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on 25 February 2014
Having borrowed a Bose speaker, I was all set to buy the exact same model. Noticed this product on Amazon as an alternative and was impressed by the reviews. Decided to give it a try as it was £150 cheaper.
I was blown away by the quality and value for money. It came charged and took me less than a minute from taking it out of the box, connect it to my iPhone 5S and start listening to music. The sound quality is good and improves if you place it next to a wall. Took it to the gym and it easily managed to fill the room. Very little distortion at high volumes. Decent bass and accurate replication of my phones's graphic equaliser. The USB cable accepts my iPhone charger. I haven't tried using a memory card yet. I bought the red version as it was cheaper then the black and wasn't fussed about the colour.
For its price, this is a bargain. Feature wise it is comparable to the luxury branded products. Give this speaker serious consideration before splashing out on an expensive blue tooth speaker
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 27 January 2014
'Audio Dynamix' provided this item free of charge for me to test and evaluate. In exchange, I agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts. This is said review.

From the moment of receiving this product I've been impressed. For the most part, products these days (other than those sold by another company beginning with 'A') are just put in any old box and sold, without a care for presentation. Due to the nature of the box the MESH came in, I thought it worthy of adding a photo to my review (see pics at top of page). I realise that you won't (and shouldn't) purchase this simply because of the box, but it's the little touches that show overall care for a product.

Upon opening the box, you are greeted by what is easily the best looking bluetooth speaker system I've ever owned, or for that matter seen. The top has a shiny reflective finish, and the bottom is a soft material that won't scratch your tabletop, and will help the speakers from sliding around. Around the outside is a smooth rubberised plastic, in a distinctive pattern that gives a nod to the speaker's name. The dimensions of the top surface (and therefore also the bottom) is as near as makes no difference, exactly the same as an iPhone 5S (width and length), which is neither here nor there, but should hopefully help in picturing its size. Also inside the box is a USB to mini-USB cable for charging, and a 3.5mm AUX cable if you don't wish to use bluetooth.

On the rear of the device are three ports and the on/off switch. The three ports being the AUX for playing via a wire, the mini-USB for charging and a MicroSD slot for playing music from a card. On the top of the device are three touch-sensitive buttons, a '+', a '-' and a phone button. Audio Dynamix claim the battery lasts for 20hrs of playback, I haven't used it for that long yet, but haven't had any reason to charge it. If it does last this long, which at this moment in time I have no reason in doubting, it will make it one of the longest lasting batteries in a speaker system in this price range on the market today.

Onto the music…

This is loud. Uncomfortably loud if you were to be silly and sit near it at full volume. Even at such a volume, I can only notice a very slight (VERY slight) drop in audio quality, and that is simply due to the speaker's small size. This drop in audio quality is only noticeable when you are playing a loud song at full volume and are within a metre or so of the device. This is more or less irrelevant as to sit so close to the speaker with it at full volume isn't something you'd want to do for an extended period of time. At a more normal volume, the speakers are amazing. Truly. They blow all of my previous speakers out of the water. The bass produced is well above average for such a small device, and as per the company's suggestions, placing it near a wall does indeed improve this even further. Audio Dynamix claim a 15 metre range to play music, and in testing this, I can confirm that the audio begins to drop out pretty much bang on the 15 metre mark.
Bluetooth is hampered by obstructions, so inside a building the range gets worse when going from room to room. That said, I have managed to play music with unaffected sound quality whilst my iPhone and the MESH were 10 metres apart with a couple of decent sized walls in between; rather impressive.

When playing music, the +/- buttons act as next track/previous track controls, and when held down, change the volume. The central phone button enables you to pause/play your music. As mentioned previously, the buttons are all touch-sensitive. There is no need to push down at all, simply placing your finger on the button will bring about the desired result.

When using the phone functionality, the phone button will answer the call, and by holding it down, will drop it. I have only briefly used this as a speakerphone, and that was simply to test it out. I tried it out with my iPhone (that was connected to the MESH) around 5 metres away in another room through a wall. The sound quality was fine and I could hold a normal conversation with the person on the other end.

