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on 30 September 2014
I considered a few TV's before buying this KDL42W705B, our current Sony Lcd TV is still going strong after 6yrs. This replacement is. a worthy successor, picture quality is very impressive, I really like the VA panels Sony are using on their 2014 models, the blacks are some of the best Ive seen. I was. little concerned due to being so thin, and with other comments from some users suggesting the use of a sound bar to improve sound quality, I may need to buy one myself to get acceptable sound.
However,the sound is almost as good as the set its replaced, its certainly far better than I was expecting, and after tweaking sound setting to increase bass a little, it sounds pretty good,so I certainly wont be buying a sound bar as I really dont think its necessary, but if audiophiles want better sound then one has that option.

As a result of buying this TV Ive decided I will be renewing my Amazon Prime membership, as this TV has the Amazon App for playing Amazon movies, which works superbly, lots of other useful apps especially iPlayer. I also found the screen mirroring feature works great with our iPad and Android devices displaying the devices images very well indeed.

This TV has 2 tuners, a freeview, and a satellite tuner, I have not used the freeview tuner as we cannot receive freeview here, so we use. Humax twin tuner freesat PVR which works brilliantly. I have for curiousity however tried the satellite tuner, where it found over 700 channels, with lots being mere dupicates or being encrypted but all the current free to watch channels worked fine, and though you dont get the genuine freesat EPG you do get a EPG, but the proper freesat version is better, as I use the Humax freesat box the tuners will never get used so no big deal, but the Satellite tuner may be useful to some people.

What surprised me was the quality of the screen backlighting, being a EdgeLit backlight which is illuminated from the bottom I was expecting some uneven patches of brightness, but tests show it to be 100% uniform across the whole panel, with no bleed that I could detect even in a dark room so Im extremely pleased with the panel quality, and obviously no faulty pixels either. A very bright sharp panel, BTW if you find your set seems a little lacking in the brightness department, in other words you have to set your brightness levels high, try disabling the ambient light sensor in system settings, and it will spring to life, but make sure you calibrate it properly afterwards.

I really dont have many negatives to say about this TV, I paid £459 which was good value price, for what is a very capable TV. Unusually it uses a separate power brick to power the TV, which may need the cable extending if wall mounting, but in my case its hidden behind the corner TV cabinet, the TV itself remains cold even after many hours use which is a plus of having a separate power unit which tends to generate most heat in a TV, and also easier to replace of course.

If it turns out to be as reliable as the set its replaced I shall be most pleased, so based on the few days Ive had the TV it gets a Highly Recommended from me.
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on 19 February 2015
This is a great TV. I had an old sony CRT TV and held out for years for giving in and buying an LED TV. This one is good. The motion looks fine on it - I read tonnes of reviews and worried about motion blur and moving image lag but it's really fine. The most frustrating thing was that auditioning all TVs in a shop is really tricky. I even tried bringing along some home videos in 1080p 50fps but they looked terrible on all the TVs in the shop even the latest 4k TVs. Also had a bluray which also didn't look that great. Turns out as soon as I bought one of these, you need to change the following settings and the TV stops looking ridiculously garish and ultra-contrasty with clipped whites and reds and greens everywhere.

My settings:
1. turn off the ambient light sensor under the Eco menu
2. Set Scene select to "Cinema"
3. In picture options set colour balance to "warm 1"

It turns out shockingly that these are only specific to each input which frankly is a pain. I had a blu ray player connected and it stubbornly refused to let me access the picture options, until I realised that you can press the Apps SEN button on the remote. Then you use the cursors to go to the settings in the top right and you can actually change the same settings for each device you connect (blu ray, video etc). It is irritating that there is no easy way to set the same picture settings throughout (I tried the common input setting, but this didn't work for me). Also, make sure that with blu-ray/ DVD if you are watching an old DVD in 4:3 format and it keeps stretching it to fullscreen, then you need to use the SEN button, settings options to access the Screen format menu and change the 4:3 menu from the default "Zoom" to "Normal". You might have to configure your blu ray player too, otherwise it will ruin (stretch) the 4:3 format as well (I did).

