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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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I'm not invested in the Fujifilm X system, but I have been using quite a few bodies in the last few months and some of their lenses.
The X-T1 is the newest I've used and it's by some margin the most anticipated body yet from the company. I had to beg to borrow this for a few days testing.

The retro looking old school SLR type body, houses an ILC mirrorless design with a high quality EVF
On balance this is a very strong offering from Fujifilm, though there are a few niggles and areas that could be improved.

My quick fire summary is as follows:

+ Very nice build quality, Magnesium alloy shell feels solid and sturdy
+ Excellent EVF, the best I've used to date 2.36 million dot OLED and a very large 0.77x magnification, think good FF DSLR size
+ 16MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor delivers very nice tonality, good dynamic range (in the highlight areas and pulling shadows) impressive low light performance
+ Exp compensation dial is stiff and not easy to move (was a problem on previous models)
+ Has built in wi-fi and supports Fuji's remote camera "app" which is quite good allowing remote control of the camera and most important settings (iOS and Android supported)
+ Weatherproof body, dust and water resistant
+ Autofocus is fast, good accuracy, and can track moving subjects well, speedy burst rate at 8fps with a large 20+ shot raw buffer
+ Reliable, consistent metering and mostly on target auto white balance (a tad cool with some daylight shots though)
+ Very clear and impressive 3.0-inch, 1.04 million tilting LCD screen
+ Good customisation, the 4 way pad can be set to a variety of functions (eg AF, WB, AF mode etc etc) as well as 2 other buttons (total of 6)
+ Excellent jpeg output, I set -2 NR (noise reduction) there is some film like grain at high ISO levels, but very well controlled and natural looking. Good details
+ EVF can display dual images (for manual focus/peaking) or split image (like a rangefinder) and rotates information for vertical shots (novel but it's really quite useful)
+ PC sync socket for studio lights
+ Supports the latest UHS-II SD cards (ie the very fast ones)
+ Good handling overall, I love the ISO dial, the drive mode selection under it, and the metering mode under the shutter speed dial
+ Light and compact body, discreet low noise shutter

- Video mode is basic, no manual controls and output is not overly impressive (lacks clarity and detail) lots of moiré in footage
- I'm not entirely sold on the need for some controls, the shutter speed dial does seem somewhat less useful for SLR users (who are used to PASM modes) I do like the ISO and drive mode dials though
- No built in flash, some might argue it's pointless but it can be useful at times and for triggering off camera flashes, you do get a bundled EF-X8 small flash (Gn11), but it's another item to carry around with you
- Fuji's flash system is limited (at the present time), it does not support HSS (useful for daylight fill in flash) and it does not have wireless control. I expect this to be addressed in time, but it's one of the weakest elements of the X system to date and falls far short of the main 4 DSLR makers. You can work around the flash sync in daylight at faster apertures with ND filters, and radio triggers take care of the wireless aspect. Still it needs looking at
- Flash exposure compensation is buried in the menus
- Raw limited to ISO 6400 (jpeg only above that). Raw files have very low Chroma (colour noise) though Fuji are overstating their ISO values by around a stop compared to other cameras I did controlled testing on this, ISO 6400 is close to ISO 3200 on other makers
- Battery life isn't great, around 300-320 shots that's quite a bit below expectations (there is a grip option to extend battery life, I've not used that)
- Some buttons a bit small (AEL, AF-L) would prefer larger more rounded buttons - not so easy to use with your eye to the viewfinder. Buttons and main 4 way controller are quite flush with the body and don't stick out much
- Jpegs too much contrast at default though can be adjusted. Noise reduction can over smooth areas in jpeg
The strap is similar to previous X models some call it "Pleather" a pretend plastic leather effect. I have one on my XS-1 too it's ok but some might not like it at all (bit stiff)

For raw processing ACR 8.4 (and LR 5.4) are much improved over older versions. Fuji's sensor is quite unique and different to normal bayer sensors, this has taken time to get up to par for raw workflow.

