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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Style Name: UK & Ireland Maps/Bluetooth/Traffic Alerts|Size: 5-inch Screen|Change
Price:£140.01 - £256.03
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on 27 November 2014
After running TomToms for around 10 years (at 35,000+ miles pa), this was the first time I'e tried anything else. To be frank, I have mixed feelings; in comparison to my most recent Tomtom 1005's and other "modern" Tomtoms:
1. Retains a compact 5" screen that will go into a trouser pocket to take with you.
2. It remembers where you last left the car automatically, so it's easy to find your way back in a strange town without the pain of having to retrace your steps.
3. The screen is very high resolution and extremely clear.
4. The screen will orientate itself like an iPhone, so it can be mounted horizontally, or vertically, without having to manually change anything.
5. Very fast processing speed
6. Excellent "photo real" junctions, but limited to only motorway intersections (apparently), so naff all use in Cornwall!
7. Excellent screen mount.
8. Fabulous voice recognition software - first class! Also retains telephone hands free calling - something now denied to TomTom users.
9. User options on it are much more extensive and less "Noddy" than current TomToms.
1. Disappointingly infrequent map and software updates.
2. Traffic services not a patch on TomTom Live Services. Do not think that you're getting the same thing!
3. Wiring much clumsier and the ridiculous radio antennae (to pick up traffic broadcasts), that they suggest you stick to the windscreen, directly in your line of sight (!!!), is at least 6 years out of date. The single worst aspect of the unit.
4. Unbelievably, if you want to upload the latest maps (a free option that the marketing makes a lot of), you'll need to buy more memory or it simply won't load!! Budget for an additional 4GB memory card, or use the unit as a paper weight. Fortunately, the card is only about £4, but it's a major aggravation when you first open the unit and it won't work properly without it!
Mixed feelings for sure. It's a good, if slightly flawed unit. However, in comparison to the much more badly flawed current generation of TomToms, I wouldn't dream of going back.
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on 7 March 2014
Having read all the reviews of most of the SatNavs on the market, I settled for the Garmin 2508LT-D.

The issue I had with all the reviews is that they are very mixed. Lots of people adore a specific SatNav, and lots of people hate the same unit! This makes it very difficult for people like me to establish which is the best to go for.

I have had an old TomTom One unit for many years, and whilst it was okay it did struggle with some of the navigation. I also spent a whole day connecting it up and getting the latest maps etc. which was a total nightmare with TomTom (something others have commented on in their reviews).

I do a lot of miles in a car, though largely on motorways and A roads. I live on the South Coast of the UK so I am frequently up the M3, the A34 to the M40, and north of Bimingham to Manchester or up to Doncaster and back.

My key requirements were: 1. Good screen that is easy to read in the daytime but also when dimmed at night/early mornings. 2. Live traffic updates. 3. Decent navigation accuracy. I have no need for voice activation as I typically put a postcode in and 3 hours later I arrive. I also have no need for integrated Bluetooth or mobile as I also have a phone installed.

In terms of the screen, this unit is really good. Clear, no fuss, nice alerts at the top of the screen, easy to setup and it worked out of the box. At night it auto-dims (or you can set the brightness manually) and I've done around 5,000 miles with it and still find it a great screen. I typically have it on mute, but you can turn the volume down to a low level and still be alerted to speed cameras etc. without intrusion (nothing worse than a SatNav constantly beeping at you - this one doesn't, and you can configure the warning sounds etc).

The best thing about this SatNav is the live traffic updates. This worked straight out of the box and has already been hugely useful. When on a journey, it will warn you of traffic, estimate (and add) the extra journey time and/or allow you to re-route to avoid. I typically find that if there is traffic on, say, the M40, then I just like to know that my journey will take another 10 minutes rather than bothering to re-route. The live traffic is definitely the best reason to get this unit, though I suspect others have the same feature also. I have to say when I was choosing the unit, the TomTom units seemed much more expensive with live traffic updates though.

And finally the navigation. No problems at all so far and it certainly seems smarter than my old TomTom even with the latest maps etc. It just seems more intuitive, and having visited many different business in major towns and in the middle of nowhere, this has not let me know.

My one tiny gripe (though I suspect I just haven't found the function yet) is there is no countdown of the total miles of the trip. It shows you the estimated arrival time but not the mileage countdown, and I tend to always check my car's trip computer to ensure my remaining fuel mileage is always enough to get to the destination which I can't do with this SatNav. As I say, I feel there is a way of showing this (it has a "trip monitor" feature which I haven't bothered to understand yet) so it definitely doesn't warrant one less star on the review.

