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on 25 February 2014
Having grown up in a household of clumsy and ham-fisted cavemen, I succeeded in continuing the family tradition of witless destruction by damaging my laptop beyond repair. The old bastard's departure caused little grief, however, as the machine was starting to remind me of my father; incompetent, slow and obnoxiously loud. Fortunately, laptops are not like unwanted fathers, in that they can be easily replaced (I've tried adoption, believe me).

After hours browsing, (and the realisation that I was much too tight-arsed for a macbook) I settled on this little cretin for my web-browsing and time-wasting needs. Delivery was swift and competent, which is more than can be said for many of Amazon's deliverers (S***tylink, I'm looking at you). More importantly, the computer was neatly packaged in sturdy corrugated cardboard, and came completely unblemished.

But the real juicy bits came when I whipped it out and gave it a wangle. And boy did it wangle. Part metallic, part plastic, the build of this chump is sturdier than a body-building ox in a brick s***house. The only gripe I have is that the keyboard bends ever so slightly when typing.

The screen is bright and crisp as a clear winter's dawn. It's not quite a thousand suns, but it's certainly bright enough (with the minor issue of power saving when unplugged - but this can be easily turned off). There is quite a chunky margin (not distractingly so, but there nonetheless), but I suppose this comes with having a touch screen. Speaking of which, the touch is responsive and smooth, like running your fingers through warm cream or swimming in the Greek Mediterranean.

If you have apprehensions over windows 8, I don't think the touch could really work without it. Thankfully this baby comes with 8.1 installed, meaning you have a simple 7-style desktop once you navigate past the "start" menu. Operating 8.1 is best likened to undoing a woman's bra - unnecessarily fiddly at first, but with practice one hand is all you need. Once you get to grips with the whole affair, things really do show themselves to be intuitive and clumsily fun. I'm usually more cynical than a depressed librarian, but I must say I'm being slowly won over by this latest entry by Microsoft. Whether this speaks for the machine rather than the OS, I simply cannot say as I have avoided Win 8 like the plague up until now.

The three "modes" lenovo offers may all have their uses for others, but in my experience the "tent" mode is a pointless distraction. Moreover, the tablet mode does leave the keyboard exposed, but I shouldn't think this will be a problem - this sweetheart is built to take a pounding.

Web browsing is fast, especially considering the snail-pace internet that BT so gracefully provides to us country bumpkins. One annoyance I had was Macaffee, which proved itself to be the fat cousin on a family walk, slowing everything down and pissing me off to no end. As with slow cousins, I recommend immediate culling of Macafee to speed things up considerably.

Finally, a few quick points to round things off and bring an end to this dull prose:

-The speakers surprised me with their quality, which was quite pleasant as I hadn't intended for anything too brilliant. They function well even though mounted on the underside.
-Does get a little warm, and I'm sure the speaker outlets are the only cooling outlets. Stood on a desk on its little rubber feet, this machine should be fine, but I would stick to browsing if it's perching on your lap (no HD pornos or gaming sessions).
-Keyboard can be a little tight if coming from a desktop, but this is a little baby; size considering, the keys are well spaced.
-Trackpad isn't the best, but with the touchscreen navigating is a breeze.

Overall, this bullet bastard is a real cracker. Sturdy, powerful and at the price of 499, well worth the money. I have no doubt that, as the name suggests, this sleek chap will bend over backwards for you.

EDIT (12th April 2014):

As with most products, the true pros and cons of this laptop have become apparent after some weeks' usage. I'll aim to give a comprehensive list of the problems and unexpected benefits of this laptop in the two lists below:


- I have come to notice that, especially when using Google Chrome, black squares will appear in the display when the mode is switched, e.g. from tablet to laptop. This is not enough to make it a nuisance, and they pop out fairly quickly.
- The trackpad can be bloody annoying. The cursor will sometimes drift or not follow what you want it to do. Seeing as the laptop mode is what I mostly use it for, this can be annoying. Be aware, however, that the times this has happened are few and far between (once or twice a week).
- There are a few niggling features that I had to turn off, but then I am an impatient and simple minded man. For one, I had to turn off some mouse pad features, such as swiping (when swiping in from the right of the mouse pad, a settings menu will appear on the right side of the screen. This is mostly the OS's fault)


- The keyboard is one of the best I've typed on, for a laptop (certainly does not beat a good mechanical keyboard, which are one of the most gracious inventions on God's otherwise sh**ty earth). It is almost as good as a Mac laptop keyboard.
- THERE ARE LIGHT SENSORS AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN. When I discovered this feature I was giddy as a little boy. They cause the screen to adjust brightness depending on the ambient lighting - dark, and the screen will darken, bright and the back-light will get brighter to counter-act this. As I say I am simple minded, so I found this space age tech some what awe inspiring.
- Tablet mode is as sexy as ever. Easy to use, except for small buttons like the close or minimise ones, but a stylus will help with that.

