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on 23 June 2014
I was convinced in an instant when standing in the Bose demo studio that simulates airplane noise in a shop. Putting the earphones on instantly disappears the drone and allows you to hear the music with crisp clarity. they are also good just to block out unwanted noise when you have a headache!!

They do have a couple of things to watch for but I can't say it detracts from the overall score as they are so excellent.

1) watch out when inserting the battery that you put it in the correct way around, otherwise you're going to risk damaging the (somewhat weak) spring that keeps it in place. I must also say however that Bose were sterling by sending out replacements immediately and without question, and I have obviously not had the same problem with the replacement pair.

2) The batteries do tend to drain quickly , so grab yourself a few rechargeables so you are always ready to go.
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on 7 July 2013
Forget about Sennheiser, Beats, or any other brand. When it comes to noise cancelling technology and comfort, the Bose QuietComfort 15 is unrivalled. It simply is the best thing out there.

Living in an apartment with thin walls, I used to be frustrated with the hubbub of neighbour conversations or the bass music of late night partying, but the QC15 has eliminated the problem altogether. On top of that, the sound quality is excellent, so I can watch a movie or listen to a concert and feel like I'm there without the distraction of additional dialogue in the background.

These headphones are not cheap, but then again, you're buying the very best technology that's currently out there. So was it worth the price? Yes, definitely.
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on 15 August 2017
Quality and performance.
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on 16 September 2017
Love the headphones and the seller is so nice and replies super quickly :)
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I'm very pleased with this purchase. The headphones are solid, yet fairly light and comfortable. They work as advertised, cutting out most extraneous noise while delivering a suberb sound experience. I would recommend them to anyone.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 January 2012
Read around on the internet and you will find a fairly reliable consensus emerging on Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Audiophiles tend to hate them, because they are expensive but have low fidelity (compared to headphones in their price bracket); people who buy them purely for noise-cancelling tend to like them, and even think that they sound pretty good.


Audiophiles who want noise mitigation tend to go for the passive attenuation used with IEMs (in-ear monitors, like the sort that performers wear on stage). I have some Shure IEMs, and they are very good at blocking out external noise, but at the cost of inserting something into your ear canal. Worse, in an environment such as a plane, you are often interrupted and have to pull them out of your ear canal, meaning that you have to keep struggling with refitting. (Yes, you can get a microphone unit to avoid this, but that's pretty inconvenient in itself.) Let's not even talk about earwax!

The Bose headphones are very easy to move and replace, so what you lose in absolute attenuation is more than offset by convenience.

The attenuation itself is very good. Without noise cancelling turned on, the headphones do a good job of muffling the external world, but when you turn it on there is a clear "silencing" effect. I haven't tested other noise cancelling headphones, but from reading reviews I'd say that it's pretty clear that Bose are technically the best and - even though these headphones will not silence the external world or even come clear to it - once you actually start playing music your brain tends to go along with the process and exclude any distracting noises that might make it past the active cancelling.

It took me a while to get to try these in a plane, but there is absolutely a reason why the QC15s are so popular with air travellers. I always assumed that the audio output from plane seats was very poor, but once the environmental sound has been reduced from a rumbing bass roar to a comparatively benign mid-level hiss you can enjoy a film far more ... or your portable music player, if you'd rather. For a substantial part of the flight I was completely unaware of ambient noise.

Note that the lower listening volumes possible with these headphones, together with the passive attenuation in the earpad designs, means that these headphones have very little leakage. They are certainly kinder to other people in the room than any other headphones I have used.


Bose are often criticized on build quality: certainly the QC15s are very "plastic" in feel and you may be disappointed compared with some other headphones in the price bracket, which employ expensive or exotic materials. The "leatherette" headband and ear pads are functional, no better. My AKG K701s, which cost about two thirds of the price of the QC15s, look and feel like a much more expensive headphone.

That said, the QC15s are very light and surprisingly comfortable. Rather than being directly above the crown of the head, the headband is angled slightly forward, meaning that they are not going to move about when you lean back in your seat, and although the clamping effect against the ears is strong enough to result in hot ears, it is perfectly comfortable to wear spectacles at the same time as these headphones.

There are also some nice design touches in the QC15s. The battery compartment is very easy to access (yet secure) and takes one AAA battery (unlike the QC3s which used a special rechargeable battery). The cable snaps into the headphone on a special proprietary coupling. This means that the cable should be fairly easy to replace if it becomes damaged. (In any case, in the UK Bose give you a second cable included in the price: it's the cable for controlling Apple devices, which has a microphone on it, a volume switch and a pause/answer button.) The cable also has a slider on it so that if you are using the headphones on a plane you can set it to a higher resistance in order to compensate for the high gain circuits used in flight cabins: the difference is not enormous, but it is definitely helpful. Oh, and the cable is very light and straight: you might feel that it is flimsy, but actually I think that a light cable is very practical.