Overall, this is a really great unit, and I had a local mobile stereo fitter install the wiring behind the dash and add a 12v socket out of sight so I don't have to suffer with trailing wires etc (great result for £35). I would highly recommend the Garmin 2508LT-D.
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on 6 November 2013
I have owned TomTom devices for the last 6 years and have got through 3 of them now. Appalled by the consistently poor(non-existent) service offered by TomTom and the fact that my last two devices have basically died and won't even turn on without being plugged in to a power source I decided to try something else. Believe me, this was not a decision I took lightly as I had been loyal to TomTom for years and very nearly bought the new TomTom Go 5000/6000. I tried both out extensively and decided against the new generation of TomTom device as it has been released in an appalling state of development and should never have been released - just google reviews for it to see what people have to say! There is very limited functionality and I think this new generation has gone for 'pretty' in terms of graphics rather than a proper user interface. Anyway... the Garmin nuvi 3598 is the best SatNav I have ever used by a country mile. The touchscreen is clear and responsive, the voice control works! But more than that, the interface is engaging and interactive. It has taken a little while to get used to from being a TomTom user for years but I have persevered and it has been worth it. The performance exceeds anything I have seen from TomTom in a multitude of ways. Here are just a few of them:

Real-signs are shown which actually look like the ones on the motorway
Junction numbers come up on screen and are spoken making navigation easier
The digital traffic is the best I have ever used, 30 second updates make the information meaningful and you can see delays building long in front of you, helping you make informed decisions about routing. This is far superior to TomTom traffic which I have been using for 4 years and thought theirs was good. (Much more detailed information is available: Broken down vehicle reported in lane one for example).
Place names are shown on the map.
Touch a point on the map to navigate to it.
Detailed weather information etc. available to view
Garmin Smartphone Link actually works unlike TomTom Search which was always very clunky.
There are a plethora of other features which I am still discovering two weeks after buying the device!

The only couple of minor issues I have with Garmin are that to date no manual has been released making using the 3598 a bit like 'suck it and see'. Secondly I have seen comments that the arrival time estimated can be overstated by the device. This appears to be true to a degree if the journey is very short or only on minor roads. In reality my TomTom underestimated the journey time, particularly when there was a traffic delay and ultimately I'd rather arrive early than late, therefore the Garmin wins for me on this score too!

In summary, long time Garmin customers will love it as the functionality and sheer usability of the device is fantastic. For TomTom customers, all I can say is give it a go and stick with it. It beats every TomTom I've ever owned hands down. Best tech decision I've ever made. I may never go back to TomTom unless they sort their development, support and usability issues out.
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on 27 December 2013
I have purchased tom tom for over 20 years however although the HD traffic is good be aware! The availability of the service is appalling. After being asked by Tom Tom to renew my subscription (50 quid) I thought it was time to ditch them and try Garmin. This is an excellent product, the quality is much better than tom tom and the traffic uses the RDS traffic system. However if you do want to link to the live traffic through your phone the subscription is much cheaper although you do need to use your phones data service.

The product looks and feels like an apple product such is the finish and the screen is much better than rival tom tom devices. It's less bulky although the traffic receiver is external to the device (but very small and built into the wire).

The traffic options for Garmin are confusing there are three different options one is traffic via the FM, one is via the DAB frequency and one is via a smart phone (Internet link). The difference between the FM and DAB is the speed of the transmission DAB is every 30 seconds and FM is every 1-2 minutes. The smart link (phone) system is live.

