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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 13 January 2014
A natural talent unlike the other attention seeking pop babes, this girl
gives her songs priority and delivers them from the heart! Her best album
so far and I'm sure there will be many more in the years ahead!
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I got this for my niece - who could not wait to get this rather good album. Although this CD is for niece I must admit that I do like a number of songs myself, and Ms Perry's songs are really well done - they are clever, imaginative and exemplified by the fact that Prism was released on October 18, 2013 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart pretty much straight away. For Ms Perry is a very talented lady with the release "Dark Horse" single making this her ninth number-one single to date!
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on 11 January 2014
It's simply Katy Perry at her best. I totally love this album and there isn't a single track that I do not like.

Whilst waiting for the album to arrive, I downloaded my "free" MP3 version using Amazon Cloud (Thank you Amazon) and imported to my iPhone and played the album a couple of times through headphones.

Then, I received the cd album and played it on my HiFi and the album took on a whole new quality of sound. So crisp and clear and the bass is so wonderfully deep without any distortion - helps if you have a good system that can produce good bass :-)

13 tracks in total on the standard album - I was going to buy the deluxe but I couldn't wait, had to "Buy It Now" (sounding a bit like an online auction format lol).

As stated, I love all 13 tracks with a 10/10 for every single track. Therefore, I won't be giving an individual score for each track.

So, if you're thinking; "should I or shouldn't I buy it". Don't hesitate, you have to buy this album. You will not be disappointed one single bit.

Once final word. Digital downloads are great but you cannot beat owning the actual CD album.
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on 25 November 2013
PRISM, Is the new album from Katy Perry. You can very much see the difference from her debut in 2008 with 'One of the Boys' with very fun songs with a personal twist, then she went into cloud 9 with 'teenage dream' but with this, she's not obsessed with fruit or sweets, but its more grown up and mature katy, giving another side to katy. From The beginning to end, the album gives a massive smile to the end of the album. I highly recommend this, and see Katy's other side.
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on 15 November 2013
Being a huge fan of Katy Perry, I could not wait for the release of her third album, 'PRISM'. I would say this album is as equally as good as 'Teenage Dream', maybes a bit a better. It's definitely packed with future hits and does have a different sound from 'Teenage Dream' and 'One Of The Boys'.

The first song on the album is the amazing first single 'Roar'. This is a brilliant track to start off the album and of course, is one of my favourite songs on the album. 'Legendary Lovers' is a stand out track that could definitely be a single. I especially love the different and unique beat in this song. 'Birthday', to me, is a definite single! It is probably the track that stands out the most, with it's cheeky lyrics and fun beat, this is one of my favourites. 'Walking On Air' is my favourite song from the whole album! This is a euphoric/electronic song, which is a totally different sound for Katy. Again, this definitely needs to be a single.

You then have the second single, 'Unconditionally', which is the first ballad on the album. The actual song is brilliant, however, I don't think it's a good second single. It is also placed quite randomly on the album, as it is in the middle of all the upbeat tracks. The next song is 'Dark Horse', which like 'Walking On Air', is a completely different sound for Katy. This has a more dark/magically tone to it, which instantly makes it a stand out track that needs to be a single. Personally, I think this would of bee a much better second single. 'This Is How We Do' is a very fun song, and I LOVE the way Katy talks during the song. 'International Smile' somewhat remind me of 'Last Friday Night (TGIF)'. I think this is because of the saxophone beat.

The next song is 'Ghost', which is where the album starts to slow down. This is definitely a grower, however, I don't think it's single material. 'Love Me' and 'This Moment' are my least favourite songs on the album. I personally think these are like filler tracks and they sort of blend in with each other. 'This Moment' is actually growing on me, but these are definitely the tracks that you will forget. 'Double Rainbow', to me, is the best ballad on the album and has become one of my favourites. However, I don't think this would do well as a single and I don't think it's that popular. The last song on the standard version of the album is 'By The Grace of God'. This the slowest song on the album and I think it was a good choice of song to end the album. The lyrics have a lot of meaning and is a very emotional song.

The deluxe version contains 3 brand new tracks. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by these songs as they don't really stand out and sort of blend in with the rest of the album. 'Spiritual' has a very futurist sound to it, which makes it very different and unique. I think it takes a few listens to get into it. 'It Takes Two' is one of my least favourite songs on the album, and I will probably end up deleting it. It's a bit boring and bland for my liking, however, it does have meaningful lyrics. 'Choose Your Battles' is a song that I seem to like more and more I listen to it. This again is another ballad, however, it does sort of have a futuristic beat to it.

