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on 19 November 2015
Nicely weighted, the low sensitivity button on the thumb side is pressed accidentally quite frequently while moving the mouse side to side but it's very accessible.

The shape of the mouse in real life is much more economic than the pictures suggest. The mouse is slanted to the right raising your index finger and putting your hand in a more neutral position which is comfortable for your wrist and hand.

The scroll wheel works well but it's very notchy and "loose" feeling - I'm sure you can get used to this and as the mouse gets used the parts will all settle in.

The sensor is simply awesome, nothing more to say.

The weights make a difference but ultimately you'll get used to whatever configuration you choose. Personally I added 3 weights around the sensor which gives a little more resistance but adding more weight to the back would allow the mouse to fall out of my palm at the back as I hold the mouse more towards the front so I removed the 2 rear weights, in an ideal world I'd like more weight at the front but even having the option to change the balance is a luxury!
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on 6 May 2014
18/08/15 UPDATE: So my original review is below, but having used this for over a year now I thought it would be worth sharing some things.

I still agree with everything I said a year ago for starters, it's a great mouse. The software has been updated so that you can now customize things a bit more such as the G logo light (I now have it on a dim pulse which is much more appealing and has let me keep it switched on rather than just blinding bright/off).

I use this mouse daily, on lots of different sensitivity settings and on both hard and soft mouse mats. I can say confidently that I have had no issues with the feet of this mouse, when given a quick dusting they are as good as new (super smooth). Otherwise everything else is stated below, just wanted to inform new purchasers that this mouse will last.

Old Review :

Okay, So I spilt pepsi on my G9x and needed a replacement, considering logitech was bringing out a new mouse I thought why not?

I've been using the G502 for just under a week now and it is one of the best mice I have ever used. The sensor is pinpoint, no hardware acceleration at all and it feels this amazing on all DPI settings. It is true that you probably won't need to go anywhere near as high as 12,000 but the fact that logitech have enabled this does not take away from the tracking of the lower DPI's at all.

I use a loose palm grip for this mouse, it could be clawed however given the weight and position of the sniper button this could be uncomfortable for some. The sniper button itself doesn't impede my grip but you may need to adjust to keep from accidentally pressing it.

It has a braided cable which is slightly thicker than the one used on the G9x, however it feels lighter, smoother and more flexible (seems to move with much less resistance). I personally like these as it prevents a lot of long term cable wear problems.

The scroll wheel is quite impressive compared to their previous mice. Still with the dual mode, the middle click is is much more defined as are each of the side scroll buttons. All the other buttons give great tactile feedback and seem to require the perfect amount of pressure to operate.

On the software side it is very simple to use 'Logitech Gaming Software' to configure most aspects of the mouse. All of the buttons are configurable and the horrific G logo light can be switched off (in the main settings under G502 tab). Unlike the G9x, G-shift can be assigned to a button which extends the amount of operations you can assign. You can also tune the mouse sensor to any surface (which I did do, Razer Goliathus mouse mat) and I must say I did notice a difference from the default settings. It is not a huge change, but tracking felt that bit smoother and I think maybe a tiny change to reduce the lift off distance but that was hard to tell.

A nice feature I noticed is that the DPI/Profile lights automatically turn off unless you are adjusting the settings, especially as you cannot adjust the colour to match your rig as you could with the G9x.

Adjustable weights are now in a much better place, I really disliked the draw system so I am in favour of this new magnetic door. Although I don't feel it, the mouse is reasonably heavy without any weights in and is already pretty balanced, then again the weights are there if you do want to adjust the balance to suit your play style more (or just add more weight).

Overall this mouse is very impressive, excellent tracking, great shape, very comfortable and not too feature heavy. There will be people who want a simpler mouse but for me as I crossover from FPS to RPG and even for non-gaming it is a great all round mouse.

Just realized it does not show this in the pictures, but the sensor is in the center of the mouse (rather than being offset in the G9x), it definitely helps.
- Excellent sensor
- Braided Cable
- Much better dual mode scroll wheel
- Weight Management
- Configurable buttons
- Comfortable

- At the heavier end of mice
- For some grips the sniper button
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on 5 January 2015
I'm a massive fan of the Logitech M500 mouse for it nice shape and unlockable scroll wheel so when I was looking to upgrade my mouse to something a little more fancy this was an obvious choice.

