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on 20 March 2014
After many long years my Panasonic 28" CRT finally went wonky.

Originally I was going to purchase a Panasonic TXL32E6B, but then I saw the new Sony and Panasonic side by side. No contest!

HD Picture simply stunning. SD excellent.. Mine is piped through a Virgin V+ box.

Sound: OK. Well I was spoiled with a CRT, so didn't expect too much. Acceptable, but will probably get a soundbase/bar sometime.

Apps: There are lots of Apps, most of them seem a bit worthless. We have used Netflix. Only has iplayer and 5OD as "watch again" apps, but this doesn't bother me as I have Watch again on the Virgin box. Amazon Prima/Instant Video doesn't work, yet.

Integration: I have mine hard wired as it's next to the router. Excellent streaming of videos/music etc from PC. Have used Nexus 7 (2013 version) for Miracast, so I can keep an eye on what's happening on the kids Minecraft!

Tweaks: You can fiddle all the settings 'til the cows come home.

Summary: Picture: Excellent Sound OK. Apps: OK
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on 11 December 2014
Pleased with the TV so far. The picture is excellent and the sound is an improvement from my last Sony TV. The slimmed down bezel looks really nice and the stand works well.

Some extra features - Netflix button, football button, radio button, full HD, apps etc.

Positives: Picture quality, design, price, easy set-up (in theory!), functionality, loads of inputs/outputs.

Negatives: Had trouble tuning channels - Sony weren't much help but John Lewis were - looks like it needed to be tuned in prior to setting up wi-fi for some reason, so worth trying that if you have a similar issue. Lag on start-up before functions work, as mentioned in other reviews - if this is the price to pay for having streaming apps then i'd rather just have a great TV and buy a separate streaming box (this remains the main negative with the TV). Apps can be a bit clunky. Limited choice of good quality apps. No favourites button - it seems like you can edit your favourites (all 4 of them!) but not actually access them, i'm prob missing something tho. HDMI leads don't always sit perfectly, depends on their design. Can't work out how to overide auto shut off (you just press a button but it's a bit annoying).

Apps: No ITVplayer or 4OD, which seems bizarre. No Now TV app, so streaming box needed to get sky sports as pay per view, which should also add the other missing apps. Netflix of course. You Tube is good, Amazon Prime also. Picasa. Lots of other apps, mostly very niche and uninspiring. Apps and app store as a whole ok'ish to use but can be slow to respond. BT pay-per-view app needed to be able to watch all sports without a contract but there isn't one.

Other: I-manual on the remote covers most things. Remote syncing/screen mirroring (haven't tried them out yet). Related search is great - it tells you all about the programme, including details of any song playing at the time! Poss worth waiting for the 2015 model vs. cheaper price for 2014 model/sales season. Radio button is a nice touch. Roku through HDMI worked straight away. At the moment I prefer my Roku streaming to the services that come with the TV, as it's speedier, better design and better to use. Do we really need 3 al jazeera channels? How about some French/Irish/Spanish content etc. Finally, i'd definitely recommend using the graphic equaliser to improve the sound, as it makes a big difference.
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on 29 June 2014
the TV itself is great, what lets it down is the smart side of it. perhaps I should have done more research and it probably isn`t Sony`s fault but the internet side of the TV is not as good as I expected. the browser is very limited and will not play live videos which is why I bought it rather than a new laptop to stream to my old TV.
the quality of the picture is really great and everything else the TV does is really good, if it wasn`t for the internet problems it would get 5 stars.
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on 30 April 2015
I'd previously bought 2013's 24 inch Sony Bravia KDL24W605A and was quite happy with it on the whole. When this came up at a good price I bought it for my grandparents as a Christmas present as their old TV was knackered. [Update May 2015]. Due to problems with this TV I've now taken possession of the TV and had to buy another for my grandparents.

The display itself is great - can't fault it (SD looks very good @ 32", HD looks fantastic), as is the sound as discreet speakers go. On the display and sound alone this a great television, 5 stars.

The guide loads quickly & without audio interruption, displaying 8 channels at a time. The guide is good, but for some reason it goes over the whole picture with no miniaturized display in the top left, which is present on the 2013 model.

See attached picture comparing both remotes. The remote when compared to the previous year's has added a swap button to change between previously viewed channel & current (I did miss this on the 2013 remote - it's the bottom right button next to prog +/-, "media" on 2013 remote), but now also has a big netflix button on the same wheel where the guide button previously was, that you will either love (as you use Netflix) or not (don't use Netflix). I fall into the latter camp. The Guide button is relegated to a smaller more fiddly position. Would have preferred the Guide button stayed put and the Netflix button be where the guide now is & programmable to open any app.

