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on 11 August 2014
Fast service, happy with the product. Initially mouse did not work but called them and they sent another out straight away and this worked fine. Friendly service, always available and if needed they can remote into the machine to assist. Would highly recommend for anyone with a small budget.
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on 14 March 2014
I bought this for running Excel 2010 because my PC kept hanging on certain tasks and i just couldn't work out the issue. This little OptiPlex hasn't let me down yet, and i have grown quite fond of it actually.

PC - It's quiet, quick, and very stable. That's all i needed from it, and it delivered.

Cosmetic condition - like brand new; im looking at it now trying to find a fault, and all i can see is a little Windows sticker that's pealing off at the corners (i know im clutching at straws here).

Accessories and peripherals - Dell keyboard, Dell mouse, (both new i think) 19" silver Samsung monitor (no monitor lead, or kettle lead, i had spares lying around though).

Delivery - arrived 2 days early.

Packaging - fine, probably could use a bit more bubble wrap.

Overall 5/5, because the low price and quality iron out the quirks.
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on 11 June 2014
This is a quality product supplied exactly as advertised. Well packaged and easy to assemble from the box. Up, running and fully functional (apart from the DVD drive - a replacement was promptly supplied and easy to fit) Excellent service and support. Highly recommended.
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on 8 October 2014
This computer, monitor, and peripherals came packaged in one large box with lots of bubble wrap and brown paper inside. It was firmly packed and delivered quickly. The keyboard and mouse look cleaned up nicely to almost new condition. The monitor has a few scuffs and has seen some days but works perfectly and looks sharp. For wireless, there is a very small USB dongle new in the package. Its range isn't terrific but it gets the job done. The tower itself is kind of beat up and I wasn't able to remove the sides to get a better look inside because everything is so tight. I'll probably try at a later time but for now it's in one piece and I hope to keep it that way.

The specs are almost exactly as advertised with a clean OEM copy of Windows 7 installed, and very little bloatware. Skype and a small remote administration tool are left on the 300GB hard drive. Everything cleaned easily and updated quickly. Performance is as you would expect from a business tower about 5 years old, which is to say good enough for surfing, office, pictures, music, some multitasking, etc... without any hassle. It doesn't boot very quickly but is quiet and unobtrusive.

Now all that said, the price of this machine with all that it includes is an unbelievable value and in terms of good buys this has to be one of the best I've ever had. This surpasses the power of my wife's aging netbook many times over and will do everything asked of it for very little money. Overcome your skepticism regarding the very cheap price, temper your expectations and you will be wildly pleased.
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on 10 October 2015
I bought this, from Stone Group, as a backup for my Windows 7 laptop.

As such, a bit of a sledge hammer to crack a nut since this Dell

OptiPlex 760 small form factor easily, with its Intel duo core 2.8 ghz

processor and 4 gb of RAM, easily outperforms it. Setting up was easy

and in literally a matter of minutes one has a 'clean' system to

personalise which was just what I wanted. Stone Group supplied a 19"

Hewlett-Packard Compaq LA1951lg monitor. This has a 5:4 aspect ratio and

I use it in the vertical position where it gives me twice the depth of a

web-page as my laptop with an image quality can only be described as

superb. I was doubly impressed by a recent TV report showing President

Puttin sitting at his desk with what looked like a double of my monitor

in front of him! Stone Group included brand new Microsoft 400 wired

keyboard and mouse plus new power and monitor cables. Stone Group

included delivery via courier DPD and, believe it or not, I received my

new refurbished computer in under one working day from ordering! One

receives a breakfast-time email with a one-hour time slot and then you

can track your computer as the courier makes the round!
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on 24 March 2016
So far the best 70 quid I have ever spent.

