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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Size: iPad Air 2/iPad Air Aluminium Keyboard Cover|Colour: silver|Change
Price:£19.99 - £44.99

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on 29 November 2016
When I first bought this, I thought it was really good, however two months into using it I find it highly frustrating to use, and I have now bought a different one for similar price that works better.

I bought the iPad Pro 12.9 inch version, and I have to say the magnetic connection is great, and the smart cover functions to turn it on/off do work perfectly for me. That being said, it has a fundamentally flawed design in the fact that it only grips the iPad on one side (the top when it's in landscape). This might be all you need if it's on a desk typing in just one app, but when pressing on the screen (as there's no mouse obviously), when I've used it as a passenger in a car/taxi and anywhere it's not perfectly flat, the iPad slides out, causing it to drop at times, and other times just slipping enough for it to press the power button, which is so frustrating while trying to do something.

I have now bought a different case with a detachable magnetic keyboard which hold all around the case (and even rotates between portrait and landscape modes while on the stand) and it's a breath of fresh air not having to constantly worry about it.
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on 18 May 2017
I ordered this keyboard case a couple of day ago and recieved it earlier today and so far I'm am please with my purchase, the delivery was very quick and the case itself is really good, as its thin and light weight so its easy to take with you, the keyboard itself is very responsive and has a good feel to it. One of the main features that i like about it is the icon buttons at the top of the keyboard which resembles to the keys you see on the typical macbook keyboard inaddition to this the expensive Apple Smart Keyboard doesn't even have these icon buttons which is a plus for this case.

To anyone looking for an affordable alternative keyboard for your iPad this is it! (Just want to also say that I type all of this using the keyboard case.
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on 29 May 2017
A very good case, not bulky and my iPad Pro fitted in the case securely, paired up nop problem after I located the Bluetooth icon on a switch at the side of the case. Delivery prompt arrived a day early, I would recommend
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on 28 June 2017
I bought this for my son for Christmas and he loved it. Arrived quick. However it developed a fault recently. Some of the keys were not working and I emailed the company Leicke and they were brilliant, the sent out a new on without even been asked.
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on 3 June 2017
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on 18 August 2016
Item came in standard amazon box. Inside the case was in a sealed box. Inside the case is very smart. Black colour makes this the perfect case for use for business or for every day use. Comes with instructions and a cable for charging.
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Without doubt this is the best bluetooth keyboard I have seen for the iPad Air. Stylistically it marches the Air perfectly being made of high-quality aluminium reflecting the same quality of the Air itself. It is also exceptionally light so adds minimal weight when carrying both items around. In terms of functionality the Air sits very securely indeed into a groove built into the keyboard. Whilst the angle at which the Air sits cannot be adjusted I’ve found it perfect for typing. It also acts as a good desk stand when you’re not using the Air. It should be noted though that the keyboard is best used on a desk, not on your lap because of the nature of the way the Air is fixed to it, and the fact the angle of viewing can’t be changed.

The keyboard itself connects wirelessly to the iPad via bluetooth which takes a minute to set up. From extensive testing the connection is both consistently fast and reliable. Charging is via a micro USB cable which is supplied with a full charge taking around three hours. Once fully charged the keyboard seems to use power very frugally indeed and I’ve used it for days without recharging. The keyboard layout makes full use of the space available whilst reflecting the somewhat diminished dimensions of the Air. The keys are recessed which means they can’t be pressed when not in use and are responsive. A range of specific iPad function keys are included as well as the standard QUERTY keyboard.

For carrying, the iPad and keyboard lock together firmly, the iPad being held face down onto the slightly larger keyboard. A carry bag is provided to place both items in. As such this is not really a fully protective case in traditional terms. The keyboard locked in place covers the screen but the back of the iPad is exposed unless placed in the carry bag. Nonetheless this is an elegant and smart solution if you want a quality keyboard to use with your iPad Air. Well worth five stars.

The distributor provided the keyboard for independent review purposes.
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This keyboard case was delivered promptly and was nicely packaged in attractive retail packaging that makes it suitable for giving as a gift. The package contained the keyboard case, a charging cable (USB) and a well written instruction manual.

The keyboard is very well made, strong and sturdy, with a strong but light weight construction, making it suitable for home and travel use. I already have a keyboard case that is thin and light but is not ideal for typing on due to a slightly poor keyboard so I purchased this for a better typing experience. This keyboard has nice keys with a good feedback that is more comfortable for longer periods of typing. In addition to the usual keys there are also a selection of function keys for changing volume and brightness etc.

Connection via Bluetooth was straightforward and trouble free, as was charging the device via the included cable which was relatively quick. The iPad rests securely in the slots on the top of the keyboard and it feels secure in use and is held in place magnetically. Removing the case is easier than most because it can slide out due to the retention mechanism used.

