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on 8 October 2013
Bought this to work with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It does not disappoint!

Firstly the device is larger than an average BT headset but you do get a lot in return. The main function for listening to audio wirelessly through the earphones is obvious (and sounds very clear with good bass levels) and the inclusion of FM radio is very welcome and works nicely with RDS information on the clear bright OLED display.

But, where this device differs is that you can remove the earphones and the device works like a mini mobile phone. You can hold it up to your ear and make use of the phone speaker and microphone. I tested it out and my caller could not tell the difference, all was clear and audible. There's a separate speaker for speakerphone function if you prefer. That speaker will also allow you to playback music too or take advantage of text to speech from incoming notifications.

If you use it on an Android device there are a few smart apps compatible with it. These are for notifying you of SMS, Gmail, Calendar events, Twitter and Facebook. Those messages scroll along the screen meaning you don't have to get the phone out to read them. As stated you can get the messages read out for you if you wish.

Finally the other killer feature if you have a NFC enabled device, is that this will pair instantly by bumping together the devices each time you turn it on!

Only criticism is the device when used as a 'phone' handset is small so you don't get brilliant comfort when holding it to your ear but it's a small price to pay if you don't want someone to rob you of your phone or risk dropping it when in a call. Also it's a fingerprint magnet!

I do highly recommend this device if you have one of the new larger phablet style premium phones. It's great!
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on 5 December 2013
Been waiting for a while for this to come out, and now it's here, it's a permanent member of my kit.

Bluetooth range is exceptional for line-of-sight, and very good for indoor. Audio quality when being used as a headset is good as well, although the noise cancellation could do with some work (according to the wife, who was on the receiving end of a windy call!)

Negatives really are only the app compatibility. Because it's a new piece of hardware, apps are a bit limited, but the range is growing. That, and the small cable on both the bundled earphones and USB cable are a bit of a shame.
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on 1 December 2013
I have had Bluetooth Headsets in the past but none of them have ever come close to the Sony SBH52 Smart Bluetooth Handset, can make calls and receive calls clear every time I am never without it I would highly recommend the handset to anyone thinking of buying a Bluetooth Headset or handset in this case
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on 29 November 2014
Great product and most importantly, great value for money.

EDIT: After using for a few months and seeing a lot of confusion about this product here's some extra info :


[ WHAT IT IS ??? ]

The SBH52 is a BLUETOOTH ver 3.0 Enabled Earphone Adaptor(RECEIVER)
+ mini Handset function
+ Android App
+ FM radio
+ mini Loudspeaker
+ other stuff..


It works with any BLUETOOTH(ver 2.x/3.x/4.x) device that
supports the following BLUETOOTH Profiles :

- Hands free profile (HFP) v1.6

- Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) v1.2

- Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) v1.4 - Control and Target role





The android app allows you to access the call log and select numbers to call or call back.
- It does not allow you to manually dial numbers without the main phone/tablet keypad.
- It does not allow you to search through contacts list or phone numbers / names.

The android app also allows reading various notifications like last dialed numbers. missed calls, msg, txt, gmail, calendar etc. via the display and also has a txt to speech option to hear the words being read out to you.



The SBH52 is NOT a mini mobile phone for dialing or txting/msging etc.

It is not a BT Transmitter to send audio to any other BT Receiver.
- You can use it as a bridge to send audio to it from a BT device and then output from the 3.5mm jack to another device with an audio input jack like a STEREO, AMP, SPEAKER or a PC etc.

It is NOT going to work 100% perfectly with every compatible device all the time, no such device exists.
Get over it. Learn how to reset it properly it only takes 3 secs and then you can pair to device again as new.

1. It is a little bit complicated for many people but when you understand how it works and use it for a while it's easily the best BT adaptor around just for the basic BT headset functions and the HD quality.

2. All the extra features, FM Radio, NFC, Android APP, Headphones etc. make it unbeatable.

3. Not cheap but solid build quality, loads of features and good value overall.

1. Like most multi-function BT devices it takes a bit of learning to understand the how to's and what it can and can't do. Nothing new there for me but Sony have not made this easy and for novice users this must be a bit of a nightmare to figure out when it's not working the way they thought it would. It is a little bit complicated for many people.

2. The FM radio needs presets, it is slow and slightly annoying to switch frequency.
Anyone who bought this for the FM radio as much as anything else is just assuming that it would allow this function. Very bad mistake in the design.. At any price it's lazy, bad design.

3. The SONY company clearly wants to promote it with their own products so apart from standard BLUETOOTH functions good luck being sure the app and extras works 100% with all non-SONY android devices and forget about apple unless there's a new app or hack for it. No bog surprises there.