There is a lot to like about the X-T1, it's a very solid fun camera to use. The retro styling might appeal to people, I like it but it's not a major feature...though the extensive controls are welcome and make settings easy to make and very visual too (ie you can see if you're in cont drive or what metering mode, ISO, shutter speed just looking at the dials) Quite the reverse of Canon's mostly button only settings (I can live with it but Fuji are stronger here)

AF speeds are impressive with the XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 (I have only tested it with this and the 35mm f1.4) it's certainly up there with DSLR's that I've used (I will have to test further though for tracking performance) In low light though it seemed slower and not quite as good but the accuracy was there.

More than anything the Fuji is a fun camera to use, one you want to shoot with and enjoy the experience (mostly) it's certainly the best X series model I have used to date. For Fuji users invested in the mount it's a must have. I am on the fence for the moment as I have 2 DSLR mounts supported. I have a few concerns, not optics wise the Fuji lenses I have used have all been very strong performers. But I will wait to see how the system grows, and it's quite important Fuji address the weak flash system (in terms of current functionality and the flashguns on offer)

I'm also a bit disappointed Fuji decided to use electronic focus by wire on their lenses, it's not the worst I have used but it's simply far inferior to a good mechanical focus lens, and not in keeping with the "retro thinking" and design of their other bodies.

As for the X-T1 on it's own it's a strong offering that will appeal to still shooters (video users should look elsewhere) dare I say the purist shooter who is looking to get back to basics (manual setting of exposure, and the controls) The price isn't bad really, something of a bargain if you compare it to the OM-D EM-1 (which is a good few hundred more) It's a lovely camera, and recommended, likely to be a camera many users will get quite attached too (which is good, if you enjoy shooting that's a good thing)

Then you have the "fuji colours" aspect too, some people dismiss the differences in cameras as minor, but it's hard not to like the charms of the Fuji cameras I have shot with (across many types of camera) I personally feel it's not a myth, though very much down to taste. Fuji does know how to make appealing, yet not overcooked images that I just like.

Not perfect, I'd love to give it 4.5 stars, few cameras are but Fuji continue to mostly impress with their forward thinking and ideas.

Update Dec 2014:

Fuji have released an extensive firmware update for this model (Version 3.0) some of the features added are:
High-speed electronic shutter
Classic Chrome Film Simulation
Natural Live View function
EVF / LCD Colour Control
AF/MF function can now manual focus after AF confirmed with shutter half press
Direct selection of AF area via 4 way pad
Q. Menu customization
New Video Frame rates
Manual shooting control for video (ISO and aperture/shutter)
PC tethered shooting support

There are other changes that's some of the main ones
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on 4 March 2014
i love it.

body appears smaller if anything than x100. image quality is certainly up there with both my 5d3 and 6d shooting the same glass last night (sigma 35/1.4art; canon 24/1.4II; canon 70-200/2.8isII). gorgeous gorgeous images and finder gets 4/5 to the live-ness of optical whilst giving you constant exposure-simulation and image confirmation afterwards. focus assist options lots of but finder sharp enough easily to focus primes and -unlike my 5d3 -will show be DoF in the viewfinder for lens faster than f/2.8 - fancy AF has a price i guess. you do need a dof button just like a dslr if you stop down, but maximises live view to finder or screen in use and is no worse than my 5d3 in live view which is screen only.

AF i have tested on the 16-55XC lens and appears very snappy. continuous high frame i have tested loads though only in MF and feels very fast and certainly aster than my 5d3 - perhaps my 7d i sold a while ago. certainly very fast compared to x100 but stalls swiftly with 95 mpbs sandisk extreme as not fast enough. so how realistically such a camera could be used for sports etc may depend on the UHSII sandisk card only sold in the US as far as i can tell.

This camera is seriously gorgeous and very fast and easy to work with. worked fine with 600ex canon strobes and comes with a clever little external flash which i have not tested yet i'm afraid; though i can say does not need batteries; does not articulate, nor chuck out a great deal of light but certainly comparable to similar build slr strobes.

the build here is quite exquisite and I recommend the fuji xt-1 wholeheartedly after one shoot! looking forward to trying some fuji glass now, maybe a 56/1.2....


Okay, still very much in love with my X-T1!

I have largely used the stunning Fuji's 56/1.2 with this camera, along with a samyang 8/2.8 fisheye and canon EF glass.

Battery life is not great but not too bad. def no comparison with a canon DSLR though.

