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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 27 August 2015
Olay Regenerist 3 Point Cleaning System.

Arrives in a nice Olay Branded Cardboard Box.

What's In The Box:
The Facial Cleaner
1 Brush Head
2 AA Duracell Batteries
1 20ml sample of an Olay Regenerist Exfoliating Cleanser.

I was pretty shocked to see that batteries are even included to get you going straight away.
Although the compartment to pop the batteries in, is a real struggle to open. You need to twist & pull at the same time. I found it hard to open.(See Pic's)

The brush head is nice and soft, so not too abrasive. You will know if your putting too much pressure on the head, as it will stop turning.

The first couple of times of use my face was a little red during use, but redness went within a couple of times after using.

My skin now after using it the last few weeks morning and evening, is so much more clearer.
I'm really surprised at how this has improved my skin, I use my own cleanser which is more suited to my skin as I have Oily/Combination Skin.

Breakouts are getting less. And my skin is softer.
I bought this, when it was a lightning deal.
So didn't pay the full price.

There are 2 speeds but I find the lower speed a little pointless.
This has helped to stop milla also on my under eye area too. I actually like the feeling it gives for my under eye area, sort of relaxing.
And blackheads on my nose have slowly started to reduce also. My skin doesn't seem as oily on the T zone area, which for me is great.

There are cheaper options and also more expensive ones too. But I'm overall very happy with my purchase of this. It's well made and the replacement brush heads are not that pricey too.
I can't say if this is just as good as that very pricey brand, as I have never owned one. But I feel this is a good quality item.

You don't get case or carry bag included so for travelling you would need to find something for this.

And there isn't really instructions on how or when to use, I just googled it and found many blogs with people who have been using this.
So that helped me out.

I don't think this will make you look younger over night or anything like that, but I do think that using this instead of washing your face with your hands will defornately help with how your skin looks and feels over time.

Just to note the head is easily popped on and off, I pour boiling water over the head after each use to sanitise due to me breaking out.
And the unit itself is waterproof, I have used this in the shower a few times too with no problems.

This could used i think for teenagers and older, its easy to use and doesn't have a huge price tag.
I hope this helps others to see if this is suited to them or not.
I have knocked a start off for no instructions really & 2nd Speed Setting being pointless.

Please leave me a comment if I have missed anything in this review.
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on 9 June 2015
I recently purchase a clarisonic the top model also for the body, how disappointed I was. I thought it would be far superior to the Olay product which I have been using for a couple of years The main purpose of buying the Clarisonic was for the body attachment. I wish I had not bothered this Olay brush is just as good at doing the job and if you are in too minds whether to splash out on a clarisonic or the Olay brush I say buy the Olay and don't waste your money there is no difference at all if anything I would say the Olay brush gave a better deeper clean.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This arrived as I was finishing breakfast, so I put it to immediate use. It's very simple - open the casing, insert the batteries (2 are supplied, standard AA), click the brush head into its slot. Wet or wash your face, and dampen the brush. Smooth the (slightly gritty) cleanser that's supplied onto your face and pass, NOT rub, the device over your face for 60 seconds.

Now, having read the instructions, there was simply a mention to avoid the eye area, so I split the 60 seconds over cheeks, forehead and chin and am pleased that I didn't experience any discomfort at all - the brush is the size of a two pound coin and made of bristles so soft that they could be used to comb a newborn's wispy hair. At the start, I pressed a little, so the bristles spun less, which is why I couldn't feel much happening, so I just rested the brush on my skin and let it roam, and yes, it felt like it was doing more that way. I am hoping that this has worked, as I've not even experienced any tingling, but my skin sort of feels a bit plumped up. I'm a fair-skinned 45yo Asian female, and don't wear make-up so that's perhaps why there's no sign of anything on the brush (though you are meant to remove make-up first), but this is meant to unclog pores more so than a regular cleanser. I work 3 days a week in an air-conditioned office and on my work days, I seem to have to moisturise a little more to prevent my skin drying out, so it'll be interesting to see if this helps. At the moment, I'm thinking that for a small brush and 20mls of cleaner, this is pretty expensive. I checked for replacement cleanser and 150 ml sells for around 'six squid' (sorry, it's to beat the censors).

From the feel of the brush, I'm not convinced that it's doing too much more than stimulating blood circulation, and I do think that if you don't want to fork out for this brush (which is the size of a very small toy hairdryer), you could perhaps use the cleanser with a 'value' range/soft bristled brush, or a baby's hairbrush - or simply your fingers. However, if using the brush, you have to take care not to press down, as it is meant to glide over skin and not press in. I do think it's expensive for what it is, especially as the cleanser doesn't foam and expand, and as there are tiny particles in it that in themselves would exfoliate the skin even if you were using the product with your fingertips alone. Would I pay the RRP for this pack? No, but I would buy the cleanser and use it with fingers only, as my skin didn't feel dried out.