NB. if you watch your own home videos using a USB stick they generally look rubbish and ultra contrasty on the default setting. But again, when watching the USB video file you can:
1. Press options button
2. Set scene select to Cinema
3. Go back to Options menu and select Picture
4. Change colour balance to Warm 1

This makes a huge difference to how home videos look. Suddenly they look natural and great. Also, the 1080p with 50fps plays just wonderfully. Happy TV watching!
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on 27 November 2014
I bought this tv after reading the reviews as they were all fairly positive, I use the TV mainly for the Xbox one and it's great. I only have 2 very little negatives and they are the sound isn't that good compared to my 5yr old toshiba (so I bought the cheapest Sony sound bar which I high recommend), the other was that I wanted to mount the TV on the wall, I was impressed that the stand also doubles up as a wall mount, but the plastic spacers that space the TV away from the wall don't fit very well and there's abit of movement in the wall mount assembly so these spacers fall out if the TV is touched, I don touch the TV that much as we have the remote, this are only 2little winges and does not affect the performance viewing of the TV.
review image
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 August 2014
Where should I start...

The Sony KDL42W705 is a substantial TV. It looks pleasing and is nice and slim. As with other Sony products it is a breeze to setup and get up and running. The picture out of the box is pleasant, but with a little tweaking it can look better. The smart functionality is excellent. It does have allot of unnecessary apps, but you can remove these if you so desire.

The sound is good, but to really get the best out of it, you should invest in external speakers. The bezel is nice and thin and during a movie you can barely notice it. You can run the software update, so you have the latest stable release and after that you are good to go.

Playing games on it is briliant and it is fast and responsive. Watching a blu-ray is sublime, the colours are accurate and "The Amzing Spiderman" looked awesome on it.

I thoroughly recommend it. If you want 3D then this isn't for you, look at the next model up with 3D spec. But, for normal HD viewing you can't go wrong.
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on 2 April 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

' When I received the box, I was taken aback by how slim it was.

On the front :
- it says "Sony Bravia - feel the beauty". I thought that was pretty cocky! (I later realised it's warranted!)
- Also on the box [see the top left of this page - user photos] it touts a recommended *optional* accessory, a wireless subwoofer. (I'll come back to this later, when discussing sound)


I initially set this up in the corner of the living room away from the cable box. It asked for me to select my WiFi network and then enter my password. [It was a midly annoying to do this using the on screen keyboard; thankfully you'll only ever have to do it once.]

It then asked if it could update itself. I accepted and it duly updated, with the white light at the bottom pulsing on and off [' see video] for about a minute.

I was able to watch iPlayer ('see video) within minutes.

It's a boon that I could stream TV from the internet without any additional hardware; it's all built in. [It's like having a BUILT-IN Roku box or Apple TV! I've seen apps on TVs before, and this may be damning with faint praise, but this is the least-crap, most usable implementation I've seen of it].


'The picture is stunning. You can tell as you flick through the menus. That said, it's only 1080p (not 4k), so while the menus look good, everything else is fuzzy, up close. [It's painful to look at if you're used to `Retina' or high DPI screens]
' The sound is a bit 'meh'. (It's a bit crap - maybe it improves dramatically with the purchase of that wireless sub advertised on the box)
' What's missing, at the time of writing, is the ability to watch 4OD (over the internet).
' When watching BluRay discs, the picture is good (as long as you're sitting across the other side of the room)


No. Get a UHD or 4K TV, this is old technology. Maybe consider if it's on offer. For a boring HD set, it is a beauty, to be fair.


You can stop reading now unless you really want to read the boring minutiae.


The stuff below is optional reading. :)


- When using the SkyNews app [over WiFi], the resolution was crap. Massive "pixels" - very blocky. Disappointing. (this is when I'm sitting close to the TV.. from across the room, it actually looks fine)

- When using iPlayer, the picture was acceptable. I was able to go into settings and select HiDef ['see video].

- The Netflix app/interface is nice. I was able to sign up for a 1 month free trial. (It's £6 / month after that). [Alas, you do have to give it your credit card info]

- The power brick is pretty huge ['see video] - almost the size of the remote control itself [not that it matters, I suppose, as it will be tucked away out of sight]

- Whilst iPlayer worked well on day 1, on day 2 I kept getting error messages; nothing would play. Not sure if this is due to my ISP or the BBC or Sony. [I'll keep trying to get it sorted and update here, accordingly]

' This TV is good for "cord cutters". That is, people (usually nerds) who no longer want to pay for SkyTV or cable. You can get so much content over the internet now. If I was Mr Murdoch, I might feel a bit scared. (Not everyone is tech savvy; for people who want to use this like an old school TV, it works very well for that too. It's just a good all round TV.)

