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on 15 October 2014
Bought this as a replacement to the Apple keyboard I was using on my PC because you just cant game with such a low profile keyboard.
This does take a little bit of time to get used to regarding the side marked keys, if, you're like me and catch yourself making repeated mistakes on the same key cause you think your hands/fingers are in the right place but they're not. The merged arrow keys and numpad are not too difficult to learn to use and you can learn to hit the numlock key when necessary.
The action is great, its got, as indicated, the 2mm action stage key but bottoms out at 4mm (I think those numbers are right) and has that great clicky sound.

Now, the sound is definitely not quiet, but if you're on the fence, its definitely not the loud blue MX switches. I would have liked to try the reds if they were available at the time but I chose this as I wanted to have feedback like your mouse does with its different audible pitches on the right and left clicks, and Im glad I did.

Form factor:
Size is great but you dont lose out on the numpad which I think is still a really useful part of the keyboard despite you only needing once in a blue moon, but when you have it, you are glad you do.
I mainly wanted to avoid moving it from right to left when I go from typing/browsing to gaming but I still find myself doing that ever so slightly to make it comfortable.

About the same as all the others out there which have the brown MX switches which arent LED unless youre going for the Ducky or Das Keyboard models which are in excess of £100. Im happy I spent under £70 and going above that I think you need to be more of an elitest to tell the difference.

I got the UK layout when I bought mine.
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on 23 August 2014
Well, I've finally made the switch (hehe) to mechanical. I decided to go for MX Browns due to the fact that they are quieter than Blues, however they are a lot louder than any membrane (normal) keyboard, especially when bottomed out. The switches definitely have feedback, unlike Reds or Blacks.

No keyboard has lettering that doesn't wear out due to your fingers. Cooler Master's solution to this was to place the lettering on the sides of the keycaps, although the keyboard is available with normal lettering as well.

Another interesting design feature is the number pad, which combines both a number pad and a central section, you can toggle between modes with the num-lock button. This gives you the functionality of a number pad as well as the ergonomics and compactness of a 10-keyless keyboard.

However if you are buying a mechanical keyboard for customisation, this is not the one, barely any websites offer a 6.5x spacebar, which this keyboard uses. Not only that but not websites do keycaps with side-lettering.

It should be noted that there are versions of this keyboard with normal lettering, Red and Blue switches and backlighting.
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on 13 April 2014
The keyboard I received had:
Cherry Brown switches (as advertised)
NKRO (as advertised)
Only Backlit Directional buttons (not full keyboard as advertised)

The board I received (13/04/2014) had a UK layout.

The keyboard itself is lovely, I've wanted a mechanical one for a while but begrudged spending £100+. The price (£58 down from £85) of this product enticed me to make the push.

A decent mechanical keyboard at this price is a bit of a steal. The product also comes with 2 years warranty excluding if you wreck the keys by removing them yourself.
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on 24 May 2014
I bought this for my son's birthday. When I placed my order the photo was different, it has been changed since placing the order. So I was not expecting the top of the keys to be blank, product description also stated that the whole keyboard is backlit. It is not, only a the curser keys are. When you press the keys, it is different to what is printed on the side of the keys. The instructions are in Italian only so that makes it difficult to understand!
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on 7 September 2014
It's a keyboard, and it's mechanical.

I decided to go for a mechanical after my Ctrl key on my previous keyboard was intermittent. Causing me to pop up when ducking in games. This is a nice keyboard. It does have a slight clickety sound, but mostly thats the space bar. The toggling of the arrow keys to numerical is not a problem. You know when the arrow keys are on as they light up.
The lettering facing you is just as easy to read if not more so in its new position, and should hopefully not wear away.
If I was that worried I could of paid more for a laser etched keyboard.

It took a little while to get used to typing on it, and although I don't look at my keys as I type, I found that in the dark, I would typo more often. I kind of think that this is due to the keyboard being shorter, but it must be that I have my hands slightly off as they rest on a full size wrist rest.

I can't imagine anyone would really be that disappointed buying this keyboard. It should last some time. It is definitely worth a shot if you are thinking of going with a mechanical. Pros might want to get a Ducky 4, or a Corsair RGB Mechanical. Others go for Razers overpriced product, while nice they use their own "Razer green" mechanical switches, rather than the MX switches that this and many others use, which are known for their quality. But each to their own.
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on 23 May 2015
A great little keyboard for any use. Very slick and nice and feels wonderful to type on, the build quality is also very good and it barely flexes when I apply tension. Primary function is gaming but still feels nice to game on, which I suppose is the purpose for MX-Browns. The browns feels very tactile and have a nice actuation point. The keyboard comes with a key remover to make it easier to change the keys which is a nice touch by Coolermaster, it also makes it easier to clean. A word of warning; switching between the Numlock and arrow keys does take some time getting used too but afterwards feels fine to use, the function key lock is very useful for using the media keys and switching between songs quickly. The font on the keys is also quite "G4M3R" so it may not be to everyones taste (personally I have no problem), some of the symbol keys on the numbers (e.g: $ * &) are quite difficult to see but I'm being picky now.

MX-Browns feel good to the touch
High build quality
Included key remover

Numlock can take time to get used too
Font may not be to everyone's taste

SUMMARY: A fantastic keyboard for any use and a great price (at the time), perfect for a first mechanical keyboard.
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on 15 May 2015
Typing experience is awesome on cherry browns, as would be expected. Loving the layout of having a number pad and the arrows and other keys in a small form factor. Genius.

Build quality has yet to be flawed, but will update the review as and when something fails.

Also, the keycaps for the keys that light up on the keyboard are a slightly different colour. No biggie for me.

Shame about the american layout, but I can get past it. Takes some getting used to, or just set your input mode to american.

The keyboard works just fine under a UK layout, if you can get past typing altgr + 92 every time you want to input a backslash!

Great stuff for a budget mechanical. A joy to type and game on.
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on 16 July 2014
Keyboard arrived in an Italian layout but luckily I know the keyboard pretty well to use all the keys efficiently without having to look at them but this may be a problem for people who are no as familiar with the layout of a keyboard. The Cherry MX Browns are much nicer than my previous keyboard switches (Cherry MX Reds) Which I found to be too soft but other than that I like the durability and style of the keyboard, only problem would be the Italian layout but I have read other customers received their keyboard with the same problem. This might be why the keyboard is cheaper on Amazon than most other places.
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on 17 April 2017
I've been using this keyboard at home and work for about two years now. I have the variant with Cherry MX brown switches.

- Great build quality.
- Excellent feel on the keys.
- Good layout.
- Great value for money compared to full size keyboards
- Sturdy detachable USB cable which can be routed 3 ways

- No included wrist rest combined with high overall placement of keys.
- Side printed Keys and number-pad configuration confuse people of need to borrow your keyboard (can be awkward if you collaborating with a college, great if you don't like people taking over you desk!)
- No back light other than on the arrow keys when numlock is disengaged.
- Certain keys making a slight ringing sound when used.
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on 19 August 2014
Ok keyboard but the letters are not on the top of the keys as you can see, and its a bit annoying. Looks nice tho, but I wish id got a keyboard with the arrow keys, its annoying having to switch numlock on/off to use the arrow keys.
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