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on 26 December 2017
This has sat in my Walkman since being bought and properly formatted before use. I've only had it out and in on a couple of occasions to do a major overhaul of the music on it but this has been enough to cause some sort of catastrophic error from which it can't recover, I cannot reformat the card or make it work again despite going into the computer command dialogues and using SanDisk's own recover and repair software from their website. I'm disappointed in how easily it has failed for doing very little more than playing a pretty well consistent set of music files.

Reading reviews of other SD cards, I note a few people mention trying a different brand after problems with SanDisk. Maybe they turn out a duff batch from time to time???
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on 5 September 2016
I purchased the extreme micro Secure Digital High Capacity memory card to film up to 4K videos and to capture burst shooting in still cameras. In burst mode several photographs are captured in quick succession and this is where the speed of the memory card comes into play.

Some background info that you may find helpful. For any given memory device, there are two speed specifications that are provided by the manufacturer and these are namely, the read and write speed. The faster the read speed the more rapid is the rate of data transfer to your computer.
The higher the write speed the faster the images are saved onto the memory card. A Class 2 speed translates to write speeds of 2MB per sec. This is the sustained writing speed as opposed to the maximum instantaneous write speed. So the number shown on the memory card is the sustained write speed. Therefore a class 10 card will achieve 10MB/sec.

I've used other brand 'high speed' (class 10) cards in the past and I found that during the shooting process, on occasions you can experience dropout or jitter. I have not experienced any such problems with the Sandisk extreme cards.

There are plenty of cards out there that will do the job if you are just shooting standard photos or even capturing standard or HD quality videos. It is worth noting that image quality is unaffected by the type of memory card used. However using a low speed (say class 2) will process the information more slowly. It may also be less reliable and may corrupt you data more readily when used in high demanding applications.

I purchased this item at full price. If the product is unworthy of a good review, I think it is unfair to leave positive feedback as this can mislead potential buyers. I hope you found the review helpful. Please click on the “Yes” button below.
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on 15 February 2017
Hi there, I thought I'd leave a review of this product.

While the product was chosen on the basis of the manufacturer, that is seen as a specialist in the industry, and testament to quality too. I was surprised when the device had issues when I tried copying files over to it.

Primarily it was used for my tablet, but after filling to capacity and attempting to delete contents on the android device. I found issues when trying to copy additional files to it.I kept getting a device is dirty error.

Formatting was impossible even on another device and it turns out the device was faulty after some reviews. I had to a approach SanDisk directly and arrange an rma to get it replaced. It has a 10 year warranty, but it's a little frustrating especially given the time to go through the process.

Would not of expected something like to have occurred especially when the amount of writing to this device a handful of times neither.
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on 8 September 2016
It seems that a few people are saying they have received counterfeit cards that are not functioning properly. I sincerely hope that my card is not a fake, but I can say with complete honesty that I have not had any issues with the card at all. In fact, it has performed flawlessly in terms of reliability and speed.

I've used the card in a smartphone, digital camera, and in the SD Card slot (using the adapter) of my car (loaded up with music!) - in all cases it has worked perfectly. I did have a bit of an ordeal formatting the card to Fat32 file format (by default it comes as exFat), which I needed to do for it to be recognised in the car. This is impossible to do using the standard Windows tools. However, it's easy enough if using any one of many applications, many of which are free (I used one called guiformat, which worked perfectly).

The card has been a work horse for me, very flexible and always performed to expectations.
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on 11 July 2015
I bought this from Amazon in Feb 2014 for my Samsung Galaxy tablet. Been happy with it until last week when it refused to write to although you can still read from it. So I tried to reformat the card and it failed to format no matter how I tried. My son suggested it might be a fake and on closer inspection he is right - if you look at the photo the class 10 is written as a single digit ie 1 instead of 10! Whats more on the reverse of the micro usd card there is a small black sticker which is not present in my other sandisk micro usd cards. Wish I had checked it when I first received it but 17 months have passed and its out of Amazon's return policy. It was sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L. so I am really disappointed with Amazon's quality control. Moral of this story is CHECK EVERY MEMORY CARD YOU BUY BEFORE YOU USE IT! I was a long time Sandisk fan but I won't be buying any more Sandisk memory cards.
review imagereview image
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on 27 December 2015
My only conclusion is that this is a fake.

After 12 months of use in my Samsung Note 3, and my Samsung Note 4, I get a message on my phone stating the card is corrupt.

