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on 1 August 2014
A very good portable speaker with exceptional battery life! Having read some of the negative reviews you do wonder if you are making a good purchase or whether you should spend the money on a more expensive portable speaker. I do wonder what some people expect from a PORTBALE speaker and the demands of sound. If you want your home to sound like a nightclub, then perhaps you will be disappointed with this speaker. If you want a small portable bluetooth speaker which you can take outside with you or take on your travels, then this is speaker is the one to go for - it has plenty of volume and punch. For the price and size, this speaker has great volume and sound. If you want to spend £170 on a Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini Bluetooth Speaker and then compare it to this speaker, then clearly the Bose will win, but this speaker will beat most of the competition.
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on 19 December 2014
I absolutely love this little speaker, it fits comfortably in my satchel but can easily fill a room with loud undestorted music! The sound quality is great, the best little speaker I have ever had the pleasure of using.

Obviously Bluetooth sucks between rooms as it doesn't work through walls, but I can walk around the office (it's not a big office mind you) and enjoy uninterrupted music.

Also small devices aren't built for bass (science brah) but it still does justice to deep gravely voices and guitar solos.

Also, the speakers are so much better than those on my MacBook Pro it's silly. I used it for a presentation yesterday (at time of writing lol) and worked a treat on about 35% volume!

The packaging is high quality and it comes with a little carry bag, a USB charge cable and a male to make audio cable so that you can wirelessly attach an older model MP3 player / music device.
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on 9 April 2014
I am a bit of an audiophile, however I'm by no means a perfectionist in terms of superhuman hearing. The Anker Cube Bluetooth Speaker is a wonderful, dynamic sounding, little speaker that delivers a surprising punch. The speaker itself measures just 3x3x3" so it's not a spacehog by any means, leaving plenty of room on your counter, desk, bureau, etc. The Anker Cube has a non-slip silicone rubber footing on the bottom to help keep it from sliding around, though it does collect hair, dust, grass or other foreign matter which may be under it when you set it down. Not an issue, just brush off the bottom when you pick it back up.

Pairing the device is a simple and necessary step. However my iPhone easily recognized the new device and it was simply a matter of selecting the speaker to get it to pair. The device shows up as "Anker MP141" which is easily identifiable amongst the myriad of Bluetooth devices I have paired to my iPhone already. Pairing it with my iPad was just as simple, and the same can be said for my wife's Venue 8 tablet, our Samsung tablet, Toshiba tablet, and my wife's Samsung Galaxy SIII phone. Essentially if your chosen device is Bluetooth capable, this little speaker will pair easily with it and deliver an unexpected punch to the gut in terms of sound quality.

The Anker Cube, for what it is, is the best deal in portable Bluetooth speakers around. I've tested and reviewed many of these before this one, and even purchased a few others to give as gifts (but not before testing them!). While this speaker delivers a rich sound it's not a 500 watt system and you shouldn't expect tinnitus-inducing volume from this speaker, nor bowel rattling bass. However, the Anker Cube delivers a very crisp high range and a smooth, deep bass rich enough to please most discerning music lovers. Testing this device with Netflix and the BBC iPlayer on my iPad was great, too. Sometimes the Bluetooth on these little speakers are off by a split second when you watch a video which makes the person speaking look like they're out of sync with the audio. Not so with the Anker Cube. To that end the Anker Cube has an impressive 30+ feet line-of-sight transmission. To actually break the transmission I had to walk around a corner and slide my iPhone into my pocket and place my hands on top of it to disrupt the Bluetooth signal enough to get it to cut out. Doing this only caused a brief drop in the signal, it never went totally out until I went into another room and closed the door. There was no line-of-sight to the speaker at this point and the signal finally dropped out completely. That IS impressive. I have a Jawbone speaker which doesn't have as reliable a Bluetooth signal as this. No kidding.

Using the speaker is fairly simple, just slide the power switch into the "On" position and play your music, or watch something, or whatever it is you want to use it for. The Anker Cube has 3 buttons on the side “+”( Volume up), “>” (Play, Pause), and “-“ (Volume down).
The Anker Cube comes with an auxiliary cable and a MICRO -USB cable. Charging the speaker requires you to either plug the USB cable into your computer, or a wall jack that produces 5W maximum output.

Here's a brief list of some great features on the Anker Cube:
* Small and compact
* Great sound when paired with any device
* Micro USB charging from a computer, or wall jack
* Pairing the device is quick and easy
* Battery life rated at 20 hours (I have not played it until it fully discharges yet, up to 11 hours so far!)
* 3.5mm line-in jack for devices which aren't Bluetooth capable (you can plug it into an old CD player, or something!)

