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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 June 2014
Do not get me wrong. Before this installment I was a huge fan of this series, the characters and the plot line that Cassandra Clare was so beautifully developing. When I got to reading the series finale however all of the fanatic feelings towards this series were wiped away and I almost stopped reading at one point, bored by the never ending and predictable plot and the characters that appeared to have morphed into something else entirely to how I had previously known them.


With all the hype and excitement that was built up for this book I was hugely disappointed by it, especially as it was intended to be the series finale to a six book epic. In fact this book was probably the worst of the six and made me believe that maybe the author should have finished writing about these characters once the original trilogy came to a close. The novel was made up of 700 pages. The first 400 went well and appeared to be building up to a final showdown which was going to be both ingenious and terribly exciting. What we got instead however was a boring if not shoddy climax that was almost unbearable to read. The main battle was short and over in seconds whilst the other battle, which was supposed to be full of blood and gore, only appeared to involve a couple of fairies and a few Endarkened Shadowhunters attacking some children until, just at the right cliche moment, the Endarkened were destroyed and the fairies fled. I was expecting deaths of important characters, loving sacrifices and terrible moral choices to be made but instead the book ended with a 150 page conclusion in order to ensure that every single main character got a happy ending and, in the process, ruining the only plot twist which would have made the ending any good. I was infuriated by the amount of time I had to spend reading about the lives of the characters I loved so dearly being wrapped up with little perfect bows. It was not a reflection of reality and was a terribly put together sequence. Not only that but I felt like the author made too much of an effort to involve characters from the spin off series, including the Infernal Devices, which I haven't read, and the new characters from the upcoming book series the Dark Artifices, which I do not intend to read. As I result I spent much of the time whilst reading about these characters either feeling clueless or being incredibly bored. Therefore it is with great sadness that I must admit that Cassandra Clare, who has entertained me so much in the past, has failed with the novel that should have been her best.
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I have just finished reading this final installment in The Mortal Instruments series which is a mammoth of a book (only slightly thinner than the width of the last two books (Fallen Angels & Lost Souls) put together) when compared to the others in the series and this is how a last book in a much loved series should be done so thank you Cassandra Clare. I have been absolutely gripped to the story from start to finish and although I am happy at the overall ending I am very sad for the series to end. I have already pre-ordered the first book in her new series (Dark Artifices 1 Lady Midniha) which has a short excerpt from it in the back of this book and also has some pre-series book building going on in this book and sounds like it will be another winning series and I am looking forward to it's release in 2015. If you haven't read The Mortal Instruments series yet then please do as you will not be disappointed.

The story follows on from the last book City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, Book 5) with Jace having the Heavenly Fire within him and running through his veins following Clary plunging Glorious into him to save him and break his link with Jonathan/Sebastian. Jace is learning or trying to learn how to keep his emotions in check to keep control over the Heavenly Fire and Jordan is helping him learn how to meditate. They are all called back to the institute and ultimately to Alicante as Jonathan/Sebastian has been attacking and targeting institutes around the globe in order to turn Shadowhunters into Endarkened. No-one can work out how he is doing this and ultimately he is winning and so the borders of Alicante are closed and all Shadowhunters recalled to the safety of Alicante until a plan can be worked out on how best to defend and defeat him is worked out. But with no Shadowhunters to defend the world from demons they will not be able to stay on lock down for long and Jonathan/Sebastian seems to always be two steps ahead. Will Jonathan/Sebastian be defeated and can the Endarkened be saved? Can Clary and Jace finally get to be together or is the Heavenly Fire going to prevent them from ever being able to be with each other?....

I absolutely loved this story and all the twists and turns within it such as how Jonathan/Sebastian is actually managing to move around, the lake/pool parts and finding out who Magnus' father actually is. I was heartbroken at two characters fates and the whole second half of the book was basically non stop. I love the links that have already been thrown in for the new series however The Infernal Devices links were lost on me as I have yet to get around to reading that series but the series has now jumped up my reading list as I really must know about the links between Magnus, Brother Zachariah and Tessa now! As I have said above a fantastic ending to a fantastic series which perfectly tied all of the books of the series together - now that is how you write a series!

1) City of Bones (Mortal Instruments)
2) City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, Book 2)
3) City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, Book 3)
4) City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, Book 4)
5) City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, Book 5)
6) City of Heavenly Fire
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on 20 July 2014
I waited for a long time to read this and it was worth the wait. I think that this was just the right ending for the series, the plot as well as the characters were complex and very interesting, and you can see a clear development of the characters (AHEM ALEC).
I loved the introduction of the Cairstairs and Blackthorns for the TDA, and the return of the TID characters, I throughout it was a clever way of connecting the three series right in front of the reader and also it opens up many opportunities for the next series.

