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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 November 2015
Overall I've given this boxset of four volumes a 4 star rating (I've also individually reviewed each volume) for being fast paced, engaging dystopian action, with a little bit of a twist on the normal zombie thriller. I enjoyed the fact that we actually know who the bad guys are and get a glimpse and why they're doing it, even if it does seem quite insane. I liked the characters and whilst the writing was fairly basic, and at points a little stilted, with too much reliance early on on end of paragraph cliffhangers, overall I found it an enjoyable read and an interesting story.

I very much appreciated the fact that this boxset includes a conclusion, whilst the additional side-stories are told out in the next books. I didn't feel held to ransom to purchase the next books just to find out the main storyline, as this style of volume-release often does, which means I will now go out and buy them all quite happily to enjoy the optional, additional stories.

The ending did feel a little rushed and I was surprised at how quickly it concluded but overall I enjoyed it. It's definitely flawed, but for a quick action romp it hit all the buttons for me, so a solid four star rating.
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on 6 October 2014
A perfectly well written series. My biggest issue here is that it is blatantly 'The Walking Dead' fan fiction. I understand completely, I love the show, and the books(have not caught up on graphic novels etc) but I wish the author could have been a little more honest. As you get pulled in you slowly see the similarities. The author has done little to disguise his clear love for the show. Making changes is swapping a male for female child. Yes clever. And while they may not have actually been at a farm... Friends feeling betrayed and killing... Right. Okay. I get it. The problem is that as a massive fan of T.W.D I found it very hard to not keep picking at the similarities. It did ruin the experience. I read the entire series, I didn't intend to but felt somewhat committed by book 3 and hoped the similaries would end once the author got into their groove.

What annoys me is that it isn't badly written, there is no gratuitous violence and handles switching between threads well. If this could have stepped away from the comfort of T.W.D and the author had the guts to write their own story it would have been so much more impressive. I understand this genre is enjoying a massive popularity and I am not picking on this author alone, I am also reading another authors ode to World War Z. But there is so much scope here.

And I really think that this author could have added a couple of chapters to make the ending feel either less rushed. Or stopped it before we got that happy ending.
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on 13 February 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed these books! I already had the first one as a free eBook and did not hesitate to buy the boxed set especially as it was only 99p!
Sure there are some typos and continuity errors but I've never written a book so I don't feel the need to complain about them as I can't do better. The story did unravel a little towards the end but was entertaining nonetheless. Some reviews complained about the believability of the story..... It's a ZOMBIE book people!!! Believability is not an issue...
I like to imagine the stories I read in my head as if they were movies, for these ones I felt it was definitely more like the early Romero movies with stereotypes and vague background.
I'll definitely be getting book four.
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on 2 February 2016
This book is an OK read for fans of The Walking Dead - but nowhere near as good. I could believe that a police officer could turn into an all action hero, but it was really stretching the point to make a hero out of a shopkeeper. I appreciate that certainly in fiction everyone in America is proficient with firearms and super-fit, but the good guys in this book were just too good, especially when set against the fully trained bad guys.

I expected the boxed set to be made up of four books, but really this is just one story split into four parts. The clue is that the whole set runs to 465 pages - a reasonable length book. If bought separately each book would be 116 pages - so virtually a collection of short stories. There was a lot of action with bodies falling all over the place. Not a book for the squeamish (but surely anyone reading even a bit of the description of the book would know what to expect?).
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on 13 April 2014
I liked this "boxed set" and at 99p who can complain!
The storyline was different to many zombie novels. As for the continuity issues, well, they are forgivable as I can appreciate the difficulty in crafting a work with many strands and characters without the resources of a publisher.
All said, I would recommend this.
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on 4 March 2014
I read everyone's reviews but felt, what the hell I will buy it anyway.
I am so glad I did, read them in 2 days.

I loved the fact that we had numerous different people in all of the books, some came together in the end, but they all had there own amazing story to tell us.
We had the owner of a clapped out garage and gift shop, he had lost his wife and child in an accident and so he lived on his own. A meat wagon arrived at the same time as the first zombie, and Sam barely got away with his life. A couple of folks turned up at his garage, one of them the daughter of the man who had killed Sam's wife and child, and they gave him a lift away from the garage and into more sinister encounters.

We met Dan a local policeman, who encountered his first Zombie, a drunk from the local town that he had taken into custody, and who turned whilst at the police station. Dan's wife becomes infected and he rescues his daughter Quinn, and they set off with their own adventures to save themselves.

These books are well worth buying if you are into Zombies.
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on 4 September 2015
I'd never read a zombie book before sticking mainly to military non-fiction but found I was bogged down with fact after fact and with advancing years harder to absorb everything so I decided it was time for a change. Courtesy of the free box set at the age of nearly 60 I ventured into this new ground and found almost immediately I was quite absorbed with the first book, not knowing what to expect I thought this was a hoot, the characters who saw out the series were well conceived even the basic agent plot was quite good I thought it was to good to put down and finally went through the whole series as ending each book left me wanting more. the author had a knack for getting you want characters to survive only to kill them off, some of those who fell along the way you really felt for hoping for their survival but hopes were dashed although the main characters saw it through to the end. This then was a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend the whole series and the stand alone book following Ken, Roberta and Isaac. Read it and enjoy it.
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on 26 January 2014
Loved this box set, struggled to put it down, even took my Kindle to work so I could read during my lunch break...ended up late back to my desk twice! Great story, believable characters, fast paced, lots of action. What more could any self-respecting zombie fan ask for?
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on 1 May 2014
Having read quite a way into Platt's "Yesterday's Gone", I thought I'd give this a try. For 99p, it's a good read, telling the story from several characters' viewpoints (as does Platt). However, unlike "Yesterday", the cause of the "illness" is explained early on in Contamination, having been concocted by a group who believe that mankind is on a downward spiral and the best course of action is to help it into near-extinction and then re-build. Not the most original of storylines but it makes an interesting read. Characters have realistic backgrounds and interact reasonably. I felt the last third of the book was a bit OTT (not of course that the idea of flesh-eating zombies running around is not OTT!), with a couple of people who had no real experience of combat or weaponry defeating a horde of well-armed trained mercenaries. Despite that, a story that grabs you and good value at 99p.
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on 13 March 2014
A good idea as to how zpoc could happen giving this tale a realistic outlook

Interesting story a few spots had me a little lost and uninterested but mostly I was hooked

Can't help but feel it was a little strange starting with dan and his daughter to not follow through with them first
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