The flash provided will provide little light for the eyes/shadows but the X-T1 shoots very well in the studio with the new YONGNUO YN-E3-RT and Canon 600EX strobes: works with up to 5 groups of strobes configured manually up to 1/180 (no high speed sync). Considering that the Canon transmitter will not work with my 5d1 I am extraordinarily happy to find the much cheaper YONGNUO product making any camera practical including the canon models strategically excluded. It means that with the minimum of fuss one can switch from fuji to canon and back again - very tempted to get a second transmitter to allow separate flash settings for each. I am now in the fortunate position to be able setup three DSLRs on tripods and fire all three & all the strobes & the X-T1 from the X-T1 giving me four pictures of a moment ( the fuji can also be fired remotely but requires an adapter cable rather than just hot shoe).

Images from the studio with the 56/1.2: absolutely stunning and not substantively distinguishable side by side with 5d3 70-200/2.8isII images at 19" x 13". Lots and lots of detail. (I would love to see the results from a 135 or medium format xtrans sensor with glass as sharp as this!! - maybe a sweet fixed lens with leaf shutter design and not much bigger than x100 - come on Fuji! ;-))

Regarding use with strobes - it is infuriating having to mess about in the second tier of the menu to turn exposure simulation on/off for ambient/flash exposure. Very much hope that fuji will add this to the schedule of items that can be assigned to the various function buttons.

The drive selection dial is too easily nocked from setting to another, especially if the ISO is changed. I love the locking mode dial on 5d3 and actually spent over £100 to have a 7d modified once so that it would lock and could not accidentally get nudged too bulb at the wrong moment. It would be great if this dial were a lot stiffer or locked along with ISO, even if through single release. A similar issue with the exposure modes but proving less of a prob in use.

My model had the light leak that was commented upon, and despite this being a complete non issue to me, requested a replacement from amazon under their 30 days so as to risk having to send back to fuji for repair. great service from amazon and next day had a model with no light leak, however, there can be issues with some of the latest cameras' sensors insomuch as dust can be trapped during manufacture and be unable to be cleaned off due it in fact being under the focusing component. anyway after two wet sensor cleans, at f/16 a clearly demonstrable large dust spot was evident on the replacement i'd been sent - a very significant issue for me so i have kept this one and amazon are sending me a third copy which i trust will be clean. I would encourage anyone who bas purchases a X-T1 or EX2 camera to shoot the sky stopped down on a couple of lenses and pixel peep the results to ensure your copies are clean whilst under warranty.

Anyway, in summary and despite niggles: AWESOME CAMERA!
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on 24 April 2014
Having recently retired, and being determined to pursue my lifelong passion for photography, but not able to face the hassle of lugging my large Canon DSLR kit around as I tick off places on my bucket list, decided to 'trade down' to the XT-1. It is early days but my initial impressions are entirely favourable. I bought the body and 18-55 kit lens from Amazon after spending hours trawling the web for reviews and opinions, and feel that I have made the right choice. First impression on taking the body out of the box is how incredibly small it is compared to my DSLR (a Canon 6D), and this impression reinforced when handling the lens - compared to my 'L' lenses it is featherweight!
There is quite a steep learning curve, switching from Canon, a brand that I have been loyal to since 1978, but the simplicity of the access via dials rather than through menus is refreshing.
The WiFi function works on my Android phone and Apple iPad quite well (but could be improved), but installing the 'PCSave' software that allows the transfer of full-size images to a PC was a nightmare, but I eventually succeeded at the third attempt - although I have a 50+Mb fibre-optic Broadband connection, the download and installation process took nearly 50 minutes, and is like going back to the dark days of software installation of 20 years ago.
I have taken a couple of hundred shots, trying as many settings as possible, and results are better than I expected, but on the 18-55 lens there is definitely a drop-off in sharpness at full aperture - in fact the sweet spot is not reached until 5.6 - many other reviewers have made similar comments, but I should state clearly that it is far better than the average Canon or Nikon kit lens on a cropped sensor DSLR. My primary lens on my 6D has been the 24-105 L, and it is unfair to make a direct comparison with that, but if I buy a couple of Fuji primes (I am looking at the XF 14mm to start), a more direct comparison will be possible.
I have looked at my first 200 images on the PC, and they are far better than I was expecting - colours are vibrant, exposure seems spot on, and the high speed 8fps shooting mode is remarkably quiet.
What is hard to convey in a review is how pleasant it is to handle the XT-1 - it fits neatly and unobtrusively in the hand, and exudes a feel of quality in its construction.
I am at this stage delighted with the purchase, and as my DSLR equipment gets sold, will be able to buy more XF lenses to replace it, and am confident that in time using the camera will become more intuitive. Highly recommended as a DSLR replacement, will update this review in a few months.
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on 17 May 2014
This is a superb camera for any photographer who travels a lot and requires full control over the business of producing am image. It is aimed at those photographers who prefer to have full control over exposure. The kit-lens , 18-55, is an excellent lens with good autofocus, stabilisation resolution and colour rendition although I would prefer the range 24-100 in 35mm full frame terms. Body construction is excellent with weather sealing provided. A future selection of lenses is promised also with weather seals.