'' There is a (slight) lag when opening apps. The apps themselves vary in quality. (I guess they are being continually iterated so could improve.) Some are good, some are shockingly crap - they don't even launch! Presumably, due to buggy code.
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on 24 October 2014
Best tv for gaming with the lowest input lag of 6ms and full 4:4:4 reproduction.Great colors and good sound.Highly recommend for gamers.
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on 11 December 2014
From a pro FPS players perspective, if you want a TV for console gaming look no further than Sony KDL42W7 (has to be 42" version). This thing is around just 0-8ms slower (in terms of input lag i.e. time it takes for buttons to respond on screen, not response time i.e. ghosting) than the fastest pc gaming monitors on the market, it could arguably used for tournament play. It's seriously awesome. Input lag becomes an issue above 12-16ms for casual gaming, above around 6-8ms for competitive gaming. Other TV's are usually 12-40ms, some even higher. The 32" version of this TV has higher lag, it absolutely has to be the 42".
review image
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on 30 May 2014
I have had 6 different LED TV's since October last year and each and every one either had permanent marks on the screen or have serious issues with anything dark.

As it's an LED it WILL have some for of DSE (Dirty Screen Effect). Not all people see this and it is something commonly found in people with OCD. Well I'm OCD about ALL my tech. This TV has the best picture quality I've seed due to the startling contrast detailing darks, lights and shadows. This TV also has the least DSE I've seen in any LED TV. There is almost none at all!

Don't be put off by these old pointless reviews, this is the best TV in it's class and price bracket. I read on Sony's website that this TV is actually record breaking! The picture on this astounds me and completely blows the LG equivalent out of the water! The LG 42LN575V does have impressive post motion processing giving a very smooth viewing rate but it had a permanent mark at the bottom of the screen. It looked like a window cleaner had missed a strip at the bottom plus the contrast and colour were very poor.

If you are very fussy about tech then I say go for this as it really does blow the competition out of the water. It is slightly more expensive than other brand's equivalent but it's worth every penny. It is literally almost perfect which is very very hard to achieve with LED technology, The Touchpad remote which you can buy separately, is well worth the money! Really helps unleash the smart TV functions and it's also great if you have difficulty using a standard remote. I have right sided issues so I bought the Touchpad remote and it really helps.
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VINE VOICEon 7 May 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
--[ Design & connectivity ]--

This is without doubt one of the most stylish looking TV's I've ever owned. It's thinness and slim brushed steel bezel makes it look extremely sleek and classy. There's also a nice metal stand which can function both as a table stand and as a wall mount, which is cool.

This TV has excellent connectivity and is equipped with 4 x HDMI, 2 x USB, Ethernet, component, composite, Scart, RF in, Analog audio input, Optical digital output, Audio output and Headphone output. There's also built in Wifi, which works fine.

--[ Picture Quality ]--

HD Picture quality is truly stunning - Colours are vibrant and accurate, with the best black levels I've seen on an LED television. SD upscaled quality is also good and there's a variety of picture options for fine tuning picture quality. Backlight uniformity is very good with no noticeable light bleeding or clouding. There is some slight DSE (Dirty Screen Effect) noticeable when watching football, which all LED TV's suffer from, but It's not overly problematic on this set and generally doesn't spoil viewing experience. Viewing angles are average and don't seem quite as good as my LG 42LN575V Smart TV, with contrast and colour suffering at 45 degrees and beyond. A slight blue hue is also noticeable which is somewhat annoying. Response time is good, keeping motion blur to a minimum and easily good enough to watch fast paced sports and performs fine for the footy. Sony included "LED Motion Mode", which is available in the settings, but you lose so much brightness it's essentially pointless unless you're viewing in a totally darkened room.

Gamers should be impressed with the TV's impressive low input lag (14ms) and additional game modes that offer a more accurate colour palette. PS4 games look incredible.

Sound quality is average, but generally it's no different to most other slim TV's. I find it adequate and slightly better than the LG.

--[ Smart TV Features ]--

This is the second smart TV I own, with LG 42LN575V being my first Smart TV experience, which I was impressed with.

Here, you are greeted with an interestingly simple UI flavor, offering a stylish yet clean interface. Navigation is generally straightforward using the supplied standard remote. Sony also includes the One Touch Pad Smart Remote, which is OK, but unlike the LG smart remote, there's no cursor navigation, so you have to scroll through the menus using the touchpad, which can sometimes be slow and frustrating. LG smart TV's offer cursor navigation when using the LG smart remote or smartphone apps, allowing for much quicker, accurate and easier navigation between menus. I also prefer the actual interface of the LG, although Samsung offers the best designed interface overall.

