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on 16 December 2016
I wanted a reasonable Bluetooth system that had a decent low end speaker. I don't think you will find a better system than this. Sound quality is incredible - Bluetooth connection takes a couple of seconds, and is very stable. If you want something decent - then look ( or listen ) no further - The remote control has a decent range, and is nothing like the normal & cheap remotes that are shipped with even more expensive systems .

Even at low volume, the low end is amazing - all bass & treble are adjustable too,

Thank you for reading !
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on 2 April 2017
Amazing quality of sound! If this had a more popular brand I wouldn't be surprised with the price tag 3 times as high. Super stylish design - glossy wood (yes, real wood) looks exceptional. Makes it bit prone to scratches. Sound is crisp and loud. It would benefit from more connection options (i.e. HDMI, optical) and more sturdy remote. Easy to set up and connect via Bluetooth or wired connections.
Nevertheless, this is a great product I would highly recommend - delivers exceptional value for money.
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on 24 May 2017
honestly I was really looking forward to receiving this due to the superb reviews and in actual fact wasn't completely satisfied regards sound quality ..i know it's new so needs time to bed in but the treble sounds abit metallic and the unit is very bass heavy .this is not a bad thing if your having a party, but for quite listening the speaker doesn't produce the sound of some Of The high end units (that said it's half the price of most).
All in all a good loud speaker if you don't want immaculate sound quality ..on side note, seller dispatched immediately, and the unit was packed very well.
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on 18 July 2017
I think it is great I'm even thinking of getting another one and linking them together the bass is fantastic I'm a musician and producer of reggae music and you know us reggae guys love our bass right :) if there's anything negative is that the bass is so great it over rides the treble when playing at volume but that's miner.
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on 28 April 2017
The power supply failed after 6 months so I am having to send it back and get a refund as the Manufacturer don't want to get involved. The unit has since increased in price so I won't be ordering another.
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on 17 April 2016
Only review I've done, because this product is well worth it! Loud, clear and easy to use, the sound this speaker produces is great for the price. Looks great in white.
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on 4 February 2015
Absolutely love it. Brilliant. Sounds wicked
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on 21 October 2017
No regret I recommend to all.
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on 20 December 2015
This is my first ever Kitsound product and first ever Bluetooth speaker system. I wanted to boost the sound of my puny, flat sounding Roberts Colourstream and of course to stream music by Bluetooth from my laptop.
From the box, it was well packaged and rather bigger than I first thought and surprisingly heavy! Lifting it onto the table to give it a trial run, my impressions were that this is fantastic quality. Sturdy, heavy and robust. Firing it up and connecting with Blutooth was done in an instant and then I turned the volume to nil, bass and treble to -6 ( the lowest) and then started throwing some music at it. Turning up the volume to a comfortable level and then gradually introducing the bass and treble to suit....I was astounded! This thing seriously rocked. Way more volume than I could ever wish for, never any distortion (apart from a few ornaments that vibrated at the bass) and a vibrant clarity that belong to far more expensive systems. The bass is deep, controlled, natural and only there when you need it. In other words the bass is fantastic but doesn't ruin the overall sound by washing everything else out. At the upper end, the treble is clear, crisp and concise and I'm hearing voices and instruments that I never heard through the Roberts before.
A very minor negative is the rather plasticky feeling remote control, however it does all you need it to do, including the ability to skip tracks.
I've listened to various Bose and Sonos units before and this easily sits up there with them for quality of sound, for a fraction of the price, and it has indeed given a new lease of life to my music collection.
Great work Kitsound for keeping it simple with just volume, bass and treble....who needs these graphic equaliser settings that distort everything.
Worth every penny!
Update: 10 months on and this beautiful sounding piece of kit is still as good as the day I bought it. It's used everyday, often all day and has never let me down. Even the plasticky remote I mentioned is still working perfectly.
For sound and reliability, I thoroughly recommend this product.
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on 19 August 2016
 Fantastic bit of Kit!

We have lots of parties and I wanted a speaker that wasn't going struggle at high volumes, and it copes incredibly well! the sound it gives out is brilliant. I actually purchased this because of a friend who had it at a party.

Audio - PERFECT. Have nothing bad to say about it

Design - has a very premium feel to it. It has a glossy black finish and a soft mesh on the front to cover the drivers. I like the way the volume dial sits in the middle at the front with the LED display in the middle of it. Surrounded by the track controls it make's it incredibly easy to control. It has a modern design and just looks pretty cool in our kitchen.

Set up & controlling the speaker - Simple. simple and easy. It's mains powered so you just need it near a plug socket, once plugged in, that is all you need to do! It also has a switch on the back to turn it ON/OFF. Once turned on, either connect through AUX or BT (RCA to 3.5mm cable included) and you are ready to go! It has track / bass / treble / mode & Volume controls on the front making it very simple to use. Another good perk is the USB charge port at the back, so you can leave your device charging while playing music from it! A remote is also included in the box, with the same controls which are on the speaker.

The only thing that may put people off is the size, but you wouldn't get the incredible sound if it was any smaller.

I am not the greatest at writing reviews but I would happily recommend this to anyone. I can't fault it. I'd be very surprised if someone purchased this and wasn't happy with the audio.

I have taken a video of it, because I wanted to people to realise how good the sound is, but catching it on my phone, I don't think it does it the justice it deserves! anyway, you may get a good idea of the size of the speaker and how easy the track controls are.

Value for money
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