There's no mention of how often this should be used, so I checked at a well-known pharmacy's website and couldn't find the information there, nor was there any mention on the Olay website, so I've emailed them to ask and I will update this review** - see below.

I am going to use the brush with just some water tomorrow, to see if I get the same plumped-up look, i.e. I'll be using it as a massager, and will again update the review. It is convenient to use, as the brush works under the shower.

**Update: Below is the official info from

The Olay Regenerist Cleansing System - loosens, lifts and swirls dirt away effectively while gently exfoliating skin. This allows more active anti-ageing ingredients to penetrate skin.

The cleansing device has a brush head that acts as tiny hands and fingers; revolving at 350 times per minute - it touches the skin's contours where fingers cannot reach. This two speed rotating device along with the cleanser has been designed to respect the skin's moisture barrier while providing superior cleansing and exfoliation.

The Cleansing System also includes a specific cleanser - the Skin Perfecting Cleanser. This is a fragrance-free, gently exfoliating, hydrating cleanser designed specifically to meet the needs of ageing skin. The cleansing effect of the cleanser is amplified by the effects of the rotating brush for superior cleansing compared to manual cleansing, while respecting the skin's moisture barrier.


1. Dampen your face with water.
2. Lightly dampen the brush head with water.
3. Gently massage cleanser over your face with your hands.
4. Press the top button to turn the device on.
5. Turn the device to the setting you find comfortable.
Note: The brush operates at 2 speeds.
Press the lower button to adjust the speed of the brush head rotations.
6. Gently move the brush around your face for approximately 60 seconds, avoiding your eyes.
7. Rinse your face and the brush head with water.
8. Pat your face dry.

Olay Regenerist Cleansing System can be used in accordance with your skin needs. Some women may be able to use it daily but others only twice a week - it all depends on the sensitivity of the skin.
You can also use the system in combination with any of the broad range of Olay cleansers, according to your skin needs

Avoid direct contact with eyes and hairline/hair.
If skin irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use.
As this product increases exfoliation of facial cleansers, it may also increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun.
Keep out of reach of children.

Update 25/02/14: I used the brush by itself on Sunday and Monday, and again, my face felt as if it had had a mini-facial; I had clearer skin and it didn't feel sore. This morning, I used it with the cleanser, but I can't see any real difference than when using just water and the brush to act as a stimulator, so I'm not convinced about the overall product at the price. I will continue to update this review whilst the cleanser lasts.

27/02/14 - when using the brush daily just by itself (the cleanser supplied has turned out to be a little too gritty for daily use), I think it's having the effect of a soft loofah - smoothing skin, buffing dead skin cells away, and allowing my skin to breathe. My skin looks a brighter and tighter/plumped, which I think is down to blood being stimulated under the skin; it certainly feels and looks softer, and my dreaded 'Asian age spots/freckles' that I've started to see on my cheeks, look a little less prominent. I will continue to use the cleanser once a week, but the brush alone daily - like I said, it's like a mini facial.

09/03/14 - this is the last update I'll leave, as I am now using the brush daily, and with my own cleanser once a week. I ended up finding the particles in this product a little harsh for even weekly use. I am delighted to say that the 'Asian freckles/spots' are now far less prominent, so this brush is actually doing something for my skin, all on its lonesome. I think though, once the brush gets a bit tatty, I'll just resort to a men's traditional shaving brush or a baby's brush, as I think the effects would pretty much be the same.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am the proud owner of the leading brand in electronic face cleaner brushes, and priced at over £100 I had wished that there was a cheaper alternative I could recommend for my daughter because since using it my skin looks amazing.

Well YAY!! there is the Olay Regenrist Super Cleansing System, at less than half the price!

Having tried both this, and the leading brand I can tell you - the results are similar. Here's how I used it and went from drab to amazing skin in just 1 week.

Note, the brush should NEVER be used dry. It will cause a red face..or worse - friction burns. Here's how to get the most from this.

1) Clean you face as normal. I would NEVER recommend using this on a dirty face (a face with make up I mean).Tto me thats like polishing your car without cleaning it first.
2) Wet your face, and put a small amount of cleanser on the brush.
3) Using gentle, small circular movements gently clean all areas of your face in three zones a) Forehead - , b) nose and cheeks - c) chin - Do not spend more than 2 minutes in total on your face or it will be red and sore.
Rinse face thoroughly with tepid water. Pat dry.

Your skin will glow after first use.

Repeat moring and night for 1 week, then reduce to once a day, or every other day if your skin has no blackheads or blemishes.