Things which could be improved:
* Bass, while rich, isn't as fully developed as it could be. However for the price of the Anker Cube, this is easily forgiven. The overall sound is still fantastic and when compared to my Jawbone it holds its own. The Anker Cube is a total keeper.
* The power switch. It should be changed to a button, the sliding switch is dated and looks a bit cheesy on an otherwise gorgeous device.

Overall impression:
1) Function: 5 stars
2) Design: 4.5 stars (Power Switch should be a button rather than a slide-type switch)
3) Ease of Use/Installation: 5 stars
4) Durability: 5 stars
5) Price: 5 stars

5 out of 5 for this little Anker Cube Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. While the design flaw of the power switch is an annoyance and I rated it 4.5 stars in that category, the rest of the device makes up for this failing which easily pushes the overall rating to 5 stars. That’s the only issue I have with this speaker and it’s something I can easily overlook. It’s beautifully crafted, feels weighty and durable and sounds superb!

I was provided a free sample from Anker for a fair, honest and unbiased review.
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on 3 October 2014
This little gem is perfect for people who like to listen to music and speech at reasonable levels and without ridiculous levels of artificial bass boost. It is ideal for moving around the house whilst listening to the radio (BBC iPlayer Radio) or streaming from Spotify. I would describe the sound as being the equivalent of a top quality portable radio.

With speakers, size really does matter if you want deep, undistorted bass, so if you need a boom box - buy one!

If you want a superbly built wireless speaker that majors on low distortion and quality mid range and highs and is absolutely perfect for speech and acoustic music then look no further than the Anker A7908.

In my view this is a much better buy than the Bose Mini as it is awesomely transparent and free of artificial eq boost. I used to be a sound engineer and I own a top quality audiophile sound system so I have good ears.

In summary a really great product that doesn't try to achieve the impossible but does what a speaker of this size can reasonably be expected to do with aplomb. The super build quality and exceptional battery life are the icing on a small but exceedingly good cake!
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on 12 April 2014
I have to say, for the money, this speaker is great! The looks of the speaker is similar to the BEM cube speaker I mentioned above except it looks quite well. The outside looks very sleek and modern the only part that does not look good is the bottom of the device, but who looks at that. The speaker comes with a single LED and charging ports and on and off buttons on the side of the speaker along with volume controls on the front. This device is not heavy like the Bose as it is made of a matte plastic material and due to the price I feel comfortable bringing it around with me in the included carrying bag. The size of the speaker is great, it is half the length of the Bose and a little bit higher which easily fits in a smaller corner of my desk. As far as battery life goes, the Anker claims to get 20 hours of battery life, which may be true due to the massive rechargeable battery pack it contains, but I have yet to use it continuously for that long, so as I use it I will update this post. I am not sure if the battery is replaceable but it comes with an 18 month warranty and for the price, it is easier to obtain a replacement.

The sound on the Anker is just a step below the Bose, but then again it is still quite good for the price and size. Unlike other similar small speakers that I have tested at Costco, such as the Jawbone and BEM speaker, the Anker does not crackle at high volumes and high bass, but instead reduces the bass level so that the sound that is coming out is clear. Unfortunately this speaker lacks bass, it sounds great playing songs without any bass but once a song with bass comes on, it sounds just like the song without bass, the quality of the music is the same just no bass. This speaker like the Bose, does not vibrate or move around my table with bass. This speaker is LOUD, I mean LOUD, when it is turned up all the way it is perfectly clear and there is no distortion at all which I am super impressed with. It is incredible how such a small device outputs such a big sound, I mean it is even loude then the Bose without any I found that placing this speaker where the output is facing me produces a better sound then putting it so that it is sitting upright. This speaker is great when it comes to usability and features, it has some of the missing features of the Bose. The Anker speaker contains a speaker phone and USB charging which were missing from the Bose. I have tested the speakerphone and have found that it works perfectly with my iPhone 5s, the person on the other line is able to hear my clearly and the sound coming from the speaker is extremely clear when talking on the phone. I like how I can go from listening to music to using the speaker to answer my phone calls without being disrupted and having to grab my phone like I do with the Bose. The speaker also contains a usb port which I can plug into any computer or charger which will charge the speaker up. Once again this speaker is missing some features of the UE Boom, such as a mobile app, and since these speakers are so small, I wish it had the feature of the UE Boom where two of them can be paired up together and be used as a set instead of just a single speaker. Oh yeah, just to note, Siri works perfectly hands free with this speaker.

The price of the Anker is $36 with a coupon right now, and sometimes even lower such as $30 with coupon so look out for that as this speaker is exceptional for the price. I would highly recommend this speaker if you are looking at several bluetooth speakers within this price range. It’s better then the $40 iHome sound dock which I purchased a few years ago and much smaller too. This product, like the Bose, is worth every penny that is spent. I mean the play time is incredible, I have yet to find a similar sized speaker with the same battery life.

