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on 22 May 2014
Android is great but for a mobile phone. On tablet it looks like a bigger phone but with no ability to handle serious things apart from games. Windows 8 makes sence on a device like this while it still feels weird on a standard laptop or desktop pc.
I previously owned a 10 inch samsung galaxy ii tablet (worst exprerience with a tablet) then had an ipad retina (great screen), then an Asus Memopad HD (size was ok but it was like holding a big phone). Now this tablet is everything I wanted from a postable device. Size and shape is great (10 inch is too big for me while 7 inch feels a bit small) and even if its a little heavier than other devices and the screen is not like retina its capable of doing more than any other portable device and you can pleasandly spend many time using it. You can do whatever you do on your phone + plenty of things that you can do with a pc + there is microsoft office for free. Attach a usb stick, install almost any software you want, connect a bluetooth keyboard and its more than ok to do some work as well.
Battery is great and can take you through most of the day. Add an sd card and you have plenty of space and here is your media centre to use by its own or connect a pair of speakers (the ones included are great too) and a monitor or a projector through the HDMI port and relax.
Dont know for how long I will keep it but for now its better than any other on the market for me. There are some others, thinner and lighter tablets at the same category like Lenovo, Dell, Asus but they do not have HDMI port which is a big minus.
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on 18 April 2014
Why did I buy this? For a tablet that integrates better with windows - particularly office and for easy remote access to my server.
So far does everything asked of it. A touch slower than I would like, but that's a trade off you have to make for the battery life. It's actually more than fast emough for everyday use.
Screen is good, resolution good enough, streams recorded TV from the server wirelessly once Free VLC installed. For some reason best known to MIcrosoft , their own Media Player will not play TV recorded using a TV card and Media Center. Not played games yet so cannot comment on this.
Office 2013 installed, just have to enter the key. I still think that the built in Mail Client with Win8 is a bit rubbish, but Mozilla Thunderbird to the rescue. A lot of rubbish on the home screen to remove, but overall Win8 sits well on this tablet. Don't forget antivirus!

Don't buy the 32Gb version unless you're pushed for cash, go for the 64Gb as on the 32 there's not a lot of space left after the windows install. This is a full spec PC in tablet form, the atom chip seems easily up to the job.

EDIT: By the way, I forgot to mention - don't expect great sound quality.
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on 22 July 2015
Great little 8 inch tablet. The screen is excellent quality and the unit is nice and compact. I find myself using this more than my laptop nowadays! You have to realise that this is no match for a full blown PC but it certainly works well for checking email, reading the news or downloading something off iTunes. The unit runs a full blown version of Windows 8.1 so you can install anything onto it which needs Windows as its baseline O/S (this will be upgraded to v10 later this month). I see lots of questions from people asking if they can run Photoshop or Dreamweaver etc, the answer is yes (as long as you have the software and license!). Just bear in mind that this unit has an Atom processor and 2Gb of RAM, not a full blown quad core Intel i7 with 16Gb of memory installed, so you may find things run a little slower......

Overall I have been very pleased with the device, it lasts several days between charges and it feels quick and responsive when in use. I plugged a micro SD card into the slot and that gives me extra storage space for photos or video files. Aside from that there is a micro USB port plus a micro HDMI port (so you can connect it to an external display if required) and a headphone socket.

I bought mine as an Amazon Warehouse item (so had been used and returned) but could see no damage or faults with the device, so I got a portable computer for about £150. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this item if you were looking for a small Windows computer.
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on 25 August 2014
I purchased this tablet because it runs the full Intel version of Windows 8.1, not RT as some of the Surface devices. The price at the time of purchase was below £200, which is very good value for money. I have used Android tablets in the past, but they have their limitations. With this tablet, I can use any Windows program, and have installed Visual Studio 2012, Adobe suite, Java, Python, VB6 and various IDEs for programming. The processor is 64 bit, although the installed OS is 32 bit on this model, but it runs everything perfectly. I am not a gamer, but I use Minecraft/Computercraft for programming in Lua, and it runs Minecraft extremely well.

