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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 August 2014
Ok i am giving this a 5 star not because it is perfect in every single way as nothing ever is! Because of its value for money, build quality, features and picture quality.

- Excellent reduced blue levels. Now if you are using a monitor for more than 3 hours a day this is a definite plus as it offers an excellent range of reduced blue light levels which is very kind for your eyes.
- Central rear ports. Easy access and tidy as your wires hang straight down behind the neck of the monitor
- Awesome non reflective matte finish with excellent viewing angles.
- Great non flicker refresh rate which makes my second HP monitor look awful in comparison
- No crazy auto adjustments which i have seen on other monitors - it just works!
- 4mm edge to the monitor, not as minimal as pictured but still a super slim bezel
- Very sturdy and a perfect weight to not be too heavy to move but not too light to wobble around.
- Really nice finish to the back and front. Looks really high quality
- Very solid in its build
- small power pack
- very low power

Cons (these are minor, if they were a problem i would lower the rating)
- The phone stand is a little pointless in my opinion, if it had an integrated iphone charger i would use it! but i just forget its there.
- Integrated speakers, all monitors with integrated speakers are poor, even £1000+ LED TVs have poor integrated speakers compared to what you get with a simple 2.1 or 5.1 sound system. I'm happy that the option is there as many monitors don't offer anything but don't be blown away by the sound quality, Its ok at best - there is no bass and the channel quality is basic so just buy some cheap speakers with a sub. Don't take notice of the people giving poor reviews due to sound quality, It's a monitor you're buying after all not a sound system!
- The buttons on the monitor are on a touch pad in the lower right of the monitor - they are a little difficult to use as you don't know where to touch to use the buttons, so you are kind of guessing. They work fine but i would prefer an outline as to where the touch of each button ends
- No option for dual or triple monitor mounts
- No screen rotation, just tilt adjustment offered (which isn't a problem due to the size of the thing!)
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on 2 February 2015
Very good monitor for photos, films and sexy graphics, not so good for hardcore gamers. This monitor has a 60hz refresh rate which is good enough for most gamers, and a 4ms response time which is also faster than most mainstream monitors.

The MASSIVE gripe I have about this monitor and BenQ as a company is the huge misrepresentation in the photos of this advert. The photos show the monitor's image spreading right to the edge of the bezel giving a stunning impression that the image is floating... This is NOT the case in reality. There IS a noticeable frame around the image that is part of the panel, as in the active pixels do not reach the very edge. This is very very naughty of BenQ to showcase their product in this way and I know I'm not the first to complain about this. If it wasn't for this misrepresentation, then I would definitely give it 5 stars!
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on 18 October 2014
Having restricted desk space, initially the lack of bezel on the 24" struck me right away. So I read as many comparison reviews as I could find before buying.
Although the visible bezel is only a couple of millimetres thick, in practice the display area only goes to 5mm from the bezel making 7mm in use, but the displayed diagonal is 61mm / 24".

First a gripe. The power lead supplied is a C13 D type PC / Kettle plug which does not fit the power supply. What is required is a C5 cloverleaf laptop type. Other reviewers have previously noted this. A replacement was not a problem though being covered by Amazon. (Interestingly the graphics of the power supply and lead in the manual show both to be the C13 D type).

Also included was an HDMI lead and MHL cable. No D sub or audio leads provided.

In use the quick start guide could be improved, as more information is required for easy initial use.
It is worth reading the full manual on the CD before changing to this monitor as you need to understand the touch buttons to set the cable input to even get a display. The auto select sound source did not detect the PC input, I had to set it manually, even after resetting the factory default volume up from zero.

The touch sensitive buttons are excellent and easy to use, (if you can see where they are). On / off is a tiny manual push button under the bottom right.

The low blue light function initially takes some getting used to, making everything seem a bit yellow & washed out. But you very quickly get used to it. Easy to switch on / off from the touch panel for correct colour rendering when required. It certainly seems to reduce eyestrain if like me you spend a good part of the day at your monitor.
The preset 100% brightness I found way too much but easy to adjust once you understand the touch controls. There is also a utility included on the CD called Display Pilot with a wizard option for easy setup. Do be sure to install the specific BenQ driver from the CD as Windows will just install a generic one.

Once set up the display is absolutely excellent, crisp & clear with high contrast and exceptionally wide viewing angles, (all when compared to the 20" 4x3 Samsung it replaced, also running at 1920x1080).
Also excellent is no evidence of any dead pixels, which is unusual as there are normally a few.

As noted by others, the speakers are pretty abysmal but this may be due in part to them being rear facing. If it is important, you will probably already have a separate sound system.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. Stylish, well made and not at all flimsy like most.

At the price I paid (£139.99) it is an absolute no brainer. Full 5 Stars from me, I would definitely give more if I could, and it really is that good.
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on 5 October 2015
I don't normally write reviews but for this monitor, I had to make an exception.