I think I am a convert, it's a shame tom tom provide such a poor service, I doubt they would provide their service availability stats but trust me they are very poor - just read the other reviews here.
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on 26 May 2015
I have owned Garmin Satnavs since 1998 (Streetpilot) & was always impressed with the product & customer service. Move on 17 years & you would expect that things had got even better - not so. First, the product itself. Crashes often, umpteen firmware revisions, replacement from Garmin (eventually). Still crashes, or freezes. Cannot be trusted. Live traffic info is a joke. The traffic receiver is an obvious after thought, not incorporated into the device itself, but as an appendage to the power lead, with a fiddly wire aerial. Many a time I've been sat in a traffic jam with no prior warning from the device or a route update. Useless!!
Second customer service. I was always, in the early days impressed with the level of expertise from Garmin, but things have changed. The telephone support team seem to have no knowledge of the products at all, & it is obvious that they are merely following prompts from a computer screen. Quite honestly they could drag people in off the street that would give better advice - maybe that's what they do?
Third, quirky not user friendly software. Garmin Express is useless. Don't think I have ever used it where either it requires an update or it doesn't recognise my device. As for Base Camp, I think you would need a degree in Cartography to be able to use it.
So after 17 years I have given Garmin the heave ho & purchased a TomTom Go 6000. Brilliant, easy to use, never crashes, good traffic info & re-routes. Customer support? Don't know. Never had to use it.
C'mon Garmin, get a grip!!
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on 17 May 2014
Ranked No 3 in this years Auto Express Sat Nav test, No's 1 & 2 are considerably more expensive and offer no better features or quality. This is a good sat nav. It looks good with a large, clear screen and it knows where it's going!!! Redirects quickly should you miss a turn or find your way blocked etc. The free accessory pack that came with it and the fact that it's £30 more everywhere else made my mind up to buy it.
Ignore the silly negative review from one individual who complained that it didn't speak in French or with a French accent when they were on the continent! Really??? Perhaps they wanted the cast of 'Allo Allo' to direct them. Good job they weren't in Romania or else Dracula would be expected to guide them!
Anyway, great bit of kit at a great price, what more could you ask?
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on 30 April 2014
After being a Garmin fan for more than 8 years this must be the biggest flop yet.
The power cable is so thick and cumbersome with the free traffic aerial that is makes is hardly portable between vehicles if using it as such. To get traffic without the aerial costs £15.08 per year so the FREE is a farce.
The traffic signal in the UK is unreliable and not consistent with the road conditions and reality.
The speed camera alerts are most annoying as they alert if if you are driving within the speed limit - another £15.08 per year - not worth a dime.
Since ordering my original 3598 it has had to be replaced twice - one for total failure and 2nd time because Garmin replaced it with a second hand 3597.
Garmin's UK service is disgraceful.
To get through to their help-desk you should expect an average wait or around 40 minutes and then the advice given is just about read off a script and they are very keen to replace the unit without even trying to remedy it.
I have now purchased a Tom Tom 1005 with real live traffic, free lifetime maps and IQ routes and I am delighted with it.
Garmin - you have a long way to go to get to the level of my brand new Tom Tom
I have wasted much time and money which I will never be able to recover - I am a professional driver and rely heavily on decent satnav technology.
Hope this helps
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 November 2014
Firstly...I want to address that I give this 4 and a half stars due to a unforgivable issue with Garmin which I will mention later.
I own the Garmin 2460 and after 4 years I thought it was time to upgrade I have also owned other makes (but never a tom tom...I just don't like wise or interface)...Anyway....I decided to go with the 3598 ltd not just because of the features and beautiful looks...but because I got it cheaper then Amazon (£200) in fact..(sorry Amazon)...and boy I was not dissapointed.
Out of the box it's incredibly well screen and aluminium just oozes quality...I was already familiar with the interface to some degree...there have been some minor changes to my 2460 ....First thing I did was update by connection to my computer....The software update was a doddle...HOWEVER....what Garmin neglect to tell you is...the other Europeon countries need to be downloaded to a 4+ gb micro SD other 8gb (MAX) in this case....This in my opinion is unacceptable by Garmin..(I'm NOT blaming the machine's performance in any way)....HENCE my 4 star rating for Garmin themselves..Why Oh why would Garmin send a premium sat nav out with not enough memory to withstand a full Europeon download is beyond me...Shame on you Garmin..!!!!...and this is very misleading to many buyers....That aside...things still didn't go too well.....Let me explain....I already had the Garmin Express on my computer (due to my existing Garmin) the plug in for transfer of Data....BUT ..(and I think this is where some reviewers have moaned) Google Chrome refused to let the plug in work....SO...I switched to Internet Explorer and everything went well....very smooth in fact....I will point out at this point that I also bought the latest USA Northern States because I travel there several times a the 8gb card was a perfect fit for the Full European maps and Northern USA leaving just a few MB's left.....BY the way...If you have a smartphone...get the Garmin works seemlessly with the unit giving you that extra bit of info that comes in handy.!!
SO....back to the machine itself....It's quick...VERY quick compared to older models...the interface is easy to understand (not to some as I have read)...and within several minutes I had it set to my specification...Those that have transferred from a tom tom (and other makes) may find it very different...but anyone with any brains should work it out easily..!!...I have read the negative reviews and in my opinion they are not really justified to give the 1 star rating they have given this machine,due to their lack of knowledge....It IS a brilliant Sat Nav at getting you from A to the interface between a smartphone is also very good giving you that bit extra control
There's not a lot this Sat Nav doesn't cover in abilites....Hands free phone...clear speech...named streets and things to look for when making a direction change..(Example...Turn right at Traffic lights)...Where I live has lots of tricky roads to manouvre and it never faulted ...and it's quick at giving directions even if roads or islands are close together...I was very impressed,compared to my older model....I have tested just about every feature on this Sat Nav and it's performed impeccably on all accounts...I really don't understand the negative reviews at all..!!!..The screen is gloriously clear,despite it's glossy appearance and doesn't cause much reflection,even in bright sunlight...these new Sat Navs are more like a smart phone in the way you interact with them...swipe...pinch and's a dream to use.
The voice control is also around 95% HAVE to give the Sat Nav time to finish what she says before you talk...Some lingo's might find it difficult...I'm Black I have to curb the way I talk...when I's first time every time...I do like the way you can read the total address now and it gives you the choice to choose which one....Some reviewer said it did not have altitude readings....YES it does...just press and hold certain info strips to bring up alternative choices...everythings there that should be....and if you touch and hold the Sat Nav signal icon...the actual amount of Satellites it's detected are shown and what direction they are to you..
The Smartphone app works quite well to and when connected opens up several more apps in the menu such as, ,etc...OH...The extra's come as premium payment for those that want everything....such as the traffic,weather and parking instantly...but to be honest the basic is well enough informed......As to the wire for power...yes it it is a bit on the thick side...but nothing that can't be hidden with thought...I have tucked the Traffic cable and power cable behind the panels in my Golf...nothing can be seen at all now...just use your intanuity and spend some time fitting will be time well spent.
SO...if your looking for a first class Sat Nav that looks the business...does the business...look no won't be dissapointed...Cheers

