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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 April 2016
With our first we had a conventional baby bath which once full are really heavy. You need to support baby using one arm whilst bathing them with the other. You have to tip it away into the bath or sink which can lead to some pretty messy splashing. And to be fair they aren't in them for long. Last time we then progressed to a hard moulded winning the pooh seat which suctioned to the bottom of the bath. It looked pretty uncomfortable and we still needing to use a hand to support baby and she kept slipping down. Not to mention the fact that she never looked comfortable.

Fast forward to baby number 2 at 4 weeks with me pulling my hair out trying to bath both of ours by myself while my shift worker husband was out and a friend of ours also with 2 under 2 saying why aren't you bathing together with an angelcare Support? This has been a huge game changer. U am now able to bath both together or bath my youngest first take her out and be getting her ready in the bathroom while my toddler plays with me still supervising. It allows me to have both hands friend to wash her. Her to stay warm and be able to kick her legs and wave her arms without feeling so cooped up in a baby bath. I think I may shed a little tear when she grows out of it.

I love it that much I tell everyone I know who is pregnant that they have to get one!!! There are only a few products that I have regretted not knowing about sooner and this is the one I wish I'd had from day one with baby one.
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on 1 June 2016
This bath support has been absolutely brilliant. Used from when my baby was first born it has meant an easier bath time as you have 2 hands free to wash and play with your baby, and then pick him up out of the bath easily. My mum even commented on what a great invention this was and how she wished she had it in her day!
My little boy is 6 months now and we still use it pretty much every day (this lasts so well as is very sturdy). He can now flex his body up, and although is not quite able to get out of this he definitely moves in it a lot more.
For my other little one I had a normal baby bath which we did not really get a lot of use out of, this on the other hand has been an excellent buy. I would definitely recommend.
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on 31 January 2016
My baby adores his bath time, since we got this. It's taught him to kick, he kicks when he's excited, hates sitting down, much prefers to stand on my lap, so this is really good as it allows his little legs to kick freely & straight ahead of him. But as he gets older (now 4 months), his kicks are getting stronger & he's going to bounce right out of this thing!

He has a blast though. You've got to keep a close eye on them anyway, but keep in mind the more water you put in the easier they'll bounce out of it.

Also, I find it best to put the water in before the chair, as hot water can pool in the middle of it.

I bought the pink one as it was a bit cheaper than the blue! No gender stereotyping in this house :)
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on 24 February 2016
While expecting my 2nd baby I recalled how tricky it was to bathe a newborn and I wasn't relishing the thought of having to do it again but with a toddler thrown into the mix too. This product has been great as it allows you to have your hands relatively free at bath time. My little girl loves sitting in it and splashing her feet in the bath. It will probably stop being useful once she is able to sit up by herself but from 0-6 months it is brilliant.
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on 1 July 2016
I was using this bath with my second baby and i bought it for £12, here. I really love it and use it for long long long time. I stip using it when my baby was 13-14 month, he used to seat there .
This is the best bath and the most comfortable for baby and mother to wash baby.

The reason i put 2 star now its because the price is double now, £29 is a lot for it.!!!!!! Its mad!
Its cheaper in mothecare.

I am pregnant now and due in a month time, so i will keep an eye on here and if the price still £29 then i will buy it in mothecare.

I did put brilliant review when i purchased first time almost 2 years ago and i will buy it for third baby.
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on 24 May 2016
This has been a great piece of kit to help make baby bath time easier. Our little one just lays back and relaxes in the bath now without the discomfort of us trying to hold her with one hand and bathe with the other. Before we ordered this bath support we would have issues reaching for soap, towels or sponges whilst trying to ensure our little one was also being supported in the water.

We tried a sponge alternative to this but that was just a hassle as her hair would get wet every time we bathed her as the sponge soaked up the water. It was difficult to keep clean and was probably nowhere near as sanitary as this. This is so easy to keep clean. Also the flexible mesh area where your baby lays, contours to his/her shape and makes the experience very comfortable for them.

Highly recommended!
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on 6 April 2016
I purchased this after my cat decided to scratch our baby bath. I love this and wish we had bought this from the get go. It doesn't move whilst in the bath and water can easily get all round baby. It lays at just the right angle so baby can be submerged in the water but doesn't get any in their baby is three months now and started trying to arch her back and kick her legs whilst in this to play. It holds her in securely even though I always make sure my hand is holding her however if a parent moves there hands away at all as baby gets bigger baby could quiet easily be out of it (you should never ever take your eyes off of or hands away from reach of baby in a bath regardless of the kind of chair or support you have). My daughter loves her bath times with this. Would highly recommend.
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on 28 January 2016
We bought this seat for my 4month old as he is getting a bit to big for his baby bath. It looks alot lower and more laid back in the pictures than it actually is. We need to fill the bath to almost where an adult would bath in just to cover his waist.

As we are on a water meter and we bath him every night, this is not a good seat for regular use unless you dont mind running a full bath every night.

Also as i mentioned earlier the pictures apear to have your child lay back quite a way more than they actually are. I believe this is some camera trickery as he sits up noticeably more than the picture on the box. This only means more water is needed to cover him enough for a good bath.

It does support them well while they are seated which is a bonus but we only used it a handful of times before my missus ordered another different one from asda.
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on 15 February 2016
Amazing bath aid, really happy with this, Iv tried several different ones before and this is by far my favourite. It's a nice soft material for baby to sit in and they fit perfectly making bath time so easy, even with a screaming new born! Having this means there is no stress, trying to hold a screaming baby in the bath whilst trying to wash them with your free hand can be very stressful, but with this even with baby crying at least you have both hands free making bath time much quicker if needed and hopefully a lot more enjoyable.
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on 27 February 2016
I brought this for my newborn daughter. When I read some of the reviews I was a bit worried that she may feel cold when she is in the seat as the water is quite beneath them so to combat this I brought a jug too and use that to keep putting water on her. The two combined make this an excellent product to use and I do agree with others, the baby will get cold with the seat used on its own. The support is excellent for baby and the fact that you can use in bathtub and have both hands free is a bonus. I would also recommend getting a knee support item and you will be good to go. Baby hasn't cried yet in any bathtime.
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