I have not verified this but the claimed battery life makes this one of the best keyboards for longevity, especially given the ninety day claimed standby time. The previous keyboard I used ran out in a few days of standby so this one must either be far more efficient or have a bigger capacity battery. When closed it offers excellent protection for both the front and back of the tablet and the keys are sufficiently spaced from the screen so as to prevent accidental activation. The whole thing does not add much thickness or weight to the iPad.

Overall, given the excellent quality of this item, the superb packaging, and the value for money this represents I would recommend it.

Please note that I have received this item for free in exchange for an impartial review. All comments are my own, and I always point out any negatives I encounter during the review process. If, in future, there are any issues with this product then I will update this review accordingly.
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on 12 February 2014
I received mine as a product tester (Leicke Friends) and I love it so much. I bought a similar one from them for my IPad 2 and they asked me whether I wanted to test this one. I got my iPad Air for Christmas and needed a new keyboard anyway.

First, I have to say the keyboard comes well packed, as always, and includes a charging cable and, which is fantastic, an additional bag. That's great as you can put both the keyboard and the iPad in it. I've been using it for most of the week and haven't yet had to charge it so it looks like it'll go a long time between charges.

The keyboard cover is made of sturdy aluminium on both sides. I was pleasantly surprised with the stylish look of the keyboard. It looks and feels like it is part of the iPad and should there be an apple logo on it, you would never tell another maker. This groove holds the iPad at just the right angle and ensures the iPad remains securely in place. The slot is set far enough forward that there's no risk of the whole thing tipping back under the weight of the iPad.

Connecting this to the iPad was really easy - switch it on and press the 'connect' button, then turn on the bluetooth radio on the iPad. Within a couple of seconds you will see a message on the iPad instructing you to type in a 4-digit code on the keyboard. It connects immediately, and will subsequently reconnect within a couple of seconds every time thereafter, without the need to type in any more security codes. Being Bluetooth it can also be used with other tablets, smart TVs, smartphones etc. if you don't need the support groove.

Once connected it becomes apparent that the keys are actually a decent size for such a compact layout. The keys have a very pleasant 'springy' feel which make it very easy to type quickly with few errors - I can type on this as fast as I can on a full-size keyboard. There is a full selection of function keys which include adjustments like screen brightness, volume, etc. which are very useful.

Overall, I am absolutely pleased with the performance and would not hesitate to another one should the need arise. Thanks also for your great service Leicke. Keep up the good work you do.
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on 14 April 2016
I have been using iPhones and iPads since they first came out, but although the on-screen keyboard is useful for short messages, I find it too slow and clunky to use for longer missives. When I want to write an email or something long, I always reach for my MacBook.

Therefore the idea of a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad Pro was quite appealing. There are a few options out there, not least the Apple offering which is a nice piece of hardware but excruciatingly expensive.

This Leicke keyboard is much more cost-effective. It's designed to match the size of the large iPad Pro and fit it as a clamshell case (covering the front only). In use, there's a groove for the iPad to fit into which holds it in a fixed but useful angle. You have to remove any existing case for it to stand up properly, as it's designed for a naked tablet.

Pairing couldn't be easier and I was up and running in a few seconds. The keyboard has a longer travel than Apple keyboards and a more positive clunk to the action. This should appear to people who prefer traditional PS/2 style keyboards. I found I could touch-type fairly comfortably (notwithstanding the iPad not supporting a Dvorak software keyboard layout, which I prefer); it doesn't have the best keyboard action I've ever used but it's perfectly respectable. I typed this review using the keyboard; I’d not attempt typing anything as long as this using the on-screen keyboard.

The keyboard uses an Apple-style layout, including Command and Option buttons, and the function keys are mapped to control brightness, volume etc just like a Mac keyboard. Usual keyboard shortcuts like Command-C for Copy work perfectly. There's also a dedicated Home button which can also be used for task switching.

When not being used to type, the keyboard serves as a front clamshell case for the iPad. It fits on easily and has rubber stoppers near each corner to protect the iPad's screen. The keyboard's very solid but lightweight metal chassis matches the iPad's colour (possibly not if you have the rose coloured one though). When together it looks neat and is strong.

Taking the iPad out again is the only difficulty; the keyboard holds it so tightly that it has to be prised apart. This is something that I'm hoping will get better as it wears a bit. At least there's no chance of the iPad falling out.

Overall there's a lot to like about this keyboard. The build quality is excellent, the action is good (and moderately traditional), and it's very straightforward to use. My only wish is that it had some sort of catch mechanism to release the iPad when it's being used as a clamshell case. Recommended.
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