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on 7 June 2016
I have broken or lost numerous pairs of Sennheisser in-ear type headphone over the years so I wanted some new in-ears that would cancel the outside world on the commute to my new job. But also not going to be gutted if I lose them or they break within 6 months.

Noise cancelling
ok so before on the tube all I could hear was the carriage rattling and the over amplified automated announcements. Deafening me and stopping
me from listening to my music or watching a movie. These do a fantastic job of keeping the outside world getting in. The phones come in with an assortment of rubber seals, for replacement or to find that ‘just right fit’ the rubber is of a good quality. I’m not an expert on rubber but these are certainly not going to tear easily and not too tough that you could make a pair of wellies out of them.

Initially I was so used to the tinny sound that the iphones buds produced that these initially seemed a little muffled, as they were advertised as heavy bass. However after time and just getting them into your ears properly the sound is really good. I’m no audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. but these are great little phones, the sound does carry a nice weighty bass, albeit at the sacrifice for some clarity on but if you have EQ settings this can be rectified. That is my only gripe really.

The physical build quality of these is impressive, the ribbon cable is pretty heavy duty, they still tangle but not to the degree other types do, they can be unravelled pretty quickly. The ribbon cable seems sturdy at both ends of connection, to the jack and the actual buds. The actual coating on the cable is quite clingy, I guess it is the matt finish. So if you carry a backpack or something you can at times pull the headphones out of your ears.

The bottom line is these are 12 quid, I’m through with spending large amounts of cash on phones I only use for work or the gym. These are great and I’m very pleased. I own a pair of 5 year old Sennheisser HD 555’s for gaming and listening to music at home.

I was massively surprised with these, that isn’t to take anything away from the product or the company. For the price you really don’t expect to get anything this good.
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on 3 December 2014
Love Them. These are amazing with very detailed deep sound reproduction with very balance low and high bass tones. Love the noise isolation as well.

Comes with a nice red pouch and ear plugs to suit your ear size. One thing unique is that the volume control on the mic control unit is a slider. That means you are not dependent upon the compatibility of your mobile phone with these earphones as we are able to control the volume independently. Even if you volume is at full on your device you can just slide the volume down on your headset. The call end or track change feature works flawless on both Andriod and Apple devices.

Thanks Betron I believe you are offering the best headphones in the best price range. I dont know how you do it I dont feel the need to buy any expensive headphones having spent a fortune on JBLs, sennheiser, sony, philips. The only other product that will match yours in quality and price are the iQualTech Crystal Sound - Ceramic Sculpted Earphones. I own both and would for some reason recommend your ones as they are a bit lighter on the bass and comfort due to their weight. :) Hope this help.
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on 24 September 2015
I will be totally 100% honest with you:
- Packaging isn't great, but who cares it's just packaging.
- Bag it comes with is of mediocre quality, but really isn't important. In fact, it's great they included this at such a low price!

- Comes with an amazing plethora of different ear buds! Fantastic!
- Great and minimal design. No overbearing indulgences, purely the basics.
- Great anti-tangle cables

- Lovely rich and deep bass. I am uterlly stunned a pair of headphones can produce bass of a quality that can compete with my sound system.
- Crispy highs and warm and detailed mids.
- More or less completely sound proof, nobody can hear what you're listening to!

These headphones are incredible. They sound BETTER than £100+ Beats Earpods. They sound phenomenal and blew me away with their clarity and richness of bass. They are of very good quality and look great.

AND THEY'RE ONLY £12! I have NO IDEA why everybody doesn't have these. Absolutely incredible. If you're thinking about buying these: please do. They are the best money I have ever spent at that price, and you will not be disappointed.

My absolute highest recommendations.
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on 5 July 2016
I have been using these headphones 4+ times a week for high impact training since i recieved them, and they are still as good as new. The wire is very smooth so doesnt catch on clothing. You get a selection of ear buds to choose from which is fantastic to be able to get the right fit, meaning they have never fallen out despite me jumping around violently trying to get them out!

The sound quality is much better than expected for the price and the cable length is perfect, not too much excess that it flaps around widly but just enough so that i can stretch fully without worrying.

The microphone works perfectly. I have taken several calls from my mobile. Just push a little button to answer and you can easily adjust the volume settings from the slider. The person on the other end could hear me very well and never asked me to repeat anything.
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on 16 July 2015
Firstly I have to say that I'm not audiophile person but I have a good taste for headphones and speakers. I received these headphones as replacement for my old Creative earphones (left side speaker stopped working after 8 years of almost daily use, so I decided to retire them).

My first thought about these headphones is that they looked very similar to my previous headphones. They look well made, quite detailed and they are packed in a really nice box which contains: earphones, several buds with different shapes and sizes, instruction and warranty manual and a really nice pouch.

Before buying them, I did some research about their sound quality and read some feedback on Amazon and other websites. Even I contacted Betron customer service to ask for difference between their models. I was confused about which model to buy. Their support was overall good.

