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on 25 August 2016
Didn't review this earlier but this is the best mouse I've used ever, it has one of the most accurate sensors on the market and has Logitech's legendary build quality. The LED lighting is good, and if you'd rather pay the extra for RGB go do that. I think if I want to I'll just solder a white LED on and filter a colour in if it comes to that, but I digress.
I was at first reluctant and sceptical about paying so much for a mouse only ever buying cheapo wireless, then a CM Storm Devastator mouse and keyboard, when the mouse died after a year I went looking for one and this really good out. I have no regrets about buying this and actually instead wish I got it before the cheap ones.

Amazingly accurate, great software and DPI range, plenty of buttons on the mouse including a DPI shift button which is good for making micro movements, the mouse wheel is great, has very pronounced stages and feedback with a mouse wheel release mode which is also quite nice to use but is inaccurate, not that it is really meant to be though. The only issues are the mouse feet being not amazing quality but even then these can be changed for little to nothing if they are an issue.

Some people claim it to be a bit on the heavy side for them, but that's their own opinion, I've got used to it and personally do not use the extra weight, it isn't the best mouse out the box for twitch shooters like CS:GO for this but sticking with it yields good results in my case when you get more used to it.
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on 26 November 2015
I really wanted to like this. On paper it ticks all the boxes - high dpi, multiple profiles, braided cable, dpi shift, blah blah... Plus it has Logitech's hyper-scroll wheel, which I can't do without these days.

For those of you that don't know, this is a feature where the mouse wheel has two modes. The first is where it clicks like every other mouse wheel. Ideal for moving slowly through documents. The second is the more interesting one, where it spins freely. The wheel is weighted so a quick spin will keep it spinning for several seconds. Ideal for scrolling fast through long documents/spreadsheets/etc. I have used this mode on several Logitech mice and I probably use it 90% of the time.

The problem with this mouse is that the wheel isn't balanced properly, causing it to continue to spin slightly after you have stopped it. The following video shows this issue in more detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jck6dZcizAg

This gets pretty irritating when navigating documents, as the screen will jump a few pages back/forward as the wheel settles. I contacted Logitech support about the issue, and the first response I got was that it was normal behaviour. After a few more emails, they then said it was faulty and I should return it. Reading the Logitech forums, I wasn't the only one with the issue.

I took Logitech's advice and swapped mine for a G700s instead. That one isn't perfect either, but I prefer the button layout and the hyper scroll wheel works perfectly, so it will do for now!
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on 3 December 2015
I've been an avid user of Logitech mice for years, mainly through using the G5 and G500. The G502 has some great points, I'd not say it's better than my G500, but as I can't use that anymore I needed a replacement. Packaging was small and simple, but did the job, nothing special really. The featured DPI is far more than anyone would really need, but the sensor is accurate and works well. Button placement is a bit off for me, I'd say I have average sized hands and I struggle to use the side buttons effectively and the DPI buttons can be hit accidentally if you tend to move your fingers much. Also the visual design doesn't jive with me, It looks far too angular. I much preferred logitech's old style. The LED also would be better if it was RGB instead of just blue.

However, even though I listed a number of negative points, they don't make the mouse unusable, and on the whole if you don't mind the aesthetics it's a comfortable and competent mouse that's main issue is a somewhat impracticable side button placement. I've yet to find a mouse with perfect placement however, and the 502 is roughly as good as any other mouse I've tried.
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on 22 November 2015
Before buying this, I'd always stuck to sub-£10 mice, but trying the older G500 convinced me to upgrade. After getting the G502, I soon found it hard to go back to low-end mice, and my opinion remains as good after 18 months, even though some minor issues keep me from giving it the full five stars.

The G502 is sensitive indeed, to the point that I'll never be able to use much more than half of the available DPI range. Even so, the G502 (just like the G500) is a huge improvement over a standard mouse: I barely need to move my hand to get the cursor across the whole screen, and lifting and repositioning the mouse is a thing of the past. I don't think many will find any need for anything close to the maximum 12000 DPI -- none of the default profiles go higher than around half, so I doubt even Logitech thought of it as more than a marketing gimmick.

The G502, as its predecessor, comes with weights that can be placed in a compartment underneath. The compartment is lined with rubber that keeps the weights in place by friction, and is closed by a flap held in place by a magnet; this system does not feels too solid, compared to the (perhaps overdesigned) ejectable cartridge of the G500, but does the job; it takes quite a yank to cause the weights to fly out. The number of weight is customisable, but I just put them all in and never thought about it again.

The software is intuitive, and the customisation options detailed enough. The mouse can hold three sensitivity profiles, and each can have up to 5 DPI levels freely set. It took me only a bit of testing before settling on a custom profile, which I never needed to fiddle with again. The separate downshift button, whose DPI setting you can select for each profile, is very, very useful for aiming in games, and its presence is the one serious improvement over the G500.

The buttons "feel" ok; I liked them a bit better on the G500, but that's a minor point, and fairly subjective. I really like the mousewheel, how heavy it is and the feel of its metal surface, as well as the feel of the middle click and the release button. It's easily the best wheel in any mouse I've tried, and I'd find it hard to go back to something lighter. However, I've read of people criticizing it for the very reasons I like it.

