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on 25 October 2014
This is the third Asus Transformer that I have owned. I do not have a laptop so the concept of this thing as a mini laptop is really appealing and I find it frustrating trying to type on glass.
The first one had wireless problems, then the TF200 had all kinds of problems - it was laggy and unresponsive - although the wifi worked.
With this model Asus have finally got it right and its fast and nimble with no signs of lag at all. I only wish that they had kept the metal keyboads as the new plastic one is - well, plasticky and a bit fatter. Also note that the connection port is different - its smaller so that you cannot use the old dock with this model.
Other than that its highly recommended.
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on 24 February 2015
Buy an Apple iPad. This was a Warehouse Deal.so came with a lot if scratches. The performance was just OK. After a while the tablet really slowed down and couldn't browse properly. The tablet gets hot in use and the battery drain was awful. I loved the keyboard and the dock clicked in nice. Lots of apps weren't compatible which disappointing. But I think this was because the tablet had been heavily used by last owner. I bought a refurbished one from Asus and its a lot better but not perfect. Maybe its Android tablets with the Tegra K1 chip set. Who knows! Sent it back to Amazon. I love my tech but didn't love this. Shame it looks good and the screen is lovely.
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on 6 May 2015
Really useful combination - Android tablet with a physical detatchable keyboard.
The tablet works pretty well, and the battery life is excellent - I never need to worry about it lasting a day even in heavy use.
However Asus have released the odd bad update that completely broke it. At this point you discover that a) there is no "reset to factory settings" capability - it will wipe your data but not the OS, and b) Asus customer service is simply not good enough - they don't give any information about the fault or when a fix might be due, or even admit to it - this has to come from 3rd party devs.
They did produce a fix in a few weeks, but can you rely on that if you need the machine for business use?
Looking at just the the (working) tablet, it's plenty good enough. It doesn't really suffer from lag, the screen is OK, the keyboard is useable for a touch typist, the skin is useable. The large bevel is a little dated - the screen could be a bit bigger, but overall the package is pretty good, solid if not spectacular, but the detatchable keyboard with extra battery really does make it a very nice tool to use.
Just watch out if you ever need customer service, and maybe hold off on the OTA updates until you've researched if they have problems.
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on 30 April 2015
I thought this product was brilliant for the first three months I had it, no screen issues, great battery life, great memory, great wireless connection, brilliant.
Unfortunately, in the third month it died. It stopped recognising the charger (both keyboard and direct plug in) and the battery eventually went completely flat. That's where the problems started, because Asus customer service is absolutely diabolical. They refused to acknowledge Amazon as a 'recognised seller' and therefore refused to fulfil my warranty. They wouldn't even offer me a repair if I paid for it myself (which I was entirely willing to do, because I like it so much). In the end, the only way I could solve this useless pile of plastic was to send it to Amazon for a complete refund.
As much as I like the product, the diabolical service when things go wrong has meant that I will never buy an Asus product again.
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on 17 October 2014
The faster processor and extra RAM really transform this "transformer" after the tf700t. Stuff just happens without the lag of the previous model. The extra battery in the keyboard helps out if you are away from power point. On my long distance walks such as Offa's Dyke trail, the SD card slot in the keyboard takes the card from my camera and allows me to back up and review the days pix. At less than £300 it is a bargain.
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on 3 April 2014
I had the very first of these the TF101 and that was the dogs dangly bits! :-)

I was dissapointed with this however.
Although it is slimmer and lighter and supposed to be much faster than the other one, I found that it seemed very FLIMSY!

I have also some concerns about the screen. There seems to be slight gaps at the edges where it seems to not be properly joined.

There a number of posts on the web about random screen cracks. I suspects it is due the flex described above.

Don't get me wrong I love this product, but it is let down by the build quality.
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on 10 March 2015
Such a brilliant tablet. researched into the and this was one of the best specification tablets with a keyboard on the market and very good build quality and many updates to firmware and the Asus apps. The later models of this tablet were cheaper in price and quality and the spec and screen quality was reduced. I am very happy with this and the quality is awesome. So happy I finally got an Android tablet now.
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on 25 May 2014
I have had every Asus Transformer; the original TF101, the Transformer Prime TF201, the Transformer Infinity TF700, and now the Transformer Pad TF701. Each of them have added incrementally to the previous version. I love the whole Transformer idea of a tablet and a detachable keyboard. For a while I had been using the Transformer Infinity (1920x1200 resolution screen) side-by-side with a Nexus 10 (2560x1600 resolution screen). When the TF701 came out, I thought I could have the best of both worlds.

I really wanted to love this tablet, I really did. I did love the beautiful screen, the fast processor, the MicroSDXC and full SDXC card slots, the USB 3.0 port and the minimalistic UI. I could forgive the fact that the keyboard is made of plastic and wobbles slightly when docked. However, the main problem was that when I tried to connect to weak or congested wireless networks, the TF701 struggled to connect and/or stay connected when any other device I try had no problem making/maintaining connections. I never had such problems with the Transformer Prime TF201, which was notorious for connection difficulties because of its all-aluminium back.

I have religiously updated the firmware with what few updates Asus have released - they have really not supported this device anywhere near as much as they have the previous Transformers. In fact, despite Asus' previous record of being the first out of the gate with new firmware releases, the TF701 still hasn't received an update to Android 4.4 KitKat.

I have reset the tablet, adjusted power-saving settings, changed network channels away from congested ones and changed router settings from mixed-mode to Wireless-N only. Nothing improved the situation. I truly regretted having got rid of my Nexus 10, which never dropped a signal (even if it did occasionally reset itself).

I considered RMAing the tablet, but finally I found that by changing from dual-band to 2.4 GHz-only mode solved he problem. Sorry, Asus, but you'll have to do better if you want me to buy your next Transformer.
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on 15 June 2014
This product is an excellent halfway house between a laptop and a tablet. The processor ensures that it is responsive and the large memory is great for storing many apps and all the associated content.
The battery life is not quite as long as advertised, but then I am not completely running it down before charging it up again as I don't want to run out halfway through a lesson (I use it a lot for teaching).
I was worried that the connection between the tablet and the keyboard would be difficult to operate, based on previous reviews, but as long as you jiggle it to make sure it is in all the way (the locking key slides all the way to the right) then it is fine. It is not the most secure connection in the world - there is some play in it, but I have certainly not experienced keyboard disconnections etc at all whilst connected.
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on 20 March 2014
great tab,, few quirks,, but much better than previous prime model... A little big and heavy compared to most tabs,, but great as mini laptop at home or work,,, will use my galaxy 7.7 for plane train and holidays... Dont think this pads ment to travel to well,, lots of memory ,,, managed to get 64 gig micro sd card to work,,, tried about 4 samsung sony,, sandisk etc, ,but none worked, ,,, kinston worked fine... So now happy... Screen res great.... But not really needed... Battery life much not great, , but will sufice...
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