I was very surprised when the character who fascinated me the most was Sebastian, as always Cassandra managed to turn the typical villain into something so complex that I actually couldn't wait until he appeared in a scene. Having said that though, I grieved for Jonathan even more.

My only problem was: SPOILERS AHEAD
Jordan's death, he was a character that I loved from the beginning and his death was too sudden, and didn't really sink in. I felt awful for him upon finding out Maia's secret and felt quite cheated, as he deserved a better way to go and I didn't quite get her explanation, so what he wanted to be forgiven? isn't that what everyone would want in his place?
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on 16 August 2015
I feel there is always high expectations with you've been reading a series and it comes to the last book. The previous book for me dragged a little and left me a little disappointed. But that disappointment didn't last long as the first page was straight into the action. It is quite a big book at over 700 pages and I did take my time with it. Cassandra Clare's writing style is on point quickly and easily transactioning between characters with ease. In this book is a world of deception, pain, deaths, transformations, love and despair to name a few. Without giving too much away the story manages to come to a happy conclusion that leaves you able to imagine what could happen in their lives after the book. SPOILER - I was surprised that no one from the main characters perished in the war as I was expecting it.
I only have four stars as although this book was jam packed there were moments where new characters were introduced but it was hard to understand who they were and why they were if that makes sense. I will miss reading The Mortal Instruments they were very enjoyable books! City of Glass will always be my favourite book. But they all are a must read!
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on 30 May 2014
Soo... I finished it last night. And I have to say, I was devastated- but in a good way. Devastated that its all going to end. Devastated at the thought of having to wait until late 2015 for the first Dark Artifices book.
I enjoyed reading this book so much, especially the bits with Emma Carstairs and our dear Infernal Devices stars, Brother Zachariah ( though I ignored him when he said he was not ready to use his real name and still called him Jem) and Tessa Gray. Cassie Clare knows exactly how to plot everything together, and she managed to to set out the stage for the Dark Artifices.
Throughout the book I was counting the people who we know by name, die. We all knew there was going to be six people, so i was counting. Jordan. Scott . Maureen. Raphael. Jonathan. Amatis. And i was overly happy when no major characters died. I didn't even cry when Jordan died! But the weirdest thing is that I actually cried when Jonathan was dying. It was heart breaking. And i forgot that we already knew Scott so I didn't count him, and when they were trying to get out from Edom, I was petrified. I thought Magnus was going to die. But then Simon stepped in, like the knight in the shining armour stepped in to save the day. And I cried again. No more Simon? However, Izzy and Magnus are such badasses and helped him get some of the memories back :3, I love them so much. But I wasn't happy when Tessa nor Zachariah told Jace or Emma that they are related to each other. i just wanted to go up to them and slap their faces. Hard. I was waiting for the moment when they would tell them about Will Herondale and all, and they didn't, and i got pissed of. But whatever, i still love them. And when Izzy commented on Jem being hot and everything I was cracking up and when he stole Church I was crying with laughter.

I have to say, this is the best book in all of this series.
One of the Best Endings Ever.
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on 10 March 2016
Alright, after so long the final book is here and it is as cheesy as you can possibly imagine. There's a huge war brewing, the battle against Sebastian coming to its climax. Prepare for some surprises and a couple of plot twists.
Cassandra did her best to focus on all the main characters in the series, giving them the time they deserve for character development. Sometimes however, i think that she should have left some characters out instead of focusing on them for the sake of it. Furthermore, beware of the insane amount of teen romance on this book. For some reason I have been craving for this sort of melodrama and this book just hit the spot. I really did enjoy it and finished it in a few days.
The ending was incredibly atmospheric and it was cute, although unrealistic and a little too sugary. The whole book revolves around the universe bending to suit Jace & Clary's every wish and it does become annoying, but by this point we as readers are used to it.
Also i loved the set up for the newest series and the participation of characters from the Infernal Devices just melted my heart.
If you're looking for teen drama, this book is it. Also, if you've been keeping up with the mortal instruments, you might as well finish it, no?