As for ergonomics, I didn't initially find the G502 to be an amazingly comfortable fit for my hand. It's thinner than the G500, which was almost ideal for me in that respect; I had no problems adapting though. The positioning of the buttons is possibly the thing I like less about the mouse. The downshift button is not quite within easy reach and uncomfortable if used for long stretches. It took me a while to come up with a different grip to avoid that. I also used to find myself often clicking the page forward button by mistake; on the G500, those buttons seems to be ever so slightly better positioned. This of course largely depends on hand size and personal preference, and Logitech must have designed the mouse for some kind of average hand, but I still find it odd that most people would like the downshift button so far out.

The onboard memory is a nice feature to have, as I can configure the mouse in Windows and it'll work exactly the same in Linux, hassle-free. Logitech really should release Linux versions of their software, but this is the next best thing.

I don't particularly like the design, but then I rarely like the design of gaming hardware. The giant blue-lit "G" is especially ridiculous, but the software thoughtfully provides the option to turn its LED off.

One thing I can't comment on is how the G502 fares against the slew of off-brand £10-£20 mice that seem to offer comparable specs at a fraction of the price. They look cheaply built and the design is usually tacky, and I wonder how long they'd last (my G502 is no worse for the wear after one year and a half of intensive use), but they may be worth looking into before parting with your £50.

In conclusion, the G502 has many good features (some subjectively so) that I'd find hard to live without now, and a number of minor drawbacks whose impact will most likely come down to personal preference. To me, it's worth the money.
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on 3 March 2017
A great mouse, been using for 2 years now and it has not disappointed me. As always, the Logitech software is amazing for tuning it to my liking (DPI,etc) and the hyper scroll is amazingly useful. As for the DPI settings, it comes with the standard Logitech 5 profile setting with the profile switching buttons on the top left of the mouse. However, this time, Logitech have added in a nice little extra square button on the front left side that when held down, put your DPI to the lowest setting until released. This is useful for when you're trying to get that extra bit of accuracy in your shot, or even if you need to get that last little pixel of colour in paint.

Overall this mouse is great for gaming and has alot of little useful features which help you whether you're gaming or just browsing the web.
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on 24 June 2016
Mouse has excellent software to come along with, highly adjustable and really good in customisation. It provides high quality of movement, dpi and such.
A little bit awkward to hold for the first time after swapping from other mouse, but it can be forgotten after a week of usage and got used it. Looks really good for a gaming mouse, however it has only blue colour led (The new version has RGB led now). One disappointment is the mouse wheel produce a very very loud noise when scrolling and it is quite annoying to listen sometimes! Logitech needs to improve on this mouse wheel!!
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on 2 July 2016
After using this mouse for near enough to 8 months I can confirm it is by far the best gaming mouse I have used to date. The optical sensor on this mouse is great. It's great for games like CSGO where accuracy is key and gives you a huge advantage over some of your opponents.

The mouse itself is extremely comfortable to use, especially with a palm grip type. The shape of the mouse combined with the weight control gives the user precise control of the mouse. The dual mode scroll wheel didn't appeal to me much at first but after using it for a while I found how useful addition to a mouse it really is. However something to provide extra grip to the mouse wheel wouldn't go astray.

The software provide with the mouse is also extremely useful and easy to use, it lets you change the buttons on the mouse to whatever you feel is necessary. This is great for gamers as it allows people to change weapons quicker, crouch all with a click of a button.

-Comfort and grip
-Weight adjustment
-Dual mode scroll wheel
-Anywhere from 200 to 12,000 DPI

-Sniper button is sometimes a strain to reach
-Scroll wheel needs better grip

Overall I would be clutching at straws to find something wrong with this mouse, by far the best I have used. I feel like this is the mouse to beat in the current market.
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on 18 August 2017
The G502 comes with the legendary PMW3366 sensor, which tracks accurately even on my wooden desk top.

The mouse wheel is a masterpiece. It can be unlocked from the ratchet, and spin freely rather quickly, which is nice for web-browsing. The downside of this implementation is that if you move the scroll wheel very slowly, it doesn't pick anything up. You can also click the mouse wheel left or right, for two additional buttons.

A small compartment is present on the underside of the mouse for housing small, removable weights. I don't use them, but I guess if you want to simulate the weight of your cursor in DotA, then it's available.

The cable isn't detachable, but it is braided and looks like it will last. It's stood up to excessive use over the two years I've owned it. The downside is that the rough surface of the braid snags on the edge of my desk sometimes.

On balance, I may be beginning to be of the opinion that a wireless mouse would be worth the latency increase. Logitech claims that their 5GHz wireless mice are as fast as a wired connection, but I suppose I'll have to get one and find out. With their latest "Power-Play" technology, it eliminates the need to recharge, so you may want to take a look at the new G903.
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on 17 December 2014
Great mouse, I had a corsair M95, but was getting a bit sick of all the buttons on it because I no longer used them because I changed my play style,

After being unable to find my G500 mouse, I thought I would treat myself to something new, and as I love spaceship games, something a bit futuristic.

it fits perfectly in my hand, and is smooth across the whole mouse. I had really missed the unlock button for the scroll wheel and the 4d mouse wheel on it as well.

I will be buying the matching keyboard at some point in the near future. It also matches the X52 joystick in colour and design.
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on 16 October 2016
One of the best gaming mice, I have used to date. Feels great and has enough options/features for everyone's needs. Only suggestion would be if being used purely for competitive FPS then look else where like a Zowie FK1 but if you are a varied gamer then this mouse is fantastic.
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