Sony have a fully loaded and very nicely designed smartphone app called TV SideView available on Android (which I'm using) & iPhone, where you can browse TV (TV guide), Recordings, Home Network Content, Social News feeds and use it as a remote to control the TV. The remote control is designed well, offering a standard remote layout, scroll touchpad, cursor touchpad, app list and web URL address bar. The cursor touchpad is used within the browser, but it would be great if sony could expand this function to control all of the TV's menus. Based on UI design, Sony's app trounces LG's much less refined offering, but because LG uses a cursor touchpad for menu navigation, it's more of a pleasure to use.

A few mainstream catch up services are available, Like iPlayer and 5OD, but you won't yet find 4OD or ITV player here, as those are exclusive to Samsung TV's. The usual video-on-demand apps are available, like lovefilm and Netflix. Amazon instant video is there, but not yet working (as of may 2014). Other popular media and social apps are available, like youtube, facebook and twitter etc. There's also a decent selection of other apps which can be downloaded from the Sony app store.

The web browser (which took me a while to find in the app list) is based on Opera, but it is very basic and limited. The current version does not include any flash lite plugins or HTML5, so don't expect to do much here. Both LG and Samsung include browsers based on Chrome that offer flash lite and HTML5 support. It seems the browser here was not important to Sony, which is disappointing.

Home Network DLNA media streaming is OK, but not great. All of my NAS shares (via Twonkymedia) are detected and all of my MKV movies are nicely listed in a thumbnail viewer on the TV, which looks great, but it seems to be a lottery whether one will work. Even with those that play fine, there's an unsupported content message constantly displayed at the bottom. I think this TV can't cope with higher bitrate 1080p MKV's, which is frustrating, considering the same movies play fine on my LG.