When I tried to use the SD card adapter for the first time in an attempt to try and recover the data, I find that it is not a standard sized SD card, it a bit smaller and the metal strips are thinner and not quite in the right place, so to cut a long story short- it doesn't fit the SD card reader.

So not only was the memory card a complete let-down as I lost over 12 months worth of videos and images, not only social pics that are of immense importance to me (as with the good cameras on phones you use it as your main camera for every momentous occasion such as kids birthdays/weddings etc), I also lost valuable data for work.

I am now searching for a decent memory recovery company to fix this mess. I am so disappointed- words cannot express my complete dissatisfaction with this product. ***DO NOT BUY***
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on 26 April 2014
First of all, I would like to say don't try to save and buy these cards from unknown stores and when you receive them always test them with h2testw utility. A lot of these cards are fake (much lower capacity than expected) and if you get one you will probably have a hard time with it.

I bought this card about 1-2 years ago and it performed great, although, recently it started failing writing. Card contents could be read, but not written and literally nothing can be done. I have filed a waranty claim for that. This shows 1 huge benefit on Ultra series micro SDs the "Lifetime" waranty (10 years in regions where lifetime is not recognized).

I bought another one a few days ago just because the first one performed well and I need a working micro SD for my phone while current one is being replaced.

I tested both cards with h2testw utility after purchase. They were both the same capacy (64gb) as expected, so they are not fakes.
That aside both cards have had similar read write speeds:
Write: 11.6MB/s, Read: 17.8MB/s during the test.
During normal use
Write: 9-11MB/s, Read: 13-15MB/s whenever I paid attention.

Keep in mind both are peak rates, and you will only get them when copying fairly large files. High amount of small files the average speed.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 November 2013
Ultra 16GB class 10.
Sustained 9.1MBytes/s write and 44.7 Mbytes/s read
Blackmagicdeign Disk sped test v2.2 default settings.

Initial burst write speeds are faster above 10MB/s but quickly settled down to 9MB/s
tested in adapter in SDslot MacBookAir(2013) under Mavericks 10.9 formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Own MacOSX simple file copy tests:
835MB in 5 files WRITE in 83 seconds so close to 10 MB/s
835MB in 5 files READ back in 17 seconds = 49 MB/s

Suuplied adapter and card in clear plastic holder.

Supplied Micro SD adapter loads the micro SD on the exposed end and like most such adapters protrudes 10mm from a MBAir slot. I have seen a newer type of microSD adapter available which is low profile often described as a "shortening microSD adapter" which loads the MicroSD from the side, is standard SD thickness and fits pretty much flush with the Air case or many Raspberry Pi cases. This means you can leave a big capacity card mounted without fear of knocking or breaking it. Only seen them at the likes of Adafruit, ID 1569. (Not to be confused with another shortener which is thicker than an SD and not useable everywhere.) USB3 thumb drives with same capacity and about the same price will always be faster for transfers but if you can get a shortener you can add useful secondary "flush" storage space to your Air.
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on 1 November 2015
SanDisk are my go to brand when it comes to memory cards.

Whilst this 32GB class 10 is among the better ones as not only does it offer more space but it reads and writes faster too.

Used in smartphones I own it works perfectly well.

Over the years I have owned many memory cards the vast majority of which are SanDisk.

Due to my line of work I get through memory cards quicker than most, but the failure rate with any from SanDisk has been better than some other brands I have used. The returns and replacement procedure for cards in warranty is a bit of a hassle if you use cards on virtually a daily basis and by the time you have logged the issue, done all the necessary steps required and sent it back it is not worth it in my opinion. Despite this I continue to use SanDisk as on the whole they offer good value for money.
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on 9 May 2014
I had to check the web to be sure that my phone would take a 64GB card and even then I was half expecting that it might not work. It's been working well ever since i bought it and I didn't even need to format the card (as the guides on youtube had suggested) - my phone recognised some 59GB of extra memory immediately.

One of the comments I'd read previously had suggested that the required re-formatting (which I didn't have to do) would obviously give you more memory on your phone but might limit whether you could put very large files such as movies on the card i.e. you could put 59 files at 1GB each but might not be able to put 10 files at 5.9GB on it. I haven't copied any massive files onto the card yet (and am unlikely to, as I mainly use it for photos and music) but I suspect that it wouldn't be a problem on the Xperia Z as I didn't have to format the card.

One learning from this then is that it might be worth checking what storage your phone recognises before formatting/re-formatting your card, as it might not need to be done.
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