I had seen these computers advertised before and in need of another P.C as my laptop packed up, I decided to purchase one of these from handygeek via amazon. The machine arrived well packed and all neat and tidy in the box with all leads and cables. The keyboard and mouse is brand new I think, the P.C tower and monitor look like 'ex' office or call centre and our in excellent condition. The monitor has a funky clip fit stand and the 'tower' is in excellent condition. The P.C comes with Windows 7 professional as used in the workplace and not 'home' basic. From opening the box and setting up to browsing on the internet took no less than about 20mins. The wireless dongle usb plugs into the back of the tower then I just tap into my home hub and bingo it all works. I bought the refurbished version with 12 months warranty. Really pleased and would recommend this idea of budget computing, if I get 1 or 2 years extensive use out of it before it packs up then great, i'll just buy another one !
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on 15 October 2014
Supplied and delivered very quickly from Kelsus-IT. Worked straight out of the box as soon as connected up. This was destined as a gift for a family friend who wanted to use it for her children. As soon as they saw it they said it was exactly the same as they used at school. Heavy well engineered piece of kit and was most impressed by the NEC monitor - it was adjustable in all directions - and the quietness of the desktop box. Very good value for money
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on 21 July 2014
I have just purchased a second of these computers, Dell Optiplex 755, this time from Kelsus-IT again the PC was in very good condition and I also got a Dell widscreen display as well. Result. I had an issue with the mouse supplied as it worked intermittently, a quick email to the supplier and a reply next day telling me they would send out a replacement, which the duly did. So a good product and very good support from Kelsus-IT.

If you are looking a replacement/upgrade video card for these PCs then get the following
VTX3D 1GB Radeon HD 5450 DDR3 Graphics card with Low Profile Bracket

Below is review of the 1st of these PCs I purchased.
Rather pleased with the purchase from PCPAL. I am always a bit worried about buying "refurbished/second user" computers but need not have worried. All good working order, minimum of marks on computer and the monitor. The monitor I received is not as shown which others have mentioned, I think it is will be pot luck, but the one I received is a Samsung Syncmaster 941MP LCDTV so can plug a TV aerial in an a scart lead, so can be dual purpose.
Connected it all up and switched it o, all worked fine. I just tweaked the display to correct resolution and also changed the disc to one large partition from the two it was setup with. After all the updates had been done, it is a very nice system ideal for my step son and its purpose of web browsing, watching youtube, emails and the ever important Skype to his girlfriend. If he looks after this I will upgrade him to a better one in the future.
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on 10 June 2015
This product arrived in good time and well packaged. It doesn't quite meet exact description as it is not Small Form Function, but quite large. Also it did not include the software listed, like Skype and has no email client. It did have a large scratch on the top, but that doesn't affect functionality and with my screen placed there, it is invisible anyway. The 19 in screen supplied is very good and I have set it up as an extension to the main screen. However the functions on the back far outweigh these lesser problems, giving me 6 USB ports (which I needed) and every possible access. One worrying aspect is that it managed to log onto my password protected WiFi without me inserting the WEP key...Odd. Anyway, I am happy so far and the WiFi, with the supplied antennas, has gone from "Poor" signal strength to "Good". If you simply want to upgrade, start from scratch with a new computer, or need one, like me for a Flight Simulator this is a bargain, in my opinion
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on 13 March 2016
Nice and quiet and I was allowed to download windows 10.

2.40 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)

Main Circuit Board =
Board: Dell Inc. 0PU052
Serial Number: ..CN6986181A0AC1.
Bus Clock: 1066 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Inc. A08 02/19/2008

Memory Modules c,d

3582 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory =
Slot 'DIMM_1' has 1024 MB (serial number 8D3E022A)
Slot 'DIMM_3' has 1024 MB (serial number 8D3E252B)
Slot 'DIMM_2' has 1024 MB (serial number 95CC8CE1)
Slot 'DIMM_4' has 1024 MB (serial number 8B3A5350)

Virus Protection =
AVG AntiVirus Free Edition

Computer dimensions
W = 12 Inches
H = 3.5 Inches
D = 13 Inches

19 Inch screen
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