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on 20 March 2016
I've had this TV for about 18 months now and it has served my very well.

I have a slightly unusual setup, in that I don't actually use it as a regular television to watch shows via freeview or Sky or whatever. I actually mainly use it as a PC screen and it's also hooked up to my PS4. So I had to do my research for something suitable and this seemed like a good choice. It has very low input lag and full 4:4:4 reproduction - from a technical point of view, I'm no expert on what these terms precisely mean, but I know they are vital for gaming and the 4:4:4 is especially important if you want to hook the screen up to a monitor. The clarity when using with a PC is so much better with this function . It's very noticeable when flicking between the different picture options - I have it set to 'graphics' for use on the PC, but if I choose 'General' instead, things don't look as good.

The screen itself looks great, is very narrow and has an incredibly slim bezel. This is very noticeable if coming from an older screen like I was. Not only is it a bit more immersive, but you also get a much more efficient use of your space. If the bezel on this screen was as wide as the one on my older 32" screen, I wouldn't have had the space to fit a 42" TV and would have managed 40" at best. You also get plenty of connectivity options, with lots of HDMI sockets among others.

The smart functions are nice, though I don't use them that often due to having the screen hooked up to my PC anyway. However, certain streaming subscription sites prevent you from viewing some content in HD when viewing on their website via PC. Therefore I do go directly through the TV to view sometimes and there is a big red button on the nicely designed remote control to take you there.

The picture quality of the screen is great - both PS4 gaming and viewing HD content on my PC look lovely. I'm no expert, but I've been very pleased with how things look - great detail and no problems with dark scenes. Certainly an impressive display for the price I paid.

On to a few negative points now. As others have mentioned, there is a bit of a delay when first turning the screen on if it hasn't been in standby - if you want to change source (say from PC to PS4) when first turning it on, you have to wait a little bit. It also would have been nice if the smart functions were a bit more responsive, though they're generally OK. I did have a problem recently where none of the internet 'apps' would load, but a quick Google suggested I needed to 'refresh internet content' or words to that effect and that quickly sorted things.

You won't be blown away by the sound, but it's not too bad for an flat screen TV I'd say. I mostly use my PC speakers or headphones so it's not so much of an issue, but if you want a great home-cinema experience, you'd probably want to look into soundbar or other options. Finally a couple of more personal niggles. Firstly, the cable from the power supply unit to plug into the mains is very short and could be an issue in certain setups. Also, the shiny silver stand that sits in front of the TV can be a bit annoying if watching in the dark - I cover it with a couple of black socks!
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on 19 October 2014
Fabulous high quality good priced tv for my sons bedroom and for gaming. Really easy to assemble once you work out the instructions for the stand. Really easy to set up the tv. Can easily use functions to work with other sony products. My other tv is a samsung which I really like but this is way better quality. Its so smart with the silver frame. Would like to try with a wall mount next.
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on 10 April 2016
The stand that you are provided with doubles as a wall bracket which is useful! Good picture and sound, internet is a bit slow on it and takes a while to fully load smart options when switching on but overall great TV
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on 14 April 2017
Just what I ordered. Nice!
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on 23 July 2015
Amazing TV for the money!
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on 30 April 2015
I'd previously bought 2013's 24 inch Sony Bravia KDL24W605A and was quite happy with it on the whole. When this came up at a good price I bought it for my grandparents as a Christmas present as their old TV was knackered. [Update May 2015]. Due to problems with this TV I've now taken possession of the TV and had to buy another for my grandparents.

The display itself is great - can't fault it (SD looks very good @ 32", HD looks fantastic), as is the sound as discreet speakers go. On the display and sound alone this a great television, 5 stars.

The guide loads quickly & without audio interruption, displaying 8 channels at a time. The guide is good, but for some reason it goes over the whole picture with no miniaturized display in the top left, which is present on the 2013 model.

See attached picture comparing both remotes. The remote when compared to the previous year's has added a swap button to change between previously viewed channel & current (I did miss this on the 2013 remote - it's the bottom right button next to prog +/-, "media" on 2013 remote), but now also has a big netflix button on the same wheel where the guide button previously was, that you will either love (as you use Netflix) or not (don't use Netflix). I fall into the latter camp. The Guide button is relegated to a smaller more fiddly position. Would have preferred the Guide button stayed put and the Netflix button be where the guide now is & programmable to open any app.

I don't find the menus as user friendly as I did on the 24 inch Sony Bravia from 2013. They seem more squished in and shy to use the available space. When first entering the menu everything is at first accessed from a bar running all along the very top of the screen, about an inch in width (on a 32 inch screen). Things are squished in this bar somewhat, as instead of having text visible at all times saything what is what, icons are used instead, that you must first navigate to in order for the text pop up & say what they are (you get used to it, but it's just not as user friendly). The rest of the screen is filled with content of what's on different channels/coming up/featured links/app links. While informative, the guide was fine for this.

Where the TV has really disappointed me is the media player when plugging in a USB stick or accessing a DLNA server such as Serviio. There are issues with the media player crashing when using USB, which upon looking up the problem, seems quite widespread.

When using a 64GB USB stick that I've filled to capacity, the files will play, and once they've started playing they rarely stop, but the media player often crashes while navigating to them. Once it has crashed you have to turn off/disconnect the TV from the mains to get the media player to load successfully again, as subsequent attempts without doing so have the media player crash immediately. My best guess is that it's to do with loading in thumbnails on the folders. It stops halfway through loading them and soon crashes - so I think this is the issue. The issue may not be present with smaller capacity sticks - but it shouldn't be present at all. Sometimes going into a folder and coming back out will allow the thumbnails to fully load and it won't crash. Again, nobody should have to do this to prevent it from crashing - it's just very odd.

