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on 17 May 2014
I bought this more to keep an eye on something going on with my cats while I'm out of the house or sleeping, but once I've done that I'll be more than happy to keep it going as a security camera for the house. I set it up (or so I thought) the first day it got here, I'd bought a memory card at the same time and was lucky they both arrived on the same day. I let it run the rest of the evening and over night and just tried to play it and only got sound, no picture at all. Slightly worried I looked around the web a little (the instructions aren't great, but it's so simple they don't really need to be). Turns out I just needed a free bit of software to play the actual videos as the file type isn't compatible with Media Player or Real Player. Go here: [...] and download the free software. I did this and seems to work a treat now.

I'd have liked to have given it 4.5 stars because the camera really is easy to use and set up, but the instructions should have made it clear you needed that one tiny bit of software to be able to play the videos. It took me just 5 minutes to get it going after I got that software. I gave it a 30 second trial run just to try it and it worked perfectly this time, so now it's back where I want it to film properly.
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on 1 September 2014
Pros: Quality build and very good indoor .3gp daylight and night vision footage.
Cons: Short usb/mains lead which restricts where you can place the camera. Won't shoot night footage through glass. Not great for covert recording at night as the flashing blue recording light is extremely bright and the night vision LEDs glow bright red.
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on 24 August 2015
IMPORTANT- this is not in the instructions.
Push the `SD Card` in metal facing upwards, then spin the Camera round, the camera surround holds the S.D. card in position.
Place the camera at the top of the wall facing downwards at an angle.
An USB extension is needed.
After filming, place the extension into the U.S.B. port.on your P.C.
Download V.L.C. free software.
V.L.C. boots up when the U.S.B. connector is placed into the port.
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on 18 April 2014
Suggest you follow these tips to install simply (the instructions aren't too good!):

Load [...] and follow instructions.

Click Download icon at top of screen.

Click Time Setting for DVRCam(C802,C808,C901,C902) and follow instructions.

Click 3GP Player(Solution for no picture only noise) and follow instructions.

When reading / watching the result from the Micro SD card on your computer, open the video folder – you will need to click ‘Open Folder’ from the bottom of the screen.

Note: without the 3GP Player you will probably only get sound and no vision.

Remember, the device will strt to overwrite previous recordings if runs out of space on Micro SD card, so check and download if you want to keep a recording.

The results are excellent sound and vision – 5 out of 5 for this piece of good quality kit.
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We have using this device for about 3 weeks now and I am ready to feedback the experience.

Pro/Con – General design – This is a static camera so once you have found the position it stays there. Adjusting the position really couldn’t be easier as you can just twist around until you get it right. I really like the fact this device records straight to SD, I specifically didn’t want a networked camera due to cyber security reasons. However, the SD slot is quite deep so I found that I had to get something to poke the SD card in until it latched on. This also leads to the other fun problem that the spring on the SD latch seems unusually strong so one slip up and you have pinged the tiny SD card across the room. Be sure you have got the SD into the slot as you can miss the card slot and insert directly into the camera casing (you can get it out with therapeutic swearing and needle nose pliers). I know other people have mentioned the LED’s and I personally don’t think the IR LED’s are particularly bright (I have taken a picture of this device next to a red LED to show the brightness difference). The blue recording LED however is irritatingly bright but this can be partially resolved with some strategically place duct/masking tape. Whoever in the company decided that a 1 metre cable length was a good idea needs to be beaten with a rolled up document of all the reasons this was not a good idea. Yes it is very easily resolved by getting an USB extension cable but it is an unnecessary aggravation for such a simple design fix.

Con – Software – We only intended to have this record and then occasionally check the footage by SD. However the instructions indicate there is a way to hook this device to the computer. Unfortunately, all the links given for the software were dead and after a lot of fiddling with two different computers (win 7 & win 10) I didn’t get the computer link up working. I did manage to get the configuration text file on to the SD card but that was it. NOTE – The device will still record to SD without the computer interface.

Pro - Performance – Ultimately the true test of this device is how well it records video and sound. Luckily this is where I have had no problems. I had expected the night vision to be pretty bad for the price but actually it performs surprisingly well. The recording is quite smart that it records one image per second until there is movement then it ramps up to 25 frames per second. This is a great idea as this saves space on the SD card. I found that after a week’s use the space taken up was roughly 8gb so a 32gb card should easily cover two week’s worth of data. Also the device records on a rolling basis so it will start to over write the oldest files when it reaches the 32gb limit. The video it records is 3GP format which is an old phone video format but this can be watched using the legendary VLC media player (free and open source). If you do not use VLC you may find either picture or sound won’t work due to the software (codecs) on your PC.

This product has some irritating features but at its current price point I would be very surprised if it didn’t. Ultimately the device does work and once you have done the initial set up you are unlikely to do anymore fiddling (and swearing, muttered curses about hardware designers and short cables etc). So the initial irritations balance out the low price point to create a little bargain of a security camera which, eventually, does what it says on the tin.
review image review image review image review image
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on 4 March 2015
Great little camera, wire a bit short but works with extension lead to normal socket. Daytime picture and sound great. Picture not so good at night.
Records in batches of 30mins and I can click through them fairly quickly or fast forward more slowly if want to see all everything recorded. Intended to leave on all the time, but I just switch on at the plug when I am going out and then turn it off when I get back. Date is OK but time was not accurate form the start and needs to be reset online from website. I just speak the time as I am going out or coming back for now till I get round to sorting it out. Does the job for very little money.
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on 24 April 2016
Used as a upgrade to night vision with motionEye software being run on a raspberry pi 3. Works well with no problems as far as I can tell except for the IR leds that don't work when used as a webcam (not tried the standalone yet). Button at top needs to be pressed when connected to start it then the software will pick it up.
Will need a external IR light source for it to work correctly.
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on 23 May 2014
I tried a 64GB card but it as it states, its not supported. 32GB works fine, Very easy to use and set up which is good because the instructions are for the outdoor camera.

1. Insert the SD card.
2. Plug the camera into your PC.
3. Download the time setting software and run it once to set the time/date.
4. Unplug from the PC into the power supply and it will start recording automatically. (The blue light on top blinks every 2 seconds)
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on 9 January 2015
Excellent product....can be fiddly to remove SD card when camera attached to wall and It can fire across room if you not careful.
Also to remove SD card you may have to twist camera position to get to slot in which case some well placed lines on the 3 front sections appear necessary.....did it myself. Easy to set up. Excellent video on best setting and excellent audio
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on 6 November 2014
Good quality picture and sound. Setting the correct time was a nightmare, better instructions needed, therefore only 4 stars. Believe software as to be downloaded to the micro SD card in the device, not the C drive.
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