I don't find the menus as user friendly as I did on the 24 inch Sony Bravia from 2013. They seem more squished in and shy to use the available space. When first entering the menu everything is at first accessed from a bar running all along the very top of the screen, about an inch in width (on a 32 inch screen). Things are squished in this bar somewhat, as instead of having text visible at all times saything what is what, icons are used instead, that you must first navigate to in order for the text pop up & say what they are (you get used to it, but it's just not as user friendly). The rest of the screen is filled with content of what's on different channels/coming up/featured links/app links. While informative, the guide was fine for this.

Where the TV has really disappointed me is the media player when plugging in a USB stick or accessing a DLNA server such as Serviio. There are issues with the media player crashing when using USB, which upon looking up the problem, seems quite widespread.

When using a 64GB USB stick that I've filled to capacity, the files will play, and once they've started playing they rarely stop, but the media player often crashes while navigating to them. Once it has crashed you have to turn off/disconnect the TV from the mains to get the media player to load successfully again, as subsequent attempts without doing so have the media player crash immediately. My best guess is that it's to do with loading in thumbnails on the folders. It stops halfway through loading them and soon crashes - so I think this is the issue. The issue may not be present with smaller capacity sticks - but it shouldn't be present at all. Sometimes going into a folder and coming back out will allow the thumbnails to fully load and it won't crash. Again, nobody should have to do this to prevent it from crashing - it's just very odd.

[May 2015] Further to using the TV more myself, there is latency when fast forwarding or rewinding via USB or media servers/anything that uses the Sony media player. When you remove your finger from the fast forward/rewind button it will continue rewinding or fast forwarding for a half second/second or so [June 2015 Added video, I clocked it at 0.58 second latency compared to 0.16 on the 24 inch Sony]. This sort of latency is not present in the 2013 model, which is far more responsive. The latency sometimes stops the file from playing altogether and you have to go back to the previous screen and select the file again, and has crashed the player once. I've dropped the rating down to 2 stars as using the USB & media server functionality was a key component for me. Also Sony's customer service has so far been abysmal in trying to find any solution to the problems.

The TV is sponsored by the 2014 Brazil world cup and it includes a special "Football Mode" with its own button on the remote. It tweaks the sound with what seems to be some reverb and adjusts the picture slightly. It's meant to give you more of a "stadium experience" from what I recall in the literature. It's not something I've felt the need to use.

Samsung still have the monopoly on catchup TV apps. No ITVPlayer or 4OD available here. Demand 5 & Iplayer apps a little buggy last time I used them, but they did work. Bugs are slow in being fixed and disappointed in this, along with the lack of ITV & 4OD. (I've been told 4OD have an agreement with Samsung, but looked up ITV & apparently ITV exclusivity ran out 2 years ago?)

There are some parts I don't/haven't used like the social view. It's to do with logging into social networking accounts (like Twitter) with the TV and getting tweets while watching at the same time.

The stand is better than the 24 inch stand, but the 32+ inch stands may have always been better. Padded at contact points with rubber - see attached picture.

As with the previous year's Bravias, one of the greatest plus points and simultaneously worst points is the stand/mounting bracket. It comes with all you need to mount it on a wall - the stand doubles up as a point of connection between the TV and the bracket that screws into the wall. So you're good to go without needing to buy a seperate VESA bracket or other bracket. The worst part is if you want the extra versatility of tilting and moving that a VESA wall mount brings or already have one, there are no VESA holes in the TV. So you will have to DIY a link between the Sony & VESA bracket (I've read people have done it with wood).

In summary, Great Picture (probably better than the comparable Samsung UE32H5500), Good sound (for discreet speakers), lackluster catchup apps and frustrating playback from USB & frustrating FF & RW functionality on media servers & USB (anything using Sony media player).
review image review image
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on 23 September 2014
Bedroom TV.

I purchased this TV for a couple of reasons, the main reason being - iPlayer is no longer supported and stopped working on my bedroom Sony Blu-ray player (BDPS-570) and my existing 2007 KDL-32D3000 not having any SMART capabilities at all left me needing a bedroom upgrade!

The TV itself is very well made, a small aluminium bezel around the edges give the impression the screen is actually bigger than it is, a very modern look. The power supply is from a block type transformer and the lead to it from the mains plug is quite short - luckily I had a longer replacement and that meant I was able to place the TV on top of a chest of drawers and plug the mains lead on to a trailing socket on the floor - sitting the block behind the TV. It would have pulled the lead out of the back of the TV had I left the block dangling down to the floor.