Overall I would still recommend the little chum, and my score of 9/10 still stands. Maybe 8.8. I dunno.
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on 8 May 2014
The hard drive that came in mine was a Western Digital Blue UltraSlim (5mm) hard disk with an obscure non-standard SATA connector called SFF-8784. Very disappointed by this as no drives are available with the connector so the drive cannot easily be replaced with a faster SSD. The performance can be poor at times with the standard HDD (I am used to using SSDs at home and work).

I bought this over the Yoga 11s because the Pentium processor apparently uses less power and scored a little higher on than the i3 (3rd gen or 4th gen). I planned on replacing the HDD with a much faster SSD.

The Yoga 2 11 sometimes comes with a 500GB Seagate drive with a standard SATA connector so it may be possible to buy the spare part with the correct SATA connector from Lenovo. I will update the review if I have any success with this (see below).

As for the laptop itself - first impression is that it is neat. I was worried that the 360 folding was going to be a little gimmicky but it is very convenient. Windows 8.1 works really well with a touchscreen and I'm happy I can fold the keyboard out of the way and go into touchscreen only mode. It is particularly comfortable to rest on your lap in stand-mode as the screen can be adjusted to the preferred angle, rather than with a tablet where you have to hold it upright.

I love that I can use it as a tablet on the sofa in front of the TV for browsing the web and whatnot but can also install regular Windows desktop apps and flip the keyboard back around if I need to do anything more involved.

The hinges on the screen are nice and stiff and the build quality generally feels quite good although the keyboard is a bit flimsy to the point where it moves in and out when I type.



I have installed a Saumsung 840 EVO 2.5" SSD by purchasing the standard SATA cable which some of these laptops come with. The part is listed in the maintenance manual as "Vienna HDD Cable SEAGET - Part Number: 90204934". I got it from the official Lenovo parts website ( for around 10 euros including delivery and it took around a week to arrive from Germany. The original drives in the Yoga 2 11 are 5mm thick but the Samsung is 8mm which is more common. It fits perfectly fine and the installation was quite simple.


The laptop is performing much better with the SSD and overall I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend it (so long as the buyer is prepared to upgrade to SSD). I will update my review to 4 stars but not 5 since I am still annoyed about the nonstandard connector and the keyboard is a little flimsy in parts.
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on 10 November 2014
(one week after purchase)

I'll just start by saying that this is a fantastic piece of hardware. Very compact and light, fantastic battery (will last a minimum of 3 hours on a full battery, usually around 4), a processor that will chug through pretty much anything, and the Intel graphics are great for getting around Windows 8's interface and will run low to medium intensity applications nicely (basically, anything that is less demanding than a 3D game). The laptop also stays pretty cool too, just warming up a tad occasionally when I play football manager, but no where near as hot as I've previously experienced with pretty much every laptop I've ever used, which is amazing considering how thin it is and how it doesn't seem to have any fans on the chassis! (did I mention how quiet it is too?)

The keyboard is lovely to type with, and the touch screen is really nice and responsive too. I would have really fancied a 1600x900 screen and would've paid an extra 50 quid for it but I suppose for 11.6 inches, the resolution is expected. I changed the hard drive for a 240GB SSD which has really made it sharp along with the CPU and the 4 gigs of ram - starts up and shuts down very quickly, along with loading programs. I'm sure it would've been fine with the original hard drive but I'm just a bit of an SSD fanatic.

Of course the standout feature of this laptop is the unique way in which it can change modes. I can safely say the tent mode is a bit weird and I won't ever be using it (why would you have it like that when you can have it stand mode? It takes up the same area) but it works really nicely as a normal laptop and also as a tablet as advertised - you just flip the screen over, the keyboard disables, and there you just have a touch screen.

This is however, where my gripes with Windows 8 start (I can't say too much about it as this a review for the laptop, not the OS).
Tablet mode is really held back by the fact that the Windows 8 on screen keyboard takes up the whole lower half of the screen and is unnecessarily big - and the amazing thing is, there is absolutely no way to make it smaller! No options for it at all! I've been using a window-based 3rd party touch keyboard which has the options that I want, and it's doing a bit better for me.

After fresh installing the OS using the media creator to get Windows 8 on to my USB stick, it became more apparent how inconvenient Windows 8 is. Took me half a day to configure it how I wanted - plenty of 3rd party software involved here. Not going into too much detail but even after all the work, there are still imperfections. I'd read bad things about Windows 8 but I expected most of it just applied to using it with a mouse and keyboard - but nope, it's still bad even when you have a touchscreen. The OS literally seems like it's just built for tablets, and that's it. It's not even fit for convertibles such as this.

I will be doing a bit of research into seeing how well this laptop will run Windows 7, and how well the OS will run with a touch screen. I doubt I will go through with it but I'm annoyed enough with Windows 8 to consider it. I think regardless I will be installing Windows 10 on this laptop when it comes out anyway, unless I do actually find myself getting used to 8.

