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on 12 April 2017
The story is good but the characters, especially the minor ones, are reflections of the the requirements of the major ones and all are rather one dimensional which is a shame because these could be really good books. I enjoy reading them but don't care about the result because the characters are not convincing. The 'physics' of the various magic processes and their limitations are consistent and believable in the context of the story, it is a shame that the same doesn't apply to the people.
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on 22 December 2014
James Maxwell has created a really interesting world full of excellent characters, great ideas and splendid action.

It get a bit narked because every so often he lapses into a sort of "down with the in crowd" moments. I almost laughed out loud when in the middle of a torrid trek through a war torn land the heroine of the moment is cooking by the camp fire. It was like an a episode of master chef .. Rounds of grilled roots topped with something or other and then pinnacled with wild berries. The eaters lapped it up with great delight and appreciation .. Good heavens man it's a war zone ! Helpful and interesting folk die all too easily ( as they do ) but is is almost as if he has created a character who might be useful but as the story and his imagination evolves then they need to be discarded because there. Isn't an immediate fit in the narrative to come. This isn't in a game of thrones way where violence inherent in the society makes these things inevitable but a sort of .. Hummm thought I could use him but it won't work so let's just bin him ! ... Having said all this I am really enjoying this rip roaring saga. As the bad guys get stronger we are almost in a WW2 scenario ., the little guys with limited resources back to the walls facing evil. Just done a sort of Dunkirk ..... Hell, despite the gripes its a wonderful yarn and I am now well in to book 4 and keep turning the pages.
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on 17 June 2016
I loved the first book in the series, since it was new and bursting with imagination. The second book did not really add to the first, since it was more of the same. This third book is slow and ponderous and is written in a style I might expect from a child. The plot lines are far-fetched, and every time our heroes are in trouble or need a way out, something miraculous turns up. I know I'm being a bit harsh but this is not the mature kind of narrative I expected, especially after the first two books.
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on 28 March 2017
I absolutely love this series and the entire world has just grown in this book making it even more exciting. 5 stars for the story but...
The characters are great but it is missing the villain as the book is gearing us up for the next installment.
Then there is the writing. I believe that the writing has slipped. The ending felt thrown together haphazardly. There was no main villain yet. Huge chunks seemed to be missed out to move the story along but there was not enough detail for me to be satisfied.

I hope all my issues are resolved and the next book is as good as the first two.
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on 20 July 2013
From the first line of this book I was hooked. James Maxwell draws you in to the story and the characters. This is not my usual type of book but after reading the first book out of curiosity I could not wait to read the next 2 books. What an imagination he has and he makes it so realistic and believable despite it being so out of this world literally and I developed a real liking for the main characters. I really hope it is not to long before tha next book is out. Please keep it up James. More more more please.
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on 1 August 2016
This book definitely lived up to its title. Miro and his sister had a lot of battles to fight , both physical and emotionally, and at times unsure if they would survive. Good to find out who and what the Skylord is, and how the houses came to be. Action packed throughout with all the characters working together and finding family. Looking forward to the next book, great storyteller and leaves you wanting more with each book
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on 2 February 2015
I have read Book1 and 2 and they were really really good, fantastic I think, I finished book The Path of the Storm in less than a week.
These stories are pure fantasy, magical, but believable, people fighting for their lives against the dark, love, war, heroes, heroines, High Lords, and Lore,(James Bond of the medieval times), the story line travels through each book as their lives and trials and tribulations keeps you turning the pages.
All I will say is if you like fantasy, Tolkien, Eddings, etc, this epic saga is right up there with the best. James Maxwell certainly knows how to put a big big story together and keep it going and going, building and building.
Book 4 is just as good I promise.
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on 12 April 2015
The book, although it had a very good story line and was an easy read. Dramatically the author did not draw or fill out enough his most dramatic situations, but seemed to want to skim and pass from those situations where violence was an issue. More was evidently happening in the surroundings but was not filled out I was left with a feeling that there was so much more to hear of more of what went on in between. We got from one place to another without much happening or description of surroundings.
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on 4 April 2015
As I read this instalment I was so gripped by the plot and the strange but riveting revelations that I skipped a lot of the warring action descriptions. Loved the plot! I know the author has to recap previous action for new readers who may have missed the first books, but I found that a bit boring. Having said that, I am getting good at skimming through until I get to the new action. Great stuff !!! Looking forward to the next book.
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on 18 July 2015
Book 3 of the Evermen saga is a good continuation of the story. It holds your attention and is really easy to read, it draws the different pieces of the story together as the suspense rises. The characters introduced in The Enchantress and The Hidden Relic are develop further whilst you meet new ones on the journey. Will our heros and heroines win the day? I look forward to finding out in book 4 The Lore of the Evermen.
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