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on 22 March 2015
Really liked it, once got into it was hard to put down, was irritated by the numerous typos, spelling mistakes and grammar though, shame, even the name of one of the main characters was spelt in 2 different ways. Poor attention to detail but once you can get past that a good book!
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on 24 September 2013
This novel by Poppy Dolan was a breath of fresh air. A quirky read with a fantastic British voice behind it. It had me laughing out loud, cringing and feeling the love. I simply couldn't put it down.
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on 20 October 2013
So many typos they completely ruined the flow.
Storyline was good though just a shame about typos ruining the experience.
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on 9 July 2012
This book by new author Poppy Dolan has lots to recommend it - believable, funny characters and a great, original story that lends itself very well to introducing a whole heap of potential heroes. When Molly helps out her hopeless-at-romance brother Sam find the love of his life, she realises that she can use her talents to benefit the wider population - turn guys into brilliant boyfriends, which means happier girlfriends, and turn herself into a successful businesswomen in the process. There are loads of great characters who have their own stories, so you end up rooting not only for Molly but for Rachael and Josie too - and of course all the guys being put through their paces and hoping to find love at the end.

There are a couple of scenes which really stood out, and I think everyone will want to have a Molly-style New Year's Eve after reading this book! It is so well written that it had me laughing out loud, gripping the cushion-covers in panic and grinning like a Cheshire Cat into my Kindle. I read it in two days - I couldn't put it down. Some Chick-lit books are funny and light and entertaining, but leave you a bit disappointed overall, like a Flying Saucer sweet without any sherbet in it. The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp is utterly satisfying, enough twists and turns that the ending is earned, and leaves you laughing (and perhaps even a bit teary) with delight. I loved this book, and I can't wait for Poppy Dolan's next novel. Oh, and I defy anyone who reads this - male or female - not to have a crush on the hero at the end!
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on 23 December 2013
Who is this Novelicious people that published this book? They should be shot! Absolute disgrace to publishing and did the author no favours. I tried with this book because it was high in the charts (heaven knows why) But I can't read a book with this many typos. If the author and her so called proof read and publisher didn't see them, then why on earth are these books on sale for people to buy? What a waste of money. I'm asking for a refund.
Couldn't get into the story and fortunately didn't seem that good anyway.
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on 1 June 2012
I hadn't heard of Poppy Dolan before but this title caught my eye and I'm so glad I took a chance on it. I LOVED this novel! It's a fun, fresh, heartwarming read - somehow the author pulls all of the strands together and this leaves you with that lovely glowy, happy feeling at the end. I was sorry to put it down and already want to know about the next chapter in Molly's life.

There's a really compelling love story, but so much more than that - there is a raft of really engaging characters, and Molly's friends and her brother Sam make for some hilarious scenes. It was great seeing Molly take a leap with her career, and to witness all the ups and downs along the way - there are some real laugh out loud moments.

I'd love to see what she writes next - one to watch I reckon.
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on 14 May 2012
Boyfriends beware - I ignored mine for a week while I devoured this book. It is AMAZING!!! Warm and funny and charming, I loved every page and was reading it every spare second I got. Molly is a great heroine, a real 'friend' of a character. I was rooting for her straight away and quickly became immersed in the girls' adventures (er, does the BBB exist in real life? Can I have their number please?). Poppy Dolan writes men so well, too. Sam is a gorgeous brother and I especially enjoyed his and Molly's relationship; the affection and teasing felt so authentic. Plus, Patrick is to die for. Seriously. I have the biggest crush on him.

I didn't want The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp to end, and couldn't believe I'd got such a great read for only £1.50. That's not even my bus fare. Poppy Dolan is a new author to me but I will definitely be looking for anything else she has written. Highly recommended!
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on 10 January 2013
I chose this rating becAuse this was a good book for 99p I think I paid for it.
I liked this book a lot because it is clever, funny and a bit soppy at the romantic bits lol. It also so shows how women can over think a lot of things and how simple men are lol. It's opens yours eyes and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romantic comedy, I could also imagine this as a Rom com film.
Poppy Dolan is very clever writer keeping it modern and up to date in this era and how thingsa are now a days she also makes you realise that the perfect man for you could be write under your noes the thing I didn't like about this book is that some parts can be boring and get dragged out.
Over all brilliant book.
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on 27 August 2012
Molly lives with and loves her brother Sam dearly, but Sam is desperately unlucky at keeping the ladies in his life happy. So she decides that she's going to help him by pointing out to him all the things that he does wrong and with the help of her friend Rachael who works in a clothes store, help him to find the love of his life, which he does very quickly! He decides to take off to tour the world with this lovely lady and will come back to get married leaving his mom, who is a very organised business woman called Cleo, to organise the wedding.

With Sam's room going spare, Sam's mate John who has recently split up with his girlfriend moves in and Molly feels that he needs to make a number of changes to himself and is also asked by a lot of Sam's mates to give them the same makeover treatment that she gave Sam. With the help of Rachael who can help them in the clothes department, and their friend Josie who is a fitness instructor, they set up the Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp where people pay a subscription and they sign up for and are put through their paces for the makeover of a lifetime. If only she could do the same for herself!

What a concept! What a gread idea! If only such things existed. I'm sure there are loads of women out there in the world that would definitely consider signing their men up to this.

This is a hilarious book, about love, family and friendship, and it was extremely entertaining. I really laughed at many parts, and felt quite sad in others. There was lots of emotion written into the story in all sorts of ways described really well.

Poppy created a lovely character in Molly, she's the sort of person that you would want as your best mate! And the wonderful friends Rachael and Josie, that she had around her, were great girls, really supportive to her even when her behaviour started to get a little out of hand. I loved the way that Poppy wrote this strong friendship into the story line. I also loved the relationship that Molly had with her brother and her mom, a really powerful family bond. All the characters were a delight to know, warm, realistic and perfectly formed.

Her descriptions were also wonderful, making you able to picture the scenes as you were reading so that you felt part of the story and actually wanted to join in.

Massively entertaining, this was a fabulous read and a great debut novel for author Poppy Dolan and I really wish her lots of luck for the future.
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on 6 October 2012
The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp is an amusing book, which had me laughing out loud in places (particularly the Oxo Tower part). Although she wasn't perfect (as her friends discover along the way), I really warmed to Molly. She was warm, funny and caring and I loved the close bond she had with her brother, Sam, and the banter between her and Sam's friends. I also loved the friendships that were built up in the book and thought that, despite a few niggles, Molly, her best friend, Rachael and new friend, Josie, made a fantastic team.

There was humour throughout the book, making The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp an immensely enjoyable read.
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