Sebastian, probably the best villain i have come across in a while (at least in teen fiction books) is a crazy bastard and his relationship with the fair folk came as a surprise to me, although his motives still made no sense to me. He wanted to rule over a barren wasteland? Right.
Cassandra's focus on every character was welcome as the whole Clary & Jace thing becomes sickening after you read about them for over 3 books, specially in this one, it seems like the world will simply bend to make their every wishes come true , that for sure becomes annoying. Yet it is interesting how Cassandra finally approaches the climax of their relationship. I thought it was sensible and a nice way to write about their intimate moment. The focus on other relationships, specially Magnus and Alec was a nice touch. However the way she wrote Alec's feelings about everyone coming to terms with his sexuality were a bit forced. Nevertheless it's nice to see a book with not just hetero relationships.
The final fight with Sebastian was a little underwhelming but i can think of no other way to go about it. I personally loved him and when he was purified and turned into Jonathan I did grieve. Cassandra's portrayal of Jocelyn dealing with her grievances was well done in my opinion.
Also, the characters that died were handpicked because they were disposable. Did anyone really, honestly care for Raphael, Maureen or Amatis? In such a decisive war people needed to die and Cassandra took the easy way out and picked the disposable ones.
When I thought Simon was gone, I thought it was heartbreaking, but it made sense that at least in some way the protagonists were gonna have to suffer a personal loss. But nah, in the end of course they get everything they want, It was nice, albeit a little exhausting. Lastly, the moment were Clary and Tessa come together felt right, i was almost proud to see these two girls whom i've followed for a while come together, and to see Tessa and *cough*bestcharacter*cough* Jem together really wrapped it up for me.
The book definitely has flaws, but i'm not gonna lie, I'll miss these characters and look forward to cameos in the newest series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 August 2015
I think it's fair to say we readers have been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of The Mortal Instruments for A LONG TIME. Some of us are eager to find out what happens with Jace and Clary because we love the relationship-type stuff in these books, some of us are awaiting the conclusion to this pretty epic series to find out what happens to the Shadowhunters, the evil Sebastian and the Shadowhunter world; some of us just love Simon. But what we all have in common is that we are desperate not to be disappointed.

If you, like me, dreaded this book being a flop because you've had your ups and downs with Cassandra Clare along the way then you SHOULD be pleasantly surprised - there's tons of action and lots of questions answered along the way to keep you entertained. A problem I had with this series was that, as much as the concept was fantastic and the characters super likeable, I just kept losing interest because everything was so dragged out. This final book suffered much less from this, especially considering how much longer it was!

To refresh your memory, Sebastian (Clary's evil brother) has the Infernal Cup. Remember that thing that can essentially create an army of Shadowhunters turned Demons to do his bidding? And that's precisely what he does. I will say this for Clare, she often does surprise me, and she isn't afraid to kill off a key character or too so that kept it interesting.

My favourite part of this final read? The characters really grow for me in this instalment. Clary becomes someone I could barely compare to the initial three books, Sebastian I couldn't decide if I loved, felt sorry for or hated and surprisingly, I felt the same about Jace! I love a book that makes me think and question my own morals and thoughts on certain situations so I really enjoyed this.

My only gripe? I do love Cassandra Clare. I think she's a fantastic writer with original, exciting ideas. I sometimes just felt like her delivery wasn't exciting enough to match the great concepts she had. This I picked up mostly from quite a few long, dull paragraphs some of us affectionately call information-dumps. I just couldn't see why she didn't tie these bits of information nicely into the story and they just hung there uncomfortably for me.

Ultimately, I think this was a good, strong finish to an (overall) great series. It can't be said that it hasn't been an epic journey full of laughs and lots of interesting ideas; I genuinely can't wait to see what Clare has next (check out those intriguing Epilogues!).
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on 18 October 2014
Today I want to review a book I have waited a very long time to read. It’s called City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, and if you know me, I have been submersed in this book ever since it arrived on my doorstep. I have waited a very long time to have this ending to the series.

The story follows the Lightwoods as always, and also introduces some new characters, like the Blackthorns and the Cairstairs. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked these new characters being there because this is the final book and it seemed like Clare had just wanted to add a side story. But in the end I was grateful for it, because as always, in the end everything really ties together. As I was saying before, the Lightwoods face the same enemy as they have in the two books prior to this one – Sebastian, who is ready to wreak havoc as he always is, and has new alliances which make him stronger than ever.

I really loved reading this, loved to know how it all ended. I will admit this book didn’t quite make it in comparison to all the other ones. It was very good – don’t get me wrong; I was hooked from the very first page. But it wasn’t as addicting, as terrifying or as satisfying as I wanted it to be. But that’s just me being harsh and comparing.

My favourite part of the novel was the end. Regardless of whether some vital characters are missing or not (hehe, you’ll have to read it to find out), or if the ending was a happy or sad one, I loved seeing it all come together and seeing the final words printed. You can just close the book and breathe, realising that you’ve come on quite the journey since you started book one, wondering if it was going to be as good as everyone says. There are always good and bad sides to ending a series.

I am looking forwards to the book Cassandra Clare is promising to release in 2015, another in the Shadowhunter world but not in the Mortal Instruments series. She has a lot of series I have yet to even start reading, like the Infernal Devices and Bane Chronicles. I am actually longing for her to release a book outside of the Shadowhunter world, just to see whether her writing style changes or what it will be like. I am going to dive into the Infernal Devices next I think, I just need a bit of a break first. I am still trying to heal from knowing a series I love is over. *sniffles*
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on 20 September 2014
Title: City of Heavenly Fire
Series: The Mortal Instruments (#6)
Author: Cassandra Clare
Source: purchased for release party - paperback
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd.

