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on 19 April 2016
This is my second one of these, and I'm disappointed to report that the newer models are of significantly lower quality than the originals from 5 years ago.

Keys feel less springy, response is just not the same, and my keys have a bit of a 'squeak' to them.

As some users have reported, the 3 key rollover limit (primarily an issue whilst gaming) is present on this model, and this was never an issue on the '1st generation'.

Logitech have obviously cut corners, but of course the price remains as high as before.

Sadly, whilst I would and did recommend this keyboard to anyone who asked, in it's current form it's a massive let down.

Probably the last logitech product I buy, which is a shame as I've been almost exclusively logitech for mice/keyboards since the original MX500 mouse (which still works) back in 2003
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on 4 November 2016
I like this keyboard a lot after using many Logitech and other keyboards over the years.
For a long time many Logitech keyboards have had a function key to put the computer to sleep.So useful when you've finished work to just press a key instead of having to go to the windows power menu. In this age of eco awareness you'd think that would be a must. It's not even available as a programmable command in the Setpoint software.
The illumination works well yet the function keys legend F1, F2... is not lit although the symbols are. Why cant they get it right?
I dislike the so-called 'Soft touch' surface on the wrist support. Its not really soft at all and just serves to have dust and bits stuck to it, though not as sticky as a Microsft 3000.
My sample is also slightly warped and raised up off the desk at the middle about 2mm. Maybe in time it will settle down.
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on 9 March 2016
Beautiful keyboard, to both look at and to use.

Almost silent, perfectly and lightly weighted spring to the keys, it's a real pleasure to use. The smooth satiny finish to the surrounding areas to the keys make them really nice to rest palms or hands on. Illumination is gentle and perfectly even (each key is lit, or at least they seem to be) rather a blanket light underneath which would fade at the periphery. Gentle orange is used for the control keys at the top.

The weight isn't as heavy as some illuminated keyboards I've used, as I always use mine spread across my lap.

If there's a downside, it's that it's USB chorded but obviously the illumination has to be powered and the chord, for me, is on the wrong side, near the front right corner. However the chord is of good length and so lessening restriction of movement though it could get tangled round something, I suppose.

It's a keyboard to enjoy and take for granted, when you have it - I'd hate to have to go back to those clumpy, shiny and heavy slabs of plastic that I used before - definitely worth the investment, if you can. It makes typing a pleasure, once again. I can't praise it higher, really, can I?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 May 2017
I have a chronic back problem so having a well designed keyboard is key for me. I have tried a large number and this one is by far the best for the following reasons:

1. Very soft, easy keys that are not too high. You don't have to exert much pressure, the keys are very comfortable and do not tire the muscles in your fingers or (more importantly for me) in your back.

2. Very thin, ergonomic design: the keyboard is not just less than 1cm thick, it is also very subtly tailored so that the wrist rest meets the wrists gently and the keys are then slightly recessed, so that the fingers 'fall' on them naturally. On many keyboards the keys are on a slope from the wrist rest, and that creates strain.

3. Very comfortable wrist rest: it is soft touch, which makes a huge difference. It is also angled to perfection.

4. A good 'Del' key. Too often this is just a small key. Here it is large, about the same length as the 'Enter' key. If like me you touch type it makes a huge difference, you hit it every time without looking.

5. As I touch type, I can't say that the lit keys are a big plus for me. But the lighting is nicely adjustable.

I have tried about 10 keyboards and this is the only one I found I wanted to use (and could use without strain). It is well worth the price.
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on 20 January 2018
Only had this keyboard a couple of hours and already I can type faster and more accurately. Fact is I was never a great typist (touch typing is not my thing) but until recently my typing speed and accuracy were wanting, to say the least. I had an old Logitech MK710, which when new, was great but as time went by, the keys lettering wore off and I started to get frustrated at the number of times I had to stop and correct words. Now I am flying through text, like there was no tomorrow. The three stage back lighting is very welcome.. High level is great for my dimly lit studio and at night, it can be reduced. The keys are very responsive and light to the touch and the keyboard size and height are very comfortable. The keys being laser etched, rather than printed, hopefully means longer lasting lettering that won't wear off in time. So in conclusion, despite only having used it for a couple of hours now, I am impressed enough to recommend it to anyone looking for a replacement keyboard.
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on 16 November 2016
I had the previous model where they totally screwed up the space bar. after a few years the keyboard finally gave up.
So got the newer version, and it appeared to be good within the first few months...

------------- Update --------------------
6 months later the z key broke, 1 of 4 clips that hold it on to the board snapped so the key came off. Logitech sent me a new keyboard, z key clip snapped again.
So they fix the space bar but ruin another key instead...... its really a shame.

And now another key has snapped off in 3 places.

They do keep sending me replacements but it is just pointless because they are all weak and snap so easily. Just dont even waste your time on this.

Tried repairing it my self, didn't work.
review imagereview image
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on 1 September 2017
This is my third KB740 keyboard as I have worn out the previous two with intensive use. I'm now getting used again to there being no need to thump the keys quite so hard as had become necessary on the older keyboard. For a touch typist this is a superb keyboard that responds accurately to relatively low pressure touch. And when used with the right pressure it is a relatively quiet keyboard.

Update: After a busy morning I have got used to the difference between this new keyboard and its worn out predecessor. My typing speed and accuracy have both improved markedly on what I had become used to. I am very pleased with this keyboard and wish I had recognised the old one needed replacing earlier (I think I have had it for three or four years.)
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on 1 March 2014
At last , I solved my problem to type at night without using direct light on my keyboard. I had before a Logitech Keyboard that only F-Keys where illuminated. This Keyboard is completely differed. You can feel it from the moment you get it out from the box. You love to touch it. Now the typing is a pleasure . It is almost perfect. I just wanted to have the notification light for caps on the button as the laptops, but you can’t have everything.
I recommend it to anyone who hates typing.
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on 2 December 2014
I love these keyboards so much, I bought my 2nd one because I spilt tea in my first after owning it for about 5 years.

The keys feel gorgeous, it's quiet, the features are fantastic, and I really like the keys... can't stand those mechanical keyboard types.

I'm a heavy gamer, and as stated my first Illuminated KB lasted me 5 years and only failed when I spilt tea on it rather stupidly. This second one I am expecting to last me just as long and I use the thing every day for many hours.

Don't hesitate, pick this up! It's by FAR the best keyboard I ever owned in my life.
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on 15 February 2016
An exceptionally comfy, well built keyboard with great seperation on the key layout. Everything is in the right place, the illumincation has 3 levels of brightness (and OFF), keyttravel is good and it's just pleassent to type with. The onlyoffity is the Set Point software that comes with it. If you use the media key shortcuts for play, pause, skip etc. then they only work on Windows Media player (yeah, WHAAAAAAAT?). To get them to work for anything you have to UNINSTALL the Logitech driver and stick on the generic Microsoft "HID Compliant Keyboard" driver. then everything works wonderfully. Really strange quirk but doesn't take away from 5 * as it's a simple, minor fix with no real drawbacks.

NOTE: The above actualyl does disable someof the labelled "shortcuts" such as Task switcher, search etc. But they already have 2-key Windows shortcuts so the lose NOTHING by having them revert back to their windows defaults...
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