Overall this is a great speaker system, with a premium exterior, and sound quality that in my opinion punches well above its weight class.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes

+ Premium exterior (including packaging)
+ Touch sensitive buttons
+ Play music from MicroSD card or through supplied 3.5mm AUX cable
+ Impressively loud
+ Audio quality (even at uncomfortably loud volumes)
+ 15 metre range (I had it working fine at 10 metres through two decent sized walls)
+ Battery life
+ Phone functionality is a bonus

- None
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on 27 August 2014
I got this little speaker yesterday. I bought it off Amazon because I was expecting to return it because I was expecting it to be rubbish.
I have a Bose soundlink 2 as my main portable music speaker (which is absolutley superb) so you can imagine I am used to a good sound system.
I bought the mesh2 to use when I am on holiday, the Bose is quite heavy and fairly large.
I am quite amazed at the sound quality from this little unit (it is smaller than I expected)
Don't get me wrong I could do with a bit more bass, but overall this is just what I wanted for my hols, I even have to turn it down outside because it is too loud, and might annoy the neighbours.
When I buy something, how I sum it up, would I buy it again. Most definatley YES.
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on 8 February 2014
So, first off i love the look of the speaker, it looks and feels great, the presentation is pretty good too. The sound and clarity is damn impressive, at max volume in my living room or bed room it becomes uncomfortable to listen to so i usually have it around 30-50% which is a plus for the loudness of the little speaker system. It also does not distort at max volume.

The bass is fine for general use, but if you're music interest revolves a bass heavy genre (Chill step/DnB/ whatever) then maybe this might not be the best choice, but honestly if we're being realistic i do not know if you'll manage to get anything better for the same size/price in a portable speaker.

Now the main issues for me, since i bought this for when i'm watching shows or movies in bed on my tablet and general use is that the sound in bluetooth is noticeably delayed when you're watching a movie and people are speaking, their lips and the sound does not match up. I have experimented on a nexus 5/Htc one/ Nexus 7/ Dell venue 8 pro/ Samsung galaxy s4 and it is the same on them all, and the problem goes away if i use the 3.5mm cable, but i dont want to be tethered to that with my tablet while im in bed.

This is kind of a deal breaker for me, i didn't buy this for music so the usefulness of the product is greatly diminished.A few other issues i have noticed is that sometimes the bluetooth connection drops (It also makes some of my devices lose internet connection, randomly, i have no idea why and need to restart the device to get it working again) and when it drops i need to turn both devices on/off again many times before they manage to pair properly again.

TLDR Pro/cons


-Nice looking device
-Good sound clarity and no distortion at max volume
-Long lasting battery
-Very loud
-Nice presentation


-Bluetooth connection has a slight delay in sound, making movies/shows pretty unwatchable
-Random bluetooth disconnection (I cannot tell you how frequently)

But yeah, the delayed sound is making me think i may need to return it as i cannot find a fix for it anywhere.
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on 25 November 2014
People with hearing problems cannot hear tablet speakers very well. We bought this to solve that problem and it has solved the problem. The sound is good quality and much louder than the tablet speakers.
We do have one issue with the bluetooth connection and Android tablets. When you connect up to the speaker via bluetooth it slows down your wifi broadband speed, so if you were watching iPlayer or Netflix the picture and sound stop. I have looked and it seems Android devices may have a problem when connected to bluetooth devices, so it's not the fault of this speaker. There is a way round as the speaker has a cable which you can plug it into the headphone socket of the tablet.

I have a Windows Phone and it works with that as well.
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on 7 November 2013
Bought this for two reasons: takes an SD card and the battery life is...excellent. After years of not having a car stereo I took pity and got my girlfriend this when she purchased a new almost classic military Land Rover Defender...obviously without stereo. Now, I had an old speaker (that cost as much) but was useless in our new 'bone-shaker' was simply inaudible. This speaker delivers well above sits in the dash and can be comfortably heard, even on the motorway, at about 3/4 volume. Had a really good drive-in movie experience watching 'Iron Sky' by bluetacking my mobile phone to the windowscreen and shoving the speaker in the back...We got a second speaker that follows me around the house and sometimes I take to my Forest School classes...yes it's robust! So convenient that it seems I am rediscovering old bands...can't wait for summer picnics. Customer service: Well good. Had delivery issues (the trials and tribulations of those who live in dodgy areas and are always at work) and the seller went the extra mile with smoothing things out. After research and trying...can't imagine a better speaker for anything like the money. Happy, happy and happy.
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on 7 July 2014
Bought with a degree of skepticism but luckily I was actually very surprised by the sound quality produced by this product.