Leading up to reading this I was pretty much a breathing ball of excitement, happiness, anxiety, and longing. I missed the characters so much, will always miss them, like they are real people; and in a way they are real people. Right away Cassandra Clare catapulted me back into the Shadowhunter world and it truly hit me how much I missed the characters.

I had forgotten how beautifully written all the characters are and one thing that really stood out in City of Heavenly Fire was how I adore lots of the characters. Instead of just being emotionally attached to to Clary and Jace as the "main" characters I also felt attached to the others: Simon, Izzy, Alec, Magnus, and the Blackthorns. All of them are amazing and unique and I can't believe that this series is over! I really can't describe how I feel about these people but they feel like my friends, like people who I know and trust and if that sounds crazy so be it.

This review is already going to be super long but I wanted to mention the Blackthorns. City of Heavenly Fire really sets up the next series, The Dark Artifices, which features Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about combining these two characters with the TMI characters but oh dear lord it worked. I care so much about these two and their families. From page one I felt for them and wanted to protect them from the darkness that they were seeing. That is the wonderful thing about this series: there are so many plot threads, twists, and people to keep track of and yet Cassandra Clare gives you these incredible characters that you cannot help but love. I am really, REALLY looking forward to reading The Dark Artifices!

I would talk about separate characters like Clary or Jace but honestly there is nothing to say that I haven't said before so I think I'll move on to the plot before I burst into tears. As in the other books, Cassandra Clare switches POV throughout all the scenes and as as a result this book is tense. There were times when I was yelling at the characters to stop and turn back, biting my lip because I didn't know what would happen, and vibrating with frustration. This book keeps you on edge and knocks you over. The writing was perfect: there were fast-paced parts which had me turning the pages to find out what happens, and then there were the scenes that made me slow down and savour the moment because I knew that those little moments of heaven wouldn't last forever.

Weirdly enough, I didn't cry. Usually I sob at the hint of something sad but this time there wasn't a single tear. I don't know why and I think I would have preferred it if I cried. That's my only complaint but I'm pretty sure that's because I kind of cried myself out of tears last week when I saw TFiOS movie. Sorry, that was slightly off point.

Anyway, overall this is an incredible end to the series! I am devastated that it's over - seriously, what am I going to do now? - but I know that I will treasure these characters for a long time. City of Heavenly Fire is an emotional ride and a helluva book – and I wouldn't change a thing about it for the world. Honestly guys, this is a must-read for anybody and there are no words that can fully give this book justice. I'm also giving away a copy of this so make sure to scroll down :) .

10 stars out of 5 – off the scales freaking amazing
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on 13 September 2014
City of Heavenly Fire - The Mortal Instruments Book 6.

This is the last book in The Mortal Instrument series and I am sad to say that I am a tad disappointed in the book and it’s not a favourite of mine!

The book was well written in Cassandra Clare’s style and the mix of characters all gave their account of POV which made for great reading, though to be honest I just got bored with the story, to me it was the same old, they were fighting a war against the evil, people got hurt, died and new characters were introduced and romances blossomed.

The book also ended with unanswered questions, which will probably be answered in Clare’s new series The Dark Artifices and it just didn’t grip me. It took me over 53 days to read it, though I was determined to finish it! And I just feel disappointed that the ending will just roll into a new series – which is great for die-hard fans of the series, but sorry to say not for me anymore :(

The story continues with Jace and Clary, Alex, Isabelle and Simon are on the hunt for Sebastian. Jace still holds the Heavenly fire and can’t control it and Sebastian in attacking institutes and turning shadowhunters into the Endarkened to create an Army against the Shadowhunters and any Downworlders who stand with them.

Things do get a bit sexy in the book, which is a welcome relieve through all the doom and gloom of the war, though without giving away any spoilers, I am sure you can guess the ending as it feels like the same as all the other endings in the last few books in this searies :(

Reading order

Prequal series – The Infernal Devices
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Prince
Clockwork Princess

The Mortal Instruments
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass
City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls
City of Heavenly Fire

Learn the Ways of the Shadowhunters
The Shadowhunters Codex

The Bane Chronicals 10 short ebook stories
The Runaway Queen
Vampires, Scones and Edmond Herondale
The Midnight Heir
The Rise of the Hotel Dumort
Saving Raphael Santiago
The Fall of the Hotel Dumort
What to Buy a Shadowhunter who has Everything
The last Stand of the New York institute
The Course of True Love (and First Dates)
What Really Happened in Peru - coming in Paperback Nov 2014

The Dark Artifices
Lady Midnight - coming 2015
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