I don't have much reason to complain about it, it needs slightly better radio functions and it does need to be reset sometimes, especially if pairing with various mixed types and particularly older devices but that's a fast fix/easy to sort out and then pair again as new.

The android app is underdeveloped and kinda useless but trying to read detailed notifications on such a small screen with limited controls is the source of the bad idea and the inevitable fail.

Still 5/5 for what I bought it for - but RTFM !!!

Android app here :

Read about Call handling here:

Read the full user guide here:

GL&HF... :D

The usual high quality and premium build quality from SONY with a load of extra features.

I purchased this for two main reasons, I needed a good FM radio and a Bluetooth headphone adapter.
The extra headphones, HD voice quality, NFC, Android APP and the mini Handset feature were all an added bonus.

My only minor issue is that the FM Radio only plays through the headphone jack and cannot be played through the loudspeaker but although that would have been better it's not a reason to mark it down any less overall.

I've tried 20+ versions of Bluetooth adapter devices like this over the years and it's by far and easily the best of the bunch.

5/5 A solid high quality good value product,.

Not cheap but definitely worth it.
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on 15 July 2015
Wow, at last a bluetooth device that actually manages to display the names of my contacts!
I've got mine connected to an Xperia Z3 and am receiving phone, sms and calendar notifications - opted out of email notifications - too many interruptions.
Brilliant for using as a handset when phone is stowed in a bag, or a spibelt :)
Pity that Bluetooth range is not better than the standard i.e. 10m - but you get a few bleeps when you are out of range, so less easy to leave phone behind.
Sony advise that the phone and SBH52 should be on the same side of body - good advice as some phone calls have been garbly when devices diagonally set - which in my opinion is poor.
Not tried the earphones, have no intention of using them.
The horizontal display is inexplicably only about a third of the width of the product - would like to be able to see notifications without glasses on, which I could do, if display was bigger.
Clip is very secure, but very obtrusive - I have clipped it so the device is on the inside of a shirt, with the clip showing and keep getting asked "what's that?" - why couldn't the clip be transparent? Perhaps I'll turn Goth and only wear black :)
***edit 22/07/2015 - after using it for a while I am even less impressed with the range - my phone has to be in a front pocket on the same side as the SBH52 - back pocket means unacceptable crackle using the SBH52 as a handset.
Battery life is very good, but bluetooth reconnections really slay the battery level, just means that I have to really keep an eye on the battery level, rather than having a feel for when charging will be required.
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on 26 October 2013
The headset works fine. But it always says that an update is needed but me and all people who uses it are unable to update. I use it with an xperia Z. It has some bugs when you use it for more than 2 hours, you will need to restart. If Sony fix these bugs, the product will be perfect.
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on 26 October 2013
Fantastic item, shipping a bit slow but that may be due to the Italian Post service.
Working in team with my Z Ultra, battery lasts several days with normal use, a couple of days if you talk all day...
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on 27 February 2015
My first Bluetooth headset, and I am loving it. Managed to use it with all kind of android phones. Japanese Sharp, Sony Z2, and OnePlus One, all you need is download the official software and it connects easily. The sound quality is great, never had problems with signal or range.
It's nice and loud, good sound, and comfortable in the ears. I really love this product and it's worth the money.
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on 3 November 2013
I have an xperia z ultra and to be honest I look funny when holding a device that big to my ear. When I learned about the xperia z ultra I saw this cool hd voice bluetooth headset and I knew I'll be getting it for what it does and how well it's priced. So I highly recommend user facing the same scenario as I to get a feel of this 21st century magic.
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on 18 February 2015
Bought as a replacement for my MW600 which got soaked and gave up the ghost.

First off, this is considerably larger than the 600 making it a lot less discreet however, that's not all bad. With no earphone connected, the main body of the unit can be used as a mini telephone provided it's connected you mobile obviously. Unfortunately you can't dial out from it, at least if you can, i haven't found that feature yet. Sound quality both in and out seems pretty good from my experience so far bit with and without the earphone.

The fact that it can pair to two devices at once means that you can listen to music from one device while being ready to make calls from another. Switching between devices seemed more complicated than the 600 to start with but now seems easier. In fact, I leave it set to connect to two devices even if I'm only going to be using one.

The SMART functionality can be useful. You can read texts and emails but not reply to them and your calendar entries are displayed to. Therefore, if you don't need to reply, this can be a very convenient as you don't need to take the phone out.

It comes with a pair of headphones but I can't say anything about them, they've gone into the drawer with all the other spares.

All in all, I'm very happy with this product. But I still miss my little 600
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