Stated battery life from one AAA battery is about 30-35 hours. You can't run the headphones at all without battery power, so battery lifetime is important. Fortunately, the operation light on the side of the headphones gives you very generous warning when the battery is low: it starts flashing when you have about five hours left. Some reviews have pointed out that it would be nice to be able to run the headphones passively without engaging the sound cancelling circuit (for example, for listening at home in a quiet room) but my feeling is that, in the real world, you are unlikely to be caught without a battery.

The QC15s come with a clamshell case that is really quite nice. The ear units fold flat against the moulded inside of the case, and it seems to offer enough protection that you could stuff it in a bag without worrying, although do bear in mind that overall the headphones in their case are a similar size to a hardback book, so they do take a toll on space in your hand luggage.


The QC15s are not neutral: they can sound airless in the highs (although this may be a feature of the noise cancellation itself); they sound slightly thin (I could almost say "tinny") in the mids; they boom in the lows, giving a likeable but not natural bass, and their bass extension is okay, but nothing special. You'll notice their weaknesses most on drums and acoustic or electric bass, which can have decent volume and boom but lack the impact and weight that you would get from a really good headphone. That said, the stereo image is good and the QC15s can be quite impressive on music that has sustained bass notes: what you lose out on attack is made up for on sustain.

You can compensate for the lack of punch by turning up the volume, but I don't recommend this. These headphones drive very easily and can be played at absolutely deafening volumes, but (in addition to being very bad for you) this is completely contrary to the entire design: these are intended to be listened to at comparatively low volumes, where their sound characteristics makes them a natural "loudness" circuit. If you listen to the QC15s at (very) high volumes the sound gets very muddy and uncontrolled.

Although it may sound as though I am really down on the sound quality, if you listen generally to popular music, classical or jazz, these headphones are easily good enough for dedicated home listening. They definitely struggle on hip hop, where their bass coloration and lack of real weight clashes horribly with the artificial EQ on that music. To be honest, though, unless you live on a constant diet of bass-intensive music you will be fine, and many owners will be trading up from headphones that may sound nowhere near as good as these do.

One big surprise with the QC15s was how good they are for surround sound. For interest, I tried the QC15s out of a Creative DDTS-30 (which is a little pocket-sized decoder that can provide a Dolby Headphone output) and they do a wonderful job with DTS sound such as the Steven Wilson mix of King Crimson's Starless and Bible Black. The colouration of the QC15s is also spot-on for gaming, with a lot of volume and a very good "out of the head" performance. It's a rather niche use for Bose headphones, but definitely worth trying.

I also tested these headphones with an iPhone and the Apple-compatible cable and was impressed how well the QC15s handled a phone call: the two people talking in the room with me were nicely "muted", the headphones were much better than the iPhone's built-in speaker at reproducing the voice of the person I was talking to, and the in-line microphone seemed to do a good job at picking up my voice. I don't have much use for this aspect of the QC15s, but it's something to bear in mind if you have a need for this functionality.

You should also note that I did listening tests for this review against the AKG K701s out of a headphone amp in a quiet environment. The K701s are a lot more difficult to drive than the QC15s, so if you are using headphones primarily with, for example, an iPod then the QC15s will cope a lot better than many "hi-fi" headphones.


These headphones are designed to be used in noisy environments, whether that means a plane or just a living room where someone is watching a television. As such, it isn't fair to complain that they don't have the same sonic fidelity as other headphones at their price point; the simple fact is that the Bose will sound much, much better than a high-fidelity headphone because you can hear them much better at tolerable volume settings. These headphones are absolutely not "jacks of all trades": they serve a practical purpose and the price premium that they carry reflects how well they do that.

There seems to be a lot of room for improvement in the QC15s but, at time of writing, they are pretty clearly the class leader for what they do and I didn't want to subtract a star since (on a major investment like this) most readers would be seriously put off by the suggestion that these are anything less than a five-star product. Bose has got the key things - noise cancelling, comfort and technical design - right.
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on 6 January 2015
Finally I can sleep on those long hall flights and wake up refreshed. I had a pair of in-ear noice cancellation earphones which are good and I was (and still am) pretty impressed with and use them regularly, but these just take it to another level.

To put into context, on my last flight I decided to turn the the onboard entertainment system off and go to sleep early, and became immediately irrate because I could clearly hear the guy behind me blasting his headphones (like those annoying folks on the tubes/trains who think everyone else really wants to listen to their music too when you sitting 5 seats away).

So I stood up to give him a piece of my mind, but as I took the Bose off it suddenly struck me... all the noice I was free from. The guy only had the standard provided headphones and with the Bose off there was absolutely no way I cold hear anything coming from the guys headphones unless I went right up close.

So I simply placed the Bose back on and queued up some gentle music on my phone and drift off to a good night's sleep.

