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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 16 March 2014
Saw the film first and thought it was really entertaining so thought I'd give the book a try.

What a mistake - it has to be the most repetitive, boring and appallingly written book I have ever read. Even though it's only around half the length of a lot of the books I read I found it really hard going, mainly due to how badly this book was written. He repeats himself many times, talking about the same old things - things which on many occasions are just not interesting; Really, I didn't care how much your silk sheets cost the first time you told me, and I care even less after you've then proceeded to tell me again another couple of times. This is something that he does frequently throughout the book, as well as refer to people he encounters with - mainly derogatory - nicknames for pretty much everyone he encounters, including his own wife (loamy loins, I ask you!)

After finally getting to the end I formed the conclusion that here we have a book written by a person who has absolutely no morals at all, totally no understanding or remorse for the lives he's destroyed through his pursuit of sex, drugs and money. This book is simply 500 pages of bragging about how much better he is than practically anybody else (heaven forbid you go to work and earn an honest living for a modest wage packet because in his eyes you'd be nothing but pond scum). He also seems to remember conversations and events in almost exquisite detail and considering most of his time was spent high as a kite I fail to see how that can be possible so I believe that a lot of what happened in this book is embellished to an extent - I am left wondering how much of it is actually true and how much is his own imagination.

It's nothing but self indulgent rubbish and I certainly won't be reading his second book and throwing more money at him. He truly is a despicable man. He looks down on everybody else when in reality it is he who is the lowest of the low.
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This is the lengthy tale of the first career of Jordan Belfort, creator of one of the most successful penny share boiler rooms and an inveterate consumer of pharmaceuticals. He recounts his excessive spending, copulation and drug-consumption and the impact on himself and his family of this (and his illegal share dealing) ranging through divorce, jail and a lot of hospital time (Belfort has the constitution of Rasputin). It may sound like a mixture of Fear and Loathing and Liars Poker but the author is stuck between being maudlin, half-proud and half-shocked by what he did. In this he is probably correct but it makes him no less tedious.
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on 5 February 2014
I saw the film without having read the book. It was a fairly good film - typically Scorsese with the music selection and the cinematography although I thought it was a little too long. Di Caprio was very good, as were the supporting actors, many of whom I hadn't really seen before.

I instantly bought the Kindle of the edition and ploughed straight through it. To cut to the chase, it is the autobiography of a guy who makes his millions through a stock broking / investment banking set-up which was immoral at best and downright illegal at worst. I was hoping that it would be a rags-to-riches and back to rags sort of book and fill-in some of the blanks that you expect from a film. It was however somewhat missing - you get the drug abuse, parties, debauched behaviour by his peers and employees and the illegal trading, but you don't get the story of how it all happened - in fact it gavies less of a picture than the film, usually it is the other way around.

Many of the anecdotes from the film are included in the book but they tend to become a little tiring repeated time and time again. When he describes his Rolex or cars, parties, houses, conquests in the bedroom (or wherever it takes his fancy!) it is without any sort of irony or sense that it will wear thin to the reader. It doesn't feel that there is any remorse from the author for the lives that his company ruined by selling worthless stock, the pension funds that might have been hit etc.

I wouldn't suggest reading if easily offended due to the bad language it contains - it doesn't bother me but each to their own. Overall it was OK, perhaps as a tale of greed and debauchery it was interesting - not greatly written but if you enjoyed the film the chances are you might enjoy the book. I don't think passing a moral judgement of an individual is a valid category on which to judge a book - the 3 stars represent that is is an interesting read and I've not read any accounts of broker millionaires before, if I was to award a points based on the antagonist/protagonist Jordan Belfort it would be a 1 star!
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on 8 September 2016
I would highly recommend 'The Wolf of Wall Street' it glamourises Jordan Belfort's story. The autobiography is worth reading to for the following reasons: it is brutally honest and yet funny; it is an education in greed, yes, but also in just how financial manipulation and greed was practised; it is a compelling true story, wonderfully told.