I have added bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and can use these in desktop mode. Although not a fan of the Windows 8 Metro interface, the ease of use on this tablet is beginning to persuade me to use it more often.

I have recommended this tablet to be used at my son's school as an alternative to the overpriced fruit-based products which are normally recommended, especially for IT classes, where the ability to write programs in any language, including Android and Java is paramount.

Would I recommend this tablet?

I have purchased three so far for my family...
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on 30 January 2015
Update: 31 March 2015
I am using a trackball now so it doesn't matter how small the screen is. I can accurately click the smallest buttons with ease. Still my favourite PC.

Original Post:
Microsoft Windows on this tablet is the killer feature. This is not just a device for surfing the web or checking your email like on my iPad 2. The software I run on my desktop pc also installs on this. The built in metro charms i.e. apps, such as mail and skype require you to sign into your Microsoft account which I don't have and the browser ties you into Bing search.So just install Thunderbird mail, Skype for desktop, and Chrome or Firefox for web surfing. Yes the screens are very small and pressing some of the controls is much easier with a stylus but can you add user accounts so everyone can use it with their own settings etc. I do own a bluetooth keyboard but have not needed to use it, I am typing this using the on screen keyboard. If I need to do some coding I might dig it out. Everything else is covered in other reviews. Having bought it on a whim, I now use this in preference to my iPad but to reiterate , it is a mini pc, not an iPad replacement.I love it.
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on 8 January 2015
Best of both worlds, a fast starting tablet for browsing, checking email and playing games; coupled with full windows for all your PC needs. Have installed office and VB 2013 express without any problems. Connect a Bluetooth (so no need to use the USB port) keyboard to make typing quicker/ easier than an on-screen keyboard. Comes with a micro USB to full size USB female converter so you can plug in any USB devices, like hard drives etc. Recommend adding a 64 Gb micro sdxc card for extra storage. Battery life is good. Feels sturdy and well built.
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on 6 December 2014
I bought this as a portable alternative to my Surface that I was getting serious back-ache from lugging around. I looked at the options, Toshiba encore, Lenova miix 2 etc but chose this one because it has microsoft office installed for ever- not just a year's subscription, so it seemed like good value for money. For me it's doing exactly what I want, though I use it mainly for office documents, I don't watch films etc. There are a few negatives- having only a single micro usb port which you need to use to charge the device is really annoying. I have found a work around on the net that allows you to power the device (not charge) and have a separate usb slot to use at the same time but haven't bought the cables etc yet so can,'t confirm yet that it works. A downside to the 8" size is that you though you can enlarge your document the task bar is still tiny and difficult to use with normal sized fingers, likewise when you touch and hold to choose copy, paste etc they are tiny and difficult to select. Tecchies on here may well know how magnify those though and I think you can probably buy a special pen to make selection of small icons easier. On the whole I'm very pleased, the weight does make it very portable and with a separate keyboard and a usb hub I am able to carry my 'office' with me. For me portability and microsoft office was what I was looking for so I'm happy with my purchase.
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on 7 October 2014
great little tablet only negative is the speakers are not very loud but would recommend anyone who is buying 1 of these windows 8 tablets to go for the 64gb cause your left with very little storage if you go for a 32 gb device
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on 21 April 2014
Really excellent 8" tablet that runs full windows 8.1. It's very lightweight, screen is really great and I can't really fault it for the £220 I paid. A fantastic device. The only question mark will be whether it will last, but the quality looks good, very solid, extremely fast. At this price is the best tablet you can buy. I was between this and the Dell but no regrets. Go and buy one if you are looking for a 8" tablet, as light as any other tablet, so no compromises. The only thing that could be better is the camera, but still pictures respectable. I have my mobile for better quality pictures though.
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on 23 September 2014
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