These work really well. So well in fact that on the 0-10 volume scale of the onboard flight entertainment system I now find myself comfortably watching with the volume between 1 and 2 max. The problem is that the all flight announcements coming through at a minimun volume of 3.5, which means if you see the "announcment" sign come on the screen either remove the Bose very quickly or brace your ear drums for some very loud news from your friendly flight crew.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 March 2014
What do you want these to do?

Do you want great sound quality?
Do you want them to be comfortable?
Do you want the best Noise cancelling available?

If the answer to all the above is yes, then you have to buy these head phones - it's that simple.

There are various combinations of yes and no answers to the above for all the other headphones on the market, but none that does everything as well as these.

I didn't want to spend this much money, I tried other headphones but ended up returning them to the shop as they either didn't cancel noise or were damn uncomfortable.

Amazon won't like this bit - don't buy them from here, buy them from a Bose shop - you get a month to play with them and if they don't do exactly what they promise, take them back within a month, no questions asked.

I tried several headphones at this price point and the Harmon Kardon at over £300 and honestly, these have the best, most balanced sound and with a really good sound-stage for making you music sound 'spatial', like surround sound...

The noise cancelling is fantastic, all background and ambient sound is removed - if it struggles in anyway, it's with blocking out someone speaking - it takes it right down to a muffled whisper, but I'd be lying if I said it deletes it all together - but this IS when there is NO MUSIC playing though - put music on even quietly and all noise vanishes...

If like me, you've tried to find cheaper noise cancelling headphones and been disappointed by everything except these Bose headphones and had to give in to the significant price tag - but still felt like you'd got value for money, click the helpful button!


Just took these on a flight for the first time. Worth.Every.Penny! Cut out all of the drone and roar of the wind and the engines and left me sitting in peace and quiet. Happy Days!
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on 15 January 2014
I never thought I'd call a gadget "life-changing". It sounds like the hyperbole of intelligence-insulting marketing. But I think it's fair to call these headphones just that.

I have a middlingly horrible commute through central London in my working week. An hour each way on two of the Tube's busiest lines. All the research shows that commutes over 45 minutes significantly overall life satisfaction. But now, most days I look forward to this commute, thanks to these headphones. The noise-cancelling is good enough to turn the grimmest part of my week into a couple of hours of self-indulgence, of proper concentration on the music and audiobooks I love.

Then, in my highly distracting open-plan office, I listen to hours of music, or recordings of background noise like birdsong and rivers to help concentrate and block out colleagues' conversations. Sometimes I just have the near-silence of the noise-cancelling. Although earplugs can do this for just a few pence, they represent a passive aggressive rebuke to everyone around you that will give you a reputation as an angry loner. By contrast the headphones mean you can pass yourself of as someone who just really likes his or her music. Such things are important.

So, five out of seven days in my week have now been improved significantly by theheadphones. Life changing by any measure.

It's important to point out that the noise-cancelling does not totally block out the sound of a rattling train or most other intrusive noise. But it's equally important to try the phones properly, for at least an hour, before making your judgment. Having shelled out over two hundred quid you may get annoyed to hear any background noise over your music when out and about. But wait and you'll learn something interesting about the human brain: if the distraction is below a certain threshold, it gets totally edited out. These headphones, crucially, get the background noise of trains and aeroplanes below this threshold. Even for classical music, which has many quiet or silent bits, the noise-cancelling is good enough for you to enjoy it in most everyday scenarios.

They are also very comfortable. I've gone several hours wearing them without my ears getting hot and painful. And the single AAA battery lasts a weirdly long time. I listen for several hours a day and seem to need to change the battery only every four or five weeks. This is longer even than the manufacturer's estimate of battery life.

They are expensive, but in terms of pleasure per penny spent, I've never owned anything better.
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on 25 December 2011
I managed to snatch a pair of these headphones when Amazon was offering a slight price reduction, just short of £230 if my memory proves right. However, like all Bose products, whatever store you go to, it's going to be the same price.

Anyway - on to the review. I did a lot of research on these headphones, and in my opinion you can't go wrong. WhatHiFi gave them a "Best noise-cancelling headphones Award", so they must be pretty good. Granted, they're not flashy and if you're looking for something like that (with mediocre sound quality) you'd best go for the Beats. However, Bose have kept to their standards with this fantastic pair of headphones. It comes with a hard-shell carrying case, perfect for throwing in a bag and for storing them safely. They also include two separate audio cables (as the cable is detachable), one includes an in-line microphone and button set which is compatible with Apple devices and some select Android handsets, the other cable is just a standard one. As Bose always seems to advertise this product for the airline traveler, they include an airline adapter, but I must admit they fit very well in all normal situations!

The sound isolation is very good. I was able to block out the vast majority of outside and ambient noise. I've tested them in a car as well and they worked amazingly well. If you've never had noise isolation/cancelling headphones before, it might take a while for your ears to become adjusted to it - but I suffered no problems with this.

All in all, a fantastic product and a fantastic buy at any price!
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