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on 18 March 2014
Had one of these for a few days now, done 20hrs worth of driving with it so far, I'm very impressed with it and don't think you could get better value for it's price of less than £25.
A bonus it's about the smallest you can get, unobtrusive so can hide behind the mirror and you can just leave it to do it's job without messing about.
I'd read other comments as they all seem fairly coherent.
I get a little bit radio interference from the 5v cig lighter power supply but not a problem with a strong local radio signal, the car power adapter is going as I'm to hard wire it with a better 5v supply.
One supplied has Firmware V20140112.2012
I've stuck an old camera microSD card (unbranded 8Gb class4) in it, formatting in the camera it did it to FAT32 64kb sectors. (I don't know what it was formatted to before).
Setting the recording to 5 minute chunks I've been getting 50mins of driving before it erases the oldest file.
To give an estimated recording times for various cards:
8Gb = 51min
32Gb= 3hrs 26min
I've ordered, just awaiting a 32Gb C10 card as they seem the best value point at the mo at £12-18 each.
Each day had a new dated folder is created so you have some order of where to start looking if needed.
The recorded image is just brilliant, yes full 1080P very clear and sharp, easily identify number plates. It has an anti-shake, image stabilization keeping the image sharp and smooth over potholes etc.. You have the option to rotate the image 180 deg if required too, so it can be mounted on your Dashboard rather than the more typical fixing it to the window screen.
At night (no moon) on an unlit road you are fairly limited to what it sees but definitely enough if something is needed, on a illuminated road/motorway it's OK. Knowing cameras/CCTV you'd need to be spending LOTS more to get anything better than this. (Don't even think of looking at the cameras with IR LED illumination as this is all you will see at night glaring back off your screen)
This model doesn't have the power pins through the connector and slightly different to the more expensive models so you can't use their slimline adhesive patch mount.
Some have commented on playback and problems, I'd guess most of this is down to the micro SD card they have used and why the Seller also supplies options with cards they KNOW work perfectly.

I'm just about to order 3 more, for front/back mounting of our cars.

UPDATE: Been using a several in cars now for several months without any problems, occasionally removed and checked the recordings to make sure still working... Perfect... I've also hard wired a different 5v power supply in making the wiring unobtrusive, you wouldn't really notice cameras are fitted now and has stopped the little bit of radio interference I had before. Still very pleased with purchaces and still definitely recommend.
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on 17 May 2014
This small car camera works well and is simple to use. Once set up and in the car, just switch the car on and the camera switches on automatically - simples. Stick in a microSD card and your set for recording. (I have a 32Gb class 10 so at high spec record 2hrs ish). The model up from this has a better clip for the front window as the standard one's okay but not perfect as it can take a while to get a good position > hence 4 stars. (didn't go for the model up as this such a good price - what more do you need, the GS608 really it is a good price at about £24). (Not interested in GPS as evidence can be used against you, if you were slightly over the speed limit!)