Anker Pros:

Great price
18 month warranty
Great support
Clear sound at high volumes
Small and portable
Looks great
USB Charging
Superb battery life

Anker Cons:
Made of Plastic
Lacks Bass
Mono sound?
No AC adapter
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on 6 February 2015
This Product is a perfect size to fit in to a backpack, Perfect to take with you. The sound quality is unbelievable, very shape and perfect volume. The speaker is very load and it still doesn't lose sound quality when turned up max. The speaker sounds great indoors and out doors.

I have used this speaker in the office and it cause a "wow" in the room. Everyone was surprised at how load and bassy a tiny speaker could be. You can feel the air being blown from the speaker if you put your hand over the top of it.

Over all it is a great buy! Great sold feel, great value! 5/5!
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on 19 August 2014
I wanted a speaker system to take on holiday that wasn't expensive but also not too large, and that had good sound quality. After looking at the PC World offerings they all seemed to be expensive if you wanted a 'decent' sound, so I checked on Amazon and found this little baby. The unit is small but heavy/solid, which indicates quality components, and is also well made. The sound quality/volume was a concern but I was very surprised - we used it in a large room 8 x 2.5M and on a roof terrace and it was more than loud enough for us - its not going to be great for a full on party but was loud enough for a sing-along. Well worth it and I suspect as good as much more expensive 'trendy' products. It also lasts for hours on one charge.

A couple of points to note:

1) The volume buttons don't work when your device is plugged in via the 3.5mm jack.
2) Suggest if you are using multiple devices to provide music disable the Bluetooth when not in use - I had mine linked to a device upstairs on the other side of the house and it was still syncing up with that.
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on 30 June 2014
It's not awful, but at the same time doesn't deserve the gushing reviews.

Sound quality isn't great, although plenty loud enough to have on in the bathroom when getting ready without needing to be on full volume.

For what I wanted (something to throw in the suitcase when on holiday that's better than the built in phone speaker) it is ideal, but by no means is it anywhere near Hi-Fi.

The bluetooth connection was a little flaky now and again (phone was close), and the blue light is very bright (when you switch off your phone, it flashes rapidly, which was a bit annoying when we planned on just leaving it overnight once the music finished, but it lit up the room like there was an ambulance at the window).

Just to re-iterate, the speaker is fine, ideal for what it's designed for, and I'd recommend it, but all the 5* reviews about its sound quality built up my expectations far too much.
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on 26 November 2014
I bought a pair of Anker A7908 from - one for me and one from my girlfriend. After reading so many positive reviews about this product, I thought that buying the speakers is a safe bet. How wrong I was...


- I must admit that the product is nicely built and it's good looking too!


- The start up tone is obtrusively loud and there is no way to turn it off or regulate its volume. The loud beep when connecting the device is also unpleasant. And then, there is this awfully long and loud combination of beeps when you connect the Anker via the supplied cable. I am pretty sure that my neighbors heard me last night, while I was testing the speakers.
- There is a strong background noise (static sound), which is always there. I like listening to music at low volumes before falling asleep and this background static noise is simply driving me crazy! I tested the speakers with 2 phones and a laptop - and the static sound was still there. Connecting the Anker via the supplied 3.5 mm cable did not help either.
- There are constant dropouts (2-3 seconds each) when listening to music via Bluetooth. This is very strange because the phone was right next to the speaker, and I was listening to my offline collection of songs.
- I played a couple of songs with acoustic guitar, and the sound that is coming out of the "Ankers" becomes scratchy when I increase the volume just a little bit (nothing like full volume).
- Last but not least, the bluetooth range is horrible! I was in the same room (no obstacles) and walked 2 meters away from the Anker, holding the phone in my hand and suddenly the speaker started losing the signal.

I mailed Anker yesterday about the problems and today they offered me to replace the speakers or issue a refund. I will take the refund and look elsewhere instead!

UPDATE: Despite the problems with the speakers, I am quite happy with Anker's customer support. They responded quickly and did what they could to sort out the issue. I chose to be refunded.
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on 23 January 2015
A little over rated. The bluetooth works brilliantly. The sound quality is clear but if you listen to the same music side by side with bigger speakers, you'll really notice the difference, so I think other reviewers are getting a bit carried away. I wanted to try it as an easy way to sort out hands free calls and music in the car. As a speaker phone, it's tricky as the mic is too far so the other person can't hear easily. As a music speaker, it is inadequate in volume and 'fullness' of sound compared to even my old car speakers. I appreciate that these uses are not what this speaker was designed for but just wanted to put my experiences out there. Looks like I'll be going to Halfords to get a new bluetooth stereo put in instead...
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