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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 October 2010
Firstly, let me say I am a HUGE Nigella fan. I've lusted over this book for ages. Something to treat myself to once the kitchen refurbishment had been completed. However, it was not clear that this is the US edition of Forever Summer. (I can only presume that Style Network is a US TV channel.)

It's very confusing. Baking temperatures are only listed in farenheit, e.g. 425F with no gas regulo. Besides talking about 'cilantro', 'corn syrup' and 'zucchinis', it's measurments require quite a bit of calculator action. For instance, tablespoons vary. A UK tablespoon holds 17.7ml while the US version holds 14.2 ml. so 2 UK tablespoons equals 3 US tablespoons and British pints differ to US pints, UK pint measures 20 fluid ounces while the US pint holds 16 fluid ounces. Phew, at least she doesn't use the term 'a stick of butter'! I just can't figure out how much that is.

I can't bear to throw a Nigella book away. I thought of donating it to a charity shop, but I'd hate to put someone off Nigella because they're confused by the US bias. So I'm keeping it to give to the next American I meet. Meanwhile I'll be buying a UK edition for next summer.

I just think it would be far more helpful if Amazon listed this as a US edition rather than 'Style Network's'.
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Quite simply, Nigella Lawson will enable you to gain a reputation amongst friends for being a brilliant cook. What your friends won't know is just how effortless it all is when you are in Nigella's capable hands. Her narrative is just as eulogistic as her other books, which means that recipes you would normally overlook end up being firm favourites, thanks to her powers of persuasion. As a stand alone read, this book is well written and colourful, even out of the kitchen. Don't be put off by the summery title, these are just foods that remind her of summer. Most of these dishes could be cooked or adapted to suit any time of the year. That's another good thing- she doesn't mind if you mess about with her recipes to make it suit your own taste. She often recommends alternatives and is very rarely bossy and only when she needs to be (twice I think). I tried the Chocolate Peanut Squares and used pecan nuts instead of peanuts. I also used dark and white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Whatever I used, the plate was cleared and colleagues and family were begging for more. It's now a firm favourite and I can now pretty much rustle it up now without needing the book. I also tried the Braised Little Gem Lettuces and was amazed to find they taste like a nutty version of asparagus when cooked this way. The Pasta al Sugo Crudo tasted nothing like I expected Italian Tomato-ey pasta to taste. It was fresher, more fragrant and tasted much lighter than I would have imagined. If you, like me, think life doesn't get better than a gathering of friends and greedy portions of superb food and great conversation, then buy this book.
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on 4 June 2003
I am a reluctant convert to Nigella Lawson - all the cult of the personality stuff irritates me enormously - but damn the woman, her recipes are good, even the ones that aren't hers. This book weirdly came out mid-autumn last year and it took me a full six months to overcome my dislike of the look of it to pick up a copy, first from the library and then finally to buy it. Boy am I glad I did!
These are cracking recipes, the book is well structured and, as long as you skip the crinch-makingly twee intro, very readable. To be fair to the woman, she also properly credits ideas and recipes she's pilfered from other writers and cooks like Jane Grigson and Ruth/Rose of River Cafe fame. I did throw away the lurid dust jacket and can reveal that underneath is a very well-designed jacket of water washing over sand. It could be a metaphor for the whole book.
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on 29 May 2014
For readers only looking at the kindle listing, this is the same book as Forever Summer! Why republish a book that is the same as a previous one with a slightly different title? I'm glad I checked out the look inside option before buying, the recipe index is identical to Forever Summer.

I'd don't know what is different with this book...but Nigella fans beware if you have already got Forever Summer you already have this book!
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on 10 September 2002
What a MAJOR let-down "Summer" is. I adored Nigella's three other books and thought that (for once) the hype was deserved. However, this book has a number of recipes that are either re-treads of recipes she's published in her other books, or so straightforward that we're moments away from expecting a recipe entitled "Toast" with a ten line apology for how it's not really a kidding, Nigella. And as for the assertion that this cookery is to capture the spirit of summer all year round, it doesn't ring true, partly because a number of the recipes are either billed as "picnic food" or to end a Summer lunch party outdoors, or because the ingredients are so entirely Summer-seasonal that to cook them in darkest February would be all but impossible. If she had called the collection "Things I Ate On Holiday", that would be one thing, but this is a severe case of failing to live up to expectations.
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on 18 May 2004
I love this book! Colourful, easy to follow - the recipes are so interesting and brighten up any dinner party! It is hard to choose a favourite but the Keralan Fish Curry just pips everything else to the post. This book also boasts a fantastic lip-smacking selection of delicious desserts from Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova (a slight variation of an old classic) to the creamily delicious White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse ... Witty, Interesting and thoroughly creative from start to finish - Bravo Nigella!
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on 3 September 2002
It will come as no surprise to anyone who's read her previous books that Nigella Lawson's latest offering is unputdownable. The prose is engaging, the recipes make you want to rush to the kitchen, and the art direction is outstanding. The campness of the whole thing is pitched perfectly to the summer theme, and makes this a rather fun read. Copying the way Nigella herself treats good cookery books, you'll want one copy for the kitchen and one for the bedside table.
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on 21 May 2013
Love Nigella's easy way and cooked loads from her other books, watched this series so wanted the book to back it up. I do have a lot of cook books and I was not disappointed with this one, slow roasted garlic and lemon chicken, mint julep peaches, heaven on a plate. yes there will be something you won't like , we don't like squid...husband is allergic to tuna but then there is loads we do like and I get fed up with comments that dismiss cook books. I don't know anyone that cooks everything out of every book. Great pictures and don't we all like to see what the dish should look like. I even took her Nigella express on self catering holiday, friends so converted to her easy manor and uncomplicated way, not to mention her caramel bourbon croissant pudding.... so much so that they were going to buy her book as well. as for the price , well you just can't go wrong...happy cooking just lets see some sun !
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on 28 April 2003
Try her Slut-Red Raspberries in Chardonnay Jelly (on page 198).
She's absolutely right in saying that it is heaven on a plate. Go for this particular recipe and you will unexpectedly find that you want to dive into it, paddle deliciously around in it and then float on it in ecstatic appreciation.
I'm not a pudding person but I could jump into a swimming pool full of this one.
(It's a really easy recipe too!)
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on 16 June 2014
A few weeks ago I was browsing Amazon and noticed that there was a new Nigella cookbook called 'Summer' due out in June. I'm a Nigella fan so I almost pre-ordered it without waiting to see the contents. I love her recipes, already own 'Forever Summer' and use it a lot. I was excited about getting what I assumed would be another book about summer food.
Thank goodness I didn't pre-order as it turns out to be a reprint of the 2002 book just with different cover & title. Why the publishers have done this is beyond me and like the other 2 who have written reviews, I am very disappointed.
However I don't think it is fair to write a 1 star review for this book, as the others did, because its a good book and if you don't already own it, it's well worth having in your kitchen. Check out the reviews for the 2005 paperback, however don't buy that because its aimed at the US market and doesn't have metric measurements.
All in all a great book, hope there will be a genuine new one soon
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