No complaints about this monitor. It's great, actually better than great, it's one of the best purchased monitor I've made. Everything about it, from the looks, input, picture quality, sound, etc. You won't regret it.
review image
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on 11 August 2014
I decided on the 24inch model after a long drawn out think about 24 vs 27. Real glad I went for the 24; it's just the right size for my desk. Picture quality with Mac and PS3 are superb at this price-point and I highly recommend this model! Must note that the first 2 sent had the wrong plug, but spoke with Amazon on the phone, they deducted 10% off and i just bought the cloverleaf plug from a local shop for £4.99. Also called BenQ and it seems like a dodgy batch was sent to Amazon... Couldn't drop a star for this though, as the monitor is just what I was looking for and great value for money.
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on 13 January 2016
This is the second screen to match my other one for my gaming PC, never fails in quality or performance. Great price with a good build and sound quality go to with it.
review image review image
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on 23 July 2014
I received my EW2440L monitor today from a different website,lets start with the biggest bad point,first it came with wrong type of mains power lead to the monitor power adaptor ie came with your standard 3 pin PSU/Monitor mains lead rather then C5 cloverleaf mains lead (3 pin but rounded pins)which is what the AC power adaptor needs,lucky for me I had one lying around from my Samsung laptop ,you can get them from Amazon or Ebay for about £1.60 to 3 quid.

I advised Amazon to check that the right type of mains power leads come in the box for future customers,if not report the issue to BenQ.

Screen quality is excellent,I calibrated mine via SpyderExpress calibration tool.Box does come with HDMI and VGA cables.
Blacks are great so are viewing angles,colours are good as well.No dead pixels on mine but I paid for pixel check.

I have done some gaming and had no issues even with FPS games online with AMVA set to high.

Do note no DVI connection on monitor,only HDMI,VGA,HDMI-MHL.

Monitor controls are touch type,make sure you set AMA to high for gaming(default setting) and reduce brightness from 100 default setting(way too high).
I find brightness around 30 to 35 and contrast 40 to 50 better via HDMI.

Overall happy with mine .
Hope this quick review helps.
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on 7 January 2015
Monitor was supplied with wrong power cable.
review image
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on 4 February 2017
I use this monitor as my primary display for gaming, multimedia, web browsing, MS office work, and light programs. It is a fantastic display at 1080p/60hz and has all the necessary outputs like HDMI, VGA, and display ports. I currently use HDMI over VGA due to quality improvement straight from my graphics card. My only problems with this monitor is the audio quality since the speakers are rather poor. I do not use the onboard monitor menu that much but it works okay though could be improved with real buttons and more clear description of which button to press for what menu. What I mainly use it for is gaming which works like charm and was a stunning improvement over my 19inch 720p display I originally had. Would not trade this for any other 1080p display. I love the thin bezels and managed to get this for a decent price of 120 pounds when the price was low before it became popular. Now the cost has gone up. My original monitor was also BenQ so I trust this brand and it is not quite as expensive as its competitors like Asus and Acer, etc. Even has a slot to hold your phone, situated on the monitor stand, if you are doing that. Good for a first budget-oriented display if you are happy with 1080p/60hz and don't do any competitive gaming or highly intensive software programming etc. If you want the fastest refresh rates and the highest resolutions then look elsewhere. However for the price I paid at the time and the technical specifications of the monitor I would say this is a darn good bargain. Rated 5 stars and would buy again if there's a price drop for a triple monitor set-up. I suggested this monitor to two of my friends and they both got it for their gaming rigs. I would highly recommend this monitor and manufacturer to any one looking for a solid 1080p monitor. Great stuff and 10/10, will buy again in the future! :) Great work BenQ!!
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on 13 December 2015
I've got three of these on my desktop and because of the borderless surround at the top and sides, these fit together providing and almost seamless, extended, desktop experience.

I don't use them for flight simulation or gaming but I do use them so I can extend my work area when using Photoshop or doing multiple remote desktop connections to be able to compare settings on different servers.

The screen is bright but mellow and so my eyes are never strained. There are a number of presets that you can choose from to best suit whatever you are using the monitor for but the default setting suits me fine.
Controls are at the bottom and are all touch sensitive, so turning on and off is just swipe of the finger.

VGA, HDMI and DVI connectors are located at the back and not underneath, so connecting cables is very easy although this might make them less easily pushed flush against a wall.

Power supply is in two parts with the connector to the motor being a small silver round holed plug which leads to a power regulator box which in turn has a power lead with a standard UK plug.

NB. I have purchased about 7 of these in total. 3 for myself and 4 for customers. One was shipped with a major fault which was a 2 inch thick vertical line going from top of screen to bottom of screen. This was clearly a fault and whilst the item was returned without question, it did make me question the quality control.

That said, nothing is perfect and so based on all my other screens, I still give this product 5 stars.
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