Overall, Katy has done an amazing job on the album. I am really interested in seeing what songs she will decided to release as singles.
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on 23 November 2013
When I bought this album, I had only heard the very catchy single "Roar", so I expected this album to consist of the standard five or six singles plus filler, which is what most pop albums consist of these days. So I was extremely (and pleasantly) surprised to discover that practically every track is a killer.
Starting with "Roar", we continue with "Legendary Lovers", maybe not a chart hit, but extremely memorable nonetheless. Then on to "Birthday", which is so infectious, it should be released as a single, as it would be a smash.
I think the second half of the album is a real tour-de-force. From "Ghost" through to "By the Grace of God", each track is - incredibly - as good as the one before! Five great songs in a row - very rare for a modern pop album. The fact that many of the songs seem to be addressed to her ex-husband Russell Brand make this compelling listening. (Just listen to the chilling "Ghost" and try not to think of him!) And following the moving final track (of the standard release) - "By the Grace of God" (a song about moving on) - are the three bonus tracks (not essential listening, but nice to have anyway).
As I said: This is a great pop album and - a rarity in these days when one just downloads their favourite songs - mostly killer, hardly any filler.
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on 29 November 2013
This album is amazing. Each song has a different style and vibe to it. This album really takes you on an amazing journey. The deluxe version has 3 great songs and a prism paper with seeds, so you can " plant it and spread the light".
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on 13 November 2013
I've been a fan of Katy Perry since her first single "I Kissed A Girl" and having purchased, and loved, both "One of the Boys" and "Teenage Dream", I had high expectations and I was not let down.

I was aware of the fact that Katy's third album was not going to be a "Teenage Dream 2.0", and I listened to the album while it was streaming on her website and my first impression was that it was her strongest album yet.

With multiple songs with lyrics that will be implanted on your brain and will have you subconsciously singing along.

My personal favourite tracks are:
Legendary Lovers
This Is How We Do
By The Grace of God

I would strongly recommend this album, this is her best work yet and she hasn't let me down.
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on 19 November 2013
Don't settle for the standard edition of just 13 tracks of Prism, and even the deluxe edition of 16; do as I do: order the JPN Deluxe Edition of 18 tracks on CD, and an exclusive bonus DVD! Code Asin: B00EOKQBHS

KATY PERRY - PRISM [JPN Deluxe Edition] P&C2013
01. Roar 3:43.40
02. Legendary Lovers 3:44.17
03. Birthday 3:35.03
04. Walking On Air 3:42.34
05. Unconditionally 3:48.65
06. Dark Horse featuring Juicy J 3:35.51
07. This Is How We Do 3:24.21
08. International Smile 3:47.62
09. Ghost 3:23.27
10. Love Me 3:52.51
11. This Moment 3:46.44
12. Double Rainbow 3:51.48
13. By The Grace Of God 4:27.35
14. Spiritual 4:35.67 - deluxe edition bonus track
15. It Takes Two 3:54.38 - deluxe edition bonus track
16. Choose Your Battles 4:30.13 - deluxe edition bonus track
17. Roar (Cazzette Remix) 5:22.06 - JPN only bonus track
18. Roar (Instrumental) 3:42.67 - JPN only bonus track
Total Running Time: 70':51''
Bonus DVD.
1. Music Video 4:30
2. Lyric Video 3:57
3. Queen Of The Jungle 0:21
4. Burning Baby Blue 0:30
5. The Third Coming 0:25
6. From A Meow To A Roar 0:31
7. Satin Cape 0:46
Total Running Time: 11':03''
review image review image review image review image
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on 23 October 2013
I excitedly pre-ordered "Prism" by Katy Perry (deluxe version) due to my previous music enjoyment of "Teenage Dream" (from 2010) and a strong intuitive feeling to purchase this collection. I am glad that I followed my psychic hunch because many of these songs are happy and symbolize a message of cheerfully relishing various facets of life. There is something for many men and women in "Prism" such as the being unstoppable and resilient in life through the song "Roar" and being in love with someone who is a kindred spirit to you: such as through the music track "Double Rainbow". Obviously, I'm fully aware that personal song favorites are going to be as varied as the listeners of "Prism". My personal favorites are "Birthday", "International Smile", "Dark Horse", "Legendary Lovers" and "Walking On Air". However, there are many more music tunes to enjoy on "Prism" such as "Unconditionally", "This How We Do", "This Moment", "By The Grace Of God", and "It Takes Two." "Prism" (deluxe version) by Katy Perry is definitely recommended if you enjoyed Katy Perry and/or you like music collections sprinkled with pop, hip-hop, and eurodance melodies.
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