The picture is a big improvement on my 2007 model, its very clear and the colours are vibrant. HD channels really stand out and the motion seems a lot smoother. The screen is also no reflective which helps if its placed near a window or any other light source.

I used an Ethernet cable to give it internet access and set it an IP reservation on my router, it then went off and found a software update which downloaded and installed smoothly. The whole process took about 15 mins to set the TV up, and all you need is a cross head screwdriver to set the legs and stand up. It also comes with a wall bracket if you want to wall mount it.

I was quite impressed by the TV until it came to setting the sound up, I just can't get it to sound 'good'. I've tried many settings - and there are a lot of sound settings - but it always ends up sounding a bit tinny and hollow. You can get bass from the equaliser settings but it always just ends up sounding 'ok'. There's even settings to change from wall mounted to table top but I can't find a happy medium. If anyone reading this review is able to get theirs sounding good without having to purchase a subwoofer or a sound bar, please let me know your settings! My old 32D300 was really good for sound without having to play with any settings, this new TV isn't a patch on it. I should have know better I suppose, a lot of the reviews did mention this. My bad!

One other little niggle is the sleep timer. If you are viewing a external source such as a Freesat Box, you can use the sleep timer as usual, set it up from the remote and just fall to sleep. However, if you are watching anything from a Sony Blu Ray/USB key or streaming and want to set it up, you have to select another source first, set the timer up and then return to your content as the remote button fails to bring the sleep timer up on the screen. Annoying!

The SMART services are ok a little slow even with a very fast internet connection, but again still no ITV Player or 4OD unlike the new Samsung range.

You select the APPs you want and add them to your own list, Amazon Prime Instant Video is on there and does work well, and in fact the remote control has a separate NETFLIX button which is quite useful.

There is a built in Freesat box and satellite connecter next to the normal aerial plug but I'm yet to try it out - I still have a trusty Humax Freesat HD box for now.

I'll keep this TV for the bedroom (and have to keep fiddling trying to find a decent sound), but I'll definitely be looking at other brands in the future before committing to buy - Sony are no longer the top brand they used to be - in my opinion - they seem to be getting left behind by others.

From what should have been a 5 star product, I've removed 1 star for the sound quality and another for the niggles like the sleep timer, lack of ITV Player & 4OD and short mains cable.


I've had this TV for a couple of weeks now, and after many calls to Sony regarding the sound quality - the only help they can offer is to recommend I return the TV and try a different Sony model. Not what I'd expect Sony, shame on you!

Anyhow, I decided to keep the TV as the picture is great and some of the features are useful, so I invested in a Denon DHT-T100 soundbase rather than buy anything else Sony as they'd disappointed me with their customer support and I didn't like any of their sound bars. The TV now has great sound to go along with the great picture, the Denon sat under the TV looks good and you can't see any cables which pleased my wife. You can train the Denon to accept volume controls from the Sony TV remote easily, but once you set the audio output on the Bravia to Audio System, you'll keep getting a "TV Volume is fixed" warning message every time you adjust the volume - quite annoying if you watch a subtitled foreign film. Sony need to have a setting in the menu's to disable this message as its quite a common issue on A/V forums.

If I find a fix I'll update this review.
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on 17 June 2014
This was purchased from Amazon, but not by me.

'Don't get him started about flat panel televisions' is a commonly heard phrase in my house. As someone lucky enough to have seen the stunning picture on Sony's Trinitron H.D. C.R.T. TV (which, fair enough, weighed, er, let's just say a lot) this means that my opinion of flat panel televisions is not high. A collection of unhappy compromises is probably the fairest I can be.

Sadly, the day had to come when my dear old Sony Trinitron began to fade. Ah, many's the time when my flat-paneled friends would come round to watch the football because the motion blur on their swanky (I added the s) new televisions did their heads in. Anyway, the review:

I'm a Sony kinda guy, and have been for decades, so when the day came to get a new television they were always going to be my first choice. I didn't want a massive screen, but I did want a television with the best H.D. picture that I could get from a 32 inch screen; the Sony KDL-32W705B is it.

Out of the box, the H.D. picture was good and the S.D. picture was terrible, but having seen and helped friends set up their new TVs, this was not unexpected, and as I would be calibrating it anyway, didn't worry me. After calibration the H.D. picture was excellent and the S.D. picture was more than acceptable. For technical reasons, it's impossible to get a very good S.D. broadcast picture on a full H.D. television.