After using it for a month or so now I absolutely love it. The back and forward buttons are well placed and I can hit them easily getting a tactile and auditory click to let me know they've been activated. The left and right clicks are sensitive enough for rapid pressing but not so sensitive that you're constantly accidentally triggering them. The scroll wheel for which I purchased this item works just like my old M500 and I love it. DPI changing is smooth and responsive and well indicated by lights on the mouse. The software for calibration and/or macro setup works great too and doesn't need to constantly sit in the background due to onboard memory on the mouse: perfect!

Only two downside and not significant enough to damper my enjoyment:

1. When you've got you hand positioned in order to use all the standard buttons you would have to have mutant length thumbs to reach the "sniper" button but given I play with a low DPI and don't like to shift it in-game that's not a big deal. If I place my thumb far forwards enough to press the sniper button comfortably I can't hit the "back" button because my hand is over it.

2. The mouse scroll wheel, like the M500, also has the functionality to be clicked left and right. This is great. However, in order for this to work involves introducing a tiny bit of give into the left and right motions of the scroll wheel. It is completely unnoticed during ordinary use except for when making a large sweeping movement from side to side (turning in an FPS with low DPI) giving the tiny auditory "ting" noise.

It's the most minor thing in the world but I figured I'd list it because I'm literally clutching at straws to find faults with this mouse. It really is nice.
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on 13 February 2016
It took too long for my mouse to arrive from america so I got this refunded and bought it from a local computer store.

I can tell you this mouse is amazing. The customization and the accuracy is unreal. Yes you can go upto 12000 DPI but why would you? I currently use it at 2700 DPI for the game I play but it has a button perfectly placed near your thumb so you don't accidentally press it but can easily reach it when you need to. This button allows you to switch between 2 DPI settings on the fly so great for FPS games if you're trying to snipe someone and need to lower DPI quickly for better accuracy.

The mouse also has a really solid feel and fits perfectly in my hand. The added optional weights is a great at helping getting the mouse suited to your needs. And the optical sensor on it is amazing.

The blue LEDs are a bonus for me as everything in my setup has blue LEDs so goes really well. For those who don't want blue LEDs logitech has released a "spectrum" version which is exactly the same as this but with RGB lighting. It even has an option to Tune itself depending on the surface / type of mouse pad you're using! Quality from Logitech - you'll never need another mouse again.
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on 18 December 2015
I've had this mouse for about a month so far, I replaced a Deathadder which kept frequently double clicking when I was pressing the button down once. Enough was enough so I did my research and stumbled across this beast!

Installation was straightforward. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit. Install the drivers and plug the mouse in. Computer needed to restart, on next reboot it advised there was a software update available for the mouse. NOTE: According to my research it suggests that the G502 may become completely unusable if you try to update the mouse with it plugged in to a USB 3.0 port. Make sure it's plugged into a USB 2.0 port. If you are not sure which is which; the USB 3.0 ports are usually coloured blue. USB 2.0 is black. If you ONLY have USB 3.0 available, I'd recommend a USB 2.0 hub. NOTE 2: I also have a Logitech G510 Keyboard, for the software update to run I had to unplug and replug the USB's of BOTH the keyboard and mouse in to get it to start downloading the update. It's safe to say if you don't own a Logitech G series keyboard you will only need to replug the mouse in.

You can customize the mouse to your liking with the Logitech software and the weights provided so it feels "right" for you. I personally like a weighty mouse, I always found the Death adder too lightweight (it also had no weights system), especially compared to the Roccat Kone I had prior to that. In the box there are a 5 3.6g weights which are odd shaped. The base of the mouse is magnetic so you pull the blue part on the left towards you with the mouse lifted up and it comes away. Oddly, despite having 5 weights, I only found a way of installing 4 of them. You have to push the weights in with a fair bit of force for them to stay in place. I prefer the Roccat Kone's weight system, which you just fairly lightly push and turn into place to lock.

