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on 2 August 2017
OK where do I start? I loved the idea but is it bad acting or a terrible script that at times lets this down badly. I think its the script because I think the acting especially from Miles, Sebastian and Tom (the main baddies/goodies who keep changing sides but are really against the patriots as well) and Charlie is ace. Rachel however, I cannot stand how she has an endless smirk like almost smile no matter what the situation is. She has the same indifferent smirk when you'd think in reality she would be happier, shocked, sad, upset....and the script is making her out to be always right when she clearly isn't. SPOILER! = ie when she whined and did her condescending i'm right holier than though smirk and said to let the brainwashed lad go, then the same lad was the one that was going to kill the president of texas and got the very nice Jason killed. Why didn't anyone remind her she did that, why is it ok for her to kill but when someone else decides the plan involves killing then they aren't being "nice"!! So really - and the Austin trip shows no sensible tactics when they are supposed to be army like and clever - why do they split up when it obviously would be better to be in pairs to protect each other and why have Jason go off on his own when they know there would be patriots in the crowd who may know him and knowing Jason was brainwashed and could be "activated" and what use is it having him go off on his own to find possible youth recruits from Willoughby when he isn't from the town Willoughby so how would he be able to recognise anyone, it just doesn't make any sense at all and when Charlie saw him suspiciously go off, why didn't she go get the others and restrain him rather than kill him, and why didn't she just shoot him where he wouldn't get killed as she had done to so many before.

It seems the main characters escape the most ridiculous deaths but everyone else is expendable. no spoiler here as no point naming individual occasions because there are too many times that the many few character escape slashes bullets and not eating in a hole for days....

I tried really really hard to like this but not enough was made of how the techno could help the goodies overcome the baddies and yes re other reviews here I agree how come there's a limitless supply of bullets and just the odd bit of blood or dirt and they seem to be able to go on as if they are getting 3 meals a day, lotsa sleep and drink, doesn't add up.

Anyway noticed series 1 not on prime anymore so gotta watch the last 2 episodes of series 2 before it gets removed, ploughing through to the end in case it has a sensible end, and please someone remind Rachel that when they do what she says innocent people get killed and could the script get her to show emotion that isn't a self sanctimonious smirk- please - just once!! I'm hoping the nanites will bring back Jason and others so gotta watch now!!!
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on 11 December 2014
Excellent family entertainment. Good story lines, strong characters, exciting action, plenty of violence but not too graphic. It's also refreshing to watch something that isn't littered with obscene language or relies on over-explicit sex to grab attention.
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on 11 July 2017
This show will not progress beyond it's second season and although the mix of sci-fi and survival Americana style could have been a winner, it somehow fell a bit flat. The brave band of survivors are based pretty much on the Walking Dead template but less interesting and believable. The baddies are more interesting but seldom seem to succeed in spite of enjoying hugely overwhelming odds. Must be down to their terrible aim as they appear unable to hit a barn door while the good guys and girls hit the target every time. Each episode passes the time pleasantly enough but in the end the series fails to really engage in the way that WD does. One comment, I know that we are not expecting reality here but in spite of humanity being plunged into a pre-industrial world and the characters often walking for weeks with little food - everyone looks very well groomed, gorgeous and well fed with an amazing ability to recover in minutes savage beatings and terrible falls. Perhaps these series need to be e mite more "real" ?.
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on 26 February 2016
I cannot seriously believe they have cancelled this. For a start there are loads of ways that people can begin to generate electricity and plenty of story lines around that.
The only thing about this was the random sci-fi storyline. I wasn't expecting all that with the Nano. I could have lived without it BUT that said, it opens up more story lines. I would have happily kept watching this for several more seasons. Two just isn't enough.
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on 18 April 2015
Definitely worth buying although there are only two seasons! I love this series. It is such a shame America cuts off so many good quality series like this-don't they realise how much money they could make just out of the DVDs! Well perhaps they do and that's the whole point. Shame. Sorry I digress, excellent viewing, I recommend it!
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on 12 February 2016
Having watched Series One I just assumed this was an apolocalyptic cowboy series...modern day Bonanza...something to while away in the background while doing other things. But no...from episode 4 onwards...this is every political 'conspiracy theorists' or person who has studied international politics at Post-Graduate level's dream. Looking forward to Series 3!
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on 12 October 2017
One of the best acted sci-fi series with some of the best plot lines and themes ever produced on t.v. or cinema. Absolute shame series three was never produced - so for that reason it feels slightly incomplete at the end - as if you are watching a mile race and it ends after 1000 metres instead of going the whole 1600 metres. And still it's for me the best sci-fi series ever.
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on 14 August 2015
Its not glossy and sanitised like most American shows. It is gritty and honest. Great acting and production. I guess it is too strong for most Americans. They like pulling good shows. The size opf the audience is more important than the quality. But then again sometimes its better when a series is limited with a definite ending. Anyway I love it.
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on 24 October 2016
Loved this series! Gutted it ended after only 2 seasons it could have been one of the greats! Going to miss "Bass" especially kind of adore him, I guess that doesn't say much for my taste in men haha oh well =)
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on 29 October 2015
An enjoyable enough season. It is slow moving in places and the story line seems to stretch credulity a bit but it it is still worth watching.
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