To sum up the review - the laptop is a fantastic from a hardware point of view, but Windows 8 is a thorn in your backside.
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on 7 June 2014
Nice solid laptop that doubles as a tablet once the screen is swung over. Reasonably processor speed and good coloured touch screen. Touch pad is not quite as accurate as I would like. Good sized hard drive.
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on 16 May 2015
This computer was bought for myself as a commuting student. I find that it is light enough to carry on a 1 1/2 journey to and from university and powerful enough for all my needs, I have had it for nearly a year and have not had any problems with it at all. I would definitely recommend it to other students.
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on 23 September 2015
A very disappointing model that does not live up to its hype.

There is an extremely unacceptable amount of flex on the whole left side of the keyboard, from the mouse pad upwards. The right side flexes too but not as much. Very soft and flimsy. The mouse pad itself presents many issues. I can see how Lenovo were trying to emulate the Macbook Air 11.6" here, but failed dismally. Whenever the machine is restarted, the multi-gestures must be reconfigured. For some reason the settings are not locked into place. Fingers do not easily glide across the track pad and sometimes the cursor will behave erratically. I recommend turning off the automatic light sensor, because if you don't you'll be looking at a very dull and dim screen which constantly adjusts itself to match the environmental lighting. Battery life is claimed to be around 5 hours. They've wildly exaggerated here. The machine runs very warm on the underside and heats up within moments of turning it on. The screen is so reflective that it can double as a mirror, particularly during daylight hours.

At night, the screen functions beautifully. It is crisp, clear and bright. The speakers are of a good quality despite having them on the underside of the machine. Processor speed is good. The various stand modes are useful, except tablet mode. I like tent mode because the laptop takes us less space and can be squeezed into a tight spot easily although in this mode the sound is not allowed to be projected out. Stand mode is great for movies and fully exposes the speakers which allows them to function at their best. This laptop does not work well as a tablet. It is large, heavy and cumbersome to hold. If it's resting on your lap or knees, it's easier to use but you won't find yourself holding it with one hand for very long. The track pad also prevents you from comfortably holding it in this mode. Also, sometimes when returning to laptop mode from tablet mode, the whole laptop freezes and must be restarted again. This occurs at random times even if I only use it in laptop mode. The final point is that the Yoga 2 is a lovely-looking and attractive machine, but the negative points far outweigh the positive. This could have been an excellent computer. Lenovo have let themselves, and me, down. I do not recommend this product.

That being said,
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on 4 May 2014
I don't think the negative reviews of this product are "entirely sincere"... I actually have this computer and the IT skills of a well-smoked kipper, and it does all I want well and with speed.

Want a decent laptop, entirely fit for the purposes of an ordinary user, with a bit more class than others at this price-point? This is a perfectly adequate possibility. The build quality is very good indeed, good keyboard, sharp screen, second-best operating system available today is installed with the best one easy to load.

I really do not see what the negative commentors are on about, unless they are not disinterested...

If all you want is a quality laptop/tablet which is well made, will give access to virtually never-ending software and excellent technical support, and is more than fast enough for the average user this is worth considering. I have no regrets.
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on 9 May 2014
It's a good little machine. Battery life is a little low, but that can be tweaked by trimming the OS Fat. I was not sure about the Quad core processor, but it seems to do the job. It gets bogged down a little from time to time, so I would not tax it with heavy workloads.
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on 11 June 2016
Bought in July last year, from Argos not from Amazon, to replace a Samsung that was on its way out. It sat boxed until my Samsung died in late January this year. It is not the best I have used, hence the wait for the Samsung to expire, but I have been reasonable satisfied with it. That is until I demonstrated its tablet capability to a couple of people in a meeting this week. Full disclosure, I had not bothered with this feature since it was demonstrated to me by a salesman at John Lewis. My colleagues were quite impressed. We sat it down on a table, screen facing up, and as it sat there during our meeting we heard a rather strange noise. I couldn't work it out at first, but I did notice that the touch features started to behave very oddly. A colleague then pointed out that there was a crack across the screen. I couldn't see it at first, but as you can see from the photos, it's bright and clear.
I checked the Lenovo forums and I see that this is a common occurrence, but not one that Lenovo have taken responsibility for.
I will try to get Lenovo to fix this, it is still under warranty, but from what I have read on the forums, they insist this is "accidental" damage.
It is not. It is fundamental design flaw.
review image review image
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on 26 August 2015
whether windows10 or the Yoga 2 but it regularly freezes and needs a reboot. Otherwise nice little machine at a good price. Flexibility to use as a tablet or laptop useful. Keyboard is light, but works fine. Speakers are reasonable. Is very limited in status indicators, so no indication about state of machine when booting or on/off - only a small light on the side out of sight. Overall, would buy again at this price and recommend.
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