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on 3 October 2015
Perfect mouse for my needs. A bit flashy for some tastes maybe (although the pulsing light can be soothing lol), but has a named sensor (Avago ADNS-3080) so you know exactly what your getting and can google its characteristics before you buy. Very comfortable in my hand, and looks much better than all of those other gaming mice with weird jagged appearances in my opinion.

3500DPI is higher than most people need IMO (even though many mice go higher...I think this is a gimmick), but being able to switch settings easily using the buttons is great for precision tasks before you are used to 3500DPI.

Best gaming mouse for £15 posted, and from Amazon so its a safe purchase.
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on 8 June 2015
Redragon® Lavawolf 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse

Bought this for my daughter for a bit of gaming fun thanks to the flashing lights. Turns out this is actually a really good mouse beyond the gimmicks.

She tells me the movement is really smooth and more accurate than her previous Microsoft wireless mouse (FPS type games).

Size is suitable for small-medium hands - those with shovel-hands might find it too small. Very comfortable to use as it is relatively low profile - it's lower than a MS 3500 mini-mouse, despite being larger overall. The textured upper surface is nice and grippy.

Nicely weighted to feel positive and substantial without being too heavy. All buttons have a reassuringly positive click (not too loud) and the wheel is covered in thick textured rubber with a very positive action.

Software is good, allowing you to easily change all manner of settings for sensitivity, lights, macros etc. The quick-switch DPI setting buttons on the mouse itself are really handy for dealing with different types of games and software.

I don't play games myself, but think this would actually make a very good 'work' mouse - the high dpi settings and smooth movement would be good for accurate pixel work, 3D modelling or any high-density user-interfaces.
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on 20 April 2015
At first hated it. Then two days later.....its the best mouse I have ever had. Its like those leather shoes you buy that at first you aren't sure of and are a bit uncomfortable but then fit you perfect and you wish you had bought a spare pair..........this mouse is brilliant. Worth every penny and is accurate and fast for fps. I have just amended my review reducing review by one star and this only because after using it now for a number of months I have found the mouse wheel seems to sometimes be a bit hit and miss. You use it to scroll but it doesn't do it properly sometimes not sure if this is a defect or not but will update review if issue gets worse etc. But still loving it - precise and accurate for fps and makes a huge difference.
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on 18 July 2015
I really like this mouse.

I was going to buy a basic mouse, but for an extra fiver I thought I might as well try out this gaming one. Admittedly I don't use the extra features much - but they're really useful occasionally - that DPI switch even comes in handy you're trying to line up pictures in PowerPoint. And it just works really nicely without ever jamming up or anything. The cable is really nice and long and seems tangle-resistant, so I don't miss it not being cordless. Mind you it's a bit embarrassing when I bring it into the office.

Update: The scroll wheel has become a bit unreliable. It usually works, but sometimes doesn't quite pick up.

Five star initial impressions, now adjusted to four stars.
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on 24 February 2015
Bought this gaming mouse ages ago and totally forgot to review here goes.its excellent quality and probably the best gaming mouse I have much so I bought a redragon set of keyboards to go with mouse but I got a spare mouse with that set of keyboards as I,m covered for the next few years.the quality is excellent and any gamer out there should really think about getting this type of mouse.had no problems with any redragon stuff I have bought.apologies for the delay on the review.
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on 28 July 2016
Decent budget mouse, super cheap and works for gaming. Has a few programmable buttons and DPI shift, works as you would expect.

It's the price that makes this such an appealing mouse. Don't get me wrong, I've replaced it with a Logitech g502 and this has nothing on the Logitech, good starter gaming mouse though.
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on 12 September 2014
I was just looking for a new mouse that was comfortable, wired, 'gaming' taged, a button on the side, and if I'm honest... cheep.
What I got exceeded my expectations.
The body is large and comfortable no matter how I hold it or what I'm using it for. it's also a soft touch case.
The side buttons could have been smoother, but they are in a position where I'm not clicking them by accident.
The mouse software is easy to use and where you can change the colour the mouse glows as well as assigning buttons to what you want as well as having diffrent modes.

Also the lights DO turn off when you turn off your PC (I dont know about standby)
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on 17 June 2015
While the mouse looks really good, and the "breathing" colour effect is impressive, I found that I can't use this for gaming.

This is in no way a gaming mouse. It doesn't reliably detect tiny movements which are crucial for pixel-perfect accuracy. I tried all DPI settings and polling rates. My basic, general-use Logitech mouse performs much better.

Many of the micro-movements of my hand muscles went undetected, I had trouble pointing at tiny details.
The braided cable was stiff, and I found the whole mouse to be on the heavy side, although this could be due to the much lighter mouse I have been using. On the plus side, the Teflon pads made it glide really well.

I instinctively use the so called "Fingertip Grip", which I only discovered recently. If you're using the same grip, avoid this mouse. The thumb buttons get in the way and are so easy to mis-click.
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on 25 April 2016
For a cheap gaming mouse it does the job, i think its worth the money intill you want to get a proper mouse but really good, my friend had his for around a year before his broke though so i think the durabilty isnt that great
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on 25 May 2015
I bought this mouse for my cousin who hasn't payed me back but that's not the mouse's fault. Anyway when he got the mouse things were going well, he managed to get a lot of kills every game in counter strike and eventually break out of the pit of hell that is silver into nova. Nowadays though he just cant aim or anything. Apparently the mouse doesn't work on a hard, bumpy table. He refuses to get his own mouse mat. The mouse would work fine with a mouse mat and I reckon a lot of games could be carried by this mouse. It just needs the right person to use it, my cousin unfortunately, is not that person.
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