The system range of accessories and lenses date is already adequate for a very wide range of photography. Well done Fujifilm. In my opinion it is the best CSC around today.
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on 25 May 2014
The kit lens on this camera is well above most kit lenses on the market. The camera performs as well as all the reviews say. Cannot find any weaknesses except that the buttons are rather small which makes it difficult if you have large hands
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on 1 March 2014
I received my Fuji X-T1 this afternoon with the 18-55mm F2.8-4 kit lens. I had pre-ordered it in early February after seeing all the fantastic previews and I am not disappointed at all. In fact I am already in love with it, it is a beautifully designed functional camera retaining the classic retro look while offering all the necessary manual controls and dials. I have taken a number of test shots already (mainly in low light with and without The Fuji add-on and my SB-910 flash ) and this review is only my initial impression. As I get to play with it more over the weekend, I will definitely expand this review.

I have been a DSLR user for quite some years now (D90 being my current with a collection of various Nikkor full frame zoom and prime lenses) and like many out there, I have been waiting for a Nikon upgrade offering a good compromise in the size with decent sensor size (APS-C or FX), without compromising the image quality. I was hesitant to move to more expensive heavy full-frame cameras and even more reluctant to switch to other camera systems, until I saw this model being announced by Fujifilm (I was considering X-E2 for some months). So here are my initial thoughts.

Some key points to highlight as X-T1 Pros:
- Image Quality: I am amazed at what it produces straight out of the camera (even without any flash in low light indoor conditions). The auto focus locks instantly, no hunting around. Use of flash improves the already good quality and focus speed. The image sharpness, focus speed and above all the colour rendition are miles ahead in comparison to the D90 (I know it is not apple-to-apple comparison with a 5 year old 12MP DSLR, but I guess I can be forgiven since I don't do reviews and comparisons for a living).
Electronic View Finder: The EVF is just brilliant and in many ways better than the OVF on my D90. It is bright, full of useful info (spirit level, split screen and peaking focus assist etc), very sensitive, extremely fast (no lagging whatsoever, even in low-light) and is far superior to all, yes all of the EVFs that I have seen so far (in fact the slow and unexciting EVFs on mirrorless cameras used to put me off).
- Focus & Speed: Auto focus is really quick, the previews were spot on and it produces really sharp images without any focus-hunt. In addition, the peaking feature works beautifully. It is a joy to use and will definitely inspire you to switch over to manual mode more often. I have to wait and figure out how it performs in action scenes (user manual has a page which almost reads as a disclaimer, saying the camera may not perform well for action shots, I believe as long as you don't expect it to work like a D4s or 1Dx, it should work like any other modern DSLR or compact/mirrorless camera. So more to come on that.
- Size, Build and Handling: Camera is very light with the kit lens attached, it feels like an ordinary bridge camera. The kit lens is smaller than a Nikon 18-55mm, but is mostly made of metal, so it gives a solid feel. The rings and zoom barrel movement are smooth, like a well-oiled machine. The camera body feels really nice and solid in my hand (full metal construction and weather-resistent as I read from the manual), The textured body and grip around the camera feels nice, not the sticky feel you get with some cameras. One of the reasons why I chose my first Nikon over Canon was the handling. X-T1 actually feels very different to both being smaller in size, so if you have big hands and thick fingers like I have, it will take a bit of time to get used to the controls and their positioning. I wish the front and rear control dials were a little bit more protruding, same goes with the menu button and the directional (arrow) controls at the rear. They feel flat and a bit too soft-pressing to my liking making it hard to feel especially when you use the EVF, again might be a matter of getting used to the positioning and sensitivity.
Cons (observed so far): The battery life is not that great compared to many other makes in the market (even less than my 5 year old D90). I with they had included a spare battery in the bundle to compensate. The continuous (C) autofocus mode on moving subject seems to hunt around a bit in the low light condition while I tested it, manual (M) and single (S) worked great.

