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on 20 February 2014
See video review.

Summary -

1. Exceptional sound.
2. Superb build quality with a kevlar reinforced wire.
3. Microphone is excellent, including when used outdoors.
4. In-line clicker remote works great with Android and can control volume! (An app is required for this, and an explanation and tutorial is in the video).
5. They look great.
6. The earphone wood, box and carry bag are made from recycled materials.
7. They come with free sweets. Nice touch!
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on 16 January 2014
For those thinking about buying these earphones, i thought i'd fill in a few gaps in the product info as well as giving an opinion on the product.

Mediadevil are a great company to purchase from (i've bought plenty of stuff from them now) but their info on this product was scant. This is what you get for your money:

Package Contents:
the earphones
a small drawstring carry bag (big enough to fit an ipod nano plus 'phones)
three sets of silicone earbuds to fit different ear sizes
A totally inadequate set of instructions on a small sheet of paper - no more than a few paragrpahs.
No info regarding the guarantee (it is 1 year i think). No care instructions.

having had a pair of Jays earphones previously (which came with 2 - year guarantee, lots of different earbuds including foam ones, filters, cable splitters for use on planes and a better carry case, i regard the package as fairly miserly

The cable is a braided fabric (or possibly kevlar) one and is easy to untangle. Mediadevil's claims that it is "anti-tangle" are wishful thinking however.
The cable is too long for many situations (1.2 m) and leaves a lot of excess flapping around when on the move. this creates some noise from cable rub though it is not too intrusive.
The built in control button will let you take phone calls and skip/fast forward tracks. It does not include volume control which is a shame.
I got a good fit with the earbuds provided but it's not guaranteed for everybody - more sizes shoudl be supplied in my opinion. Noise isolation is very good with the correct fit.

Build quality:
In a word - fantastic.
The wood and metal finish is really classy, seems durable and every set should be unique. The cable looks tough and is attached robustly to the earphones and the gold - plated plug (which is angled, rather than sticking straight out of your device - nice touch)

Sound quality:
Absolutely superb.

There is ample bass with really crystal clear mid and treble that altogether makes the music sound sensational. The sound quality overall is phenomenal unlike some (such as my old Jays that i now realised sounded muddy and almost cramped by comparison, if that makes sense - and they were pretty good) and i've noticed that i can hear lots of detail in my music that i could not before.

Overall: If you want great sound quality and something different / unique and are prepared to forgive the minor shortcomings then these are for you..... but i can only really recommend them at the offer price of £30 (or less if you buy a screenprotector as well).

At £60 these would not be great value in my opinion as there are lots of great 'phones at this price that offer more for the money.
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on 7 January 2015
First of all I would like to start with by saying that many of these low ratings will now be irrelevant. This is due to the fact that MediaDevil has taken notice of these issues and corrected them with their 2nd generation earphones.

My original purchase lasted around 7 months and then an earpiece fell out of the wooden housing. Upon contacting Mediadevil they responded to me within less than a day and stated that they would be sending me a 2nd gen replacement.

These are the issues that were prevalent with the 1st gen earphones:

- Horrible noise feedback through the wires due to the braided fabric material (any rubbing against the wires would be heard in-ear).
- Many people reported that silver base of the earphone comes away from the wooden housing which is what happened to me.

I am happy to say that both these issues have been rectified.

The braided material is only up to the point where the earphone cables split to left and right, the rest of the way is now the standard rubber material you get on most earphones. This has completely removed that annoying noise that you used to get when rubbing the 1st gen cables against anything.

In the email response I received from MediaDevil they confirmed the weak glue holding the silver and wood pieces together and said the 2nd gen version has a much stronger hold.

I am happy to say that MediaDevil have one of the best customer service teams as they were understanding and also take notes about their customers feedback which can't be said for most companies these days. I will gladly purchase from them again and would highly recommend others to try this brilliant company out.

In terms of quality I can confirm that my £90 Sennheisers perform around the same as these. Now this is value for money!
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on 15 May 2014
I've always had problems with this earbud-type earphone sliding out of my ear, no matter how good the seal was and the size of the bud I used. I've reverted to using other types of earphones, such as the Bose IE2, which sounds great, but upon receiving and testing these I realised what I'd been missing.