[May 2015] Further to using the TV more myself, there is latency when fast forwarding or rewinding via USB or media servers/anything that uses the Sony media player. When you remove your finger from the fast forward/rewind button it will continue rewinding or fast forwarding for a half second/second or so [June 2015 Added video, I clocked it at 0.58 second latency compared to 0.16 on the 24 inch Sony]. This sort of latency is not present in the 2013 model, which is far more responsive. The latency sometimes stops the file from playing altogether and you have to go back to the previous screen and select the file again, and has crashed the player once. I've dropped the rating down to 2 stars as using the USB & media server functionality was a key component for me. Also Sony's customer service has so far been abysmal in trying to find any solution to the problems.

The TV is sponsored by the 2014 Brazil world cup and it includes a special "Football Mode" with its own button on the remote. It tweaks the sound with what seems to be some reverb and adjusts the picture slightly. It's meant to give you more of a "stadium experience" from what I recall in the literature. It's not something I've felt the need to use.

Samsung still have the monopoly on catchup TV apps. No ITVPlayer or 4OD available here. Demand 5 & Iplayer apps a little buggy last time I used them, but they did work. Bugs are slow in being fixed and disappointed in this, along with the lack of ITV & 4OD. (I've been told 4OD have an agreement with Samsung, but looked up ITV & apparently ITV exclusivity ran out 2 years ago?)

There are some parts I don't/haven't used like the social view. It's to do with logging into social networking accounts (like Twitter) with the TV and getting tweets while watching at the same time.

The stand is better than the 24 inch stand, but the 32+ inch stands may have always been better. Padded at contact points with rubber - see attached picture.

As with the previous year's Bravias, one of the greatest plus points and simultaneously worst points is the stand/mounting bracket. It comes with all you need to mount it on a wall - the stand doubles up as a point of connection between the TV and the bracket that screws into the wall. So you're good to go without needing to buy a seperate VESA bracket or other bracket. The worst part is if you want the extra versatility of tilting and moving that a VESA wall mount brings or already have one, there are no VESA holes in the TV. So you will have to DIY a link between the Sony & VESA bracket (I've read people have done it with wood).

In summary, Great Picture (probably better than the comparable Samsung UE32H5500), Good sound (for discreet speakers), lackluster catchup apps and frustrating playback from USB & frustrating FF & RW functionality on media servers & USB (anything using Sony media player).
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on 20 March 2014
After many long years my Panasonic 28" CRT finally went wonky.

Originally I was going to purchase a Panasonic TXL32E6B, but then I saw the new Sony and Panasonic side by side. No contest!

HD Picture simply stunning. SD excellent.. Mine is piped through a Virgin V+ box.

Sound: OK. Well I was spoiled with a CRT, so didn't expect too much. Acceptable, but will probably get a soundbase/bar sometime.

Apps: There are lots of Apps, most of them seem a bit worthless. We have used Netflix. Only has iplayer and 5OD as "watch again" apps, but this doesn't bother me as I have Watch again on the Virgin box. Amazon Prima/Instant Video doesn't work, yet.

Integration: I have mine hard wired as it's next to the router. Excellent streaming of videos/music etc from PC. Have used Nexus 7 (2013 version) for Miracast, so I can keep an eye on what's happening on the kids Minecraft!

Tweaks: You can fiddle all the settings 'til the cows come home.

Summary: Picture: Excellent Sound OK. Apps: OK
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on 11 December 2014
Pleased with the TV so far. The picture is excellent and the sound is an improvement from my last Sony TV. The slimmed down bezel looks really nice and the stand works well.

Some extra features - Netflix button, football button, radio button, full HD, apps etc.

Positives: Picture quality, design, price, easy set-up (in theory!), functionality, loads of inputs/outputs.

Negatives: Had trouble tuning channels - Sony weren't much help but John Lewis were - looks like it needed to be tuned in prior to setting up wi-fi for some reason, so worth trying that if you have a similar issue. Lag on start-up before functions work, as mentioned in other reviews - if this is the price to pay for having streaming apps then i'd rather just have a great TV and buy a separate streaming box (this remains the main negative with the TV). Apps can be a bit clunky. Limited choice of good quality apps. No favourites button - it seems like you can edit your favourites (all 4 of them!) but not actually access them, i'm prob missing something tho. HDMI leads don't always sit perfectly, depends on their design. Can't work out how to overide auto shut off (you just press a button but it's a bit annoying).

Apps: No ITVplayer or 4OD, which seems bizarre. No Now TV app, so streaming box needed to get sky sports as pay per view, which should also add the other missing apps. Netflix of course. You Tube is good, Amazon Prime also. Picasa. Lots of other apps, mostly very niche and uninspiring. Apps and app store as a whole ok'ish to use but can be slow to respond. BT pay-per-view app needed to be able to watch all sports without a contract but there isn't one.

Other: I-manual on the remote covers most things. Remote syncing/screen mirroring (haven't tried them out yet). Related search is great - it tells you all about the programme, including details of any song playing at the time! Poss worth waiting for the 2015 model vs. cheaper price for 2014 model/sales season. Radio button is a nice touch. Roku through HDMI worked straight away. At the moment I prefer my Roku streaming to the services that come with the TV, as it's speedier, better design and better to use. Do we really need 3 al jazeera channels? How about some French/Irish/Spanish content etc. Finally, i'd definitely recommend using the graphic equaliser to improve the sound, as it makes a big difference.
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on 6 February 2015
Set up was straight forward
Lots of features
Superb picture quality
We have now got all Sony tvs in the house along with Sony blue ray playetd
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on 4 May 2014
How sony are losing money is beyond me this is great kit in every sense of the word
Well done sony as always the best
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