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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2014
Hype can be a dangerous commodity, as several artists over the years have discovered. While it can give emerging musicians a leg-up in an ever-competitive industry, it can equally raise expectations to unrealistic levels, often making records an inevitable disappointment. Which brings us to Sky Ferreira. Initially surfacing in 2010, her debut album was originally scheduled for release in January 2011 before delays, botched recording sessions and record label wranglings meant she's only put out two EPs to date: 2011's As If! and 2012's Ghost. Although this series of events could have, and very often has happened to so many other artists, not many others can say they have also financed recording sessions through a modelling career and supported a controversial pop superstar on a North America tour, all without actually releasing an album in the UK. But finally, Night Time, My Time has arrived here on an almighty wave of hype.

It's not the album you might expect from someone who's just opened for Miley Cyrus on her Bangerz tour. A slightly bewildering fusion of modern pop, 90s grunge and 80s synths, it's a genuinely interesting record that evidently takes on board a wide range of influences. At times it feels as if the frustration over all of the delays and hold-ups are not bubbling under, but rather breaking through the surface - just like a wrecking ball, as a lesser reviewer might have quipped here. The furious and frenetic aesthetic of Night Time, My Time can be disconcerting but also exhilarating.

Lyrically it is as direct a record as it is musically, not so much promoting confrontation but becoming its head of PR. "Try to teach me a lesson, I'll keep you keep you guessin", she yelps in "I Will", a three-minute collision of distorted guitars, soaring synth and high-pitched vocals. Lead single "You're Not the One" is perfect evidence of Sky's command of a great pop song, something which is sometimes lost in a mass of noise and frustration. Here, however, she strikes the perfect balance between the two. But these high points are soured by moments such as the unrelenting fuzz and feedback of "Omanko" and "Kristine", which do little for the flow of the album and merely make it a more challenging listen that it needs to be.

Sky Ferreira has certainly evolved from her earlier pop and dance-rooted work, but in a peculiar twist of fate it's these roots which ultimately bring her closer to the genre that she's trying to distance herself from. Like so many pop albums, it's hard to doubt the quality of the individual tracks. But as a collection, it angrily stumbles and drunkenly falters its way to the sombre closing title – a fitting finish to an album that requires a little too much energy to truly enjoy. An enjoyable listen, but this ultimately feels like a missed opportunity.

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It is blatantly apparent in the "artwork" for her debut album 'Night Time,
My Time' that Sky Ferreira is not in any way backward in coming forwards.
I wasn't too sure what to expect but truth-be-told the results are not
half bad in a sixties-girl-band-meets-post-grunge-Courtney-Love-kind
-of-way. We cannot pretend that Ms Ferreira has the finest of voices
but she does possess a certain raw louche energy which keeps things
moving along nicely and enough good stuff to keep our attention engaged.

From the grinding opening number 'Boys' with its dense Phil Spector-ish
ambience; through the nasty but nice Madonna-esque flourishes of 'I Blame
Myself' (quite a good tune actually!), to the breathless rock-chick antics
of 'Omanko' and curiously pretty machinations of 'Love In Stereo', I found
myself unaccountably falling just a little bit in love with her efforts.

It would appear that there's just a bit more to Ms Ferreira than meets the eye.


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on 26 March 2014
I first listened to Sky in her 'one' days,her synth filled electronic pop sounded like most music put of the market at the time,and so she fizzled out,not being given artistic freedom in what she was comfortable in doing.'Night Time My Time' however refrains form the 'old' and shows her in a new light, the amalgamation of grunge+80's pop baffled me;but it's made something that stands to be a very unique 'Pop' record-it's much more substantial than most of the disposable trash thats out today,Your not the one (musically) feels like an ode to 80's Madonna crossed with a PJ Harvey influenced Courtney Love,and it sounds sublime.It's infectious and grips like a vice,it's worth buying for that track alone! Boys is another example of a 90's feel house party jam.A promising debut from a VERY promising artist.
Best Track-Boys,Your Not The One,Omanko
Worst-I Blame Myself.
For Fans Of-Hole,Madonna (older),Charli XCX.
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on 7 March 2014
I'm the first to admit - I didn't pay much attention to "Everything is Embarrassing" when it was released. So when I first heard Night Time, My Time, I didn't have much faith in Sky Ferreira.