Overall Impression: Fujifilm X-T1 strikes the right balance in my opinion, it is very light (not at all bulky like a DSLR), produces great image quality straight out of the camera from what I have seen, definitely puts the fun back into photography giving all the controls (aperture, shutter speed and exposure comp), movie mode, continuous burst (low and high), self-timer, bracketing, metering, panorama, focusing modes (manual, continuous and single), programmable function buttons and above all the fantastic Q menu for quick access. I have already installed the Fuji Remote Control (Wi-Fi) app on an iPhone and Nexus 4 phones in the household, works as expected, no hick-ups whatsoever. A Well-thought out Stylish Beautiful Functional Compact Interchangeable lens camera, to sum up the experience so far.
review image review image review image review image
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on 12 January 2015
What else can I say that has not already been said about this camera - in a word - outstanding. I come from the old school of photographers and still use a Leica M2 and a Nikon F. I went Digital several years ago but have gradually become disillusioned with my two heavy Nikon DSLR's. In desperation, I started carrying a small Canon G12 which is a delightful camera but of course doesn't pretend to offer pro grade control of what you're doing. The X-T1 ticks all the boxes and is a delight to use.
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on 18 February 2016
This is without a doubt a great camera, I love it. Its very well made, a great range of lenses is available for it and the support from Fuji is very good. I sold my FF Nikon SLR camera after trailing this camera and I have no regrets. The mirror less design makes this optically great camera small neat and light. The retro design is brilliant and the ability to check all your major settings by a quick look at the clear dials on the camera is very useful. EVF is big and bright and very useful. Due to its size anyone with large hands should definitely try before they buy! Arrived on time well packed.
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on 18 May 2015
I absolutely love this camera, I simply can't fault it! Prior to this I owned the Canon 70D and had invested in a fair few lenses, however, I don't miss the canon at all. This has far more accurate focus and better quality lenses (although they are a little pricey). Quality build and light weight! I only own 2 lenses, the 35mm - which is superb and the kit 18-55 (amazingly good). I miss having a decent macro lense, however, I purchased some electronic macro tubes and I get the same results. Sorry a bit of a disorganised review but wanted to convey my absolute love of this camera. I've owned so many different camera bodies over the last 5 years, this is the only one that hits the spot for me. It's a game changer as far as my photography is concerned. feel free to
Check out my Instagram shots @frankm301 I'm no professional but you can see some example shots from an enthusiast!
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on 18 September 2014
Okay so I've had the XT1 for a few months now and initially I was very impressed. I used worked in photographic retail for years and have handled and shot 10,000s of cameras and lens combinations. I also used to work in a Leica showroom so know quality when I see and feel it. As I had used the xpan I knew Fuji lenses are phenomenal quality and this is no exception and I have once again been impressed by the sharpness and colour reproduction of the xt1 and 18-55.

However I have recently been very disappointed by the camera itself as it has let me down twice. Once shooting at a music venue the camera started shutting down every time I pressed the shutter release. Even though the battery indicator was full. I replaced the battery, which I had left upstairs in the VIP room, and it worked again. So you cannot trust the battery indicator and shooting professionally that is unacceptable.

Second recent incident the shutter release on my vertical grip will not take pictures even though I had not changed settings and it had been working a few minutes before. Wiggling the lock button and turning the camera on and off has not helped. So I'll need to look into that further. This meant I missed a couple of shots, again something unacceptable to a pro photographer.

I do love the camera and the quality of pictures is excellent however I do not feel I could trust this camera to rely upon to make a living. I was about to buy a second body as a back up however I would still not feel comfortable trusting this camera as part of a pro system.

Maybe in another six months I may feel different.
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