To install it > it sticks on a clear plastic sucker just behind the mirror which can angle a little (to ensure clear driving viewing) then run the 1.8m power cable along the top of the screen tucked under the roof lining to the end (loosely tuck > so it pops out if the side air bags inflate!) then tucked under the door seal flap > down and along again tucked under the glove box (passenger foot well) then up and into he 12v supply. Takes a few minutes, happy days ;) G
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on 31 July 2014
hi its a good little dash cam recordings from it are ok get you out of prob's .only thing I don't like is the bracket it fit's on. it's a bit bulky for a small camera . on the more expensive cam the real small bracket fits flush to the glass! . takes up little room! then you can hide it in other words, can be fitted at the top of the screen out of sight!! . we made a small plastic block similar to fit the camera to, it can be done! by using parts from the old bracket to screw to it , the cam now slides off the block when you need to set it up! it fits the screen with 3m strip tape the back of the rear view mirror now stops there now! no messing about . only way for me .ok best of luck .
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on 8 June 2017
Honestly, the product is a bit naff, it constantly falls off the cradle- currently I have cello tape and blue tack to hold it on place.
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on 11 October 2014
Funky small camera, plugged it in and it went pop? Sent it back and got refunded no bother, no hassel. Looked great, dinky wee thing but I got a faulty one my pal has one, had it for a Year stiil going strong with no problem.
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on 8 September 2014
do a very good job! very impressed by the quality of the videos at 1080p for it's price, the build is not great but do it's purpose! i recomend it!
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on 9 June 2017
Still working 2 years later. Great product
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on 16 October 2014
It's perfect for traveling on todays roads.
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on 2 February 2014
Thought it might just do the job,
It does more than "do the job", this little camera is amazing, clear picture when played back on PC, it just clicks into Media, and the picture is superb, great colours, no shake at all, night time is also fabulous, cannot believe why this little devil is as cheap as it is?
It sits just below my mirror, I just leave it all the time, wire sits well in the headlining, all well hidden away.
Don't spend more than you need, this does what it says it will, in HD too
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on 9 April 2014
I was motivated to buy a car cam, about 6 weeks ago, after a lovely person driving on Brentwood Way in Newtownards reversed into my wife's parked Mazda 3 and must have forgot to leave a note. Easy to let these things slip your mind!

Left with a hefty repair bill, I decided I'd like to have the opportunity of, catching, I mean helping folk with their memory lapses, or getting the police to help them, if they couldn't be found by me.

I read a number of reviews and decided on this little E-Prance cam, at only £25 post free it seemed a great deal. I had considered the considerably more expensive Mini Ambarella 0801 that this camera appears to be a copy of.

The unit arrived quickly well boxed with all accessories needed. It mounts to the car window by way of a suction cup device to which the camera slides on. The mount dwarfs the camera, but I think it's just small enough to be not too intrusive but still obvious enough to be caught by other drivers on a second glance.
The power supply for the cam came with a good long cable, easily travelling around the car and along the headlining.

There is no card with the camera, so I purchased a Samsung 16gb Class 10 micro sd card here on Amazon, which works perfectly with it and gives about 1hr 50mins recording in 720p.
I have the cam set to give 3 minute clips in a continuous loop, when it reaches the limit of memory, it starts overwriting the earlier clips.
I must note I first tried the cam with an old 2gb card I had, although it worked I found the playback pulsed in speed. Perhaps the card was incapable of delivering the speed needed and dropped some frames?

I wasn't expecting the level of picture quality of the dearer 0801, but I have to say it's more than adequate in daylight. On well lit town centre driving at night it's not bad, but quite grainy.
Nice wide angle of view.
Perhaps if you've already owned a better cam you might have a different view than I did, but I write this as a 1st time buyer and with the price firmly in mind, it was above my expectation.

Sound quality is not great and very low level
If your buying this hoping to read reg numbers, it's main failing is they are not readable unless with 15-20ft of the cam.
Still, for everyday driving I think it's more than good enough especially for the low price.

It can also be used as a still camera, but be warned the internal battery doesn't last very long, maybe a few minutes on mine. Since remote from power source, is not what I bought it for I don't mind, if in a walk away (hopefully) accident I'd probably use my phone for insurance snaps.

I'll probably move up to the 0801 eventually for reg readability if nothing else, but for a 1st car cam at £25 to your door, I think it deserves 5 stars despite it's limitations.

After reading through a few other reviews here on Amazon, I have to echo the problem one person mentioned recently, about radio interference. My radio is wrongly wired and starts up on ignition every time, I did notice a lot of weird noises when the camera came on too.
I don't use the radio really, so no issue for me, but others may find it a deal breaker if there's no easy workaround. I did read of someone running a camera from the power supply to his overhead lights near the driver mirror, maybe that would solve the issue if your handy with diy? Certainly would be neat :)
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