Because they're directly in your ear canal, (although it may not be the greatest for the health of your inner ear) the bass is as powerful as I've heard. I know that's not all to a set of headphones, but it really is. There's sub-bass in some songs which I'm only fully experiencing now, having owned sets of RHA's, full-size Sony headphones etc, and it's more punchy and with more impact than I expected. Significantly impressed.

If you're not a great fan of bass you might want to look elsewhere, because these do lean toward it. They're also pretty warm-sounding, which I think may have something to do with the wooden construction. If you value bass at all you'll love them; electronic music sounds incredible. Aside from the bass, the overall sound is great. For the price, you won't be disappointed. Sadly, I can't comment on the microphone because, tragically, no one calls me.

The isolation is great, absolutely no issues there, and as I've said they're the most comfortable in-ear pair I've had; they barely budge unless the wire is tugged on. Speaking of the wire, that's the only significant problem I can pick up on. There are microphonics (cable noise) as you'd expect with the braided cable, but it doesn't really distract from the experience at all unless you're walking or running, in which case it might irritate you. It's not that much of a problem that I felt it should be four stars - the value and build quality of these earphones are amazing. Some people also might have liked to have seen a volume remote on the cable.

Also worth mentioning is the customer service. Contacted me before and after I received the product and they value after-sales service highly, which is great to see. Oh, and you also get sweets in the package, which is always a bonus!

Thoroughly recommend!
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on 19 June 2014
You only have to read the many other reviews on Amazon UK to get a feeling for how good these MediaDevil EB-01 earphones are. I'm very pleased with mine and often use them for serious music sessions through a dedicated DAC headphone amp when I can't be bothered to get out my Sen HD650 headphones. The EB-01s sound remarkably good on my Nexus 5 too. They are ideal for listening to audio ebooks too- none of the wisping and boom you get with some buds. I was a bit dubious about the wood body but it is well finished, high quality hard wood- no two phones are the same- and doesn't get grimy. In fact, the wood adds just a subtle touch of class to the phones.

Like many audio transducers, these earphones need running in. Out of the box the EB-01 are quite bass heavy and lacking in top end, but after a about 50 hours (loud) they settle down and become more coherent. They are remarkably forgiving too. While they make a good source sound good they also make the best of a bad source. All round they are nice.

The almost not good points:

1) The connector looks a bit weird- to me anyway. Don't get me wrong- it's robust, fits snugly, doesn't fall out, and is easy to use.
2) You get a choice of three diameter rubber sleeves which you fit to suit your ear, but I would like one just a smidgin smaller diameter than the standard size but not as small as the next size down. Perhaps MediaDevil would consider including a further two sleeves, one slightly smaller than normal and one slightly bigger.
3) The high frequencies are slightly subdued. Once again I'm being super critical.
4) They lack the degree of detail, definition, and wide sound stage of high-end phones. The fact that they can even be compared to high-end phones, costing £300 upwards, tells you something!

I love my EB-01s. They sound nice form all sources- quite simply there is nothing anywhere as good in this price range. You can buy them with confidence

PS: Great to see another British company making a well designed product. They also seem to care about their customers. And you get a free sweet in the box too!

Update 05 October 2015

I'm still happy with the sound and general design of EB-01 ear buds, although after about a year the wooden covers came off a few times when I took the buds out of my ears . It was a simple matter to push the covers back on, but in the end I put a very thin layer (don't over do it) of Super Glue around the metal flange that the covers fit to. Within a couple of minutes of pushing the covers back on, they were solidly attached. If anything, the phones now sound better too, especially the bass which is slightly tighter.

Update 11 January 2016

The right earbud is now distorting badly. This is especially disappointing as the MediaDevils have had an easy life- mostly listening in my front room and they havent been used that often either. As a result I would not recommend these ear buds and have downgraded the star rating from 5 to 3.
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on 2 December 2013
Another great product from MediaDevil!