...P.S..Do not pay more then the RRP price £299..and wait for Amazon to get it into stock.
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on 21 April 2014
I had read on the Which website that people had problems with the Sat Nav when updating the maps /software and to be honest I thought it was down to them not being able to use the software correctly lol. Anyhow I had the same problem (Lack of memory which you don't expect on a brand new the top of the range unit), however, even buying a micro SD card did not solve the problem. - It did allow the software to be updated but not the maps.

I contacted Garmin customer services - really a waste of time - so sent the unit back for a refund and had to pay Amazon for the privilege.
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on 7 June 2014
I used this Satnav in anger to drive from Cambridgeshire to somewhere in E. Sussex that I did not know well 100 miles away and then on from there into West Wales.

Setting up takes a few hours depending upon your broadband speed. Mine is a 10Mbps service and the full system and map updates completed in just under 2 hours. Registering the unit was fast and a very simple process.

NOTE: If you only have a UK Map loaded then the on board memory is fine. If however you have the full EU map and need to update it (mine needed a 3GB update) then you will not have enough memory. Buy a microSD or microSDHC card!! You will need it.

Using the Garmin on line routing software (Basecamp) that forms part of Garmin software suite does need some real work by Garmin. It really is clunky and unable to cope with postcodes! It repeatedly got the address completely wrong on line and yet the version on the Nüvi itself was spot on every time. Garmin Express works fine though.

The unit routed very quickly and using the included radio receiver meant the traffic information and roadworks were warned of up to 120 miles ahead of time along with approximate delays.

The map is clear and unlike at least one review I have seen, the system does work with UK postcodes - though the Garmin Express software is rubbish at it - so no messing about looking up addresses just pop in your target postcode and you're away.

GPS Lockon was very fast as route planning took only a few seconds to complete.

At each important junction the map auto zooms from your setting to a much closer image allowing the operator to see the junction layout, and road signs are shown in this semi-real format which helps. Having gone through the junction it zooms out again.

I found that even in a hired Transit (not the quietist of transporters) all the voice instructions were clearly audible and always in good time.

The ETA was correct to within 5 minutes even from estimating at the start of a 300 mile stage. Re routing was fast and made sense. The A34 was closed due to flooding and this nav unit re routed in under 10 seconds. If I ignored the directions then again the system re planned the route very quickly, often as I was passing through the junction it had wanted me to take.

Speed limit warnings were frequently wrong, but I was not at that time using the live version which requires connection from a mobile phone (and uses your monthly data allowance!). Speed limit data was also far from accurate on many of the roads in Wales as it frequently showed NSL when a 30 or 40 limit was in effect. All drivers are warned not to rely on that information, and you really shouldn't.

Some of the routing in E Sussex was a little odd and I knew part of the route of which there were no single track roads. The Nüvi managed to find a few odd ones though on its 'fastest' selection. There was no way I would have put any single track roads as part of any 'fastest' selection even if I was playing at being a 'white van man'!!

All in all this nav may be expensive, but it is easy to use, accurate, has an excellent windscreen mount - though the power cable/radio receiver cable could do with some thought and improvement - very clear screen, touch capable with pinch zoom and a clear voice system. Well worth the investment.
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