Once used for a while the sound its becoming better and better. They reproduce really good low and high frequencies. Someone who like listening vocal or opera music could miss medium frequencies with these earphones. I have to say that for the price I pay the replace very well my previous headphones. I'm quite satisfied with them.

If I'd have the opportunity to buy any other headphone probably I'd buy this model again. They fit my expectations and receive a 5 star feedback.
review image review image
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on 20 January 2015
I bought these for my son based on the reviews already on Amazon as I hadn't heard of Betron before. My kids seem to need to replace their in-ear headphones once a year hence while I want them to fit well and play well I don't want to spend a lot. I normally pay around £20 and go for a good make. So opting for a name I didn't know was a risk but after reading the reviews I thought it was worth it at the price. Well I can tell you that these equal far more expensive in-ear headphones and I have had Shure and Bose in the past. These Betron fit really well and have good noise isolation and the sound quality is really good. The bass might be a little heavy for some people but it does say "HEAVY DEEP BASS". So I'm really impressed and when I need a pair I will be looking at the Betron range. It might be worth buying a second pair for my son for the car at this price.
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on 16 July 2015
It is surprising to find such a good quality product at such a low price. The sound of these earphones is excellent, and I'd wager that it is of a similar quality (or better) to much more expensive alternatives. As the product describtion implies, the bass is quite pronounced - this is something I consider a positive, but if you disagree, it's generally possible to lower the bass volume on your phone, tablet etc. I found the rest of the audio to be quite clear, being able to easily hear all instruments played in music - be it classical or rock. I found no instances of audio being muddled.

The earphones come with quite a few sets of buds, so that you can replace the "stock" ones if they don't fit into your ear too well. I'd recommend trying out some of them, in order to find the best fit, as this has a big effect on how good the earphones sound. It also comes supplied with a small cloth bag, which you can use as a carrying bag for your earphones, or to store the extra buds. A clip to attach the cable to your shirt is also provided.

The cable itself does not seem to be of a very high quality - it's quite thin, appearing a little flimsy. However, it has thus far held up very well, and I think it's more sturdy than it first appears. The cable is flat, in order to prevent it from tangling up all the time, and this works very well. I haven't had to deal with any tangling or knots, despite stuffing the earphones down in the supplied cloth bag.

All in all, it's hard to understand how they've managed to cram so much quality into these earphones for this price point. If you're thinking about buying much more expensive alternatives, I'd urge you to give these earphones a try first. You might just save a good deal of money. The product does also come with a one-year warranty.
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on 26 June 2015
Ideally it should be a 4.5, here's the break down:

Design: 4/5 - A bit bland, but over all looks good

Build Quality: 4/5 - Wires are flat as describe for untangling properties, but slightly thin which may be easier to break over time, especially towards the top of the headphones.

Comfort: 5/5 - not much to be said here, relatively comfy. I can wear this for hours and not feel uncomfortable

Sound Quality: 5/5 - Before you get excited, for it's price. I of course heard better sound quality, but the quality to its price is 5/5. The sound quality is comparable to 50 pound ear phones such as Nocs

Accessories and other: No score, Standard stuff. You get a little pouch to store your headphones made from standard wooly material. You also get a number of ear pieces, the buds, of different sizes. Also includes a little clip you can use to clip on to your shirt and earphones.

overall: 4.5/5 for its price.
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on 13 September 2015
I took a chance on these earphones as the price was so attractive and they had everything I wanted: ear buds with volume control in nice plain black.

I am very glad I went for these. They are well made and well presented, looking way more expensive than what I paid.

The jack is connected to the earphones at a right angle so the phones are flash with whatever you plug them into, not sticking out, which is great.

They come in a little black draw string bag, which again is of excellent quality. You get two pairs of ear buds in each size (small, medium and large), one regular pair and one noise canceling pair. Both are great and the noise canceling ones are a very snug fit, a but uncomfortable at first, but the pure sound you get is worth it.

The sound is also excellent! I listen to a lot of Nigerian music, with acoustic percussion and bass and I can hear every note with these when used with my phone and computer.

The only criticism I have its that the earphones come with the medium David attaches and it was quite fiddly to take these off to put the small ones on. In the process I list the mesh on one ear. It would be good if the mesh could be more firmly attached, and if the product came with none of the ear buds I list the
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on 17 July 2015
I have been using Sony MDR-EX50LP for the past 2 years+ and although i bought like three pairs during that time, i never felt that i needed to change the brand or the product. This time around as well i was keenly searching for the same pair of headphones but wasn't quite settled on paying about £30 instead of around £15 that i previously bought them for. During my search i came across various headphones, one of which were the Betron B750S.

I was initially very skeptical as i don't digest change quite well but i was extremely surprised at how good the built quality is. The material used is of high quality, the sound quality is superb, even the cable is tangle free. I use my headphones heavily; from everyday commute to using them in the gym, during all of which the headphones were indeed a pleasure to use. The ear-buds are very comfortable as well, with quite a large variety of ear-buds to be chosen from.

Having mentioned all the above, i can proudly conclude that these headphones really live up to my expectations and i am extremely happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend it to others as well.
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