The screen handles the H.D. signal from a Blu-ray player extremely well, displaying a crisp, clear, and detail rich picture, with only the tiniest amount of motion blur in fast action scenes. Watching the World Cup on the Freeview H.D. channels again produced an excellent picture, with only very small amounts of motion blur coming from the ball when it was traveling at high speed.

Sound quality is exactly what you would expect from a flat panel television, so you will need to buy a sound bar, or sound base.

Design and build quality is, as you would expect from Sony, very high. A top quality plastic case and a perfectly smooth screen with a very neat bezel. The inputs and outputs are nicely laid out, and the set is very well balanced on the metal stand supplied. The remote is a little bit too small and lightweight for my liking, but it is neatly laid out and works well.

I would recommend going to Sony's website for the full specification and list of web content and Apps.

If you're thinking about moving from a C.R.T. TV to flat panel television, I can recommend this model. It won't be be able to produce the high quality S.D. broadcast picture that you are used to, but the H.D. picture is terrific. I would strongly recommend calibrating it using a calibration disc, as this will make a huge difference. Trying to adjust it by eye and guesswork will only produce an acceptable picture at best.
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on 28 February 2014
Wow! I have bought a lot of televisions in my life, and this one has simply blown me away. I've only had it for a day, so it's hard to comment on every nuance and aspect of it, but I've already pretty much got under the skin of it, and it is very intuitive.

It's beautifully designed, amazingly thin bezel and body, and picture that almost looks like HD when it's standard broadcast, a wonderful sleek modern menu system, really easy to connect to WIFI and locked on to the signal well enough to play Catchup TV, even though we have a very lowly 1.6 Mbps broadband connection.

The whole styling is out of this world, and it just seems to do all you expect it would, without any disappointment I have found so far.

The only main thing I've not tried yet, is HDD recording, which I'll be interested to see how it's implemented.

Just one thing I would have liked, but I'm hoping I can download those APPS, is that by default, 4DO and ITV Catchup APPS don't seem to have been included in the APPS screen. My very new Samsung Smart TV downstairs had those by default, so I'm hoping I can somehow download them.

Oh, and it connected to my DLNA media servers, (miles away in the house) and found all the content on those, and when a different PC booted up downstairs, it found that too - as a DLNA server.

It is simply stunning, and I would not hesitate to recommend on the basis of my short time with it. You won't regret it!
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on 11 September 2014
I purchased this tv after a great deal of research. A great choice, well worth the price. Would have liked a more detailed printed manual.
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on 10 September 2014
This TV - also available in silver - looks and feels as well engineered as you would expect when you buy from Sony. Apart from its jutting booty, it's as compact as a 32-incher can be, and is easy to attach to its minimalist stand - assembly is a one-person job requiring nothing more challenging than inserting four cross-headed screws. (The holes on the TV into which the screws need to go are those in deep, almost square recesses.) A wall mounting kit is included too, though this TV is probably not the most wall-friendly on the market.

Power is supplied via a laptop-style transformer. Sockets include a satellite input, Ethernet, a two-way Scart, component video RCA inputs, stereo audio RCA inputs, four HDMI inputs (one with ARC), a USB input, a headphone minijack, an optical audio output (supplying either PCM or Dolby Digital) and a USB output for attaching a hard disc drive recorder. You also get a slot for an access card, Bluetooth and sensitive dongle-free WiFi - in a road of detached bungalows, my set detected three of my neighbours' routers as well as my own.

Automatic tuning is quick and free from glitches. I picked up a hundred and twenty-three services with an unamplified indoor antenna only two feet above the ground. If you want to swap SD channels with their HD counterparts, the renumbering process is straightforward.

The picture quality is, I think, as good as I've ever seen. The matt surface of the screen minimizes reflections, and there are none of the backlight irregularities that LED LCD displays are prone to. Contrast is vivid, detail exquisite, colour natural, movement flawless. I've read two expert reviews which said that careful calibration can tweak the picture to something very close to perfection. If you can't be bothered to spend an hour with a Blu-ray test disc, I've found that the TV's Cinema 1 preset with colour turned down from 50 to 40 is pretty satisfactory. (The picture should not, of course, be viewed from a point significantly off-axis if it's to be enjoyed at its best.)

The audio, sadly, is another matter entirely. Tinny and sibilant, it's completely outclassed by the sound that I get from the portable radio sitting on top of my fridge (though that, admittedly, is the superb Ruark Audio R1-WALNUT Dab/FM Radio In Rich Walnut Veneer). Perhaps only Loewe and Bang & Olufsen make small TVs with decent loudspeakers. My 84 year old Mum, for whom I bought the 705, thinks that its sound is perfectly adequate, but for my part, I wouldn't use this TV without connecting it to an external audio system. My five star rating assumes that the TV is used in this way.

