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on 4 January 2015
Worked fine for 1st 4 months, still working but the wire is coming apart from the Lightning plug. Not a 1 off either as my wife's has done the same. Only use it next to the bed so not knocked about.
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on 5 March 2015
Initial reaction to the product was great. Nice build and feel.
After a few months, I noticed the ends of the cable, where it joins the plug, was starting to fray.
Further use and the fraying has continued and now only sometimes charges correctly.
This has only been used for nightime charging on the bedside cabinet.
Longevity not good, especislly for the money.
Shame on an Amazon branded product.
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on 2 January 2015
Poor, started falling apart after two months usage. Lighting connector pulling of cable, and I have had an electric shock! AVOID.
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on 9 March 2016
I was very pleased with this at first- a much longer and what felt like, more sturdy and strong cable that that provided by Apple. The connection was great and I had no problems with it at all in regards to charging.

However, about two months of use came the age old problem of the connector at the lightning end coming disconnected from the wire,

This was a great shame as it was such a good charger. I wish that this could be sorted, to provide a more tough connection at these points. Sadly the wires became exposed and then started to fray. From here it gave up the ghost, unless it was in a very certain position- which took a while to find!

So, maybe if you're very careful with your wires, this will be ideal for you- but personally I'm quite rough and I have now found that a braided cable has given me that added strength.

If you have found my review helpful, please click the button! I really appreciate your feedback :)
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on 10 October 2014
I purchased this Lightning cable on the 2nd Aug 2014 and it's lasted 2 months. The cable has started to come apart at the lightning connector end.

The cable is thicker than the standard Apple cable and this is good. More charge flows through the cable because it is thicker so it does charge faster. I have charged and compared.

The length of this is the main selling point for me - I purchased the 1.8m cable and it's obviously much more convenient than the standard cable which Apple supplies. At first I thought it was sturdier too but with the thickness of the cable, I expected it to come loose - just maybe not in 2 months!

Will I buy another one? Maybe... As I said the length is the selling point and if I simply put the phone on the floor to charge, didn't use it while charging and left it next to the plug so the cable was flat and didn't bend then the cable would probably last forever. But then I may as well buy any old cable and it would also last forever. I will probably try and change my charging habits a little to prolong the life of this cable - it's something that as a buyer you should consider.

By comparison, with the same practices, my Apple cable lasted about a year and a half.

EDIT: 17/01/15

Ok so after the initial cable was replaced by Amazon due to the end connector coming apart from the wire, I tried to ensure that the same did not recur. I treated this replacement cable like it was made out of gold and, unfortunately, it made no difference. The replacement is now in a worse state than the original, after being seriously cared for. It again lasted about 2-3 months. Unfortunately I can only conclude that while the length of this cable is a selling point, its quality is not. This is great to replace an Apple cable due to the price but honestly, if its going to be a regular purchase then the point of saving money and getting something equal/superior in quality is completely lost. Comparatively, my Apple cables last much much longer with less care taken over them. It could be that the thickness of the cable makes it much easier to come apart from the lightning connector. I'd really like to rate this 5 stars and be happy with it but I can't.
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on 5 May 2014
So this cable is a great length - the socket near to my bed is too far away for the standard cable and so this was perfect. However after 3 months of heavy use it has broken. In the usual place where all chargers seem to break at the join between the bit that goes into the device and the wire. The wires are now pretty much exposed and phone beeps every time you move it when plugged in as it keeps losing connection and reconnecting. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Yet another iPhone cable to go in the bin. Are there any cables out there which don't fall apart?
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on 23 February 2015
I really needed a longer cable as the power points in our lounge are a bit too far to have your phone on charge and have it near you. I have bought amazon basics cables for other things which all worked fine so opted for this.

The first thing I will say is the build quality appears superior to the original cable, the housings for each connector are quite solid and the cable itself is thicker and feels stronger than the original. Whether that translates into actually being better, time will tell; but it does make me feel more confident about constantly looping the cable up and un-looping it when i travel, which I do a lot.

This is actually the second one of these in our house, my wife has one and her phone is often on charge on the sofa where our 5 and 7 year old boys pick it up and play with it, and invariably fight over it, and hers has been dealing with the knocks and pulls from that pair for several months now.

A solid product, reassuring quality feel and great value price, how could I go below 5 stars for that?
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on 27 February 2015
Useful extra length compared with the original Apple connector, but the point where the wire enters the plug is still a weakness - just like the Apple product: the plastic sheath starts to split and expose the internal wires if you don't take care to avoid excessive bending.
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on 16 July 2015
It is very hard to find good quality cables for the iPad/IPhone, there are plenty of cheap cables but they don't last very long. It is strange that people are happy to use poor quality cable on expensive Apple products.
I bought this one because I have bought other Amazons own products and have always found them to be excellent.
This cable has a really good quality feel about it and is quite a bit thicker than anything else I've seen. I have only had this one for about 3 weeks but I really don't imagine that it will give me any problems, and should there be a problem Amazons excellent customer service will deal with it I'm sure. I am going to buy another one for my wife, I would recommend this cable, if you are looking for a Lightning cable buy this one
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on 20 June 2014
This is the white version. 1.8mts,
Purchased this for £14 on 2014-03-12.
It was to replace/supplement the pukka iPad one that was sent away for warranty replacement (which had lasted ~7mths).
I was pleased with it, the head is much bigger than the Apple one but OK on my iPad4.
Its length was very good so I dod not need an extension cable and it felt strong (its much thicker than the iPad cable).

However after about 2months I noticed a chip in its lighting plug cover but otherwise was OK.
I never found the chip bit. I guess it broke by hitting my bed side cupboard when I disconnected it?
Anyway, a few weeks later I noticed half the cover on the carpet and found it matched the top half - it had come apart and more chips seen. It was obviously quite brittle. I don't know if the black is as brittle.
Having looked at the innards under the cover, the cover looks to be more cosmetic than say a functional strain relief.
I pushed the cover back together but it was loose and the cable bending at the plug made it come apart.
I continued to use it for a few days when I noticed it was not charging the iPad any more.
I replace the PSU but same, then used the replaced Apple cable and found this OK.
The cable was rechecked and found dead - not even intermittent.
The plug innards looks the same, no obvious disconnect or cable break.
The lightning plug innards are a combination of the plug, solder and solidified pooled plastic moulding.

I then visited my Amazon account and selected Returns but found it was only for items with in 30 days.
I could not see and consumer warranty return link for the product.
Help indicated I had to telephone or 'email' (webmail) them. I subject selected the item and webmail the issue this morning.
I have requested replacement (black if its failure rate is less)
No email confirmation had been received 5 hrs later.

I'll look to update this on Amazon response.
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