I have written all of this and have now got to the most critical point, how does the mouse perform? In short, absolutely excellent! It tracks superbly, probably the best tracking mouse I have EVER had, and I have had several mice over the years. I'm just using a fairly standard non-shiny cloth mouse pad which came with my old graphics card. the DPI controls which control the responsiveness/speed of the mouse are fairly easy to get to to adjust on-the-fly and the odd pattern grip on the mouse sides are surprisingly comfortable. I have found that if the mouse weights are not installed properly and when you are moving the mouse very quickly, the bottom of the mouse can fall off quite easily. Luckily this has only happened once so far so I'm happy to pass this as user error.

If there is one area that should be better, I feel it's the mousewheel. It's easily the worst part of the mouse and in my opinion it lets it down a bit. It sure looks nice and to touch it feels like its good quality and built to last. There are two aspects which I'm not so happy with. 1.) The actual surface is very slippery so your finger does rather unnaturally slip off, which is a bit annoying when you are on one of those games where the mouse wheel does something like changing weapons (Unreal Tournament) or browsing the web and like me, you use the mouse wheel A LOT! and, 2.) You have the option of whether you want the mousewheel to scroll like any other mouse, OR you can press the button nearest to the mousewheel and the wheel goes into a "freescroll" where it spins freely. I find the mousewheel on the standard mode too noisy, to my surprise someone else was using my computer and I heard the mouse scroll wheel from downstairs! You can solve it by switching to the "freescroll" mode, but then it just becomes annoying and feels too loose, like it's broken.

This is me nitpicking though. It's a great mouse. I just wish it had the scroll wheel and weights system of the Roccat Kone or the older Logitech Mice; and it would have been perfect. If any of the issues I have mentioned put you off, then I highly recommend looking at the Roccat Kone XTD Optical. The sensor on the laser version is appalling.

Any questions relating to the review or product and I'll TRY and answer them :)
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2014
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I have used a Logitech G500s, and its predecessors, the G500 and the G5, for almost a decade now, and I love them. The shape is perfect for my hand, and I love the feel of them.

The G502 is an evolution of the G500 shape, a little more stylised and angular, a little too much for my tastes, but nothing uncomfortable. I actually like the smoother texture on it quite a bit, and the wheel ridged wheel is nice.

The mouse has ridiculous DPI options, but I don't ever really go higher than 2000, so your mileage may vary. The DPI switching buttons are more conveniently placed than the G500 style. You can tune the mouse's tracking to your surface, which is nice, but I didn't see much effect from this on my soft Steelseries pad. It's nice to have the weight options, and the weights are funkier than the older G500 style round weights.

The mouse tracking is smooth and precise, and I was able to tune it well with Logitech's SetPoint software, which also allows button customisation options, surface tuning, and control of the big illuminated G. It was a little bright for my tastes, so I turned it off.

Unfortunately for me, the mouse ultimately didn't feel as comfortable as the rounded G500 design for me. My thumb would accidentally hit the thumb-button, and I found the right hand side a little narrow, so my little finger didn't sit as comfortably on the mouse. Maybe that's because I'm a palm-grip guy, but a lot of people are. It's a great mouse, it's just not quite the one for me.
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on 2 March 2016
I didnt really understand this mouse when I first got it. Everything about it was excellent, but the mouse wheel has quite odd settings. The mouse wheel is either totally free wheeling or a very heavy click. The selector button for two modes is just in front of the wheel.

When I got Fallout 4 the penny dropped. When you are in combat, the heavy click setting is great for weapon selection, and is heavy enough so that if you use the mouse 3 press function, you don't accidentally roll the mouse wheel and select a different weapon. Similarly, the other setting is great for your inventory. In settlements you have huge, and i mean HUGE lists of inventory items, and using a conventional wheel is a massive bore. So click the selector, switch it instantly to free spinning and off you go. One good spin will see the metal roller wheel continue spinning for upto a minute, or until you stop it yourself. I am genuinly SO glad I got this just before getting Fallout 4.