--[ Conclusion]--

Overall, It's a stylish TV with fantastic picture quality and great for gaming. If Sony work to improve it's Smart TV functionality, media compatibility, and overall usability, we'll have the ultimate TV. At the moment though, I'd recommend this for those looking for the best picture quality and gaming TV, but the LG for those requiring better DLNA media compatibility, web browser implementation and viewing angles. I have yet to fully test Samsung's Smart TV features, but reviews are very favourable and so they're probably worth checking out.
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on 19 January 2015
This is a good TV and there should be no doubt about that. I think perhaps many reviewers have their own favourite TV makes. Whether this Sony TV is the best in its class may be more to do with a less objective view point but I think it can be very reasonable to say that this is at least one of the best in its class. And by class I mean a 42 inch or thereabouts smart LED TV for just over £400.
This is a very good price for a TV like this. The HD is very good and the SD is not all at bad once you get the settings right. I think that those reviewers who has criticised the SD picture may not have spent enough time adjusting their set and lets face it SD will never get close to HD so don't expect it. The adjustment possibilities on this TV are very extensive. At least 25 separate picture settings as well as `standard' vivid' and `custom' setting options and then there are `cinema' `sports', `animation' `games' `music' `photo' `graphic' and `general' settings all of which can have individual settings! These can be set differently for different inputs. For example if you watch a Freeview film, and you have it on the `auto' scene setting then the TV changes automatically to a different setting for `cinema', and if watch a sporting program it automatically changes again to a `sports' mode. And of course changes back to a general TV program setting when you change channel etc. So getting all these settings as you want them is important to get a good picture for different visual situations and not letting the TV processor make decisions for you that don't suit your preferences.
It has been mentioned else where that this TV is slow to boot up. Here's the FACTS. Switch on from cold and the last selected channel comes on in less than 5 seconds but you have to wait another 35 seconds before the set will respond to remote commands. However the manual controls, situated on the lower back right hand side of the set, do operate instantly. Switch on from standby and it is better and immediately responsive but only if the set has been off for no more than 5 or 10 minutes. Once fully booted you can flip channels normally and any reviewer saying the TV freezers after several flips must have a faulty TV as this is not a normal feature and does not occur on my set.
The navigation of options and settings can be more convoluted than is desirable. Requiring multiple key presses and scrolls to get what you want. However, with so many options to choose from then inevitable there has to be lots of possible scrolling etc.
Criticism of the sound I feel is a bit unjustified for a slim LED TV. Considering only 8 watts per channel this TV has a lot of punch. Again sound adjustments, which are various and input differentiated, needs some time to get it as you want it. Up to half total volume, which is I feel more than adequate for a normal living room environment, the sound is very good. Beyond that some distortion starts to occur which becomes unacceptable at max volume but I can't think why anyone would want to listen at that level unless they were near deaf or wanted to annoy neighbours! The sound is not only loud enough but it has good clarity up to mid volume. Again, get the settings right first.
Another criticism I have read is the viewing angle. There is nothing unusual here and at 178 degrees it is fine and as good as you are likely to get in this class.
It has an external transformer power pack and the lead is 2 meters long and plugs into the right hand side of the set looking from the front. You might want to bear this in mind.
The stand is made of a strong solid polished alloy and does its job well enough and looks stylish. There is only 6.5 centimetres clearance between the bottom edge of the viewing screen and the surface on which it stands. Not enough for a sound bar without blocking the remote IR receiver. Separate sound settings for wall mounted and table top positioned. On top of all this the TV is supposed to adapt the picture to the ambient lighting. Haven't really noticed this but that does mean it is not there.
Initial set up is straight forward as is fitting the stand. The instruction book that comes with it is very thick although this is only because it is in so many different languages. Basically it is useless and tells you virtually nothing. However the i. manual, accessible through the TV, covers all you want to know but maybe not quite enough for technical buffs. I suspect there may be some omissions in it. For example, initially I could not find `picture in picture' not that it needs much instruction. Oddly, the P in P and P and P are not found in the `setting' menu as one might expect but are under the `options' menu from the remote. P and P are flexible and easy to use.
I initially had a problem trying to adjust settings when viewing from my DVD recorder input (HDMI 2) as it kept switching to the DVD setting screen and not letting me access the TV settings for that HDMI input. (By choice I had linked the TV and the DVD recorder). I found that with the DVD image on screen, by first pressing `i.manual' then `home' on the remote, I got into settings and anything else I wanted, although not `options', (eg P and P are under `options' and I cant access that when viewing DVD input without having to switch back to TV mode first and then select P and P and then change main view to DVD input. A bit of a convoluted drag!).
An irritation for me is that there is no standby light that stays on, so with the TV off you wouldn't know whether it is in standby or switched off. As the standby power consumption is so low, (power saving is another user adjustment), I guess leaving it in standby is expected and I think unless you do then you may get the full EPG up date. That said, initially I only get about 36 hours ahead EPG when first turned on. Once the set has been on for an hour or two I have the full 8 day EPG guide for nearly all channels although there are still odd gaps that seem to need longer to get the info. This then happens again the next day, so I had lost EPG data! I have asked Sony about this and surprise surprise their answer is turn it off at the mains, wait a minute and then turn it on again and do a factory reset and retune the channels. My suspicion is that the respondent Googled the problem and repeated what other users had blogged. I certainly found that advice on line. Incidentally it didn't work. Not really a problem for my set up as my Panasonic DVD recorder always has the full EPG and I use that to program recording ahead. The actual Sony EPG has fast navigation and clear well displayed information. There is the option of selecting `Search and Guide' and this gives internet downloaded extra information on programs and always has the full 8 day ahead data from the outset. Again irritatingly the format between the two guide options is different. One horizontal the other vertical. It could have helped continuity of usage for the formats to have been the same. Sound from currently selected channel remains on while using the EPG but there is no thumbnail picture as well, just a vague greyed-out image in the background.
There is no SD slot but there are USB 2 slots that are easy to access on the side.
I have plugged in my digital camera, to the HDMI 1 slot, and the pictures are fine with usual controls through the TV remote. I am not a `gamer' so can not comment on games use at all. Wi Fi internet set up was easy and again I hardly use movie downloads or apps so I can't really offer much comment on them at this stage. However responses seemed fine. There appeared to be a vast number of available apps most of which seemed obscure to me. Netflix is directly accessible from the remote.
In summary then this TV has an excellent picture and good sound for average use. All of which you have extensive control over. It looks smart in my view and can be bought for a very reasonable price. John Lewis are equal on price plus you get a 5 year guarantee. There are a few down sides particularly the slow boot up and the EPG if that proves to be common to other users but can't be sure of that. It is versatile and reasonably suited to current day usage. I would not hesitate to recommend purchase.

I have now found that after turning on from cold you can operate the volume and channel up/down buttons on the remote without waiting the 40 seconds for full remote operation. The TV will respond as long as you let the station banner to first load which only takes a few seconds.
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