The wrapped cable, for me, is one of the best bits. I get so tired of trying to untangle headphones. Tonight, for example, I took these out of the storage bag (where I'd hastily just shoved them a few days ago) and I didn't have to spend two or three minutes untangling them, I just gave them a bit of a shake and they were ready to go. The cable is also a good length and feels really solid. I don't feel like I'm going to wreck the fine wires in the earpieces if I have to yank them out of my ears quickly (or, as is more likely, one of the cats crawls into my lap and takes the wire with him when he jumps back down). The cable-mounted pause-restart-skip button (which is also the mic) is very useful, too, especially when I'm using them at work and someone pops into my office. It works great on both my iPhone 5 and iPod Nano (6th Gen). I don't often listen to music, but with spoken word (audiobooks) they're fantastic. Also, and I'm sure this is just me, but... I have REALLY small ear canals. I always have to use the smallest earpieces and, with most other in-ear headphones, even then they're usually a bit uncomfortable after about an hour. I've been wearing these with the smallest earpieces for nearly four hours tonight (new Terry Pratchett audiobook!) and so far, no discomfort. They're worth the price for that alone, in my opinion!
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on 27 February 2014
These are the good kind. A full range of tones. I like a full range of music, rock, jazz, classical and speech radio. After a recent make do pair of £20 Sony's, these remind me why you can't make do with your sounds! You just hear so much more of the various levels and details with these. Rumbling bass, crisp MIDs and tinkling high ends.
I'm still breaking them in, but I don't see any quality issues raised in other reviews. My benchmark for sound, but not durability, is mid range Senn's (£40 - £50). I prefer the MDs though! For the £30 quid I paid, these are great earphones. I am tempted to buy another set now for the day they eventually give up!
Edit 31/7/15 Rating reduced to 3 stars. All of the above is true. Except that within only a few months the cabinet and drivers separated from both ears. Not well enough glued together. I glued them back, but it wasn't a lasting repair. The left ear cut out at around 8 months - and this was quite light and careful use too. £30 for only a few months brings them right down from 5 stars to 3.
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on 12 February 2014
Let's cut to the chase, these headphones are amazing.

I've owned headphones that sell for way more than these and to be absolutely frank, these Artisanphonics make them sound like they were made in a cave.

When you put them in they are like ear plugs, they isolate sound really well, to the point that I can be walking down a busy road listening to perfectly clear sound and barely hear the cars with the volume on about 10%. Not only that, the bass isn't too strong, on a lot of headphones the bass can overwhelm the vocals and ruin the sound quality for some songs and as my music taste is very eclectic it can get really frustrating. This doesn't happen here, it is perfectly balanced, whether I am listening to Heavy Metal, Folk or Classical these headphones deliver clear sound and beautiful levels. In fact, I listened to one of my favourite albums on these and noticed layers I never knew existed because the sound quality is so good.

Comfort wise these are great too, and they come with various tip sizes which is brilliant for me as I need to wear a medium in my left ear and a small in my right. The headphone shape seems to lock into your ear too and they don't fall out unless you catch the wire on something.

Speaking of the wire, it is braided thread, giving it a really awesome unique look, coupled with the wood and the little media devil logo in the metal these headphones are beautiful lookers, great for anyone who thinks of themselves as a little eccentric.

The wood casing is great, really unique and because you don't know what colour they are it's like opening a present to see what you got when they arrive.

They come in totally eco friendly packaging with no plastic, which, coupled with the reclaimed wood, makes them great for the eco warrior in all of us.

Buying them here is a great idea too, you get a great price and the seller is very courteous, they contacted me informing me of dispatch times and other important information and when they arrived they were extremely well packaged.
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on 2 August 2014
I've had my MediaDevil headphones for just over 2 months now. Whilst the audio quality is great, they've already broken. The right ear plug detached completey from the wooden base, also tearing the wires. I looked after them carefully, and was delicate with them, so it's terrible to see this happen. My advice is get better quality headphones that actually last.
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on 8 August 2014
Initially I was happy with these earphones - they were comfortable and I liked the sound. However after a month or two one of the ear pieces stopped working. I was quickly offered a replacement pair by the company but 2 months later the same issue happened with teh new pair. I was informed by the company that I was extremely unlucky so I then decided to receive another replacement pair instead of a refund. Third time lucky? No third time unlucky! this pair developed the same fault, I have since requested a refund. I used the earphones to walk to work - it is not like I was jogging in the rain or anything. There is an obvious design flaw with these headphones, they are not made to last, so don’t waste your time or money.
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