This aside, the mouse is typical Logitech gear.... great build quality, very comfortable, solid with well placed buttons. It comes with easy fitting weights if you like a heavier mouse (personally i find it perfect without any extra ballast), and lastly, it has a thumb rest on the side.

The thumb rest is genius, and especially good for hardcore gamers as it stops your thumb nail dragging on your mouse mat. Its such a great idea I would be reluctant to get a mouse without one now.

Great piece of kit. Typical Logitech build quality, very professional and long lasting.
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on 26 December 2014
To begin with this was a present from my girlfriend. I chose this one due to the fact I needed a good fps mouse to use in games like CS:GO, battlefield and other fps games. I had read a few different reviews from several different websites and thought instantly this is the mouse for me.

Pro's - It looks great it is definitely a nice smooth looking mouse. It also moves great across my mouse mat and the software is amazingly easy to use. The mouse wheel is also a nice little touch I like, to me it seems very well made and will last a long time. Also the weight system in it is very fun to play around with but I have yet to configure whats the best weight for me.

Con's - I am 6ft 4 inches tall and have very large hands. All my old mice where very comfortable for me yet this one after an hour or so of playing my hand started to fatigue a bit and my scores started to slip. I use a claw grip and I kept pressing the dpi button far to much. Nothing more frustrating than in the middle of a firefight my dpi either goes too high or it goes too low. I have played with the software to stop this from happening now but it really annoyed me. The left click is too small for my finger and my thumb does not no where to sit due to the dpi-shift button.

All in all its a very very good performing mouse, I would give it 4-5 stars but the clutter of the smaller sized buttons then I am used to don't work to well with my grip style and the size of my hands. Maybe over time and more practice I will get back to my old skill level using this mouse, maybe even get better.
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on 1 January 2016
I thought id give something different a try from my much liked Razer deathadder. As planned the G502 is very, very different. Both take a clearly different approach to the gamers primary and most lethal tool. The PC mouse.

The G502 is feature rich as youd expect from logitech. And it all works pretty well and unlike many button laden mice, the buttons are all as reachable as to be expected and for online FPS you can use a couple of them beyond the normal thumb which is nice. Here it gets one up on the sparse DA. I can use an extra 3 buttons in online FPS which is nice.
And despite my reservations ive also kept the DPI and profile switching buttons mapped as default. Using them has made me realise different games feel better with slightly differnt pointer resolution. Its also allowed me to play about while online to find that elusive ideal response.

The software it comes with is very comprehensive making this a very customisable tool. The scroll wheel can switched between smooth and stepped on the fly(sweet - even tho it feels cheap and tacky) You also get some weights to change the balance of it.
And here ill bring back the DA - for all the G502's customisation, if your playing an FPS the Deathadder is preset perfect. And imo the G502 is second best.
However, the G502 is cheaper and more versatile. For deal prices its a winner.

+mega customisation
+ feels good, well shapped (claw grip anyway)
- not mega quality
- Versatile means it lacks FPS focus
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on 26 November 2015
I really wanted to like this. On paper it ticks all the boxes - high dpi, multiple profiles, braided cable, dpi shift, blah blah... Plus it has Logitech's hyper-scroll wheel, which I can't do without these days.

For those of you that don't know, this is a feature where the mouse wheel has two modes. The first is where it clicks like every other mouse wheel. Ideal for moving slowly through documents. The second is the more interesting one, where it spins freely. The wheel is weighted so a quick spin will keep it spinning for several seconds. Ideal for scrolling fast through long documents/spreadsheets/etc. I have used this mode on several Logitech mice and I probably use it 90% of the time.

The problem with this mouse is that the wheel isn't balanced properly, causing it to continue to spin slightly after you have stopped it. The following video shows this issue in more detail:

This gets pretty irritating when navigating documents, as the screen will jump a few pages back/forward as the wheel settles. I contacted Logitech support about the issue, and the first response I got was that it was normal behaviour. After a few more emails, they then said it was faulty and I should return it. Reading the Logitech forums, I wasn't the only one with the issue.

I took Logitech's advice and swapped mine for a G700s instead. That one isn't perfect either, but I prefer the button layout and the hyper scroll wheel works perfectly, so it will do for now!
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