The other day I went to PC world to compare what they had to offer. On display they had the jawbone jampbox, jbl flip 2, a few offerings from Ultimate ears, and something from monster. I listened to as many as I could get to connect to my phone. The flip 2 was probably the best of the budget bunch (the Bose soundlink mini was incredible if you have a spare £160), the jawbone was temperamental, the monster was awfully bassy, and ultimate ears was paltry for the price.

I paid £24 for this Mesh thing. For the music I listen to (quantic, connan mockasin, fleet foxes, a bit of jazz) the bass is brilliantly adequate. Surprisingly punchy for a unit this size whilst not overbearing or causing rattles. The bass drum provides a good kick.The mids are present and correct but the trebles perhaps leave you wanting a bit more bass however with the midtones well supported I wouldn't call the overall result tinny by any stretch of the imagination. It really does depend what you're listening to and for the music I listen to where the melody isn't in the bass it's a good sound. If you're into your house anthems you probably want something bigger, and if you like your sound profile to resemble "beats" headphones then this product and review isn't for you - you're on your own.

The sound projects about 110 degrees anteriorly. You won't be hosting house parties and you'll want to point it in your general direction but the sound fills a room very well. I've read many reviews comparing these bluetooth units to their phone speakers which I think sets the bar rather low for portable bluetooth speakers but it certainly blows my iphone out the water.

I'm yet to test the reliability and battery life to completion but the unit came charged (a nice touch) and the bluetooth connected very easily. The bluetooth range is good too. I can stand a good 15m away and stick several thick walls between my phone and the speaker and stay connected.

The reason for the loss of a star is because of the "connected" and "disconnected" voice. Gives the otherwise quality product a bit of a cheapness to it.

Overall, very impressed with this speaker, it competes with the JBL flip 2 and the rest of the competition very strongly and at half the price there is a clear winner.
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on 6 September 2015
The Mesh2 is larger than some of its rivals, which has the benefit that the speakers are larger, and it makes a more acceptable sound. It also looks quite nice, and it has a non-slip pad underneath to keep it stable.

It's easy to pair phones or MP3 players with it via Bluetooth, and it runs off an internal rechargeable battery (plug into a USB port to charge). You can also plug in a 3.5mm stereo jack to input music from a headphone socket (it then disables the Bluetooth to save power). Although I haven't tried it, apparently you can also play music from a micro-SD card (there's a slot built-in). Volume and next/previous track controls are either via touch buttons on the top of the unit, or you can control these from the MP3 player.
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on 3 January 2015
I don't have any other little speakers to compare these to, but I'd say for the 25 quid (half price) I paid they are a reasonable upgrade from the nasty tinny Nexus 7 speakers. If I had paid full price I would be sending these back now, but I suspect the 50 quid price tag was disingenuous. The closest thing I would compare the sound to would be a small cheapish bedside radio, which is kind of what I am using them as. While one couldn't claim with a straight face that speakers this size produce any kind of real bass (although sadly some reviewers seem to do just that) it still extends down significantly further than the Nexus speakers, making speech sound much easier on the ear. I bought these for listening to speech podcasts/internet talk radio in the bedroom on the Nexus 7 at quite a low volume, and for that purpose they are well worth having. I have tried them with music too, but they sound like a cheap little transistor radio (not great).
But I wasn't expecting any better for the price, and so am satisfied with this purchase.

Oh, and it also comes bundled with USB charging lead and little auxiliary audio connector to connect to headphone output if not using blootooth.
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on 1 January 2016
This is just brilliant, loads of sound, good tone, easy to use. The speaker connects perfectly to my Samsung S5, and each time I use it I'm impressed with the sound quality, If you're a sound engineer you may be a little more critical, but then you probably have all the kit you need. I often plug it into my laptop for a much improved sound. I haven't timed the battery life, but it runs for hours and hours. This is great and I recommend it.
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