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on 6 April 2017
Very nice
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on 24 February 2014
A catalogue of issues so far:
On receipt of the PC, I found the DVD bay didn't open consistently. The Zoostorm technical support suggested I attempt to take the PC apart & slide forward the hard drive so that it makes better contact with the control.
I have regular PC speakers but they would play sound. After several calls & emails, I had to download various drivers & install them to get the speakers to work.
After about three weeks of use the hard drive died. When discussing this with a technical support representitive I was accused of damaging the PC. On complaining I did eventually receive an email apology.
I sent the PC back in it's original packaging & received it 'fixed' a few days later with scratches, a dent & a bent chassis.
I then sent the PC back again only to receive it back a few days later again with scratches, a very severe dent, and bent case screws. This time I didn't sign for it.
Zoostorm now have my PC which has been broken for longer than it has worked. Despite the very poor customer experience I've clearly endured, I've been told there will be no financial compensation whatsoever. I may get a game or flash drive as a goodwill gesture!

Also, Zoostorm will never return a call. I must have called them a dozen times by now & spent more than an hour speaking with them on their 0844 number.

** UPDATE **
Zoostorm have sent me a new PC which has been running for over a week & so far everything is perfect.
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on 8 January 2014
It arrived well packed and timely. Other reviews from similar model indicated noisy. Well.. for me it's very quite and can't hear any noise.. nether could any family members it's & fast and supersonic!!. Well ventilated.

I'm fairly IT ok at work, but pleased it was very easy to set up. press boot in set up mode. All set up and ready to go.
I've had it about a week now on it every day busy and no worries.
I wouldn't hesitate very pleased customer
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on 4 January 2014
We bought this i5 PC to replace a 6-year old Core2Duo desktop which had slowed to a crawl despite all efforts to clean it up and keep it going, including Win 7, RAM and graphics upgrade over the last couple of years. The constant hard-drive chuntering was driving us mad and (Not Responding) was happening all too often. Despite having Tablets and Laptops in the family, there is just no substitute for a good desktop for many tasks. Our thoughts are as follows:


This machine is smooth a fast when navigating around Windows 8.1 and is a significant step up from our old PC, even when it was working properly. It is quiet, rarely accessing the hard drive when conducting office tasks or on the web. The graphics seem fast enough to meet our needs and we do not expect any issues with simple image processing. We also noticed that our backed up files transferred back from our external hard drive at 3 times the speed we had backed them up, even though both were just USB2.0.


The case is relatively good looking for a budget PC and is very light for its size. Looking through the vents, it has 2 good size but quiet fans inside (one on the Processor and one in the PSU). The 8GB RAM is in a single slot leaving one free for a future upgrade, something we will do when the price comes down a little. Also, there is more than enough space inside for additional internal drives and a graphics card but as we are not gamers then it may be sometime before we would consider this. The keyboard and mouse are very cheap looking but we just connected up our old ones from the start and this worked just fine.

Windows 8.1:

We had considered replacing the OS with Windows 7 but decided to persevere with Windows 8.1. Set up was very easy, although you must have a Windows Live account to get the most out of it. We made the best use of user accounts and the homegroup feature (I know these appear in 7 too) and had the whole thing set up in just a few hours. There are a few new things to learn, some tasks are not as easy as in Windows 7 but overall I think we will get used to it and even benefit from moving on up. The only issue we have experienced so far is that the keyboard number lock does not come on by default, but we will no doubt find a way around this in time.


There is no storage card reader and nowhere to install one which is an unfortunate omission. We bought a cheap USB3.0 reader but also needed to buy an extension cable as the 2xUSB3.0 ports are on the back. The 2 on the front are USB2.0 but they would have been better at the bottom of the case, in our opinion. There is no HDMI out, although we do not require that just now. The whole thing is fairly large on the desk. For some reason the disk drive button is very hard to operate and you need to hold the case when it is pressed as the machine is so light.

Value for Money:

We bought this on the Boxing Day lightning deals for £379 and this made it excellent value for money. We had compared alternatives from other vendors and £470 to £600 was typical so even the standard Amazon price of £421 is competitive.


In summary, this PC does everything we need of it at an excellent price for the spec. I would highly recommend it for anyone in the market for a simple desktop PC or looking to build a gaming machine with the addition of a couple of extra components.
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on 10 July 2014
Hard to get over-excited about a PC these days, but this had a good specification for the price. Came with Windows 8.1 but not the absolute latest patches (it needed an update / restart cycle before the power button appeared in the Start Menu, which was a recent tweak by Microsoft to restore sanity to their operating system). Was pleased that the PC was quiet in use (hardly any fan noise, although the hard drive clicks a bit), and very pleased to find that other than a trial of Office 365 there was no pre-installed bloatware (Lenovo please take note).