Boy, consider me converted now. Night Time, My Time is an embarrassment of riches. It's not the obvious, mainstream pop; it's definitely pop, though. Does the term "alternative pop" exist? What does it mean, exactly? If it means "artist whose songs should be playing all the time on the radio and clubs", then it's an apt description. "I Will" is the best single Garbage has never recorded; "Boys" and "24 Hours" bring to mind the best moments of Ladyhawke; "I Blame Myself", with its John Hughes atmosphere, is heartbreaking as few songs in current pop are. And there's also "Heavy Metal Heart", which gets better the louder you hear it (just be careful with the neighbors). Summarizing: I haven't stopped listening to this album for months. It's that good.

(This great limited edition contains also the Ghost EP - and guess what? Now I'm in love with "Everything is Embarrassing" as well)
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on 1 April 2014
Night time my time i awesom! Sky is such a brilliant artist and i love her so so much... i hope she releases new stuff very soon :)
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on 17 January 2014
As far as describing the music of an LP pictorially, the cover of 'Night Time, My Time' is a pretty good signifier - nakedly confessional, a bit damaged, ugly/beautiful, dark and unashamedly confrontational. The album also contains my favourite collection of edgy, guitar-led synth pop since Chromatics' 'Kill For Love'.

In spite of taking an age to eventually appear, 'NTMT' is surprisingly cohesive and packed full of truly excellent, earworm tunes. Opening with the spiky 'Boys' which sounds like Kim Wilde fronting Suicide and covering Pulp's Common People (?!) it sets out a strong mission statement and carries it through. Sky's delivery is cool as you like but not aloof or precocious.
The lyrical and musical content of the album is a country mile away from the vacuous pop of Britney/Perry/Cyrus. 'I Blame Myself' is either a parody of a Gaga lifestyle or hilariously self-aware - either way it's a great tune. 'Omanko' is a bizarre but brilliant hissing beast - all motorik synth-chug with some particularly saucy lyrics if you translate...

The real gold is in the excellent scuzzy synth-rock tracks such as the ringing '24 Hours' - I can't help but see Molly Ringwald dreaming of John Bender post Breakfast Club whan I hear this. My personal highlight is 'You're Not The One' which instantly lodges in your brain after just one listen, the early/mid 80's distilled into a perfect pop song. 'Nobody Asked Me', 'Heavy Metal Heart', 'I Will' - all killer tracks with hooks to die for.
The album finishes with the astonishing, funereal title track which is like Cat Power fronting Shriekback (and every bit as great as that sounds)- the lyrics and title are based on lines spoken by Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

What really wins you over with this album is the sense of maturity and thoughtfulness that shines through. It reaches beyond the stroppy, angsty teen tropes which have been done to death and genuinely has something to say.
One of my favourite releases of 2013.
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on 4 April 2014
A great first album with some really catchy hits, the 'ghost ep' that comes with the limited edition is a wonderful addition as it comes with probably my favorite songs of the lot
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on 20 October 2013
Sky Ferreira's debut LP 'Night Time, My Time' was worth the wait!!!
The album consists of electronic and pop/rock vibes, due to the brilliant production of Ariel Rechtshaid, who brought Charli XCX's incredible debut 'True Romance'.

Amazing album, well worth buying!!!
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on 20 March 2014
stunning debut album, comes with free ep of extra tracks. should be big this year if there's any justice in this world.
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on 3 July 2015
CD case was cracked in the centre upon delivery and covered up with a sticker but not the end of the world
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