The story reminds me of the story in the film 'Goodfellas' which was based on the book by Henry Hill called ‘Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family’. This was also a story about financial ascent, descent and financial (and other forms of) corruption.

I enjoyed the scene in which Jordan Belfort comes to London to meet his British elderly aunt, who calls him 'love' and who agrees to become involved in one of his financial scams. This part of the story is wonderfully told.

You cannot top the title of the film as 'The Wolf of Wall Street' but I would tag it with Jordan Belfort's favourite phrase, 'Plausible Deniability'.

If you have a chance Eric Meyers narration in the audiobook edition really brings the character to life. I really hope that Audible record Belfort's second book, 'Chasing The Wolf of Wallstreet' and that Eric Meyers is chosen to narrate this.
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on 23 November 2016
Great book, very insightful to his life. However if you've seen the movie there's not really any point in reading this. The movie seems to follow this page by page. While reading certain bits I could picture Dicaprio in the movie. There are some bits that were left out though and are worth reading
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on 19 March 2008
The book tells the story of Jordon Belfont, the "Wolf of Wall Street", a guy who seems to have made insane amounts of money in not strictly legal ways, and then blew as much as he could on drugs, boats, drugs, planes, drugs, prostitutes and, well... more drugs!

And that's pretty much the book, a retelling of how he spent his money, and how the drugs made him feel, before the final crash.

The thing is it missed what I find the most interesting thing in these sorts of books or films, the climb before the fall.

The book starts off with the young Jordon at his first day at Wall Street, flat broke and in awe of all the big-shots and money around him. The chapter ends by Jordon describing how, if you had told him then, he wouldn't have believed that in a few years time he'd employ most of his seniors, and own the posh restaurant he was having lunch in.

Great set up for how he did it, but it never comes. The book jumps straight to him being incredibly successful, with a raging drug habit! It misses what could have been a really interesting ride.

The rest of the book is tales of his debauched lifestyle and eventual re-hab, interesting enough, but there's just too much of it. You do feel a bit bored come the end, which seems to be slightly rushed.

All in all it's an OK read, but could have been so much better. Worth a punt if you've got a long journey and enjoy reading about someone's debauched life.

It's apparently being made into a film, in which case I think it's going to need some padding.
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on 14 October 2016
This is a fascinating read, even for someone who has already seen the film.

The extravagance and lifestyle this guy lived, and at such a young, make for fascinating reading.

I love the style in which this is written too, very light and funny. In fact I enjoyed it so much I started his follow up "Catching The Wolf of Wall Street" straight away.
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on 24 March 2016
Jordan's still laughing all the way to the bank at all of the fools who stupidly splashed out for this pile of rubbish. Our narcisstic and self-centered swindler of a narrator shows little growth or redemption in this party journal of a confessional. He's merely plying in sociopathic trade on the unwitting reader with hopes that his debaucheries can some how be excused. if you enjoy reading about the disgusting excesses of a filthy rich criminal struggling with moral ineptitude then this is the read for you.
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on 17 October 2015
I'm no book critic, and couldn't go into detail about any written shortcomings of the book. I bought this predominantly because I'd seen the film which was brilliant do knee the book would be better and I wasn't disappointed. This was my holiday read and I won't lie, I read it with a lot of raised eyebrows and laughter (a lot on the coach from the airport to the resort, which had people staying at me oddly). It's awesome. Would highly recommend. May not be to some tastes as it's quite graphic in places but for the liberal and open minded it's a Jordan belfort rollercoaster ride. Five stars people
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on 6 June 2010
As I was reading this book, I got the overwhelming sense the guy was just bragging rather than showing any real remorse. It was too much and I abandoned the book unfinished - which is very unusual for me. After I've finished reading a book I'll usually recycle books for someone else to read - but this one I tossed in the trash to save anyone else wasting their time.
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