4 times fully)
- Works with many devices from iPhone, my Bluetooth headphones, my tablet and all my other phones and friends phones/tablets etc.
- Extremely durable and sturdy (it's survived countless falls from large heights to stone floor with far less scratches than one would expect)
- Two USB slots, and it holds the USB really well with you literally being able to swing it and it still won't fall
- Slim design with it being roughly twice the depth of my Nexus 5 and the same height and width
- Does not heat up
- In my opinion it looks stylish

- I would like it to have more levels, perhaps 8 or 10 to get a better estimate of battery level
- It can be quite slow to charge but this isn't more than you'd expect taking in account its capacity

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It's heavier than my iPhone 5 NOT TOO HEAVY but not so heavy that you choose not to use it. I'd say it's about the weight of two iPhones.

Nope. It's rather functional. A rectangle shaped charger. I have also tested it's slightly cheaper competitor but prefer the EasyAcc in terms of shape and functionality. Competitor)

I get 4 100% chargers out of this with ease. Sometimes a little over 5 chargers.

Festivals, weekends away, or camping I have found this to be a welcome little charger.

It has two, so you can charge two items on the go.

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on 21 April 2016
It's a very strong and durable battery pack that gets used a lot and has been dropped a few times. However it still works like it is brand new, I would throughly recommend buying this product

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on 30 September 2014
I had about a week camping with extremely limited electricity, which normally is fine but this time I was camping in a different area of the festival to my family and needed to stay in touch. SO I brought this gadget and I am absolutely in love with it. I charged my phone pretty much every day, and that's for a week only topping up the charger once.

It does take hours to charge, but it doesn't matter if you do it over night. The only problem I found was the surface of the pack scratches easily, though to be honest that's my fault for not buying a separate case! I can't rate the EasyAcc 1000mAh enough, an absolute must for campers!
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on 15 April 2016
I've had it for over a year now and use it whenever I go on holiday. It has 2 USB ports, one is supposed to be faster at charging than the other. However I don't feel like there is much difference and I get a notification on my phone saying I have a slow charger connected. However sometimes it does charge quickly so it's not that consistent. Still keeps my phone charged when I need it though.
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on 29 March 2016
Love these power packs. Have bought all my nephews and nieces them for presents. They charge well and I have managed at least 3 full charges on my S4. I use it for my camera, tablet, phone etc. Always very handy. The only slight criticism is that the original short USB cable broke on my unit but I have used another spare cable and that has worked fine. As far as I am aware, all the others work well. Would recommend.
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on 3 August 2016
This is a great power bank that holds its charge really well. I charged this before going camping for 5 nights. It successfully charged both my iPhone 5 and Apple Watch for the first 4 nights before needing to be recharged. And it did this almost 2 years after buying it. Very impressive!
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on 24 November 2014
The amount of charges that I can get from this battery pack is just fantastic... When I'm using my smartphone most of the day, the battery complains but plug into this and you can keep going for at least another 8 charges.
Just the right size for the pocket, not too heavy unlike some other battery packs. Fantastic item :-)
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on 5 December 2014
I was a bit dubious about buying a battery back from a vendor I've never heard of, but this is a quality product, charges my iPhone 6 Plus 3 to 4 times. supplied with two micro usb cables which is a nice touch, one short one and one long, well packaged, not much else to say, cheaper than all it's rivals but just as good.
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