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on 13 January 2014
The heading says it all. I must point out that I bought this printer after extensive research on cheap, good quality and affordable printers, in which this one topped the polls. I finally had a look on 'WHICH' magazine and this printer was said to be the most affordable and also this printer had the cheapest inks you could get from an inkjet. The ink prices is what sold this printer to me.
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on 3 December 2013
The main reason I bought this printer is that it has wi-fi, I can print things from the phone, Ipad etc. Multifunctional which is useful. It also has bigger capacity ink cartridges which are cheaper to replace than other brands.
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This is an easy to use, reasonably priced printer - that produces effective, good quality prints. I fully recommend it for both personal use and for small businesses.

It's a good brand - Brother - and works as both a printer and a scanner. It takes 3 colour cartridges and 1 black (4 in total), and they're easy to fit and replace. It did take me about 45 minutes to initially set up - as you've got to input all the information regarding your internet connection, so the printer can work wirelessly.

Once up and running, it's so simple to use! You can request a print remotely (so long as you're online), rather than needing to have your computer directly connected to the printer.

The paper tray takes about 150 sheets of paper. I've found that, using just black ink, you can print up to 1,000 sheets of writing before needing to replace the ink. And, if you print colour photos, you can get about 50 to 80 reasonable quality A4 prints from a set of inks.

I've had this printer for a while, and there have been occasions - say, when I've gone on holiday - when I've not used the machine for a few weeks. I find that, after not being used in a while, the printer needs to be re-calibrated ... this takes about 5 minutes (and the machine does it itself).

Overall, a really good looking machine that performs well. Okay, it's not an industrial machine. Nor does it print perfect photos. But for printing letters, labels and leaflets it's great.
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on 16 December 2014
My last Brother multi function printer expired after over 8 years of daily usage. That printer was a free replacement for an earlier Brother MFC printer which had print head problems. It was replaced way out of the guarantee period. Brother printers are the cheapest to run, each colour has it's own tank and they are so reliable.
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on 5 April 2017
Best printer I have ever had , Ink is cheap to replace and has never dried out, unlike other printers I have had
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on 28 May 2014
This is the best printer that I've ever had.
Very good value for money and the cartridges are reasonable.
The only drawback is that printing on both sides is manual not automatic, but as I don't do a lot of printing that doesn't matter in my case.
I would certainly recommend it for god, cheap every day printing.
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Very easy to set up and produces a good quality print. Easy to use nothing complicated.
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on 13 April 2017
quality product, although had issues with the wireless set up
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on 27 August 2014
Brilliant printer does everything that i need
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on 30 April 2014
EDIT: Just to follow up to this, I've been using it a few weeks now, it is so so much more ink efficient - I've been through an entire ream and my refillables are still ~70% full. I haven't had to head clean it once, either. :-)

EDIT 2: Another follow up. It turns out the ink carts do get disabled at chip-level once they are completely empty unfortunately, so if you refill then you will need some ARC chips (that usually come with them). They seem okay if you refill before they're empty though.

1) It uses sensors to detect how full the cartridge is, not the chip, so refilling them is way easier. You can swap the chips onto some refill cartridges (the ones I bought anyway) as no data seems to be stored about ink levels on them. The printer asks you if you replaced a cartridge if you remove, refill and replace it - if you hit yes, it resets it back to full. No more of Epson's guessing how full the cartridge is and then disabling it.
The carts are also at the front, behind a little door - not inside the printer. It has a CISS sort of mechanism. I think Brother may produce the only refillable printers now - Epson have disabled most non-genuine carts in their newest firmware update.

2) It doesn't go through the horrific ink purge cycle every time you turn it on, power it off or breathe on it - you save the date and time on it and it does all the maintenance itself when needed. At least 1/3 to 1/2 of the ink in my Epson just ended up in the waste ink tank. Not only does this save an awful lot of ink, it also saves a lot of time - and after a week's use I haven't seen it need to head clean, or manually had to head clean it, in the slightest.

3) The purge tank counter can (supposedly) be reset using the maintenance menu - meaning when the ink pads eventually get saturated, you can wash and dry them and then reset the counter, and keep using it like normal. (this is what killed my XP-205 in 8 months and there's no way of resetting those). Pretty sure the ink pads are under a small door on the bottom but I don't want to fiddle with anything until I need to.

4) It has a paper tray so it doesn't stick out the back irritatingly.

5) There's a "scan-to-file" function that lets you scan a file directly into a folder on your computer using the controls on the printer, as either PDF or JPEG. After you scan, it asks you if you want to scan any more pages - if you do, these pages will also be added to the PDF. A job that took hours on the Epson would probably take about 20 minutes maximum here.

6) No more annoying flashing LEDs and it goes into sleep mode when not being used, like some laser printers do.

Only gripe is the scanner is really bright and I can't get the settings to save changes, and it took some troubleshooting with port forwarding to get print-to-file to function (I had to open 54921 in addition to 54925 which the installation adds for it to work)
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