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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2014
I didn't buy this from Amazon as it was not in stock, however I thought I'd write a review to help anyone looking for info.
So I wanted this for use with Strava on android.
The thing is Strava for android currently only supports "Zephyr" heart rate monitors, however after a lot of searching online I found a "Strava labs" app that you can download (made by Strava to test features before the official play store release) which does support Bluetooth accessories.
(Find the link here: [...] )
After installing the Strava Labs app I logged in, and the app discovered and started reading my heart rate instantly.
The actual monitor works really well, is small, comfy, and seems very accurate.
If you have any questions then just ask.

EDIT: Amazon wont let me post a link, so google "Any plans for Bluetooth Low Energy support in Strava for Android?" to find the STrava forums with links for the Strava Labs app download.
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on 2 April 2016
Bought this on a friends recommendation and it is a great heart rate monitor for the money. Easy to use, syncs with no bother, doesn’t need to stay in range of phone during workouts, and comes with an easy to use app which gives accurate information regarding your workout. This is the first chest heart rate monitor I have owned and I have had no difficulty using this and have no complaints about function at all.

I use the monitor during workouts and find it is better at tracking heart rate and calories then my wrist activity tracker. However, my main use for this monitor is to take HRV readings and track heart coherence which wrist monitors are not able to do yet. Along with an app I purchased for around £7, this monitor is able to function the same as HRV and heart coherence products which retail from £140 upwards, so I feel I have done well for my money.

I initially worried that I wouldn’t like the chest strap as I have mainly used wrist band products in the past but have found it hassle free to use and wish I had got this sooner rather. My only complaint is that the adjustment clips on the strap dig into my ribs if I wear the monitor during workouts where I do mat work and I have needed to buy another brands strap with a different fastening mechanism to resolve this.
Still 5 stars though because I am really pleased with the product and would recommend.
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on 10 July 2015
The HRM is a neat narrow capsule held securely to a broad elasticated cloth band by a press-stud on each end. If you're a particularly big unit you might want to bear in mind that the band has limited adjustment - I have a 46" chest and there's a couple of inches of band left so if you're above 48" be prepared to have to haul it round. There are two indicator lights, one to show that there is a bluetooth/ANT+ connection and one to show that your heart beat is being measured. Not sure what use these are unless you're going to stand in front of the mirror, seems easier to me to check your phone. The whole assembly is comfortable in use and very securely held by the strap for cycling and rowing, which is all I've used it for.

Connection to my Sony Xperia Z running Android 5.0.2 was trouble free, but be aware that a firmware update will likely be required before you can use the monitor. Just connect it up and let it do its stuff, preferably in an area with good wi-fi connection. Don't make the mistake that I made and set off on a ride without installing the update, it won't work and will leave you disappointed.

In contrast to some other reviewers I think the Wahoo app is OK, it serves my purposes admirably and I haven't suffered any issues with losing connection or crashing. Download it for free before investing in the hardware to check it out if you have doubts. Calorie counting matches the display on my Waterrower exactly but distances don't match the ones from my wife's Garmin when cycling, not sure whether my phone, the app or the Garmin is at fault. There's plenty of information to allow you to control your heart rate while training indoors, and a nice summary is available after outdoor rides. You could also use a handlebar mount for your phone and use the app to track your route and personal data on the road, but I'd rather concentrate on maintaining my road position and watching the traffic. The monthly summary and historic workout facilities are neat and provide ample data for me. Having said all that I don't use Strava or other fitness apps and have no interest in sharing my data with other folk, so maybe the app falls down there.

The only thing that approaches a concern for me is that the Bluetooth signal only rarely shows more than one bar, although as I haven't had a problem it's perhaps nothing to worry about.

Overall, no complaints, it does exactly what I expected
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on 26 June 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This nicely packaged heart-rate monitor runs off a replaceable 3V coin cell, and was really very easy to set-up. The quick start guide tells you only to go to the Apple or Android app store and download the Wahoo app (which is free). Once you’ve done this, the app leads you through switching on Bluetooth and connecting the TICKR monitor to your smartphone. In my case it spotted that the firmware in the unit was old, and allowed me to upgrade it via the app and the iPhone’s internet connection.

The TICKR itself is about 70x40mm with two LEDs visible on the front, and a clip-on adjustable strap (which contains the sensors). The Blue LED tells you that Bluetooth communication is happening, and the red flashes with your heart-beats (not that you’re likely to be staring down at your chest during a workout). The unit has no on-off switch, but activates automatically with your heart beat, and connects to the smartphone app.

Wahoo’s own app allows you to record your workouts, but as a long-time user of Endomondo, I was quite happy that this is also compatible. Once the iPhone is configured to connect to the TICKR, Endomondo (and several other apps) can then also see it, and you can add live heart rate information to your workout. In Endomondo this appears as another graph overlay, so you can see the full heartrate history across your workout, and compare it with speed, altitude and so on.

Note that you need a phone that has Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy), which is not available on iPhones older than the 4S. The TICKR can support a subset of Android phones also (BT 4 capable), such as the Samsung S3, S4. A full list is available on the Wahoo website.