After the first few days you may notice breakouts or spots. This is normal and is the skin clearing itself out (as happens with a face mask).

You will definetely notice a difference within the week. I used to have oily combination skin with enlarged pores and tiny blackheads that were a devil to remove without expensive facials. Now my skin looks fantastic with visibly reduced pores and clear skin.

Now, you may be thinking you could get the same results with a manual complexion brush? Yes, I thought maybe this was an expensive gimmick so in the interests of science (and my pocket) I tried my little manual facial brush for one week. There is NO contest. You simply cannot clean your skin like an electronic device in the same way that an electic toothbrush gives teeth a superior clean.

Also, unlike others on here, I would NEVER use an exfoliant with this brush. Its too irritating for the skin (and bits will fly into your eyes!). I would only ever use a gentle soap based cleanser on the brush. I use simple rosewater as a toner (cheap, and very good), and ALWAYS use moisturiser.

My skin looks AMAZING now, and I really notice the difference if I stop using it for a few days.

I really love this product and I think its amazing value for money and worth every penny...and best of all, it is just as good as the leading brand for less than half the price. Perfect.

Very very happy. :)
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on 11 March 2015
One of the best beauty products I've invested in.. Such an amazing power of cleaning all the dirt from the face gently.. The brush head is so gentle and enjoyable :) Stunning creation of Olay.. Totally worth it <3
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on 24 March 2016
This is my first time ordering and using this product. It arrived as expected and was very well packaged and instructions were also included.

Opening the box I didn't expect to see batteries, but they do come with the item. However, the batteries do not work. I have had to buy other batteries. No problem with assembling.

I applied the skin perfecting cleanser as described and started using the face cleanser brush. The bristles were softer than I expected, and it is not as powerful as I thought it would be.

After first use i didn't feel my face was clean enough, so I repeated the steps. This time my face felt cleaner and smooth but was left feeling slightly tacky and tight. My daughter has used it too and she feels her face also feels the same. I will try it with another cleanser to see the effects from that.

I will say, I did have a headache before I used and the massage was great for relief. Around the eye area where skin is more subtle .
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on 27 June 2016
For many years like most of us, I splashed my face in the morning and then moisterized etc. But as I've got older I noticed my skin was getting dryer and So I looked into these brush exfoliating systems. I started at the higher range like clinic but found them to pricey for a newby. I decided on Olay and I have not been disappointed. I've been using this on a daily basis for 3wks and I can say it has changed my skin for the better. I did think at first that exfoliatore cleanser was a bit harsh on the skin but I persisted and after I used my normal mostieriser and my skin is definitely softer and the texture is improving. If u don't like the exfoliatore provided u can use any other cleanser on the market to suit ur skin type. Definitely a excellent purchase.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 6 April 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This device has been in our house for almost a month now. It has seen regular use (about three times a week) and my wife thinks it's quite effective ... five stars there then.

It's only ended up with three stars because:

The supplied instructions are useless ... even if you do have a magnifying glass (however, there are now, detailed instructions available on Amazon if one clicks 'see more product details').

It's over-priced (have a search for Olaz and save yourself a tenner).

It really needs (something like) a small drawstring bag or some other enclosure ... storage in the original box with vacuum-formed insert is not the luggage-friendly option most users might wish for.

On a positive note, it has improved my wife's skin and she has invested in a larger tube of the cleanser. She has also used the device with moisturiser also getting improved skin. Reading back through my review I think 3 stars is almost mean, but the reasons for star-reduction remain valid ... perhaps 3.5 stars? A good product that needed a little more customer-care focus before release.
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on 23 April 2016
I've really enjoyed using this product so far and I definitely think it's making a difference to the appearance of my skin, especially around my nose where I have some open pores. It does a great job of cleaning off my makeup (although I don't wear it very heavy) and leaves my skin feeling very clean. I'm not too keen on the cleanser that comes with it but I think that's mainly because it doesn't have much of a scent and I do like products with a nice smell! I also like the size which is not to big and will be good for when I'm travelling. The batteries being included is also a plus.
review image
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on 17 August 2015
I've been using the Olay cleansing system for about a week. The device seems fairly robust but in retrospect, I wish I'd bought one that was rechargeable - it seems a terrible waste constantly replacing batteries.
I have pretty tough skin and I feel even at the higher speed, the device works too gently and feels 'underpowered'. Having said that, I have noticed a difference to how 'clean' my skin feels.

All in all, it will be interesting to see if I continue to use this regularly or if it becomes a chore.

Update 20/09/15: I've not used the brush regularly. The lack of power and speed at which the batteries run low with repeated use has been disappointing. This may be a good device for someone with very sensitive skin.
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