It doesn't come with any installation / recovery disks, but a printed slip of paper that came with the PC directs you to a website where you can download the manual which in turn advises you to use "Recovery Options" to create your own recovery drive on a USB stick (8GB or more - if you don't happen to have one of those lying around spare you might want to add it to your order). Without doing this you'd have no means of reloading Windows if your hard disk broke; I was slightly disappointed that such a critical process wasn't highlighted better.
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on 17 August 2015
Happy for 1 year but then two weeks after that it refused to work (only getting opening screen) and unable to gain access to BIOS - diagnosed as a motherboard failure - ON A ONE YEAR OLD COMPUTER - THAT IS CRIMINAL (especially it is a very lightly used home computer, may be clocking up 6 hours a week at the most).

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on 12 August 2014
Performs as specified
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on 13 March 2014
Considering and Comparing this computer with other well known brand was hard but after all a computer is made up of its components that are correctly allocated in this beautiful and stunning looking machine, with a sleek look to it and very well built. The same specs on a branded computer will cost you a good chunk of your wallet and might not give you the chance to just appreciate the savings you will or will about make...after purchasing this computer. The only concern that I had when purchasing this computer was that will it produce the same execution speed compared to a HP desktop with same specs. And the answer was...Yes it can.

As a App Developer for a variety of different platforms which includes: Android, Apple, Windows and Firefox. THIS COMPUTER IS PERFECT. Allowing me to programme apps under no hesitation or rendering problems when executing apps in a emulator or debugging it on to my phone.
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on 24 June 2014
This pc tower arrived two days after I ordered it - and it was a Sunday! Great delivery time!

It's easy to set up and has a lot of room for expanding and upgrading.

One thing I would say is that if you want wireless internet you need to get an adapter as this doesn't come with wireless (personally I just plugged it into the router so it didn't matter)

A lot faster than my old pc, comes with Windows 8.1 which I quite like (old computer was Vista as I didn't want to have to spend a lot on new Windows!)

Doesn't come with any wires so glad I had all the old ones from my old pc that broke.
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on 19 February 2015
Nice quick machine, very fast to boot up and pretty quiet in operation. Windows 8.1 is a bit of a nuisance to get to grips with as it seems designed for touch screens and is similar in look to a tablet or smartphone,but I have set mine up as a traditional desktop with shortcuts so it's not too bad. You can toggle between the 'tablet' look or more traditional windows which is useful and helps the learning process. 8.1 comes with very little in the way of extras, no Windows Media Centre, not even DVD playback which panicked me a bit at first when it wouldn't play DVDs! But I just needed to go into apps store and download VLC media player to sort that out. Just another learning curve to keep my old brain active I suppose. Good old Google gets me out of a lot of these situations!

The machine itself is a nice looking bit of kit but the shiny front shows every fingerprint. The pc is very light which was a worry as my old Dell weighed a ton, but inside looks all neat and with decent components. Luckily the' on' switch is at the top of the case - if it was on the front the whole lot would probably move backwards every time you pressed the button! Hold the case tight when you press the DVD tray button as it needs a firm press to work. Power supply is a bit at the low end of the scale (250Watt) and you may need to upgrade if you want to add extra hardware like a Video card or a second internal hard drive etc.

Just a few negatives for me - could do with a few more USB ports and a card reader, but adapters are readily available and cheap, it's just nicer to be able to slot in a SD card or whatever straight into the front panel rather than go hunting for an adapter. No HDMI if that is important to you, but my 20 inch AOC monitor works well with nice sharp pictures and video. I must admit I was rather disappointed with the lack of connections at first but there are usually ways to get round this.

Had a bit of a problem with Zoostorm Support. Most pcs don't come with genuine Windows restore discs these days because of the cost. But they generally have some means of rebooting the operating system in case of hard drive failure. The Zoostorm came with very little in the way of instructions or a boot disc, so I contacted their customer support by e-mail. I got a quick response, apologising and saying they would send me a restore disc in the post. Then I got another e-mail asking for more details, which I sent. Then I got yet another e-mail from a different person asking if I had made a recovery partition or copied it to a USB stick using the WIndows Recovery Drive. Eventually I got it sorted and it was no big deal, but it was a bit annoying that 2 different Zoostorm advisors had told me different things.

Overall, I am happy with the purchase, a decent performer at a reasonable price.
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