I briefly connected the TICKR to a Samsung S4, and this also worked fine. I downloaded the Wahoo fitness app from the Google Play store, and it was pretty easy to switch Bluetooth on, detect the TICKR device and start recording heart data.

I haven’t done any power tests yet, but it seems that it could be pretty demanding on battery with some of these fitness apps. During a workout you will be using GPS, 3G data and Bluetooth, not to mention the screen when you look at the maps and statistics, so I think better be ready to give the phone a charge on return from a long run or ride.

Overall, I'm happy with it. It's really much better than the older proprietary radio device I had before.
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on 14 June 2016
And so I take delivery of my 5th Wahoo TICKR in 6 years, the previous ones having stopped working. Two were free replacements, thank you Wahoo, and two I paid for again, since I couldn't be bothered to go to all the trouble of finding the receipts, boxes, trip to the post office etc.

When it arrived, the unit itself wouldn't fit onto the strap, since the female bits at the ends of the strap were too small. I suppose a bit of fiddling with a screwdriver blade of just the right width might force the little bars inside the hole sideways sufficient to accept the 'button' on the unit itself but why should I have to do this?

The moral of the story is twofold. We live in an electronic age in which circuits are small and fragile and just stop working after a while, unlike the big macho electrical fittings sparking away in Frankenstein's lab. You're not buying the heart monitoring service, you're renting it. Second, the people at Wahoo have become just too dam' idle to do proper quality control on their products. (I've noticed the same with some other manufacturers with well established brands. Their accountants listen to the cash registers going *ka-ching* while their engineers fiddle away on some new product without bothering too much about the old.) Where's the person running the show who should CARE?

A word of advice: keep the strap from the old monitor when you order a replacement, free or paid for. Other than that, it's a good enough product and unless someone out there writes in enthusiastically about a different one, I'm sticking with TICKR, grrr.
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on 27 April 2016
This is the second one of these I've ordered - I loved the first one so much but the strap got manky after 12months of use and started to fall to bits (unfortunately you can't buy the replacement straps from Amazon). It's easy to set up with intuitive apps that sync with a range of health apps.

However the second one I purchased has a slightly different design on the strap and the press-studs on the strap malfunctioned on the first use.

The result was the studs popped open with the slightest movement and the HRM fell off. Very disappointing and I hope a one off - I've returned for a replacement - review to follow
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on 22 August 2016
The device is quite small and well built! Easy to strap and when running you almost forget that you have a strap on. Only issue is ever time you go for a run, the phone doesn't connect right away to the sensor. I have the sensor already paired with my phone, and when I lock the strap, the blue and red light start flashing, but when I open the Wahoo app, it just doesn't pick up the sensor, and sometimes it does but shows no readings. And some other times it just works fine! I think that this problem could be related to the timing from when you lock the strap, if you have to open the app right away, or your need to wait for some seconds, or something like that. Still testing...
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on 28 August 2016
After deciding I needed a heart rate monitor to improve my gym sessions, I spent ages on the web researching HRM straps and finally decided on this one. The Wahoo Tickr came very highly rated and the app that goes with it can be synced with other fitness apps to give full gym support.
I ordered the HRM and it arrived 2 days later - ahead of the expected delivery date. It came in a very neat little box and is ready to go straight away. There are instructions showing how to pair it to your phone (iPhone 6s in my case) and BOOM, the strap is connected and working.
The strap is very adjustable and comfortable to use. I'm a 40" chest, 6ft guy and the M-XXL size strap fit perfectly. It's not restrictive and if you fit it correctly, you forget it's even there during your workout. I've tested it against another heart rate monitor at the gym and it's spot on with accuracy, giving a more precise reading of how many calories you've burnt during your session.
The app is very comprehensive too, catering for almost every type workout. Enter in your DOB, height and weight, then it'll do all the rest for you.

Definitely a 5 star product. And a battery you can change yourself? Perfect!!
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on 11 September 2016
I have used my TICKR for a few weeks and have had no issues.

Top Tip: As recommended by Wahoo download the app from the app store and if it runs ok on your phone you should have no compatibility issues. Compatibility, is not clear on the Amazon page.

The app is comprehensive and I have checked the output, mapping etc. against my Garmin and it seems spot on.

Not sure about the longevity of the device and my only comment would be that the pick-ups of your heart rate are part of the clip on strap and not integrated into one module as per Garmin etc. This is a minor point but if the press-studs corrode with sweat the connection could fail.

In general I would highly recommend the TICKR as it can be used on an existing phone and for many different activities, 5 out of 5!
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on 26 September 2016
Works great! Had difficulties at first connecting it to various apps (mapmyride, strava and oruxmaps). I tried connecting it with bluetooth but no luck there but I have managed to connect it with ANT+. I have not experienced any disconection problems, except from once (with oruxmaps) but because it was still connected with Strava and mapmyride I guess it must have been Oruxmap's problem. Once you wear it, you forget that you have it.
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