The remote control (supplied with two AAA batteries) is ergonomically pleasant, with well arranged, well spaced buttons that have a nice positive action. When you turn the TV on, it takes roughly half a minute for the set to wake up and respond to the zapper's commands. A dimmable LED beneath the screen winks or changes colour to acknowledge your instructions.

The user interface is intelligently designed and easy to get the hang of. The TV's multilingual paper manual covers little more than installation, but a fully indexed on-screen supplement is well organized and lucidly written.

This is, of course, a smart TV, and its apps are many and various. The most valuable are probably a web browser, Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Demand5. (The catch-up apps for ITV and Channel 4 are omitted; anyone insisting on these might consider the much praised Samsung Series 6 H6410 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED Smart TV with Built-In Wi-Fi and Freeview HD). Unfortunately Sony doesn't offer an alternative remote with a full Qwerty keypad, so tapping in your wishes needs more than a little patience. Of course, there's always the option of using the 705 as a display for your computer - the TV offers WiFi Direct if your laptop can support it.

Easier to use is the TV's recording capability. Add an HDD - I chose Sony 1TB 2.5 inch Portable External Hard Drive - Silver - and you have cheap, convenient, single-tuner time-shifting at your finger tips, and without a horrible mess of cable spaghetti. You can either programme a recording from the TV's Freeview guide, or record what you're watching with a single button on the remote. It's also possible to record on a tape machine using the output from the Scart socket.

To sum up, I think that this is an exceptionally good set of its kind. Viewed head-on and connected to a Blu-ray player and a decent audio system, it could be the heart of a very good small 2D High Definition home cinema. I bought mine from John Lewis, who charged me £358.95, inclusive of a 5-year warranty and delivery before 10:30 a.m. the following day. (Sadly John Lewis's offer to dispose of customers' old tellies doesn't extend to purchasers of this particular model.)
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on 20 March 2016
I've had this TV for about 18 months now and it has served my very well.

I have a slightly unusual setup, in that I don't actually use it as a regular television to watch shows via freeview or Sky or whatever. I actually mainly use it as a PC screen and it's also hooked up to my PS4. So I had to do my research for something suitable and this seemed like a good choice. It has very low input lag and full 4:4:4 reproduction - from a technical point of view, I'm no expert on what these terms precisely mean, but I know they are vital for gaming and the 4:4:4 is especially important if you want to hook the screen up to a monitor. The clarity when using with a PC is so much better with this function . It's very noticeable when flicking between the different picture options - I have it set to 'graphics' for use on the PC, but if I choose 'General' instead, things don't look as good.

The screen itself looks great, is very narrow and has an incredibly slim bezel. This is very noticeable if coming from an older screen like I was. Not only is it a bit more immersive, but you also get a much more efficient use of your space. If the bezel on this screen was as wide as the one on my older 32" screen, I wouldn't have had the space to fit a 42" TV and would have managed 40" at best. You also get plenty of connectivity options, with lots of HDMI sockets among others.

The smart functions are nice, though I don't use them that often due to having the screen hooked up to my PC anyway. However, certain streaming subscription sites prevent you from viewing some content in HD when viewing on their website via PC. Therefore I do go directly through the TV to view sometimes and there is a big red button on the nicely designed remote control to take you there.

The picture quality of the screen is great - both PS4 gaming and viewing HD content on my PC look lovely. I'm no expert, but I've been very pleased with how things look - great detail and no problems with dark scenes. Certainly an impressive display for the price I paid.

On to a few negative points now. As others have mentioned, there is a bit of a delay when first turning the screen on if it hasn't been in standby - if you want to change source (say from PC to PS4) when first turning it on, you have to wait a little bit. It also would have been nice if the smart functions were a bit more responsive, though they're generally OK. I did have a problem recently where none of the internet 'apps' would load, but a quick Google suggested I needed to 'refresh internet content' or words to that effect and that quickly sorted things.

You won't be blown away by the sound, but it's not too bad for an flat screen TV I'd say. I mostly use my PC speakers or headphones so it's not so much of an issue, but if you want a great home-cinema experience, you'd probably want to look into soundbar or other options. Finally a couple of more personal niggles. Firstly, the cable from the power supply unit to plug into the mains is very short and could be an issue in certain setups. Also, the shiny silver stand that sits in front of the TV can be a bit annoying if watching in the dark - I cover it with a couple of black socks!
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